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'The Football Ramble' consists of 4 blokes who ramble on about football. Find answers to questions that you don't get on Football Weekly, The Game or football365.

'The Football Ramble' consists of 4 blokes who ramble on about football. Find answers to questions that you don't get on Football Weekly, The Game or football365.
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'The Football Ramble' consists of 4 blokes who ramble on about football. Find answers to questions that you don't get on Football Weekly, The Game or football365.




Stoke the Musical: Arsene Wenger bids us adieu, Man United and Chelsea head back to Wembley and Sunderland go down

The day we thought would never arrive is finally here, as Arsene Wenger announces that he’s leaving Arsenal and we pay our respects through tears, in one case at least. Merci, Big Weng. Over at Wembley Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte schedule a meeting in the Narrative Cup final, there’s fun throughout The Championship, unless you support Sunderland, a rival to England’s big plane emerges and we gleefully relive another iconic England moment. Search ‘Football Ramble’ on social media to...


Chillax: FA Cup semi-finals loom, Burnley smell blood and Zlatan breaks America

We focus our dustbin hearts on perceptions of Paul Pogba, Arsenal’s potential summer of chaos and this weekend’s forthcoming Mike Dean Festival, bizarrely billed as Stoke vs Burnley. As well as all that we cast our minds back to Louis Van Gaal’s FA Cup clipboard, there’s mistaken identity in Ireland and Marcus ruins the World Cup. This show is sponsored by bet365 Search ‘Football Ramble’ on social media to find us, and email us here: ***Please take the time...


Flannels: United hand City the title, Southampton struggle and Wolves seal promotion

What a sparkling end to a vintage title race! We look back over West Brom winning the title at Old Trafford (for Man City), Southampton’s latest indignity and Thierry Henry’s sparkling beard oil. Elsewhere there’s Mike Dean at the World Cup, a glittering future for Brendy Rodgers and, would you believe it, talk of Jonjo Shelvey getting an England call up. It just won’t go away. Search ‘Football Ramble’ on social media to find us, and email us here: ***Please...


In bins: The Champions League explodes, Harry Kane gets his goal and Mic Drop Mick’s had enough

We delight in a seismic week of football where Gigi Buffon lets his emotions get the better of him, agent of chaos Sergio Ramos excels himself and Pep Guardiola resorts to using doubles in a bid to save Man City’s season. Alongside this there’s a surprising change of direction from Rafa Benitez, an absolutely textbook impression of Arsene Wenger and liberal use of the word ‘chubbies’. This show is sponsored by bet365 Search ‘Football Ramble’ on social media to find us, and email us...


Respect the dogs: United make City wait, Big Sam causes unrest and Napoli get us giddy

We’re back from Naples and though pieces of us will remain there forever we’ve raced into the studio to bring you our wares. There are mentions for Big Sam’s pyjamas, Hatem Ben Arfa’s year in the cupboard and, of course, dogs. As if that isn’t enough there’s positivity for Newcastle, Southampton (sort of, by which we mean ‘negativity’) and once again we simply cannot ignore good old Neil Warnock. Search ‘Football Ramble’ on social media to find us, and email us here:...


Michel Vroom: Liverpool brush City aside, Everton brace themselves and Man United look to put next door’s party on hold

Liverpool get us all giddy after their scintillating display against a rattled Man City, Mick McCarthy weighs up whether he can be bothered with the West Brom job and there’s something about Aleksandar Mitrovic stealing time. As well as all this Marcus gets understandably irked by a pitch for Ramble Airlines, Charlie Adam throws a strop and Hatem Ben Arfa has a pizza-based dilemma. This show is sponsored by bet365 Search ‘Football Ramble’ on social media to find us, and email us here:...


Taxi for Pards: Alan leaves West Brom, Spurs win the Battle of the Bridge and Zlatan steals the show

Happy Easter you lot! We drag ourselves to the studio even on a Bank Holiday to bring you news of Alan Pardew’s departure from West Brom, David Wagner’s relaxed attitude towards the relegation battle and Man City preparing their championship champagne. Elsewhere there’s some ‘instinctual’ reactions from Marko Arnautovic, some unsurprising contractual stipulations from Ronaldinho and, of course, the gift that keeps on Kevin. Search ‘Football Ramble’ on social media to find us, and email...


Steak and Barry pie: England march on, the Premier League returns and Carlos Tevez continues his reign of terror

England’s 1-1 draw was so promising that known misog Pete Donaldson is getting excited, even if he does also treble down on a pre-existing gripe. To temper this excitement Aleksandar Mitrovic remains aflame, Carlos Tevez continues his exemplary professionalism and Arsene Wenger pipes up about some new isms. On top of this we welcome the Premier League back into the fold, we hear from some trustworthy Barrys and there’s a treat from the Neil Warnock archives. This show is sponsored by...


The milk sweats: England crush the Dutch, Scotland look to the future and Ronaldo puffs out his chest

England took on the Netherlands and gave us reasons to make noises, get excited about the World Cup and talk about Bas Dost, three things that are frankly long overdue. Discover our joy as we use phrases like “distribution”, “versatile” and “got a big Lampard.” Meanwhile, in the rest of the sport, Scotland got back underway with Big Eckos of the past and dispatches from the Hamburger queue, Cristiano Ronaldo reminded everybody who’s boss and we put out a call to Barrys everywhere. Love...


Walter Tull: Profile of a Pioneer

100 years ago this weekend, Walter Tull was killed in action in the First World War. While not a name that immediately springs to mind when we think of the people that influenced our game the most over the years, Tull was a pioneer. We first profiled him back in November 2009, and with increasing calls for him to be recognised posthumously for his services both to football and the military, we thought it would be nice to re-release his entry into our hall of fame from nine or so years...


