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A podcast from Supporters Direct Scotland, exploring supporter ownership and engagement through conversations with the people who sit behind the goals at clubs around Scotland, England, and further afield.

A podcast from Supporters Direct Scotland, exploring supporter ownership and engagement through conversations with the people who sit behind the goals at clubs around Scotland, England, and further afield.
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A podcast from Supporters Direct Scotland, exploring supporter ownership and engagement through conversations with the people who sit behind the goals at clubs around Scotland, England, and further afield.




30: World Cup Special!

Landing in your ears 24 hours earlier than normal, this week we bring you our long-awaited review of "United Passions", the movie financed by FIFA during the peak of the corruption scandal. A perfect warm-up for today's World Cup Final, here is your chance to hear FIFA's own version of their history - with misrepresentations, stereotypes and omissions galore! We've watched it so you don't have to... but if you can find a copy see it in it's full horror for yourself...


29: Jesse Cole of Savannah Bananas

The podcast has gone yellow this week for a very special episode of Behind The Goals - or should it be Behind The Home Runs? Jesse Cole (@YellowTuxJesse), owner of the Savannah Bananas (@TheSavBananas) spoke to us about their unique approach to running a baseball team. Playing in the eighth tier of baseball in the US, the team started from scratch in a city whose previous team folded due to a lack of interest in the sport. By focussing 100% on entertaining the fans (do that, and the...


28: Oliver Holtaway

Oliver Holtaway shared the Bath City story with us - they have been in community ownership for a year, following a two year campaign known as "The Big Bath City Bid". Listen to find out about the ups and downs of the bid - and how they enlisted the help of a famous fan to make it a success!


27: Kevin Rye

Kevin Rye, formerly of Supporters Direct and now working independently helping supporters and football clubs to engage with each other, joined us for a chat. Kevin has written a free book on fan engagement (available from which is a great starting point for anyone looking to improve the quality of conversations happening at their club.


26: Steven Lawther

Steven Lawther joined us to talk about The Roary Club, a campaign to get more young supporters hooked on following Raith Rovers. Based on research carried out by his company, Red Circle Communications, Steven identified a typical lifecycle of a football supporter, and created the Roary Club to address two challenges - how to engage young children at a point when they are beginning to show an interest in football, and how to prevent adult fans from drifting away from their club when they...


25: Colin McPherson

This week, Andrew met with photographer Colin McPherson (who tweets at @germanocean and blogs at to talk about his work as a photographer and as a football writer. In the first issue of Nutmeg magazine he wrote about his experiences as a supporter when the club he supported left him behind. Rate and review us on iTunes! Tweet us at @SuppDirectScot! e-mail us at!


24: Jimmy Bone

This week we hear one of the greatest but least-known stories in Scottish football - Jimmy Bone's achievements in Zambia with Power Dynamos FC, the first team from southern Africa to win the Cup Winners Cup - a fascinating conversation that could have gone on for a lot longer! Enjoy.


23: Gordon Waddell

Gordon Waddell, sports columnist for the Sunday Mail, joined us to talk about his recent article "Dave King is not the answer to Rangers’ problems but the fans are" (, in which he makes the case for supporter ownership at Rangers. The article provoked a fair amount of comment on publication, and it was clear talking to Gordon that his intention is to provoke positive action at Rangers. Gordon...


22: Ally Palmer

This week we are joined by Ally Palmer, editor of the excellent Nutmeg football periodical. Since 2016 it has been published every quarter in a format somewhere between a book and a magazine. Unsurprisingly, given Ally's background as a newspaper designer, each issue is a beautiful addition to any bookshelf, and the long-form articles cover a huge range of topics - mostly relating to Scottish football. We chatted about the inspirations for Nutmeg, some of Ally's favourite articles, and his...


