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From losing his eyesight at a young age to becoming Englands most decorated footballer join Darren Harris on this journey through his life

Darren Harris is a World class athlete having represented England in both football and Judo on a national level, its clear to see he is very gifted from an athletic standpoint. It does stop there he is a author and a public speaker who story inspires hundreds of children a year And to make this even more incredible he did all of this without the use of his sight, at 15 months he was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma which is very rare form of cancer which affects eye sight. Darren's...


Waine Turner speaks on his journey from being bullied to becoming a world champion and battling doubt, externally and internally

Join us as we interview Waine Tuner who's life has been full of situations where he had a choice. A choice to be a victim of circumstance and doubt or rise and overcome any obstacles in his way Waine is a warrior and like many warriors he faced doubt from the external environment, whether the media, family or friends, but the greatest battle is the battle within and this is what forced Waine back in the ring, he had something to prove this time... and not for anyone else this time, it was...


Michael A Wood jr former Baltimore Police Officer EXPOSES the police force

Discussion between Michael Wood Jr. and Words of a Warrior podcast’s, Daryl Chambers. The two discuss an array of justice topics which personally affect us all. Music by Lady J & The Useful Idiots We speak on a range of issues we see within today's society, no doubt some of the topics that we speak about will be foreign to a lot of you but don't jump at something before you find out yourself, anything that you ever hear I urge you to research and look into yourself So expect to hear how...


Ranjit Singh on the evolution of Wrestling, difference between old-school and new school training and what makes a champion

Ranjit Singh is the head coach for one of the most successful wrestling clubs within the United Kingdom, having competed at a high level and coaches wrestlers at an elite level, we discuss what it takes to perform at the top of your game During this episode, we talk about how the sport of wrestling was bought over by Ranjit's dad from India. We explore the beginnings of the sport and really come to terms with the saying "make use of what you have" We also speak about the difference in...


Ep4 - Jerry King Luther Afriyie discusses racism in Netherlands and how his movement works against it

We talk to activist, poet and musician in this episode. Jerry Afriyie is one of the most prominent figures in the movement called Zwarte Piet is Racisme This movement is widely regarded as Blackface and due to opposing this annual tradition in the Netherlands, he has come under a lot of criticism and even has been arrested for his efforts Despite that, he continues his personal fight for the greater good and has made great progress for his movement and overall message Join us as we explore...