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Football Podcast – Stories of the People Behind the Game. Each week we have a conversation with someone in the world of Australian Football about their story.

Football Podcast – Stories of the People Behind the Game. Each week we have a conversation with someone in the world of Australian Football about their story.
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Football Podcast – Stories of the People Behind the Game. Each week we have a conversation with someone in the world of Australian Football about their story.




Episode 60 - David Keating - Championship Chronicles

David Keating chats to us on his project - The Championship Chronicles - a podcast documentary series tracking the Newcastle Jets A-League Championship winning season. Keating describes the difficulties and ultimate enjoyments of uncovering the untold stories from the ground breaking season for Newcastle Football. This wonderful documentary series will be out soon!


Episode 59 - Joe Gorman - The Death & Life of Australian Soccer

Joe Gorman Author of 'The Death & Life of Australian Soccer' talks to us on the launch day of this highly anticipated book. Sadly recorded on the same day as the passing of Les Murray a key figure in the progress of Australian Soccer. For those interested in Australian Soccer’s place within a changing society and political climate throughout the years this book is must read. Book now available at all good bookstores.


Episode 58 - Tom Byer - Football Starts at Home (Feat. Ehsan Popal & Matt Sim)

Tom Byer chats to us on his philosophy of youth development and how this has impacted the cultural transformation that has occurred in Japan. We also hear from Byer on his new role with the Chinese Ministry of Education - and the strides being made by China in transforming their football culture. Finally we turn out attention to Australian youth development - (Also featuring appearance by Ehsan Popal & Matt Sim).


Episode 57 - Jacob Timpano - Soccerman

Jacob Timpano chats to us on his injury plague A-League career, with time at Sydney FC and North Queensland Fury. Before this however, he was captain of Australia at U17 & U20 FIFA World Cups under Ange Postecoglou. Now managing back at the club that gave him a start as a 16 year old in the NSL, Wollongong Wolves, Jacob Timpano continues his journey in football.


Episode 56 - Steve OConnor - The Making of the Golden Generation

Steve O'Connor chats to us on his playing career which consisted of 290 appearances in the NSL, 44 games for the national team. Despite this, it is arguably O'Connor's time spent at the AIS as assistant coach under Ron Smith the provided his biggest contribution to football in Australia. During his time at the AIS saw talented players come through, that later become Australia's Golden Generation. Steve discusses these players, the system & why it is different now.


Episode 55 - Patrick Barnes - A Kiwi Fever

Wellington Phoenix supporter Patrick Barnes talks to us on how football and the Phoenix became a core part of his life. Following his team across the Tasman Sea in some of the longest away trips in world football, Patrick discusses why a New Zealand side should be in the Australia professional competition. Enjoy.


Episode 54 - Chris Egan - est. 1996 New Football Begins

Chris Egan chats to us on being a Perth Glory supporter in the A-League. We discuss the east coast football media bias and how this effects Perth Glory supporters mentality. Egan currently authoring a book on the history of Perth Glory 'est. 1996 New Football Begins'. Enjoy.


Episode 53 - Adrian Alston - The Alston Turn

Adrian Alston of the 74' Socceroos talks to us on Qualifying for Australia's first World Cup. We hear from Alston on being the first Australian to score in a European competition. Despite the highs of Europe, Alston was sold to the Tampa Bay Rowdies. Alston was part of the era of Marquee players in the NASL - versing the likes of Cryff, Pele & Beckenbauer.


Episode 52 - David Squires - Illustrated Football

David Squires chats to us on how he began following Swindon Town. How Fanzines led him down the path of football illustration and how he ended up creating the Mascots Rockin Robbin (Swindon Town) and Herbie the Hammer (West Ham United). After falling into the 9-5 grind of life and moving to Australia, Squires begun to pick up a cult following after putting some of his drawings up on the net. This work continued featuring the humourous side of football with the Guardian in the UK (Premier...


Episode 51 - Bonita Mersiades - New FIFA Now - Part 2

Bonita Mersiades continues her chat on the podcast. In Part Two of this episode we continue our talk on FIFA and how the awarding of the World Cup to Qatar can be seen as a positive. We discuss what NewFIFA Now is and what they are trying to acheive in the wake of continued scandals hitting the world governing body. Finally Bonita talks on her involvement in Northern Fury and some of the barriers they face in developing football in the North Queensland region.