Good Dog, Mad Dog: England prepare to face the Netherlands, Germany take on Spain and Gareth Bale coins it in for Wales

Richard E Grant, Starbucks, “adult“ Froobs… it’s international week so things get weird quickly! We discuss England’s goalkeeping situation and nutrition plans, there's a birthday wished for a Ramble (Speller) favourite and musings on Spain’s twin defensive totem poles. On top of all that we learn of Ronaldinho’s political misunderstandings, Gareth Bale breaks records and we hear your suggestions for how to improve international football. Samba do good crazy! This show is sponsored by...


Salah Days: Mo shines for Liverpool, Mourinho sulks in victory and the England squad… inspires.

Sadly the FA Cup delivered no cupsets but we still enjoyed it, certainly more than Luke Shaw will have after another dressing down from Jose Mourinho, Mo Salah excites us into thinking he may be the greatest human in history and Newcastle get in a glorious bonus dig at Sunderland. On top of this the England squad musters enthusiasm, in a way, Neil Warnock spies a conspiracy, and Romario absolutely doesn’t. Search ‘Football Ramble’ on social media to find us, and email us here:...


Sans Pellegrino: Man United and Chelsea out of Europe, FA Cup action and Hughes in at Southampton

Man United are out of Europe but according to Jose Mourinho it’s happened before and it’ll happen again so it’s fine, Lionel Messi gives Chelsea the run around in Spain and down the road Leicester watch on with interest ahead of their FA Cup quarter final. Alongside this we learn about the logistical requirements of Marcus’ plan for England’s massive World Cup squad, he also predicts a round of cupsets that will make his aunt even giddier and we discover more about the frightening power...


You can’t go home again: Chaos at West Ham, Jose Mourinho blunts Liverpool and Newcastle gain momentum

Another chaotic week at West Ham as they took on both Burnley and themselves, Man United did some very interesting things to Jurgen Klopp’s face and Marcus continues to fill the England plane to the point where aviation laws are surely being recklessly disregarded. On top of that there’s a long time mystery solved for Steve Cotterill, some dear listeners receive a warm welcome to Villa Park and Aleksandar Mitrovic continues his war on Pete’s heart. Search ‘Football Ramble’ on social...


Raucous but peaceful: Spurs exit the Champions League, Liverpool visit Old Trafford and the relegation battle heats up

Juventus and their sentient statue Giorgio Chiellini bring Spurs’ Champions League dream to an end, Aleksandar Mitrovic rubs further salt into Geordie wounds and there are rumbles of discontent at West Ham. Again. Furthermore there’s a welcome return for Jaffa Cakes, we hear of your nemesi and there’s a further chance to restore some family honour… This show is sponsored by bet365 Search ‘Football Ramble’ on social media to find us, and email us here: Further...


The Football Ramble Shredder: Shred Harder

Dear Listeners, Once again we want to show some love to the many of you who send in your correspondence. In this special you’ll hear us discuss a potentially dark twist in the future of VAR, fake warmth (the scourge of League Two) and what football can learn from Wrestlemania. You want more? You got it. There’s Stuart Pearce kicking off at the opera, more warlock chat, and footballers at weddings. It’s the kind of stuff you just won’t get on Jermaine Jenas’ Mail Bag, presumably coming...


Big Sam and The Drifters: Swansea march on, Chelsea clam up at Man City and Arsenal’s woes continue…

The lining of Carlos Carvalhal’s jacket inspires his rejuvenated Swans to victory over generous West Ham, Arsenal’s holograms at least manage consistency and Antonio Conte simply doesn’t seem that fussed. Alongside all this, Garth Crooks attacks science, we discuss our various personal vendettas and Marcus is keen to fill up that England plane, potentially with Championship players. Why not eh? Search ‘Football Ramble’ on social media to find us, and email us here:...


Rafael the Gaffael: Spurs win in the Wembley snow, fears for Chelsea as they visit the Etihad and Liverpool vs Newcastle promises goals…

Both snow and goals fell heavily at Wembley as Spurs march on in the FA Cup, Burnley and Everton brick up their nets and scoff at the very idea of something as fancy as scoring, while the lucky boys of Liverpool look forward to a visit from Newcastle. Elsewhere Pete faces a difficult choice between two of his great loves, we witness the beginning of a family feud, and request your tales of footballers at weddings. This show is sponsored by bet365 Search ‘Football Ramble’ on social media...


Play Up Pompeii: Man City win the Carabao Cup, Jose Mourinho gets one over on Antonio Conte and Alan Pardew needs to get busy

Pep Guardiola gets his first trophy as Man City manager, inspires another dissection of Arsenal and is accused of harbouring a fugitive all at once, while Jose Mourinho emerges victorious in a rare on-pitch ding dong with Antonio Conte, and down at The Hawthorns Alan Pardew is as bemused as the rest of us. On top of all this there’s a warlock, an earful for Tony Pulis and though there may be bad blood in the correspondence section there’s also a trip to Kevin Keegan’s Soccer Circus and a...


Sol Campbell is COMPLETELY NORMAL: Wigan shock Man City again, Man United and Chelsea face off and Liverpool look to march on…

The FA Cup has delivered again, as just when it looked like Man City might win everything, up stepped Wigan, and then for some reason Peter Reid. Composing ourselves after this development we look ahead to the Carabao Cup Final, look back at Pete’s red carpet adventures and reflect on Nobby Solano’s choice of holiday destination. Meanwhile, on the same show, Patrice Evra Patrice Evras, Mesut Ozil gets the sniffles and we take a brief moment to remember to worry about England. This show...


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