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89 - Only the truth can release you from shame

Truth releases us from shame. Yet so few of us are sharing our truth. I have been thinking about this a lot. How we tend to share the highlights. The good things. We share the surface level stuff. And sure there is a time for this. At the soccer game. At the school gate. In the lunch room. Best to keep it light! But do you have someone in your life who you share your truth with? Who you open up to. About your fears. Your worries. Your shame, failures and regrets? So few of us do. I am lucky...


88 - Who you were before is not who you are now

Who you are now is not who you were a few years ago. Your body, your mind, your relationships, career, wisdom ... all of it is evolving. Do you embrace the process of evolution? Mentally, physically and spiritually? Or do you resist it? There is such great personal power that comes with age. This week on the podcast, I hope I can encourage you to lean into ageing, into the evolution of you. If you are ready to put all your podcast listening into action you have to check out my coaching...


87 - Death and tattoos

On Monday a friend died unexpectedly. He was young, healthy, fit. He was engaged at work, loved by others, a fantastic father and friend. Now he is dead. In a moment, without warning, he left us. I share this because I think it is important we don’t rush past these moments of pain that we all experience at times, or see others experiencing. In a moment we are dead. One day alive. The next dead. What will you leave behind? If you were to die today would you be happy with how you lived? I got...


86 - The pursuit of exceptional

I choose to believe that the point of life is to evolve. That our purpose is to consider how we did today and try and do better tomorrow. That the reason we are here is to grow. To have a go. And if we fail today to do one better, to remember that this is part of being human, that we are not broken and that we have this amazing gift … we get to try again tomorrow. What a special thing! As long as we are living, we get to try again tomorrow. So my human friends … Can you commit to the pursuit...


85 - Small changes. Massive results.

Where can you make small changes, my friend? In how you sleep. Eat. Move. Engage with loved ones. Perform at work. Organise your home. Plan your work. Invest in your learning . Plan your holidays. Write a list. Implement one a week. Over time. As they layer onto of each other. You create massive changes. Results you could not have dreamed off. This is how you design your life my friend. One thing at a time. What will be it this week? One small change. Let’s get to work. If you are ready to...


84 - Loneliness

Tell me, do you feel loneliness at times? Not chronic loneliness, but more occasional visit from friend loneliness? I do, about once every week or so. I think we all do. What most of us do in response however is to avoid it. Do you allow yourself to feel it? Or do you avoid it? Numb it? Get busy on your phone and pretend that feeling is not there? What do you do to avoid it? Why? Why is loneliness something we all want to avoid? Is it loneliness that is the problem or what we make it mean?...


83 - What your friends never tell you about guilt

Guilt. That old friend. When you talk about feeling guilt your friends tell you 'don't be silly, you have nothing to feel guilty about' or similar. I don't suggest that approach. Pushing away emotion never resolves it, ever. This week I ask you to go deep. To take a look inside. See what is driving the emotion. Then be honest with yourself. No-one else is watching, my friend. What is driving the guilt, do you want to change how you are living or do you want to re-decide and re-affirm how you...


82 - Sitting still and owning up to the BS you tell yourself

So 3 weeks in a leg brace ... If you know me you have probably heard me say, "you would have to strap me to a bed and sedate me in order to stop me walking and training every day." What has come up in the last few weeks is all the fear underneath the constant moving that I tend to do. Sure I meditate (at 4am before I get up and start moving), I contemplate (while I hike or swim), I sit down to eat (most of the time). But I have know for a very long time that I have a fear of sitting still. I...


81 - Sometimes the universe makes you stop

A quick messages to subscribers between trips to the doctor ... There will be no episodes for a few weeks as I have unfortunately fractured my knee and injured ligaments, so will be off duty for a little while recovering! Stay tuned though, I'll be back very soon. If you are ready to put all your podcast listening into action you have to check out my coaching program. Your Life Designed a monthly coaching program for high functioning people who want to invest in their personal development....


80 - Special edition: Retreat

What kind of woman are you right now? Where are the rough edges? What do you want for the years ahead? Where were your wrong? Where were you right? What do you want to change? Where are your fears? Where are you not showing up? What does being the best version of yourself look like? This week on the podcast a special edition I share with you my most recent retreat. I go on retreat every year for 5-7 days. This year I went in March and this week I share with you what came up for me, how it...


