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EP 43- 💖💛10 Things I Wish I Told My Younger Self: The Legit Gangsta Ways💝💛

Dear Little Candice, Here are 10 legit things, I wish I could tell you.. but, I'd rather you dream, learn and grow on your own.. look at how good you turned out!? LOL xx xxx Off to Japan in the morning ... to crush more dreams xxx I almost can't believe it xx 10 Things I Wish I Told My Younger Self: The Legit Gangsta Ways💝💛 1- Don't Rush Anything. 2- Hard Work will Get you Everywhere: Kaizen 3- Date as much as you want, for reals tho.. don't settle 4- Be Honest 5- When you Lose...


EP - 42 Hey Gorgeous, 🧭 You Lost? How to Find Your True North 🧭

you wanna be lightning? how to weather the storm: 1- Wab Sabi: -- accept all is imperfect, perfectly imperfect 2- Surround Yourself w/ Smart People: -- get smarter on this + no, you don't have to be friends with everyone forever. Do your best be your best, give your best 3- Get off Social +do Real Life Shit: (write books, practice yoga, paint, play a sport, take classes, get a degree, get a real job) 4- Meditation: is proven to clear and calm the human mind 5- Own + Accept your calling:...


EP- 41⚡ You Can Flip Your Script, now.. How?⚡Change The Obstacle Into The Opportunity

Hi hi hi girls! From SF to Brooklyn to Tokyo.... always taking a break to help each of you, each week on my pod... All you have to do is download, subscribe and share with everyone you know! sending love xx Obstacles to Opportunities will take time, make the -- get it xxx with love + thanks xxx ck candice kumai.com thematchashoppe.com


EP- 40 Mastering the Art of The🕴️Boys Club: Make a Seat for Yourself 👑

I’ve had to take a seat at the table, the boys club table, many, many times …more often than not, my talent, allure + kindness is what won everyone over.. (leather pencil-skirts work, too) but what I'm getting at: you don’t have to be a total bitch to get what you want. Make a seat for yourself: Create space for your name on the roster. It will be painful, triumphant and not easy ... but it will be done! It has been done by many, many women before our time. Commend them, support them,...


EP - 39 👑 She Handles Pain, That Sh*t's AMAZING 👑💝👑💛👑

Hi babes! Well, thanks for all the amazing reviews, Im kinda like woahhh -- you all deserve a dose of real from a girl who has done it all! Here's my gift to you and each friend of yours who's going through pain... you can better cope and heal-- here's how: Better ways to cope through the pain, because we are all human, we all hurt and we all can accept + grow, constant... #wabisabi Keep friends accountable and be there for them when they are going through their pain! She handles pain .....


EP 38 - 🔥Hotter.🤓Smarter.👙Better. How to? --Like Forever? Listen 🎧

See you back reporting on E! News Tues!! xx “Cleansing” it's not just green juices -- we’ve evolved to lifestyle cleansing for 2019. Hotter. Smarter. Better -- here's how: We associate cleansing with short term weight loss ...But history shows us that cleansing is really about ridding the mind-body-spirit of anything that is harmful. Cleansing should now be safely adopted as a way to optimize our health. Cleansing should keep us stronger, vibrant and vital for life. Historically, pleasure...


EP 37- Letting Go 🙌 of Things//People//Timelines//Expectations Not Meant for You 🙌

Hi from Amsterdam! This week we're all about the practice of letting go -- staying strong and pushing forward ..like what better place to practice this, than Amsterdam!? you've got this one life, make it EXTRA amazing and what you've always dreamed of! sometimes, it's not what you gain, its what you lose in letting go... and losing dead weight, losing expectations, losing patterns and addictions, losing bad habits, this can be helpful to your growth. all you have to do is one simple...


EP 36- Hard Knock Lyfe: 👯 Real Talk + Smart Tips from two REAL Global Entrepreneur Sisters 💋x

It's the hard knock life for us -- well, you'll hear why when you listen to Pod 36 - Jenni, my only sibling and I never had it easy, we had nothing handed to us... we had tough love and we made tough choices: We now, have to manage multiple businesses and biz accounts, various clients, payroll, taxes, writing, journalism, media, and lyfe with global settings + a global state of mind. Here are 10 Ways to Cope with Real Life+ Biz: we explain how we have kept it real + kept it cool +...


EP 35- See You at ⛰️The Top of theHigh Road⛰️: How to Jedi-MindF: Cool + Calm Always Wins ⚡

Bonjour Beauties from Paris, France this week! Love letters from the French + Japanese American posse this week to you: Today's EP: TAKING THE HIGH ROAD YO: Be honest, play fair + share this pod on IG like RIGHT NOW!!! I am blown away by your iTunes reviews xxx thank you!! Shoppe here for Val Day asap! Get your MATCHA CLEANSE ASAP: TheMatchaShoppe! Get my NEW Book Like ASAP: Kintsugi Wellness Share this podcast with two pf your best friends! text them now!


EP 34- Yo, Throw Spaghetti🍝at the Wall: 🍝7 Better Ways to Make it All Work

Hi babes, I took a much needed creative break last week while flying from set in HNL to set in LA + set in NY...I did this so I could better serve you and get you a meaningful + useful pod for this week... In so many ways I've realized that everything in life is a process of timing + trial and error ... adaptation to change and continuously making it work. Here are 7 better ways we can better understand life, let up on ourselves a little, and learn everyone is constantly working through...


