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164: Exquisite Consent with the Brotherhood Community

While a lot of men are freaking out about the #MeToo movement, some of us are finding that embracing ever more exquisite levels of consent and attunement with women is the path to everybody getting more of what they want. Robert Schwenkler, Peter Rubin, and Joshua Hathaway from the Brotherhood Community explore the challenges and […]


163: Your Erotic Blueprint with Jaiya Ma

Sexuality changes. It's not something that stays the same our whole lifetime. It is malleable, it moves, and it changes as life experience, hormones, menopause, and having children happens. Sex educator Jaiya Ma was experiencing a downturn on her sex life when she started learning the Erotic Blueprint or the erotic language that shows what […]


161: Physical and Emotional Health First with Lisa Carpenter

People put themselves in stressful positions. We’re overachievers and workaholics, and with all these things that we do we're not even sure why. We so often neglect to take care of ourselves. Lisa Carpenter is an advocate for health fitness and is helping people put their physical and emotional health first. Lisa is the secret […]


159: Stepping Into The Spotlight

I am an excellent man behind the scenes and I'm excellent at make others shine. However, I've had an itch to do this for myself my entire life but have never been able to. I've refused to step fully into the spotlight. In here, I reveal why. Go together in this journey of self-discovery and […]


157: Maintaining Connections with Bryan Reeves

Men and women have different needs and ways of maintaining connection. The former tends to struggle most with it. Delving deeper into that is life and relationship coach Bryan Reeves. Bryan talks about the reasons behind why men can’t seem to get deeper with other men about their feelings and likewise in their relationships. Going […]


156: Women, Rage, And The Sexual Shadow with Eva Clay And Tobin Zivon

For millennia, women have been conditioned to suppress their anger, borne of well-founded consequences such as violence, exile, and even death. Most women carry not only a lifetime of our own rage, but the ancestral traumas of our foremothers. and yet, anger is a natural, healthy part of relating. When we suppress it, anger gets […]


155: Q & A: Relationships, Triggers, And Narcissists

Rob bares it all out as he takes your questions—about love, relationships, and all other concerns—and answers it with honesty and sincerity. Explore the difficulties of developing a crush on another person during marriage; learn how to share your own shadows with your partner; find the generosity to your partner when facing big fundamental triggers […]


154: Sexual Taboo: Tapping Into Your Authentic Self

We all have them—sexual taboos. And usually, they’re our biggest turn-ons. Why is “The Forbidden” so erotic? Taboo rules most religions; it’s launched wars, divorces, and probably some of the best sex you’ve ever had. Acclaimed sexologist, Eva Clay and, spiritual teacher and therapist, Tobin Zivon unravel the allure and share their perspectives on how […]


153: Conflict And Mess with Nastaran Tavakoli-Far

Nas is the host of the highly successful and amazing podcast, The Gender Knot. Our first meeting was when we recorded my guest appearance on the show about men and shame. There are many ways that I can describe my experience of this first meeting and the best way I can describe it is this […]


152: I Brag

What do you do when life is so good that you don't know what to do with it? How does one confront when things are going your way? How do you stay sane when all you've known is stress and pain to motivate you? It's no easy feat. Listen to your own internal voice. Say […]


151: The Bold Life with Adam Gilad

Boldness is the courage to get free and be free. That means internally getting free from your ego and from anything that keeps you smaller. Adam Gilad has excavated boldness in conversation, presentation and lifestyle choices. He’s been a dating, relationship, lifestyle, and business coach and teacher for fourteen years. He says you've got to […]


150: You’re a Free Woman

When I first started dating Morgan, I said to her a simple phrase, "You're a free woman." I explained that when it came to our dating or engaging in physical intimacy with other people, she didn't need to ask me permission, owe me an explanation, or even have to tell me ahead of time. She […]


149: Six Conversations 4.1: How We Hide Behind Our Superpowers with Tobin Zivon and Eva Clay

Sometimes a whole pattern or strategy in life can be set into motion in one moment. Growing up a raging introvert, acclaimed sexologist Eva Clay was always nervous during family gatherings and would sit during the whole gathering with this book open pretending to read it. It gave her incredible comfort and set into motion […]


148: The Motivations For Overcoming Adversity with Luke Storey

All of us have great dreams and great things we want to do. We may implement great practices in order to achieve them, but how do we motivate ourselves mentally to do that? Luke Storey is an amazing human being. After kicking heroin, alcohol and crack at 26 years old, he went on to become […]


147: The Wisdom Of The Warrior Sage with Satyen Raja

The warrior aspect within us is the one that's willing to feel and walk on the path where there are inconveniences in our life, where we have a contracture, where we hold back from magnifying our full destiny. For Satyen Raja, the warrior is the one that moves forward, in spite of fear, in the […]


146: Social Confidence with Myke Macapinlac

Women these days are starting to look for something else. Being a provider as a man, to succeed these days, at least from a dating perspective, isn't enough. You have to have social confidence. You have to become the person who brings the whole package, someone excited about his life, someone who's got his own […]


145: The Three Paths at the Cross Road

You could be subconsciously unaware or undeliberately playing small in your little straight jacket to ensure that there will be no disruption between yourself and the person you’re in a relationship with. Sometimes, you’re taking steps to minimize yourself to protect myself from the fear of being abandoned or the chasm that may be created […]


144: Why Women Want Bad Boys with Esmee A St. James

Esmee A St. James is the Dating Muse helping singles find each other in this challenging world of romance. She first found this calling as a professional model and photographer where she felt her fascination around the attraction between the sexes. She is releasing her book, "Chick Magnet: What Men don't know what women wish […]


143: When It’s Time To Hire

A viewpoint in business says hire slowly, fire quickly. The concept of that is take your time for strategic hires into your business. Take your time to figure out the right fit and the right thing fit into the culture. The fine line between the power of working alone and the time to hire, you […]


142: When Self-Help Isn’t Helping with Samantha Skelly

I had a blast doing Samantha Skelly's show Hungry for Happiness. It was one of those interviews where we started ending each other's sentences. We'll be talking about the vicious cycle of self-care and love in today's world. Sam writes, "The idea that happiness, wholeness, and joy is conditional upon getting ‘there’ goes against the […]