79 - You are worthy

Is it just me or do all of you guys sometimes feel like you are just not enough? That your life doesn't matter? That you are insignificant. The mind tends to tell us this, right. We think that the bigger house, nicer car, higher salary, awards, recognition, fancy holiday will be the solution. They never are. Here is my message to you this weekend my friends. You are, as you are right now, worthy of existing in this world. You were born worthy. That little baby. You. Just born. Worthy then...


78 - Decisions from the grandstand

When was the last time you sat back and considered where you want to be in 20 years? Do you have a 20 year plan? Do you have a 5 year plan? Most of us spend most of our lives on the field of life, reactive, managing year to year, dealing with life as it comes up. This is exhausting and a risky way to live because you never sit back and assess the long game. This week on the podcast I share with you as super tool. Decision making from the grandstand. Here is what it looks like in action....


77 - You can create space for YOU inside of motherhood

Do you have a story running that motherhood and career cant ever flow? That the constant mayhem, drama and exhaustion is just how it is. That the push and pull and feeling like you never show up as your best self in either space is what you have to look forward to for the rest of your life? I find a lot of clients feel this way, especially when they start to contemplate how they want to grow in the years ahead. Often it is the invitation to consider a bigger life, a new stage, to step into...


76 - You create time and money for what you value

Show me your bank statement and I will tell you what you value. Show me your diary and I know immediately what your priorities are. What do you invest your time and money in? Log into your banking and take a look right now. What are the last 20 things you spend your money on? What about your schedule, look back over the last 10 days, what did you consistently give time to, every day? Healthy behaviours and investments? Time with loved ones? Time to create value in this world through how you...


75 - Difficult conversations

What difficult conversation are you avoiding right now? Where are you pretending? Faking it? Playing nice girl and avoiding telling the truth? Avoiding difficult conversations for fear of the outcome guarantees you of one thing: relationships that are built on lies and pretence that lead to resentment. Not pretty, right! It is also patronising and enabling behaviour disguised as being the nice girl. By all means be kind. But what if you approached that conversation you are avoiding with a...


74 - Under pressure much

What comes out of you when you are under pressure is what was already inside you. Anger. Tears. Anxiety. Meanness. Rage. Resentment. We all turn to our particular brand of poison when we feel under the pump. We are like volcanos. What comes out, that lava of our choosing, was already in there. Take a look inside this week on the podcast at what is already inside you that perhaps it is time to let go off. I think it is time to let go of your attachments to things and people being certain way?...


73 - Quit it!

OK. I read a report that approximately 80% of women size each other up physically when meeting and if they feel challenged what follows is a negative comment either out loud or internally. And it got me thinking ... a lot. Do be warned this is a bit of a rant. I have a request of you my friend. Can we all please draw a line in the sand and today commit to no more judgement, comparison and gossip? This is such an energy waster. It is an assault on others and on ourselves. It is buying into...


72 - There is no such thing as a stressful day

There is no such thing as a stressful day. Nor is there a long day, or a fast day, or a crazy day, or a hectic day, or a manic day ... You get my point. A day is made up of hours, 24 of them. It is not an emotion. It is the passing of time. You can choose to feel stressed about your day, your month, your life. Or you can start to practice seeing things differently. You can see your day as exciting, energising, a gift, a fun ride. You get to decide. How are you choosing to think about your...


71 - Not normal

"Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work, driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for, in order to get to a job that you need so you can pay for the clothes, car and house that you leave empty all day in order to afford to live in it." - Ellen Goodman I read this quote the other day and it got me thinking about what is normal today for so many people. Normal is ... Lots of debt. Working long hours. Pretend friendships. Fake insta feeds. Hungover...


70 - Special episode, Elizabeth Gilbert. Please don't tear your wings off

"Listening to a woman take herself down is like watching a phoenix rip of its wings" Elizabeth Gilbert Criticising yourself much? Responding to a complement by offering up a list of your flaws? Telling yourself every morning you are not thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough? Going to bed reminding yourself that you didn't do well enough today? Didn't get enough done? It's time we stop this ladies. Line in the sand. No more. Not inside your head. Not coming out of your mouth. You are doing...