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'The Football Ramble' consists of 4 blokes who ramble on about football. Find answers to questions that you don't get on Football Weekly, The Game or football365.

'The Football Ramble' consists of 4 blokes who ramble on about football. Find answers to questions that you don't get on Football Weekly, The Game or football365.
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'The Football Ramble' consists of 4 blokes who ramble on about football. Find answers to questions that you don't get on Football Weekly, The Game or football365.




Camposflage: Rooney returns, Ranieri also returns, while Wales and Scotland step up

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for; Wayne Rooney’s international return! The Rooniverse has been a barren, empty place since the great man retired and finally Gareth Southgate is putting a stop to all this ‘looking forward’ nonsense by bringing it back to the good old days. Jesus. As well as all that international relegation becomes a possibility for the first time, with Ireland and Northern Ireland looking to avoid it, Wales find a player down the back of the sofa (in Belgium) and...


Donnie’s Den: Manchester is blue, Newcastle win again, Charlie Austin tells it like it is

Welcome to the first ever Football Ramble Nights, brought to you by the smokey tones of one Marcus Speller. In the velvet-voiced chat machine’s lounge club we discuss the Manchester derby, the sadness that’s always present just behind Eddie Howe’s eyes and a welcome return for an FA Cup giant; Timmy Mallet. Propping up the bar, Pete has another business pitch, informs as of some new dads-at-football-matches action and the bizarre business of bageling. Nice. Search ‘Football Ramble’ on...


Almost a spine: A memorable win for Man United, Liverpool look to reset and Chelsea host Everton

Hello again. We reflect on a famous victory for humility’s Jose Mourinho and a surprising Steve Bruce-starring sequel to the Turin Shroud as Man United beat Juventus, a grim tunnel experience for Liverpool and Raheem Sterling’s rub of the green in the Chaaaaaaaampions League. Back on domestic turf Mortal Kombat’s Neil Warnock is still just happy to be here, words are put in mouths and there’s some good old fashioned nihilism. This show is sponsored by bet365 Search ‘Football Ramble’ on...


Gary Excels himself: Arsenal hold Liverpool, a poignant win for Leicester and Man City hit six

Whisper it (like Phil Neville would), but things look like they’re changing for the better at Arsenal. We look back on a pulsating draw with Liverpool at the Emirates, Newcastle finally getting a win and Southampton’s utter calamity of a defensive showing against Man City. Blimey. On top of all this there’s a return for Wayne Rooney, as well as a certain fireplace-based anecdote, yet another baffling football statue and a come-and-get-you plea from a team in Australia. Search ‘Football...


Ramble Meets... Mark Chapman

Mark Chapman is one of the country's best-loved presenters across both TV, where he fronts Match of the Day 2, and radio, where he is the voice of BBC 5 Live's sports coverage. The man known to millions across the UK and beyond as 'Chappers' talks to Luke about how his career started, his best and worst moments as a broadcaster and why he's happy to be known as 'the grouting in the tiles'. Delivered with Mark's trademark self-deprecation and humour, this month's Ramble Meets... is a...


Surprise Surprise: Carragher vs Neville, Lamps returns to Chelsea and Arsenal host Liverpool

There have been all kinds of high pitched noises coming out of Monday Night Football this week as Harry Redknapp wades into Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher’s “debate” about exactly how pathetic Spurs may or may not have been in the last 30 years. There’s confusion over Aaron Ramsey’s situation at Arsenal, a business idea for the Dildo Brothers and further revelations about the by-now-legendary Maltese Joe. We’re through the looking glass, people. This show is sponsored by bet365 Search...


The Icarus Line: Fulham are gubbed, Arsenal suffer a Wengover and Sven rides again

Fulham prove to be accommodating hosts yet again as they invite Bournemouth in for tea, biscuits and three goals at the Cottage. Arsenal were also good guests as they brought Crystal Palace a couple of penalties at Selhurst Park, with Chris Smalling also proving an excellent host at Everton, despite their overall all loss at a game of Monopoly (football, you see). We’re also lucky enough to meet the great Bryan Klug, witness a truly special Panenka penalty and, of course, welcome a certain...


Hey Joe: Spurs host Man City, Arsenal aim to keep winning and we have Rafa vs Sparky

Once again we have no choice but to join Pep Guardiola in his giddy reverie after a scintillating Manchester City display in Europe, scratch our heads at Man United’s inability to get to their own stadium and consider whether Rafa Benitez could really find his job under threat. We’re also treated to a barrage of stories about the legendary Maltese Joe, nicknames from across the land and a brand new, shiny quiz. This show is sponsored by bet365 Search ‘Football Ramble’ on social media to...


