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Nicole Christina, a psychotherapist of 30 years, interviews a wide variety of influential guests about how they are creating their legacies--a crucial element in healthy aging. Contributing to the greater good is a central theme of the Program.

Nicole Christina, a psychotherapist of 30 years, interviews a wide variety of influential guests about how they are creating their legacies--a crucial element in healthy aging. Contributing to the greater good is a central theme of the Program.


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Nicole Christina, a psychotherapist of 30 years, interviews a wide variety of influential guests about how they are creating their legacies--a crucial element in healthy aging. Contributing to the greater good is a central theme of the Program.






Jeannette Encinias -- Author of the Poem on Aging That Broke the Internet

Jeannette Encinias is an author whose work has also been published in places like Mindbodygreen, Annapurna Living, The Bitter Oleander Press, and Sivana Spirit. Her poetry has been featured in books, plays, one-woman shows, and an opera! She identifies as a poet first and foremost. You can find her new collection of poetry “Queen Owl Wings” on Amazon. Find out more here: https://www.jeannetteencinias.com/. Check out https://copenotes.com/zestful for an innovative app that supports mental...


Dr Bill Rawls -- What You Need to Know About Lyme Disease Encore Episode

Bill Rawls is an OB-GYN and leading expert in Lyme disease, integrative health, and herbal medicine. In the middle of his successful medical career, Dr. Rawls’ life was interrupted by Lyme disease. As he struggled to overcome it, he explored nearly every treatment possible – from conventional medicine to a range of alternative therapies. In the process, Dr. Rawls discovered a shocking amount of controversy and confusion around causes, diagnosis, and treatment that left thousands of patients...


Erica Hornthal— Using Dance Therapy to Help People with Dementia

How can we support our health, and the health of a loved one, especially if that person has cognitive limitations like dementia? Erica Hornthal is a dance therapist who talks about how dance can increase our quality of life and decrease depression and anxiety. Dance therapy can also have a positive effect on well-being, mood and body image. A body-centered approach to psychotherapy can also help validate and support an individual who is nonverbal, due to sensory processing issues, dementia...


Diane Hullet -- Thinking About Your Mortality Changes the Way You Live

Diane Hullet had been an English teacher, but once her children launched she decided to become certified by The Conscious Dying Institute as a Sacred Passage Doula and Conscious Dying Educator and Coach. She talks about what a death doula’s role is, and why it’s so different from the traditional ways we deal with death. It’s a profound conversation. Find out more: bestlifebestdeath.com. Check out https://copenotes.com/zestful for an innovative app that supports mental health. Find out more...


Alice G. Patterson -- Entrepreneurial Photographer Who Went from Fearful to Fearless

Alice Patterson was going along the conventional college path when she discovered that she wanted to be a photographer. So she pivoted in a big way, and adventures followed. She created a whole new way to make a living as a photographer. And she is flourishing and teaching other photographers to approach the business in a whole new way. Hers is a story of resilience and courage. Find out more at https://www.lovingmycompany.com. Check out https://copenotes.com/zestful for an innovative app...


Jonatha Brooke -- Renowned SingerSongwriter and Caregiver to Her Mother

Jonatha Brooke is an internationally renowned singer, songwriter and producer. She wrote the theme to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", and has collaborated with the likes of Katy Perry. Brooke also created and performed the critically acclaimed, one-woman, Off Broadway musical called “My Mother Has 4 Noses” which is about her relationship with her mother, whom she cared for before she succumbed to Alzheimers. Find out more at https://jonathabrooke.com Check out https://copenotes.com/zestful for...


Chef Dennis Littley -- Easy Cooking For Empty Nesters

Are you an empty nester, and wonder what to cook for yourself? It doesn’t make sense to roast a turkey or make a pan of lasagne anymore, so do you settle for toast, a yogurt, with a spoon of nutella thrown in? Chef Littley is a classically trained chef who has worked at white tablecloth restaurants, executive dining and finally at the end of his career at an all-girls Catholic high school, where he took school food to an entirely new level. Check out his website which is chock full of great...


Tracey Gendron -- Rethinking Our “Harmless” Jokes About Getting Older

Have you ever made a little joke about being old? Something seemingly harmless: Something like “I’m too old to wear that”, “I’m over the hill?” One of my tennis buddies says “I’m too old to get that shot.” Our guest today is a gerontology researcher who investigates the real cost (emotional, physical, societal) of our widespread, unchecked discrimination of being old–of course the irony is that the discrimination is about us, or our future selves. Where does this ageism come from? Who...


Katie Phillips -- What is Self-Love, Really?

By now we’ve all heard the term “self-love”. But what is it really? Is it treating yourself to a mani-peni? Buying an expensive handbag? It turns out that true self love is more akin to self compassion, which has been proven to help heal depression, anxiety and trauma. As a psychotherapist, I have found that cultivating self love is a truly powerful way to create inner peace and freedom. Katie Phillips is the founder of The School of Self Love. She is a Women’s Empowerment Master Coach, Love...


