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EP 19- How I Wrote Six Books📚!! + Built a Brand 🙌 all in my 20's, all on my own 💃🏽

So many of you have asked me how it was even possible to write 6 books in my 20's and at the same time simultaneously build a brand -- almost all on accident + by chance and yes, a TON of hard work! EP 19 is where it's at! Im here to help, love! - work on a solid idea - be original + remember, wabi wabi - don't copycat + respect those who have worked hard to get to where they are. - utilize the special talents that only you have + be humbled by them - what brings you the most joy when...


EP 18 - 🏀Wanna be a Shot Calla🏀: ⛓️How to Pull the Trigger🔫 on a Decision + Upgrade Your Life

So you: Wanna be a Shot Calla: How to know when to pull the trigger + make some real changes: Here's what I chat about in episode #18 -- Wanna be a Shot Calla -How to know when to make a big life’s transformation & transition -How to win by always using girl code & staying chill -How to practice the Japanese traditions of: “Shikata ga Nai” it cannot be helped & “Wabi Sabi” - perfectly imperfect - Take time to reflect on your life + write yourself a love letter - What was life...


EP 17- 🗽10 Things I Learned Legit Making it in NYC on my Own 🗽

Eight years ago, September 2010: I packed up one suitcase + I moved to NYC, I had nothing except my smile, my character & my consistent hard work. I slay all day, even when shit got tough, I stood up with grace. 8 Straight Never Took One Break Welcome the Ten things I learned "making it in NYC" Pick up my book Kintsugi Wellness + improve your whole life Sign up for my Newsletter: CandiceKumai.com + follow me on Instagram for all new upcomings and the Wabi Sabi Tour xxx ck


EP 16- The Forbes Interview: How I Woke up Next to Elon Musk

So, I woke up next to Elon Musk Monday am on the cover of Forbes.com, woah, what a milestone for an Asian American girl!!! Here's a sneak peek into my full motivational interview for you: let this be your fire + allow me to pave the way with grace x Please love and comment away on my Instagram to support + share my story of adversity with two best friends! Your follows, likes and comments DO count and means so so much to me when you comment and like! I read each of your comments +...


EP 15- ⚡The Superpower⚡Playbook: How to KILL it in a Boys Club 👯

Well, it is time -- calling all the ladies-- this one is for you, it took me weeks to put this one together.... and damn I'm giving you all of this advice for free-- burning big holes in my pocket right now. So please: Karma is free and real: Subscribe, tell 3 friends this week to listen, and write reviews for my pod and books. #WabiSabi forever xx ck Here's what Ep 15 is all about: The Superpower Playbook: How to KILL it in a Boys Club: Stop Complaining + Start Killing it with Grace +...


EP -14 💝💕💗 What is Love? 💝 💗💕What to Practice + How to be the Love You Wish to Find One Day xx 💕

Love. 💕When I was asked to answer the question "what is love?"💕 It struck me as a very profound and deep question to answer— I wasn’t actually sure I could answer it. I'm not sure that there's one answer to this question either... I indeed thought about this one a lot —- I’ve actually, subconsciously thought about what it is my whole life. I've had a few long term relationships, I've come close to marriage + have lived with a boyfriend in LA and another in NY (no, not at the same time,...


EP 13- 💵 CA$H MONEY💵: 💲The Financial Survival Guide for Millennials💲: How to turn stacks💵 + biz when you don't come from privilege

You wanna make stacks right? + you think you're gon be rich? Like and make more $$ than mom and dad? Yep, that's what it says us millennials think... After crushing a bi-coastal business as a small solo female bis owner..I have a much more realistic grasp on the matter. However, I'm still in the middle and, I'm in this long-haul game with you. Here's what we will chat on in EP 13 betches: Please Subscribe + 5 STAR rate this pod like ASAP, its all free! Sites...


EP 12- 👯The Vitality of Friendship👯+ Your Ultimate Source of Success is in Your Heart ♥️

It's time to do the work bae, you ready? Because you know, I don't play-- It's all real deal here + here's the key on how I was able to survive my media and publishing career -- and being thrown to the wolves. ... it was always my friends. Friends, how important are they to you? They're vital to your survival and to your success in this one lifetime. Be good to them -- don't just tell -- show them + show up. Love you + please pick up my book Kintsugi Wellness! + Give us a FIVE STAR review...


EP 11- 👉How to Get Your Shit Together + Make it look Fabulous! 🏅🏅🏅

Hey guys! What's up .. I just landed back in California + I'm taking some extra time to write this out for you! Enjoy, LE POD, WABI SABI EPISODE #11:HOW to Get your SHIT Together + Make it Look Fabulous xx all is perfectly imperfect! the Dalai Lama says: “The planet does not need more successfulpeople.The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds." -Dalai Lama What NYC has taught me on the weekends + how you can continue to do it +...


EP 10- From Breaking 💔 to Beauty 💗: How to MOVE FORWARD from the Pain: Kintsugi, the art of golden repair

..so the story continues... you'll hear about three different life scenarios on wabi sabi podcast episode 10: one from a perfect stranger, from a Tokyo-Born-Indian, on the other side of the world, one of my own I stumbled across in Fiji, and one that was given to the people of Japan and the world. Each of these stories has the small potential to impact your life, but only in the way you'd like for it to. You allow how you'd like for each of these stories to impact you. After SXSW I...


