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David Fraser, Chris Charles, Chris Mendes and Paul Finney bring you the most entertaining podcast ever to come out of W12. The regulars are joined weekly by QPR players old and new as well as the odd celebrity fan.

David Fraser, Chris Charles, Chris Mendes and Paul Finney bring you the most entertaining podcast ever to come out of W12. The regulars are joined weekly by QPR players old and new as well as the odd celebrity fan.


London, United Kingdom


David Fraser, Chris Charles, Chris Mendes and Paul Finney bring you the most entertaining podcast ever to come out of W12. The regulars are joined weekly by QPR players old and new as well as the odd celebrity fan.






Going Out In A Fraser Glory

The full team is in attendance as David, Paul, Chris, Clive and Flo pick over the season with a review of 2020/21, including a surprise appearance or two to mark David's last podcast


An Hour With the Gaffer

Our penultimate pod of the season sees us catching up with the gaffer. Mark Warburton answers your questions on the 20/21 season, his hopes for next year, when he booked his holidays and his thoughts on Crypto.


Lyndon Calling

David, Chris, Finney and Paul Frick are joined by Rangers striker Lyndon Dykes who talks about his recent form, his unconventional route to the top and his hopes for the Euros


Sucking diesel with Richard Langley

Fan favourite Richard Langley dials in to give his take on the season, reminisce over old times and appeal for someone to save his loft from a decorating nightmare. The lads also talk over the Norwich defeat and name their players of the season.


We got there in the end

So we thought it was a good idea to leave Paul Finney alone to record the pod, but he got Peter Bleksley, Seán McGowen, Thom Gibbs and ex-player Bradley Allen involved, they chatted for a hour and it came out pretty decent. The guys recount and enjoy the Sheffield Wednesday demolition, gloss over the Rotherham capitulation and wonder what the next season holds for Rangers.


Adomah and away

David and Paul are joined by Talking Rangers' Charlie Wise and Brian McCarthy to discuss the Jekyll & Hyde Easter performances, priorities for the rest of the season and quite what Uncle Albert needs to do to get more game time


The Never Ending Podcast

Host Clive Whittingham and regular Paul Finney are joined by former QPR exec Jim Frayling and Cov-based QPR fan Paul Moorcroft to shoot the breeze over the course of a day and a half on Reading away, the fall-out from the fans' forum, a potential new stadium, the untapped potential of the existing stadium, a lasting tribute to Stan Bowles, and the many confused musings of Todd 'Toddy' Kane.


Listen on a second de Wijs

David, Paul and Flo are joined by Martin Patterson and Grob Gilbert to talk about the bonkers Milwall result, the disappointing Huddersfield game and expectations for the rest of the season


Taking the Dickie

Rob Dickie joins Chris Charles, Paul Finney, Charlie Wise and Andrew Alexander to talk about the impact he has made since joining QPR


Give and Tyke

David, Chris and Paul are joined by Alan Charles to talk about the two recent defeats, including this week's loss to Barnsley. They also chat over Dyke's form, Austin's influence and arguing in the dressing room.


Spoiling Anthony Gordon's birthday

Flo Lloyd-Hughes, Paul Finney, Phil the Optimist and Kevin McSweeney analyse what happened at Anthony Gordon’s birthday party.


Bircham, Bees & Bahamas

Marc Bircham joins David Fraser, Paul Finney, Chris Charles and Mark Dee to discuss the win over Brentford


You see me Rowlands

David, Paul and Flo are joined by first-timer Josh Banks and fan favourite Martin Rowlands to talk about the Blackburn game, Martin's memories and take on the club and whether we can mention the playoffs yet.


2-1 in our cup final

Chris Charles is joined by Paul Finney, Clive Whittingham and Adam Rubins to chew over the win at Watford and the impact of Charlie Austin


Phil the Optimist

David, Paul and Flo are joined by first-time guest Phil O'Sullivan whose positivity lays out very clearly why it's not long until we'll be back at the KPF. They also talk through the Derby reverse, Shodipo's loan form, Austin's influence and what else is needed ahead of deadline day.


Austin Powers

A very special guest on the podcast this week with none other than Charlie Austin zooming in to chat with Chris, David and Paul. Austin explains how he feels on his return to the club, why his wife is outshining him in the popularity stakes and his search for a 50th goal for the club. The boys also discuss the Cardiff win and their feelings on the BOS-man leaving on a Bosman.


Thank You Derry Much, Charlie

Shaun Derry talks to Chris Charles, Paul Finney and Gemma Fumangali about Charlie Austin’s amazing return, plus his time at the club and a banjo-led tribute to Adel Taaarabt!


Jesus and the Flamingo

The podcast is back for 2021 with this episode taking in the two games before Xmas as well as a whole manner of other subjects. The team talk COVID, goalkeepers, Warburton, a dodgy Sherwood theory and, to cheer you all up, Eze's goal. David Fraser is joined by Paul Finney, Flo Lloyd Hughes and Paul Szumilewicz


Mistletoe & Whine

The team record the final pod of the year. Call it a Christmas special if you want but the only gift the guys are looking for is a change of approach from Mark Warburton as David, Paul, Chris and Clive discuss the Wycombe and Stoke games. Wishing our listeners a merry Xmas and a happy new year and we hope to see you all in W12 at some point in 2021.


No case for the defence

David hosts regulars Flo, Paul and Chris in another remote podcast episode. The guys discuss why conceding soft goals is still not being addressed, Bright and Chair’s celebration and er.... Ludo (the board game, not Miklosko)