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How to Atomize Your Habits with James Clear

“Habits” is huge buzz word in our society today. We believe it is impressive when someone can innovate on a topic that has been around for so long and can bring new concepts and ideas to the table. This is exactly what our guest James Clear has done with his book “Atomic Habits”. James and Mike discuss how to understand what your natural habits are, how to slowly work habits into your life, and what you need to focus on before you start to set your goals.


How to do Yoga Like a Man with Dean Pohlman

I know a lot of guys will hate on the notion of doing yoga, either because of the stereotypical skinny, effeminate guys that practice it or because of the spiritual practices often associate with it. If that's you, let this episode be a challenge. In this episode we will introduce you Dean Pohlman, founder of Man Flow Yoga, who inspires and helps men understand how yoga can make them stronger and compliment their already established workout regimen.


An Adventure that will Change You with Steven Disser

Steven Disser, a lawyer from Nashville shares his journey of completing the Appalachian Trail twice and how the experience has changed his outlook on life. Steven explains how being on the trail for 5 and 6 months at a time he was able to experience some of the highest of high moments and also some of the lowest of lows. If you have a calling or yearning for adventure, you won’t want to miss this episode.


A Special Merry Christmas Episode // Ask a Man

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Mike Yarbrough and Brandon McConnell! We wanted to do a special Christmas Ask a Man episode for you guys so here you go. In this episode we tackle: All the best to you and yours! God Bless!


Sexual Rabies // Truck Talk Thursday

I heard this illustration and just had to share it with you guys. So many men are addicted to porn, and prefer to shake one off in the bathroom than have sex with a real woman. The science is clear on how this affects our brains and messes us up. Men want to be intimate, but find themselves unable to do so.


Getting Started Fly Fishing with Daniel Munger

Our guest Daniel Munger joins us to discuss how a fishing hobby become a passion and the importance of finding something that you love en enjoy doing. We will discuss the intuition needed for fly fishing, what gear is needed to get started, and the life’s lessons that can be found in the outdoors.


The True Thief of Joy // Truck Talk Thursday

We've all heard that comparison is the thief of joy, but is that true? In this episode I talk about how comparison is critical to our growth and what really steals our joy.


Becoming a Sovereign Man with Ryan Michler

Ryan Michler is the founder of Order of Man, a platform that helps connect motivated and ambitious men working to improve in 8 key areas of their lives: Intellect, Leadership, Manly Know-How, Health, Relationships, Self-Mastery, Style, and Wealth. He's also a friend and a man you need to follow. In this episode we talk about what it means to be a man, the issues facing men today, and jump into some fundamentals on owning your sovereignty.


Develop Manly Charisma with The Art of Charm's Johnny Dzubak

Johnny Dzubak is the co-host of the Art of Charm podcast. In this rowdy episode, Johnny D tells a bit of his rock n' roll past and how his view of himself as a "rockstar or nothing" led to some serious cognitive distortion, and how we had to overcome that to move on in life.


5 Year Manniversary // Truck Talk Thursday

Each year I like to look back on how Wolf & Iron has grown, where we've been and where we are going. This Manniversary episode is a bit late as August is the true anniversary for Wolf (OK, this is way late). But, you'll get an inside look into how a mission and a business like Wolf & Iron has grown and changed over the years.


The 4 Steps to Mastery // Truck Talk Thursday

There are four steps to mastering anything, and most men give up on step 2. Just when it gets tough, that's when you need to press in. Knowing how the steps work will help you funnel through to become a master.


Honing Your Entrepreneurial Pitch with Juan Garzon

We have another awesome episode that is going to help you tell YOUR story. Whether your an entrepreneur or someone who just doesn’t know how to tell those around you what you are all about, Juan Garzon is going to be giving you you get advice and tips today to help you learn to tell your tale and hone your pitch! Juan Garzón is a business strategist & marketing coach who helps entrepreneurs and small business owners craft their story and build a system to grow their own business. He is also...


Are You Operating by Cravings or Convictions? // Truck Talk Thursday

A boy operates by cravings, while a man is motivated by conviction. Most of us are somewhere in the middle and it widely depends on the particular situation which way we lean. However, every man can strive to have his mind and actions motivated by principles over passion.



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The Way of the Ancient Samurai with Antony Cummins

Antony Cummins is an author and historical researcher who focuses on bringing the world’s attention to the dramatic and sophisticated realm of the Japanese medieval warrior with the conclusion of helping change the perspective on the historical truth that lies behind the story of the samurai and the infamous ninja. Mike and Antony discuss the 80’s and 90’s childhood fascination with everything ninja and samurai’s. They discuss which myths are real and how many are not accurate.


Helping Others Defeat the Defeatist Mindset // Truck Talk Thursday

Spotting the defeatist mindset in others is often easier than seeing it in ourselves. While we should "remove the plank from our own eye" before tackling other people's issues, you can practically help other people overcome their negative demons.


Feeding Your Desire to Hunt and Kill with Aaron Towns

There is something so exhilarating about walking through the woods, tracking an animal with the intent to take its life. Aaron Towns was not brought up hunting but was given an opportunity of a lifetime in his twenties to hunt with a friend and had an experience that changed his life forever. He now shares the experience of hunting with his wife and children. Aaron explains the differences between hunting on private and public lands and how you can start hunting without spending thousands of...


Defeating the Defeatist Mindset // Truck Talk Thursday

The defeatist mindset, which is so obvious to others, may not be so obvious to you. But, a man can overcome his learned helplessness. Here's a quick talk on how to identify it and defeat the defeatist mindset.


Get Started Off-Road Adventuring with Overland Experts' Mike Morrison

In today’s interview we are going off-road with Mike Morrison, the director of recreation with Overland Experts. Overland Experts teaches a curriculum to everyone from family to military how to drive 4 wheel drive vehicles. Mike explains how he moved from a meek and mild dad and employee to a leader and adventure seeker and explains how others can make this same change in their lives.


5 Year Manniversary // Truck Talk Thursday

It's hard to believe it has been 5 years since starting Wolf & Iron. It's also hard to believe it has taken this long for me to clarify the message and set some direction to the mission of helping men Heed the High Call. In this special Truck Talk Thursday episode, I talk about where we've been, how things have changed over the years, and where we are headed.