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The Alden Network Podcast: Solutions for Seniors provides helpful, practical advice for good health and living. Would you like to know more about a health topic, or tips to stay well? Experts from various health care disciplines provide valuable insight on a variety of timely topics.


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The Alden Network Podcast: Solutions for Seniors provides helpful, practical advice for good health and living. Would you like to know more about a health topic, or tips to stay well? Experts from various health care disciplines provide valuable insight on a variety of timely topics.




When Should You Consider Assisted Living for You or Your Loved One

We understand the decision to consider getting help for yourself or a loved one may be difficult. Alden is here to help. We can offer advice and recommendations – at no charge – to assist you in making the right choice for you and your family. Bobbie Skudrna, Executive Director of Alden Gardens of Waterford Assisted Living Community, discusses when you should consider assisted living for you or a loved one, and what to look for when searching for an assisted living center.


I Need CPAP Therapy: What Should I Know?

Certain sleep apnea conditions require a CPAP machine for treatment. A CPAP machine keeps airways open for continuous breathing during sleep. This means of treatment can improve sleep and reduce risk for other side effects related to sleep apnea. Gennie Anderson, Respiratory Care Manager for Prism Health Care Services, discusses what you should know about CPAP machines to address sleep apnea.


What Home Medical Equipment Does Medicare, Medicaid and Insurance Cover?

Some patients require medical equipment for in-home care. Home medical equipment may be necessary but it isn’t always inexpensive. Neidi Mack, Vice President of Ancillary Services for Prism Health Care Services, explains what home care medical equipment is covered by Medicaid, Medicare and insurance.


How Have the Advancements in Technology Affected Short-term Rehabilitation and Skilled Health Care

Technology is breaking onto the scene in many aspects of health care. One that has the ability to transform the lives of patients are the advancements that are helping to improve communication and monitoring for short-term rehabilitation and skilled health care. These technologies can help with everything from detecting falls to passive sensor-based systems that can track the number of visitors, the amount of time spent inside and outside the home, and sedentary behavior. Rick Hoffman, Chief Information Officer at The Alden Network, discusses how technological advancements are improving short-term rehabilitation and skilled health care.


What You Should Know about Hospice Care and Your Benefits

Lisa Gaucher Smith, RN, Admission Care Navigator with Family Home Health Network and Patricia Moore, MSW, LCSW, Executive Hospice Director with Family Home Health Network, discuss all you need to know about Hospice care benefits for your loved one.


Know Your Medicaid Benefits for Skilled Nursing Care

When you need nursing care, rehabilitation, and therapy to gain back strength and flexibility, Alden can provide specialized rehabilitation, nursing and therapy care and services to help you achieve maximum functionality and independence again. If you are on medicaid, you may have questions as to what is covered should you need skilled nursing care. In this very informative podcast, Donna Williamson, Medicaid Specialist for The Alden Network, discusses medicaid benefits for skilled nursing care, and what you need to know to get the best care.


What is Respite Care?

Annette Akerman, RN, Regional Director of Operations, The Alden Network discusses Respite Care and how it might be able to give caregivers a much needed break from caring for their loved ones and a chance to care for themselves.


Best Practices for Rehab After Orthopedic Surgery

Research suggests that the positive impact of preoperative education on factors such as anxiety, pain management and patient satisfaction can go a long way to help with rehab after orthopedic surgery. Here to offer best practices for rehab after orthopedic surgery is Kris Bykerk. She is the Senior Vice President of Corporate Operations, Community Physical Therapy Associates, which is The Alden Network’s preferred physical, occupational and speech-language therapy provider.


Is Your Loved One Ready for, or Need Memory Care?

Has your loved one’s memory care issues developed into a decreased ability for them to take care of themselves both physically and mentally? Because those aging with memory care needs may be living alone, often times their healthy habits dwindle due to short-term memory loss, difficulties with initiation, and becoming more frail due to weight loss. They may need more hands-on assistance to take care of their activities of daily living. In this narrative on Memory care Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Stelter shares the 5 top indicators that your loved one may be ready for and need Memory Care Placement.


Know Your Medicare Benefits for Short -Term Rehabilitation

The Alden Network provides health care solutions for seniors to help them function to the best of their ability and live life as independently as possible. At The Alden Network, we strive for excellent care and quality outcomes. In this segment, Jennifer Fuller provides important information that can help you or a loved one understand your Medicare benefits, and how Medicare can help pay for Short-Term Rehabilitation when you need it.