EP 09 - My Resume is my CLAPBACK 👏

I bless the rains in Africa, and this will all make sense in today's pod: Let's get adventurous!: My Resume is my Clapback. No time wasted bickering here... only work and good quality work: How to be a better person + learn, stay chill + grow, giving to others and flourishing your life's romance --- your resume stands strong and nobody can take that away from you. Build it. Grow it. Stay consistent AF. Romance that shit. Check your ego at the door. Im tired and I don't feel like...


EP 08- SHOW don't TELL: ACTIONS that translate to REAL PROGRESS

Today, let's talk on the clear difference between selflessly "doing something" and selfishly "being someone". I've often thought of what I was taught when I was a kid growing up with a strict and tough Japanese mom -- but she was also the most loving, devout + admired mom, too. She and my father raised us by example and Jenni (my sister and I) later took what they showed us and all became a family of honor. We will learn about how I am in the thick of the middle, a time of learning,...


EP-07: Your Weekend Bender: Answering ALL of your Questions

I've put together a weekend bender episode (I almost wrote recipe!) haha a weekend collection of all of your juicy questions + some of these may be tomes you want and might need to hear! Sometimes the Universe sends you notes or signs you need to hear, without you knowing it... welcome Wabi Wabi Weekend Bender: Here's what I answered for you: I want you to thrive, feel like you fit-in and you are part of my community:) always! - How to get your business going + connected to a bigger...


EP 06- The Tiger Mom Survival Guide: How to Make Change + do it with Grace

🐅Tiger Mom Survival Guide: Welcome: Episode Six 6️⃣ - this one is for all you mixed kids, Asian kids & my homies that got kicked around ⚡️⚡️⚡️+ its time for 2018, the year of REAL. Here’s what you will learn in today's episode: How I struggle, how I have endured, how I have pushed myself, how I have created change --Welcome, the Tiger Mom Survival Guide: 1- practice Wabi Sabi: live with the notion all is perfectly imperfect - life will not be perfect forever. What made my...


EP 05 - How to make it BIG in Biz + Stay Real AF: The Art of Not Conforming

⚡the art of not conforming: My career, as an artist I went w my heart, even if it got smashed, which it did many times. As a female in the food industry, the pain/discrimination was part of my path. This year, with new endeavors + content w @SXSW, @Forbes, @Girlboss, @ariannahuff, @iamwellandgood Council + the new book @harpercollinsus Oprah Magazine, Today Show + Dr. Oz: I’m committed to sharing my story, in hopes you can see, a girl who started from the bottom, waiting tables in...


EP 04 - Wabi Sabi: Overcoming Depression + Being Real AF on Mental Health

Ciao from Sardinia this week! I've been traveling the globe to interview wise locals and experts on life longevity + happiness + wellness around the globe .. this month I've been studying in Italy + Sardinia! In order for the monks here in Ravello, Italy and throughout the world to pray, they acknowledge that dark places do exist & we can choose to do the same & make light from it. Wabi sabi— life is not meant to be perfect. It’s about accepting more, growing, choosing to be different —...


EP 03 - Be a Real Self Made Boss: Secrets to How I Made it from the Bottom to the Top

In episode three, I’ll chat more about how to be a self-made boss + how incredibly imperfect my journey has been. Like a rollercoaster. But I wouldn't have it any other way! Here's what we will talk about: Keep going no matter what, I'll share you notes on my best and worst moments in the duration of my wellness career. I love you guys + hope this can help on your journey through life! Remember, wabi wabi, it will not be perfect. Please subscribe now, 5 star rate us and comment on my...


Ep 02 - Gaman: How to survive with one simple strategy: Endure

Episode 2: It is the beginning of the podcast launch and my whole life. I first want to share why I started this podcast.. my whole career has been a waiting game... and I have made it to a point where I no longer wanted to wait for other people at the top, that had all the money and comfort they needed, to make decisions about my career .. it was time to take my career into my own hands.. and that's exactly what I did. thanks for your support on the launch of wabi sabi! More deets on...


Ep 01 - Wabi Sabi: We are All Perfectly Imperfect Meet Candice Kumai your new "real deal" wellness host

It is the beginning of the podcast launch and my whole life. I first want to share why I started this podcast.. my whole career has been a waiting game... and I have made it to a point where I no longer wanted to wait for other people at the top, that had all the money and comfort they needed, to make decisions about my career .. it was time to take my career into my own hands.. and that's exactly what I did. thanks for your support on the launch of wabi sabi: What you will learn more about...


Wabi Sabi - Welcome The Perfectly Imperfect Podcast with Candice Kumai PROMO

Coined "the golden girl of wellness" by ELLE magazine, Candice Kumai, bestselling author, chef, wellness writer and former model shares with us her painfully-imperfect life lessons and experiences that have shaped her 15 year career in media, publishing, wellness, food, modeling and content creation. Arianna Huffington recently named Candice "a Top 20 NEW role model + Kumai is proud to share with you how to transform your life, accept the beauty of imperfection and mend what feels broken...