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Cool Ideas and Things I Want To Do That Scare Me - Truck Talk Thursday #009

Every man should have a list. Not a bucket list, per se, but a list of things that he wants to accomplish or projects he would love to see come to life. I have found that when men talk about these things, dream together a bit about their ideas, that it inspires us to action. I thought I would share just a few of the things that I would to do in the upcoming years. Some are practical, some maybe not, but it will be interesting to look back in 10-15 years and see how many I've accomplished.


The Commodity a Business Should Value Most - Truck Talk Thursday - 008

Every business has finite resources, but is particularly evident in small startups and side-hustles. While there are a number of things we must keep our eyes on, from our budgets to our people and processes, and of course our customers, there is one key commodity every business has at their disposal that must take priority.


From the Secular to the Sacred - Truck Talk Thursday #007

In cultures past, and some of the primitive cultures still, we see that the maturing of a man into manhood contains a growing understanding of the sacredness of things. A boys mind sees the secular, the material; a mans mind becomes aware of the sacred. This is often a principle taught during "coming of age" ceremonies, often called a rite of passage.


Giving Yourself Permission - Truck Talk Thursday #006

There is often a gap between the man we want to be and the man we are. And, it can feel awkward to step into the role of leader or authority, or even "successful" man when we've spent so long seeing ourselves in a different light. Part of growing as men is accepting ourselves as the man we want to be.


The Foundry is Coming - M2M - #48

I've hinted at it before, but it's finally happening. Wolf & Iron's membership site, The Foundry, is set to launch in January 2019 and I have a lot of work still ahead of me. In this episode, I go into some detail on the What, the Why, and the Roadmap for getting there. These are exciting times! With so much anti-male propaganda taking place, I feel a bit like the underdog or maybe David against Goliath. But, I'm on mission and I'm glad to know the men that are pushing back against the...


Hitting Your Bullseye - Truck Talk Thursday #005

Most of the time we talk about "balance" in our lives: how much work, play, family time we allocate. However, we can't truly keep life in balance because somethings should outweigh others. In this #trucktalkthursday episode I talk about having a bull's-eye approach to life rather than trying to keep everything in balance. It helps us stay focused on what matters most.


How to Market Your Business with Raymond Johnston of Social Hacker - #47

Over the last few years I've had the opportunity to learn first hand how marketing works and how to use it to grow a business. Right now, Facebook is king of advertising and the power to find and reach your audience has never been easier or more accessible. My guest for this episode is our very own social media marketing guru, Raymond Johnston of Social Hacker. We talk about the tools and strategies we've used to grow our businesses. It's a great behind the scenes look at how marketing is...


Why We Fail to Plan and Execute - Truck Talk Thursday #004

What keeps us from accomplishing our goals? Are we sabotaging ourselves before we get started? In the last episode I talk about how to get things done with Plan, Execute, and Repeat. In this episode I talk about the things that hold us back. #trucktalkthursday


5 Ways Fatherhood Makes You a Better Man - M2M - #46

Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there holding it down and getting it done! Being a father isn't easy, but it's worth it, and there are some things you'll learn by being a father that you might miss out on otherwise. Here are 5 ways being a father makes you a better man.


Plan, Execute, Repeat: Getting Things Done - Truck Talk Thursday #004

Have you ever looked back at the last few months (or years) and wondered why you're still in the same spot though you have dreams and desires? There is a simple formula for getting things done: Plan, Execute, Repeat.


How to Get Strong with Joe Strada of Unleashed Fitness - #45

Every man wants to be strong. To know and to push the limits of his own strength. Joe Strada is a man I respect in the area of strength. not only is he faithful to the iron, he's using it to hone character. He and his wife, Margaret, are setting the example of how to achieve goals together as a couple. In this episode, we learn from Joe some of the techniques to adding muscle and building strength.


Hell on Earth - Truck Talk Thursday #002

What would you consider hell on earth? I heard a great (and terrible) concept for it from another podcast and just had to share it here. It's chilling, but also an eye opener and hopefully some motivation. #trucktalkthursday


The Mask of Shamlessness - M2M - #44

Do we live in a shameless society? Or do we mask our shame because we don't know what to do with it? In this Man to Man episode I talk about the difference between guilt and shame and the how and why many in society are wearing a mask.


How to Fire Yourself - Truck Talk Thursday #001

Introducing Truck Talk Thursday: Me talking from my truck about whatever I think other men need to hear. One of the most important things that a new entrepreneur needs to always have in mind is how to replace themselves. We're always working towards being less needed in our businesses. In this first episode of Truck Talk Thursday I talk about how to systematize your work so that processes can be created and followed by others.


The Heart of a Missionary with Bob "Brutus" Hillebrand - #43

My friend Brutus (Bob Hillebrand) is an great example of the humble guy next door that is making an impact in the world. He's carrying out the High Call on his life to be a mentor to orphans in Africa and a leader of a mission-minded people in an part of the world that is in desperate need for good men to step up. In this episode, Brutus swings by my house and we chat about how he started Mission Servants Ministry and how his success as an entrepreneur allowed him to be on mission full-time.


Ask a Man - How to Approach Career Changes - S01 E04

Finding a new career, once you're already settled in and comfortable with an existing one, can be exciting and risky. As we mature, we often find ourselves wanting to do something more significant with our life, and we better understand our unique skill set and passion. In this episode, Brandon and Mike talk about making the big switch.


On Boycotting and why I still sell wedding rings to homosexuals - M2M - #42

This episode is bound to raise some ire as I'm going to share some thoughts on a subject which most people stay away from. As a Christian, I get a number of calls to boycott businesses, mostly coming from Christian organizations. I address this, but from a point of view of a business owner put in a position of "boycotting" customers should I choose to do so and why I've taken the position to still sell rings to gay couples, even though I don't support homosexuality.


Ask a Man - Alcohol and Unemployment - S01 E03

In this episode Brandon and I talk about when to drink and when not to and how to deal with unemployment. The alcohol discussion brings up some fresh thoughts for me regarding my dad's death (only a week before this recording). We also delve into smoking (weed and/or cigarettes) of which Brandon had some fondness of the former. This is a great episode and covers a lot of ground as we get into alcoholism, self-control, and how to get back on your feet after getting knocked out of your...


Fighting and Laughing until Your Dreams Come True with Bas Rutten - #41

Everyone loves a great story, where the scrawny kid stands up to the bully and becomes a hero. Bas Rutten's life is that story! You may know Bas as a UFC Champ or MMA Fighter, or perhaps as an actor alongside Kevin James (Here Comes the Boom, Kevin can Wait), or maybe you've not heard of him, but, he's exactly the kind of man you'll want to know and follow. In this episode we talk about Bas' fighting career, how to handle bullies, becoming a comedy star and having a lot of laughs along...


Easter 2018 - Making Little of Much - M2M - #40

Many are making the switch from the term "Easter" to "Resurrection Sunday" as a means of distinguishing the resurrection of Christ from a fictional bunny, and I think it's a good move. We tend to make little of much, and I'm feeling guilty of that this Easter...er Resurrection Sunday.