Laura Reeder -- An Artist-Activist Using Walking to Connect with Her Environment

Dr. Laura Reeder is an artist, a teacher, and a human who encourages young people and adults to use creativity as a form of activism to make meaningful change in the world. Her recent installation at the Everson Museum of Art titled "Now More Than Ever" re-shaped a gallery with thousands of cell phone photos taken from her walks through everyday life. Her miles-long "Cultivators", labyrinths that she creates by walking in snow, sand, and leaves invite us to pay closer attention to the...


Michelle Olson -- Why Nature is So Good For Us, Especially As We Age

Michelle Olson is the founder of Evergreen Minds, which is on a mission to help create a culture that connects people with natural spaces and de-medicalize and de-stigmatize the accepted status-quo in healthcare for people living with dementia. Find out more here: EvergreenMinds.org.


Sarah Witkowski -- The Surprising Role of Fitness on Menopause and Hot Flashes

Dr. Witkowski is the Chair of the Exercise & Sport Studies Department at Smith College. She researches the role of physical fitness of menopause symptoms, with a particular interest in cardiovascular health and risk at midlife. She is currently recruiting subjects for her studies. Contact her here: https://www.facebook.com/VascularFunctionResearchLaboratory


Pam Victor -- Better Health Through Improvisation

Improvisation is having a moment. People are finding it has tons of benefits for social and mental health. They are stepping out of their comfort zone, which is a key element to aging zestfully. Pam Victor is a professional improviser and the founder of Head of Happiness, of Happier Valley Comedy. Pam is the co-author of "Improvisation at the Speed of Life: The TJ & Dave Book" and was awarded the New England Public Radio Arts & Humanities Award. She also is a TEDx speaker “Meet Your Inner...


Carl Honore -- How to Make the Most of Our Longer Lives

Carl Honore is a Canadian journalist who is a best selling author and two time TED speaker. He’s known as “the godfather of the slow movement”. His latest book, “Bolder–Making the Most of Our Longer Lives”–challenges ageism by dismantling the myths surrounding growing older. He argues that aging can be a bonus rather than a burden. Find out more about Carl’s work: CarlHonore.info. Check out https://copenotes.com/zestful for an innovative app that supports mental health. Find out more about...


Third Act -- People Over 60 Working for Climate and Racial Justice

Many of us are aware that the over 60 demographic is the fastest growing demographic here in the US and all over the world. We have tremendous power and influence. ThirdAct.org organizes people over the age of 60 to work on climate and racial justice. Akaya Windwood and Bill McKibben talk about their work mustering political and economic power to move Washington and Wall Street in the name of a fairer, more sustainable society and planet. Find out more: ThirdAct.org. Check out...


Dr. Susan Sands -- How Can I Make Peace With My Aging Body?

Aging has its joys and challenges. One of the big challenges is the changes in our bodies–particularly if you are a woman. Most of us mourn the loss of our younger bodies. But are there ways we can think about our aging bodies differently? Meet Dr. Susan Sands, a clinical psychologist known for her trailblazing work in female development. Her new book “The Inside Story” is a radical new look at aging as a woman. Find out more here: https://www.sandsinsidestory.com/ Check out...


Susan Tweit -- If There Was a “Queen of Earth Day” She Would Be It

Susan Tweit is an award winning writer and botanist on a mission “to restore our home planet and help us be our best and kindest selves.” She volunteers at Yellowstone National Park removing invasive plant species by hand so the native plants can thrive and feed the animals that call the Park home. Her award winning books are personal and tender stories about her own challenges, including the loss of her beloved husband ten years ago to brain cancer and her own chronic disease. Find out more...


Linda Lowen -- Getting Older Has Been Magical!

At 61, writer and editor Linda Lowen has fulfilled a lifelong dream–-- she's written her first book, a travel guidebook promoting her hometown of Syracuse, NY. Even though she's been published in the New York Times and earned national recognition as a former TV and radio producer -- hosting award-winning programs on PBS and NPR stations --she says that since she's turned 50, life has become downright magical. With every year, it's only gotten better. Find out more about Linda:...


Denise Medved -- Brain Health is More Than Doing Crossword Puzzles

Many of us know how painful it can be to watch a once vibrant person lose function in their mind and body. Denise Medved knows this story all too well. She lost her mother to Alzheimer’s Disease. On top of the grief she suffered, she was left wondering what the future had in store for her as she aged. Through extensive research, Denise discovered that the number one concern of people of all ages is losing cognitive function and mobility as we age. She spent years researching the relationship...


Anna Balthaser -- The Surprising Health Benefits of The “Buy Nothing Project”

We all know that being part of a community is good for our health. We deeply crave a sense of belonging, especially these days. After all, we’re mammals, and we’re designed to be with others. But what if your community also helped cut down on waste and challenged the values of our consumer culture? That would be an amazing community! Welcome to the Buy Nothing Project. The Buy Nothing Project was founded in 2013 with the mission to build community by connecting people through hyperlocal...