EP 33-🎖️Learning from Our Legacy:🎖️With Love🕊️ from Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, Hawaii 🕊️ 🌴

Happy New Year Friends! + Sending you so much love from Pearl Harbor. Let's dig deeper than surfacy/basic-shit this year: Here's a little love from today's episode+ share, share share! with love xx from a child of war: Reflect, find out where you came from -Remember those we have lost and those who sacrificed their lives for us - What can we really learn from our ancestors -- so much is lost as the years pass, its important for us to document these stories. - Pay attention to where you...


EP 32- thank u, next: 💃🏽10 Smarter Practices 💃🏽 to Move the Needle Forward: 2019 is⚡ELECTRIC⚡

Happy 2019 Friends! This is the podcast you should share with every friend you know: its free and you'll come out of this podcast, smarter: thank u, next 1- Trust Yourself and your intuition 2- Forgive Everyone on your shitlist- this is important to write out and drop for 2019 -- thank them, love them, pray for them 3- Be comfortable in your solitude - you must be comfy by yourself and give yourself more kindness, more grace and more self love (take solo trips, listen to music, journal,...


EP-31 Sister👯 Sister: Meet My Entrepreneur Big Sis, Jenni: she runs her OWN Biz in London🇬🇧

Meet my awesome big sister, Jenni G. She's legit gangster and runs her own cycling shoppe in London: The London Bike Kitchen She's smart as a whip, cool af, hipster, beautiful inside and out and all tatted up, and..she makes me laugh, her persona and who she is as a person is the same.. all we want to do is help ppl and laugh all day. And while this holiday, things aren't perfect, they are pretty good this year. Sis is in her almost 10th year in the biz -- she's won awards, she's been...


EP 30 - ✨All The Stars: How to Keep Shining ✨Your Light ✨when others try to dim yours

SHARE! This podcast on IG + I'll repost xxx I'm going to share three stories related to San Francisco in which three different men tried to dim my bright light. Here's what you can do to overcome and grow//learn//love and shine!: -Take pride in all that you do, always give 100 - Thank the haters, thank them, say thank you - Take the high road - Read: Dale Carnegie "How to Win Friends and Influence People" - Read: Don Miguel Ruiz "The Four Agreements" - Keep making decisions that...


EP 29- 💓 the millennial entrepreneur survival guide 💓

Krista and Linds (The Almost 30 Podcast) of have been two of the most supportive soul sisters in the podcast game... and now, IRL. They devotionally love and support all the women and entrepreneurs on their podcast and IRL. They are fearless in their pursuit to be real, to find love and to master all of life's f-up lessons. .. while staying kind, and chill. It’s no surprise that success is coming back to them, full circle. And in this perfectly imperfect world, we’re all just...


EP 28 - What's REALLY Important 🙏 yo? Listen for it 🎧

taking a break from NY to travel +restart my perspective on life wasn’t easy: gratefully, I’ve found, it’s been worth it. here’s what I’ve learned so far + hope this can help you on your next reset: 1- Very Little: there’s very little that’s actually important: health, family, friends, laughter, being yourself, creating, freedom + chillin 2- Being Genuinely Happy For Others: to me, this feels really fking good. I want everyone to find great love + from the depths of my soul, I wish for all...


EP 27- 🦁We're All Searching for it: MORE: FREEDOM 🦁+ How to GET IT.

Dude, I wrote/drafted out a whole podcast for you, 3x... the program Im using wiped out my files 3x - wabi sabi -you're gonna have to listen to this one on your own for all the juicy freedom tips//tricks xxx go shop at TheMatchaShoppe.com like ASAP to get good karma! xxx ck


EP 26- 💖How to Grow a Grateful Heart + The Secret to Making Better Use ⚡of Your Life 💖

It's that season babes, the season where we have the opportunity to make more space with our life and our time... In my two months of non-stop travel out of New York I've learned a lot... mostly, the little things: friends, fam, health, laughter, nature, girlfriend BFF time, surfing, barre, hot asses.. all of that ... even scotch, pizza and pasta. traveling by myself, reading more books I love and letting go.. in this pod, I'll share how to practice gratitude in your heart + how the...


EP-26 💖How to Wake Up with a Grateful Heart + Make Better Use of your Life💖

hi bae, so this week, just a little note: we can do more for others, we can be better, practice more gratitude + have even more love for friends and fam. Remember, everyone is fighting a battle right now.. thus, be kind, be soft, be a good person. I'm grateful for the perfectly imperfect view, + my life isn't perfect, but honest?? In the two months of straight travel I've had to reflect ... I have read more, taken more breaks + had more scotch, pasta and pizza ... while living my best...


EP 25 - The Courage to be Disliked + How to use Your Bravery + Courage

Hoping we can all start sharing more on the courage to be disliked ... to explain what this means, its a new book I've been reading - focused on: separating tasks + learning of yours and theirs learning to live life for yourself unhappiness vs happiness why life is not a competition + how to feel you have value -- because you do!! :) + sometimes, not sharing is the best share -- living to just simply be. flew in late, gotta be up early for a shoot, in my beloved, NY thank youuuu for...