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Powerful ideas in personal growth and spirituality to support you in creating a better, more abundant, amazing life. How to use techniques such as the Law of Attraction and other personal-development tools to turn up the power of your life! Interviews with personal-development and spiritual leaders, and a free, on-going personal-growth online class included on each episode.

Powerful ideas in personal growth and spirituality to support you in creating a better, more abundant, amazing life. How to use techniques such as the Law of Attraction and other personal-development tools to turn up the power of your life! Interviews with personal-development and spiritual leaders, and a free, on-going personal-growth online class included on each episode.
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Powerful ideas in personal growth and spirituality to support you in creating a better, more abundant, amazing life. How to use techniques such as the Law of Attraction and other personal-development tools to turn up the power of your life! Interviews with personal-development and spiritual leaders, and a free, on-going personal-growth online class included on each episode.




Living In The Feeling - Attracting Your Desires

In this interview on the Unlimited Perspectives personal development podcast, Law of Attraction Coach Ruzica Kozul gives us a very important number: We each have about sixty thousand thoughts each day... the question is, what are we focusing on with those thoughts, and where are they leading us? We can focus on the things we don't want - the stuff we're trying to avoid - or the things we love and want to attract. The choice is always up to us, and the decisions we make really do affect our...


Be - Build - Have... A Better Life!

Mike Sutton is a podcaster, coach and speaker. His goal and passion in life and work is to help others get “unstuck” in whatever areas are causing troubles for people, especially in the area of small business owners. Mike tried his hand at business several times, and as he tells the story, there was always something that held him back. Perhaps the business didn’t succeed as he had intended, perhaps it was his own frustration with his own performance… Eventually he figured out that no...


Everyday Life Law of Attraction

Aziz Blissett wears several hats in her professional life: She’s a life coach specializing in the Law of Attraction, and also does work in marketing and advertising. In this personal-growth / self-development interview on the Unlimited Perspectives podcast, Azizi puts it all to work, talking about building our own personal “brand” in the way we choose to live life and create all the best for ourselves (not just in business, of course!) As Azizi says on her website: Wouldn’t it be nice to...


Focus On What You Have - Not What You Don't

This personal-growth interview is something very different for Unlimited Perspectives. Dawn Shaw arrived in this world with a birth defect that left her face disfigured. She went through a number of "corrective" surgeries and treatments through her young years...some worked, some did not. In the end, she decided to focus on - as she says in the intervew - working with the things she could do, rather than focusing on the things she could not.... a powerful idea for anyone, no matter what...


Are You Authentically Ready to Change?

Yes, she really spells her name Lola! (Exclamation mark included.) A great way to boost the energy of any meeting with people, or coming in to a new experience. A good reminder of using our own energy and personal power for all the best life has to offer us. In this personal development / self-growth interview, we meet Lola! Love... who made the move from east to west (New York to Los Angeles) for a career in the entertainment industry. When that chapter of life ended, she continued to...


It All Starts with Self-Care

Linda Crawford is a self-described "self-care artist and coach. From her website: "I coach women who choose to live an EPIC life and be supported in it when it comes to the Art of Self-Care. I empower women to be intentional and practice the art of putting SELF back into CARE with ease and inspiration. To come out from behind the curtain of invisibility, and stand for something that matters using the Solution Based Coaching method to Dream again." Linda offers coaching and programs to help...


Personal Development - A Logical Approach

Writer, speaker and former computer security guru Chris Gorog and I have crossed paths several times at personal growth and podcasting meetings in the Tampa Bay area, which we both call home. We've become friends and podcasting associates, and I enjoy his casual yet thoughtful style very much. In this self-development interview, we go a different route than previous Unlimited Perspectives podcasts. Chris invited me to his home/office studio, overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Mexico to...


Be a Change Agent for Your Life - And Others

Carolyn Rose Hart Show notes Carolyn Rose Hart is a “Transition Coach” - which fits perfectly with the concept behind the Unlimited Perspectives podcast! She supports clients in becoming a “change agent” for their own lives; she helps people in identifying their own gifts, and using those gifts to shape their world and their individual contribution to it. A large part of her work with clients is also in identifying old paradigms - ways of thinking and believing - that may be limiting us in...


Are You Comfortable With Your Pain?

Megan Stangl is not only a life coach - she's creating a new program to help others manifest their dreams of creating, developing and growing their own businesses. Her program is called "Wealth Consciousness University" and it uses concepts of virtual reality to help clients manifest their business dreams. We chat about that program at the end of the interview. In this personal growth / self-development podcast, we talk about making big, powerful changes in life. Megan's story is probably...


