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Week of June 11th/1982 World Cup

Spain and Chivas have new coaches. Oscar gives his final predictions about the world cup. Also we take a look at the 1982 World Cup in Spain.


Week of June 4th/1978 World Cup

This episode we take a look at the world cup groups, telling you who will make it past the first round, also Oscar gives his last opinion on the Champions League final, and then we look at the 1978 world cup in Argentina.


Week of May 21st/1974 World Cup

Oscar talks about the Champions League final coming up this saturday. Also the Mexican league final was this last weekend and the teams are already making moves for next season. More lists come out for the World Cup and we take a look at the 1974 World Cup in West Germany, the only world cup where the two Germanys played in.


Week of May 14th/1970 World Cup

The preliminary lists are out for the World Cup, check who Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and more called up. The final in Mexico is this week, who does Oscar think will win it. Then we will talk about what is considered one of the best world cups ever, The 1970 Fifa World Cup in Mexico.


Week of May 7th/1966 World Cup

How much caffeine was in the clasico this weekend? Oscar has something to say to everyone who just wants to talk about the refs. The liguilla in Mexico was full of surprises. Also, soccer returns to its place of birth, England, for the 1966 world cup.


Week of April 30th/1962 World Cup

Are Liverpool and Real Madrid already in the Champions League final? The Liguilla in Mexico looks pretty even and Oscar gives his prediction on who will be champions. Also we will be discussing Garrincha’s world cup in Chile 1962.


Week of April 23rd/1958 World Cup

Oscar gives his predictions for the Champions league semi finals that kick off this week. Chivas vs Toronto on wednesday and the last week before the liguilla in Mexico. Also find out about the 1958 world cup and how a 17 year old Brazilian named Pele stole the show in Sweden.


Week of April 16th/1954 World Cup

In this episode Oscar talks about the controversy of the supposed help Real Madrid is receiving by the refs. Three new champions in Europe this past weekend and the concacaf Champions League is set. Also what happened in the 1954 world cup with favorites Hungary. That and much more.


Week of April 9th/1950 World Cup

What happened to Manchester City this past week? Italy the only big european league that still doesn't have a clear champion and is concacaf trying to help the MLS teams make it to the club world cup? Also what happened in the first world cup after WW2 in Brazil.


Week of March 26/1938 World Cup

What did the international friendly game leave us and who does Oscar see as the biggest candidate to win the world cup, Also his opinion on the quarterfinals for the Champions League, and he covers the last world cup before WW2 in France 1938.


Week of March 12/1934 World Cup

Did Oscar get his prediction right on PSG vs Real Madrid? What does he think will happen with Barcelona vs Chelsea, and how much did Benito Mussolini help an Italian team full with Argentinian born players win the world cup in 1934.


Week of March 5/1930 World Cup

Find out Oscar’s prediction on the PSG vs Real Madrid and his take on the mexican clasico this past weekend of America vs Chivas. Also, why did the European teams not want to go to the first world cup ever in Uruguay?



Check out this short introduction to Red Card Tackle and host Oscar Carvajal. Oscar talks about his credentials for being a soccer expert and explains the premise of the show.