21: Jason Barber

Andrew and Alan talk to the newest member of the Supporters Direct Scotland team, Jason Barber, about his involvement with Dunfermline Athletic over the years - from becoming a young fan, through the formation of the Pars Supporters Trust and fundraising for the Centenary Club Lifeline, and the Pars United rescue of the club from administration. Read more about the Pars Supporters Trust at @SuppDirectScot


20: Erin Fulton

Erin Fulton (@PAS_Erin), Volunteers and Interns Manager for PAS joined us to share her insights into how football clubs can make best use of their volunteers whilst also making sure that its a fulfilling and enjoyable for the volunteers themselves. PAS ( are an Edinburgh-based organisation which helps empower people in Scotland to shape the places where they live by understanding and taking part in the planning system. Erin also spoke about a number of other organisations...


19: Nick Igoe on Football Finances

Nick Igoe, finance specialist for Club Development Scotland and Supporters Direct - and former finance director at West Ham - joined us for a masterclass on the basics of football finances. We talked about financial issues for every level of club from grassroots community clubs up to elite level professional clubs. @SuppDirectScot


18: Austin MacPhee of AM Soccer Club

This week we visited AM Soccer Club, the community football club in North East Fife set up by Austin MacPhee, who is also assistant manager for Hearts and Northern Ireland. A fascinating character, he told us about his career as a player, about the experiences which inspired him to set up AMS, and his perspectives on the game. AM Soccer Club have been named as a finalist in this year's 'People's Project'. One of only five organisations selected from the East of Scotland, your vote can help...


17: SD Scotland Index

Andrew and Alan talk about the SD Scotland Index - an overview of the ownership of Scotland's 42 senior clubs, and of their approach to supporter engagement and transparency. The index was conceived as an extension of the work Alan did for Raith Supporters Trust to improve their members' understanding of the ownership of their club structure. In this episode we talk about the Raith Rovers story, the development of the SD Scotland Index, and our plans for developing it further. You can view...


16: Legal Structures

This week we bring you the first in a series of Club Development Scotland ( podcasts. Andrew spoke to John Alexander and Philip Jones about some of the alternatives to limited companies that you can consider for the incorporation of your club. @SuppDirectScotland


14: Bryan Jackson

Bryan Jackson is too humble to admit it but he is a huge name in Scottish football. As an administrator for clubs in financial distress he has been involved in saving some of the biggest clubs in Scotland from going out of business. The Foundation of Hearts have credited him as "the man who saved Hearts", and he had just as significant an input at Motherwell, Dundee, Dunfermline, Clyde and Clydebank - who are now preparing for a return to senior football. Since his retirement from...


13: Trust In Killie

Jim Thomson, Andrew Millar and Elaine Millar of the Killie Trust spoke to us about the "Trust In Killie" campaign, which has already invested £100,000 in Kilmarnock FC. The sharp-eared amongst us will recognise Elaine as a voice from the past. Elaine was a member of the Supporters Direct Scotland team between 2006 and 2012, and it was great to re-connect with her. The Killie Trust can be found online at, where you can pledge to Trust In Killie.


12: Chris Ewing of Edusport Academy

Chris Ewing recently announced a plan to take a brand new club to the Premiership with the help of fans. Currently playing their first season in the Lowland League, a crowdfunding campaign will enable Edusport Academy to be turned into a professional club with ambitions to progress up the Scottish football pyramid. Find out more at In our chat after the interview with Chris we talked about a few other clubs on the rise, including a great article on The Fitba Nomad about...


10: Andrew Jennings

Andrew Jennings is an investigative reporter, best known for his work investigating corruption in the IOC and FIFA. His 2006 book, "FOUL!" and his series of Panorama documentaries exposed the Sepp Blatter regime and was a big part of its eventual collapse. Now retired, Andrew was an entertaining guest, and we hope you get as much from our conversation with him as we did. Contact us on or via @SuppDirectScot


09: Niamh O'Mahony

Niamh O'Mahony (@Niamh_OMahony) joined us to talk about Cork City's journey to supporter ownership and the origins of the FORAS Trust. She also spoke about her role at Supporters Direct Europe, and their Erasmus+ projects on improving governance and supporter liaison. Contact us at, leave us a voicemail on 01316183278, or follow us on Twitter @SuppDirectScot