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How Does a Man Handle Sacrificing for Others // Ask a Man

When family comes first, how does a man deal with postponing his passions and dreams, sometimes for years? And, are there occasions which family doesn't come first and a man needs to take care of his own needs?


Why We No Longer Plant Pecan Trees // Truck Talk Thursday

What can planting pecan trees teach us about thinking generationally? We live in a society that is so focused on the next and the new that we tend to forget about how the now affects the future, particularly the future of our children and grandchildren.


Your Brain on Porn // Garrett Jonsson of Fight the New Drug

Porn has become the norm for many men and women, yet the effects on our brain and relationship as a result, is devastating. Garrett Jonsson shares his experience overcoming pornography and how it affects the brain.


You are Becoming a Better Man Faster than You Think // Truck Talk Thursday #016

Often, when we consider the man we are or our place in life in light of where we want to be, the journey to the other side seems far too long and impossibly out of reach. However, growth as a man happens faster than you might think, because we don't grow linearly or serially. In this episode, I talk about how the concepts of a futurist apply to our accelerated growth as men.


Does Free Will Actually Exist? - Truck Talk Thursday #015

The concept of free will and the questioning of whether or not it exists is something that theologians and naturalists have debated for centuries. The God-fearing and the godless argue this point both within and without their circles. In this episode I throw the question out there and give a scene from the Bible as a great example of why this is such a tough question to answer.


Ask a Man: How Do You Know You've Found the One? - #008

Men are waiting longer and longer to get married, and with the rate of divorce it's easy to see why. How can a man know if he has met the girl of his dreams and that the dream won't turn into a nightmare once he ties the knot? Mike and Brandon, both successfully married men, come to the aid of men wondering if they should settle down or keep playing the field.


Announcement // Rally Point 8/30 7pm EDT: Become the Hero of Your Marriage

Rally Point: Become the Hero of Your Marriage @ 8/30 7pm EDT Rally Points are exclusive to the members of our free Facebook group. In this free, online training event, I'll talk about the near failures in my marriage, how we brought it back from the brink, what makes men and women different in complimentary yet difficult ways, and more. Plus, we'll have a Q&A time at the end. Become a member of our FB group to join the event: https://wolfandiron.com/thegroup


Manhood and Entrepreneurship - Truck Talk Thursday #014

As a man grows, he acquires knowledge and an understanding of the value of said knowledge. He also becomes aware of the value of people and wants to give of what he has so that it may be of benefit to them. This may come in the form of a new product, an online course, some free training, mentoring, or a service based business. But, I think entrepreneurship, large and small, is the natural progression of the growth of a man.


Ask a Man: Can Men Still Have Deep Friendships? - #007

In our modern day with our strong independence, the lack of neighborliness, and so many distractions, can men still form deep, lasting friendships? This is the question Mike and Brandon tackle in this Ask a Man Episode.


Introverts in space - Truck Talk Thursday #013

As an introvert who does a good job of playing an extrovert, I have some inside information as to how introverts work. In this episode I introduce a concept that I think helps introverts understand themselves and extroverts understand introverts.


Ask a Man: The Penis Discussion - #006

Does size matter? Should it? How does a man feel get confident in the size of his member, or better yet, how can he make it a non-issue? In this episode, Mike and Brandon do their best to offer some advice while remembering they are adults.


What People Get Wrong with Branding - Truck Talk Thursday #012

What do cattle ranchers have to do with branding? Continuing on the entrepreneur theme, I talk about how "branding" got started and how the businesses that are really making it have evolved...and how the other businesses have not.


AAM S02 E01: Can a man still be proud to be an American?

Ask a Man is back! Brandon McConnell and Mike Yarbrough answer your questions. One listener asks "How can a man still be proud to be an American, considering the state of things?" We also ask the question "Is Nationalism dead?" and get into some 'Merica stuff.


Marketing Tips - Truck Talk Thursday #011

Entrepreneurs, listen up! Marketing is key, but it doesn't have to be an impossible task or something that prevents you from moving forward in your business. In this episode I share some tips that have helped me grow my businesses.


Stop Waiting for the Right Time to Get Married - Truck Talk Thursday #010

While you're waiting for the right time to get hitched, life is passing you by. There are lessons about being a man that can only come from raising and leading a family. So, it's time to drop the excuses that keep you from "settling down" and make the commitment.


Cool Ideas and Things I Want To Do That Scare Me - Truck Talk Thursday #009

Every man should have a list. Not a bucket list, per se, but a list of things that he wants to accomplish or projects he would love to see come to life. I have found that when men talk about these things, dream together a bit about their ideas, that it inspires us to action. I thought I would share just a few of the things that I would to do in the upcoming years. Some are practical, some maybe not, but it will be interesting to look back in 10-15 years and see how many I've accomplished.


The Commodity a Business Should Value Most - Truck Talk Thursday - 008

Every business has finite resources, but is particularly evident in small startups and side-hustles. While there are a number of things we must keep our eyes on, from our budgets to our people and processes, and of course our customers, there is one key commodity every business has at their disposal that must take priority.


From the Secular to the Sacred - Truck Talk Thursday #007

In cultures past, and some of the primitive cultures still, we see that the maturing of a man into manhood contains a growing understanding of the sacredness of things. A boys mind sees the secular, the material; a mans mind becomes aware of the sacred. This is often a principle taught during "coming of age" ceremonies, often called a rite of passage.


Giving Yourself Permission - Truck Talk Thursday #006

There is often a gap between the man we want to be and the man we are. And, it can feel awkward to step into the role of leader or authority, or even "successful" man when we've spent so long seeing ourselves in a different light. Part of growing as men is accepting ourselves as the man we want to be.


The Foundry is Coming - M2M - #48

I've hinted at it before, but it's finally happening. Wolf & Iron's membership site, The Foundry, is set to launch in January 2019 and I have a lot of work still ahead of me. In this episode, I go into some detail on the What, the Why, and the Roadmap for getting there. These are exciting times! With so much anti-male propaganda taking place, I feel a bit like the underdog or maybe David against Goliath. But, I'm on mission and I'm glad to know the men that are pushing back against the...