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The Baby Boomer Babe Show with Terry Seufert, LSW

Terry Seufert, M.Ed., L.S.W., C.S.L., has a passion for people: how they feel, where they have been, and is honored when she is able to share in the process of excavating where they are going. After a 30+ year career in social service, Terry retired in 2017 and began actively pursuing bringing Sage-ing International into the lives of people in the Houston, Texas, area starting with a Wisdom Circle that continues to meet monthly. Harris County Senior Centers, local churches and 55+ residence...


Lady Lou and Sheryl Sitts, Spiritual Coach and Practitioner

Sheryl Sitts is a holistic, spiritual coach and practitioner, who helps women to joyfully live their fullest authentic lives. She does this in private sessions, with live events, through products and programs, weekly on her Exploring Possibilities podcast, and on her website at You may reach Sheryl at In this interview, Sheryl discusses how women will benefit by devoting more quiet time to themselves. Women seem to always...


Goodbye Goldie

Today, July 16, 2018, is one of the saddest days of my life. I said good-bye to my dear sweet cat, Goldie. I didn’t even put on any make up or change from my farm clothes for the video. This is the real, raw, grieving Lady Lou. About 13 years ago, Goldie and his big brother, Blackie, came to live with me. They were rescue kittens. How I have loved them all these years. Now, it was time to let Goldie go. He is resting in peace now and is no longer suffering. That is the only good thing to...


Lady Lou April Mahoney Interview

April Mahoney, of San Diego, California is one of the most dynamic women I know. She is so very involved with her community and people in all walks of life. She shares so much with her listeners/followers. She has a weekly BlogTalk Radio Show with fascinating guests and topics all over the map – Her podcasts are on iTunes - Facebook page - Post your photos of...


Lady Lou and Marian Interview 1

Reminiscing with one of my very dearest friends, Marian LaSalle. Marian and I joined up on a Zoom session while she was house and pet sitting near Dallas. We talked about some of the ‘road trips’ we’ve taken together, about the scorpions she attracts when she comes to visit me at my house out in the country, bird poop in her hair while riding on a river boat through downtown San Antonio, and the Copperhead snake she almost walked on out in my orchard! There’s more, so enjoy us in the fun we...


Lady Lou with Renu Agrawal

Renu Agrawal, is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, a Health Coach, a Body Code Practitioner, and so much more. For over 20 years she has been studying healing modalities, and helping others learn how to help themselves get and stay healthy. She is so talented and intuitive when she works with her clients. She works ‘virtually’ via phone and Zoom with people all over the world. To learn more visit Renu’s website – If you would like to schedule an...


Left Brain - Right Brain

One of the topics I love most is HOW the brain works! In this video/podcast I talk about the differences in those who are left brained and those who are right brained. Our ancestor predetermined how we come into the world, and then schooling plays a huge part in our development, and, then, our work lives take over. Watch as I demonstrate a fun little test to actually find out which brain you live in (instinctively you already know). Also, find out the ‘acronym’ for the word LOVE. Have...


The Cherry Mash Candy Show

Cherry Mash is now 100 years old! This chocolate/peanut covered maraschino cherry center candy is made in St. Joseph, Missouri. It was a huge favorite in the Midwest and is still very popular. It’s one of my all-time favorites from childhood. The only place I have found it lately is at Hobby Lobby. It can also be purchased online and shipped to your home. Cherry Mash Website – Facebook Group...


Tootsie Rolls Show

Tootsie Roll candy is 122 years old. Tootsie Roll Industries is one of the country's largest candy companies. Tootsie Rolls are the number one-selling chewy chocolaty candy in America. They were the first individually wrapped penny candy. Other popular candy made by Tootsie Roll Industries includes - DOTS Gumdrops, Junior Mints, Andes Mints, Dubble Bubble GUM, Sugar Babies, Tootsie Pops, and Sugar Daddy. Tootsie Roll: Website –


Intro and Overview TheBabyBoomerBabeShow

Intro and Overview of the Baby Boomer Babe Show. Quick rundown of what Lady Lou, The Baby Boomer Babe, will be bringing to her audience and links to the places she mentioned. Website – Facebook Group – Facebook – Personal – YouTube – Contact Lady Lou –...


Lady Lou and Marian LaSalle Interview 2

My dear friend, Marian LaSalle, is a lady of MANY talents. She is widely known for her keen knowledge of technology. Marian is one of those rare individuals who can read ‘computerese’ and understand what it says! I have had to seek her help on sooo many occasions. I think ‘patiently’ best describes how she trains people in understanding the inner workings of their computers and software. In this interview Marian and I talked about three of her passions which just happen to be her three...


Good bye Bolt

Here we go again, folks. I’m so sad… Just getting over losing my little cat, Goldie, when my nephew had to put down one of his dogs, Bolt. He had been going downhill for a while, but now it was time. My nephew took it hard, as did his wife and young daughter, and me, too! I loved that little dog. We buried Bolt next to Goldie by the tool shed. They are all in animal heaven together now. It’s been a ‘rough’ week here on the farmette, but we will get through it. Prayers appreciated. Please...