Episode 50 - Bonita Mersiades - New FIFA Now - Part 1

Bonita Mersiades chats to us on her experiences in football administration from the days of Soccer Australia to unwillingly being placed on the Australia 2018/2022 World Cup bid team. We discuss what led her to being sacked from the World Cup bid team and how she came to the decision to become a whistle-blower against certain accepted practices within the bidding process for the 2018 & 2022 FIFA World Cup.


Episode 49 - David Oswell - Their Beautiful Game

David Oswell chats to us on the how the not for profit organisation Their Beautiful Game was founded. We learn about the challenges faced in establishing a not for profit and the risks associated in working in some of the poorer nations across the world. Finally we discuss why David continues to strive to bring about change through football and how you can contribute.


Episode 48 - James Parkinson - ByAssociation

James Parkinson, producer of the football podcast ByAssociation chats to us on combining his love of podcasts and football. We delve into how James was drawn in by Melbourne Victory at the start of the A-League in 2005. We also discuss the idea behind ByAssociation and the joys and challenges of producing the podcast.


Episode 47 - Anthony Siokos - Johnny Warren Community

Anthony Siokos, founder of the Johnny Warren Community chats to us on his love for the game. We hear how an upbringing in the Shire region of Sydney cemented a love of the soccer legend Johnny Warren, and how that continues to play out today. We also discuss how numerous ‘old soccer’ supporters including Anthony’s father still do not feel engaged by ‘new football’.


Episode 46 - Julie Dolan - The #1 Matilda

Julie Dolan, one of the pioneers of the Women’s Game in Australia chats to us on her journey in football. We hear how a 16 year old Dolan became the first captain of the Australian Women’ National Team in 1979 against New Zealand. We also discuss the Pilot Women’s World Cup held in China 1988, which was also the last tour for Dolan before retirement. Finally we hear on her current role as Technical Director at the International Football School on the Central Coast and how the school...


Episode 45 - Gary Van Egmond - A Championship to the Spoon

Gary Van Egmond chats to us on coaching that championship Newcastle team and how they fell to the spoon the following year. We delve into why he choose to come back to the club for a second time under the new ownership of Nathan Tinkler. Van Egmond also discusses his new roles as academy director at the Emerging Jets and assistant coach for the Matildas.


Episode 44 - Atti Abonyi - The Hungarian Socceroo

Atti Abonyi the Hungarian Socceroo chats to us on his national career that spanned a decade and took in Australia’s first international tournament win in Vietnam at the height of the war, 3 World Cup campaigns and the 1974 World Cup in Germany. With 89 appearances for the national team with a return of 36 goals – Abonyi is one of the most potent strikers Australia has ever had.


Episode 43 - Andrew Howe - A Football Statistician

Andrew Howe chats to us on the rabbit hole that is Australian football statistics. Recognised as one of the leading statisticians in Australia, Andrew was never even interested in football until his late teenage years, when the world of the National Soccer League came into his view. What started out as a personal project to find out more information on Australia Clubs and their history has lead Andrew to collect statistics on over 10,000 games in Australian football history.


Episode 42 - Matt Thompson - For the Enjoyment of the Game

Matt Thompson chats to us on his career crossing over from the Parramatta Power as a 17 year old in the National Soccer League into the A-League with Newcastle Jets. We discuss how Thompson played for the enjoyment of the game rather than an innate desire to be the best ever. Thompson tells us what is was like playing for the Socceroos 4 times during a controversial period under then national team coach Pim Verbeek. His time playing at Sydney FC with Del Piero gets a run as well!


Episode 41 - Adam Peacock - The Path to Matchday Saturday

Adam Peacock talks to us his career as a young sports reporter at Channel Seven and making a commentary debut at the Winter Olympics with the Ski Jumping. We then see how that transformed into being one of the faces of Australian Football broadcasting at Foxsports with the A-League. Adams finally chats on the process undertaken to produce his book ‘That Night – a decade on, the story of Australian Football’s greatest night’.