Waking Up to Spiritual Gifts

Show Notes - Episode 18 - Stephanie Banks Stephanie Banks was - and still is - a wife and mother, whose life was completely changed by a life-threatening mountain-biking accident. In her time of recovery, she “awoke” to previously untapped spiritual gifts and talents. She began to communicate with a personal spirit-guide, and she began to receive messages in the form of automatic writing. The experience led to her writing her book, “A Soulful Awakening; One woman’s extraordinary journey...


Moving Through the Pain of Change

Emile Bryant is a speaker and author who also calls himself an “innovator.” In his words, his life has been a petri dish, where new and different things are added and subtracted, to find what works and what doesn’t. In this episode of Unlimited Perspectives - the podcast all about personal growth with a touch of spirituality - Bryant relates his personal story of service in the U.S. Air Force, and his transition to a private-citizen life of helping others “consciously becoming their best...


Dream BIG - Think BIG

What an interesting life Coach Anne Kirkwood has had, at such a young age! Born and raised in Australia, she was bitten by the travel bug early. In the past few years, she's lived and worked in Ireland, and now finds herself in the beautiful Cayman Islands (with stops back at home "down under" in between). Anne uses "the power of contrast" to help her clients move through life's difficult times of transition. She helps people gain clarity on what they want. One of her "big ideas" is to...


Inspiration to Heal Your Life

Nada started out on her “real-life career” as a nurse. Over time, she became more interested in energy medicine and healing, as she saw the benefits western medicine could not provide. In making the transition away from nursing, she also “discovered” the opportunity to be a life coach. Now, she blends her coaching and healing work to assist clients to create the life they seek. In this personal-growth / self-development podcast interview, Nada talks about how everyone’s path through life...


Spirit and Science in Change and Personal Growth

By her own admission, Janet Dalgliesh is both an intuitive coach - specializing in the Law of Attraction - and a “science geek” too. She uses both the latest science on neuroplasticity and uplifting LOA coaching to help clients around the world find their highest and best calling in life, and to pursue it with purpose and fun. (For those who need a definition…from Wikipedia: “Neuroplasticity, also known as brain plasticity, is an umbrella term that encompasses both synaptic plasticity and...


The Power of Simple Gratitude

Mary Dirksen employs the unusual practice of "face-reading" to her coaching. She uses it to tell her more about her clients, and to bring out more of their authentic selves. In this interview, Mary talks about using the power of gratitude to help us communicate more effectively with our "spiritual allies" and with our own higher selves.


It's All About Relationships - Make Them Great!

Some of Lynn Hardin's coaching clients are 5 years old! Along with being a professional life coach, Lynn is also a school adminitrator in California. Needless to say, having everyone "work and play together" is a big deal for her! In this interview, Lynn shares some of the things she's developed in coaching clients - big and small - in the area of relationships, working together, supporting each other.


Getting Past the Fear of Life Decisions

Life Coach Andy Wooten made big changes in his life - leaving a well-established career in order to pursue his passion to help people though a powerful system of life coaching. Wooten now runs Tri-Peaks Coaching, based in Aspen, Colorado. In this interview, he talks about creating the mindset needed to make big decisions and sustain major changes in life, all with the goal of following one's true passion and intentions for a life well-lived.


10: Law of Attraction Coach Coby Scaccia

There's been a lot written about the Law of Attraction - often abbreviated as LOA - yet it seems like a topic where there's always another "layer to the onion." This week, it's LOA coach Coby Scaccia. This is Episode 10 of the podcast, a minor milestone. As the producer of the show, I'm interested in hearing from listeners about what YOU want to hear as the show progresses and grows. If you have a moment, please leave a comment on the website, or call our 24/7 phone number and leave your...


9: Best-Selling Author JV Crum

So many people are feeling the call to "do their own thing." For many, that means breaking free of old-school thinking about working for a big company for decades, then hoping to collect a pension in retirement. Instead, many are creating businesses and income streams of their own...using their creative gifts to build businesses that not only support themselves and their families, but also add to the "bottom line" of the communities they serve, and the world at large. Through his book and...


8: Coach, Author, Ambassador Dianne Allen

Dianne Allen is a writer, coach and self-described "ambassador" in her work. She coaches many "gifted" individuals; artists, musicians and other creatives, to help them in expressing their art to the world. In addition, she has authored several books, including "How to Quit Anything in 5 Simple Steps," and also "The Loneliness Cure." A big part of that cure for lonliness comes in the creation, manifestation and nurturing of the relationships we have in life. A major focus of this interview...