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142: When Self-Help Isn’t Helping with Samantha Skelly

I had a blast doing Samantha Skelly's show Hungry for Happiness. It was one of those interviews where we started ending each other's sentences. We'll be talking about the vicious cycle of self-care and love in today's world. Sam writes, "The idea that happiness, wholeness, and joy is conditional upon getting ‘there’ goes against the […]


Time To Be An Adult: Knowing When To Grow Up

In the news this week, a 30-year old man moves out of his parent's house after they took him to court. He had lived there for eight years with no signs of ever leaving. He said that there were never any expectations of him to pay rent, contribute to the household, or even clean. A […]


140: Six Conversations: What We Want You To Know

In the final show of Season Three of Six Vulnerable Conversations between a gay and a straight man entitled What We Want You to Know, we will be discussing our messages to each other and the world on how we can better relate to each other. We'll be taking off the gloves and speaking the […]


139: From Desire to Creation – The Million Dollar Collar

After Rob Kessler's wedding, he looked at the day's photograph and was unhappy with how he looked. He described himself "looking like a beach bum". Inspired, he started to look on the internet for the ideal shirt to no avail. Most people at this point would have given up. Instead, Rob created the “Million Dollar […]


138: Six Conversations 3.5 – Living in Today’s World

Jeff lives as a gay man in Los Angeles. Rob lives as a straight man. Both of us have partners, have jobs, go grocery shopping, pay our taxes, and have very common experiences. However, underneath that, what are the differences of our lives in today's society with our different sexual orientations. We will be discussing […]


137: A New Framework For Your Evolution

In last week's show, we discussed the hero's journey as discussed and described by Joseph Campbell. In this week's show, Robert will discuss his framework for your evolution (i.e. growth, expression, expansion, or just finishing a damn project). He will walking the listeners through his frame work and how it can add value to your […]


136: Six Conversations 3.4 – Stereotypes

As a man born of this society, my mind is filled with thousands of misconstrued gay stereotypes, having absorbed this from mainstream media portrayal of gay culture since the day I first started watching TV. Upon closer inspection, 95% of these stereotypes are probably incorrect. But what if they are correct? Are there stereotypes that […]


135: Your Hero’s Journey

When we hear the phrase, “call to adventure” – we think of Alice falling down the rabbit hole, of Odysseus embarking on a ship, of Luke Skywalker receiving Princess Leia’s call for help in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. They all had the nerve to follow the white rabbit, and just fall down […]


134: Six Conversations 3.3 – Monogamy In Homosexual Relationships With Jeff Jacobson

In the areas of love and romance, there are bound to be a few differences between heterosexual and homosexual men. Do we see things differently? More monogamous? Wanting more sex? Do we have the same issues and concerns? In Show 3 of Six Vulnerable Conversations, where we speak the raw truth about our lives and […]


133: Conscious Communications

Back when I was pitching for Hay House, a mutual friend introduced me to Mary Shores who had just been published. We jumped on the phone and felt the deep connection and admiration for each other. It's been so exciting to watch her book on my favorite topic, Conscious Communications, come out and make such […]


132: Six Conversations 3.2 – Talking about Sex

So many raw truths have gone unspoken in Six Vulnerable Conversations with Jeff Jacobson, a gay man. What really happened in the One Taste Warehouse? Will monogamy be replaced by polygamy? Six Vulnerable Conversations between a Gay Man (Jeff) and a straight man (Robert) gets down to basics and talk about sex. There are so […]


131: The Power of Being Selfish

What if we lived in a society where our desires are welcome, approved of and right, even if it conflicted with someone else’s? Are you shutting down your own desires in order to fit in, in order to please your partner, and in order to be a good person? In today’s world of desire and […]


130: Six Conversations: The Social Chasms Between Being Straight And Being Gay

On the Kinsey Scale, there’s the hetero, gay, and something in the middle called bi-curious. The Kinsey Scale is used in research to describe a person's sexual orientation based on their experience or response at a given time. Jeff Jacobson, a coach, educator, and author, happily identifies himself as gay. He tackles issues such as […]


129: Brains Over Blonde with Anna Wood

Many women struggle with losing themselves in relationships. When they’re single, they can feel clear and connected to their sense of self and direction, yet when in a relationship, they lose connection to their own desires and collapse into the reality of the person they are with. Anna Wood, founder and CEO of Brains Over […]


128: Ending The Patriarchy

What is patriarchy? Wikipedia says patriarchy is a social system in which males hold primary power and pre-dominate in roles of political leadership, moral, authority, social privilege, and control of property. The word patriarchy is attributed to a guy named Sir Robert Filmer. Research shows that we started off as an egalitarian society. There was […]


127: Getting off the Merry Go Round of Stress with Randy Spelling

At some point in our lives, we’ve all felt like we were being dragged around by life and on a merry-go-round of stress instead of being in the driver seat. Randy Spelling knows that feeling all too well. Coming from a very prominent Hollywood family, Randy lived a life full of glitz, glamour, and wealth. […]


125: What the Hell is ‘Great Sex’ Anyway? with Ken Blackman

There are many men in the world who seem to be succeeding at everything, except when it has something to do with women. Ken Blackman was once one of those men until he figured out that he needed to shut off that part of his brain that is asking for instructions and instead just let […]


123: Isolation In The Modern Age

The concept and effects of isolation in the modern age as an adult has become one of the most important issues that is being dealt with today. It has been found that isolation has become a huge problem and has been described as a deadly epidemic in the US, especially for middle aged men. Learn […]


121: The Achievement Trap: We Don’t Have To Do What We Think We Ought To with Brandilyn Tebo

Too often we find ourselves in the achievement trap, which is following what we think we're supposed to achieve. We’ve been programmed to go after certain dreams and live in certain ways to truly be successful. We’re always trying to please, and look perfect and be perfect for everybody else. In the book, The Achievement […]


119: The Guys’ Guy’s Guide to Love In This Day And Age with Robert Manni

What does it take to be a man? With how contemporary culture has evolved, Robert Manni explores the idea of authenticity in present-day society where it has become confusing to be a man in today's world. He delves into what it means to come out and be real with your partner, and stresses how important […]