Sarribrawl: Chelsea vs Man United gets tasty, Spurs impress and Fulham struggle

What a weekend! Yet more drama at Stamford Bridge, Mike Dean and non-Mike Dean related, the Jurassic Park theme at the Cardiff City Stadium, Jordan Pickford getting the save on and Paul Ince forgetting himself. On top of the this the ball-on-a-plinth phenomena reaches new heights, we revel in the names of fanzines up and down the land and the rumours that a certain ex-manager is heading into the jungle... Search ‘Football Ramble’ on social media to find us, and email us here:...


Ramble Meets.... Professor Chris Brady

Professor Chris Brady is the Professor of Management Studies and the Director of the Centre for Sports Business at Salford Business School. Prior to that he was Deputy Dean at Cass Business School in the City of London, and is considered a world expert in the art of management and leadership. Throughout his career, Chris has authored many books on a wide range of different subjects and is a close collaborator with a number of top flight football managers, but most recently co-authored Quiet...


Those Chipolinas: England excite, West Ham host Spurs and Jose Mourinho pops in to see his ex at Stamford Bridge

Whenever England win convincingly we receive a lot of correspondence that gleefully anticipates the reaction of our dear Marcus Speller. If you’re one of the people who sends us such correspondence; you will not be disappointed. We revel in the victory of Southgate’s Soldiers, barely able to contain our joy before heading back to the good old Premier League. There we find Spurs sneaking under the radar as they prepare for a trip to West Ham, Mike Dean limbering up for one of his biggest...


Tattoo Memories: England draw, Scotland slip up and The Rock get a win

England played their so called Ghost Game with Croatia and it was so eerie that everyone forgot to score or even really do anything of note. Spain are up next, who don’t look too bothered having just thrashed Wales. There are also Scottish woes, Welsh cheese and Northern Irish hard cheese, youth football dads, Usain Bolt showing what he’s about, the smell of what Gibraltar are cooking and the quiet acceptance of another song. Search ‘Football Ramble’ on social media to find us, and email...


Unplugged: England meet Croatia again, Scotland have a day to seize and Wales host Spain

The UEFA Nations League returns and Gareth’s Guys prepare to face Croatia behind closed doors with a couple of Marcuses in there. Just don’t get relegated, guys. It’s an exciting and intriguing week as there’s some exciting yoot throughout the competition, which we touch on before coming up with some Original Content about Ryan Giggs, talking about Nando’s black cards and learning about Pete’s storage options. It only seems right to tell you now that there is a double dose of Kevin Keegan,...


On The Continent Takeover: Mourinho gets out of jail, Liverpool and City exchange pleasantries and Bournemouth run rampant

Welcome to a very special episode of The Football Ramble, as On The Continent's James Horncastle and Andy Brassell step into the breach in Jim and Pete's absence, looking to bring a bit of European flair to proceedings! Do they succeed? You decide. Expect all the usual chat as we dissect Newcastle's reversal at the hands of Manchester United, Man City and Liverpool duking out a 0-0 draw, and a Christian Kabasele-inspired Watford capitulating at the hands of an impressive...


Ramble Meets... Howard Webb

In this edition of Ramble Meets... Luke talks to former professional referee Howard Webb. They discuss his humble beginnings in the game through to officiating the Champions League and World Cup finals (including THAT De Jong kick). They also find time to debate the pros and cons of video refereeing, as well how officials stay fit enough to operate at the top level. Search ‘Football Ramble’ on social media to find us, and email us here: This is a re-release of a...


This foul jamboree: Jurgen vs Pep, Messi’s magic and Warnock’s wardrobe

We once again ride the Fortnite bus into our favourite sport/dramedy as we look ahead to the most anticipated ding dong of the season so far as Man City visit Anfield (via a new route), Spurs try to compose themselves after doing their best to halt a Lionel Messi masterclass and Jose Mourinho gets ready to tussle with his old foe Rafa Benitez. On top of all this, cabbages fly, England try a bold new technique of planning ahead, and dinner is on Mike Ashley. This show is sponsored by...


Hot in Herre: The Sturridge Redemption continues, Man United lose, Peter Kenyon returns…

A big week for the narrative as Man United’s struggles continue at a rejuvenated West Ham, while it’s all smiles at Stamford Bridge as Liverpool and Chelsea give us all hope that we’re in for a treat of a title race. And that’s not all! Dr. Donaldson’s super slick jingles are present and correct, Petr Cech gets head banging, and we have a new and unexpected Friend of the Ramble. Search ‘Football Ramble’ on social media to find us, and email us here: ***Please...


Rice and ham: The Man United soap opera continues, West Ham wake up and Chelsea meet Liverpool again

Drama all over the place as the Jose Mourinho/Paul Pogba power play rumbles on in the press, West Ham give Macclesfield a battering and Phil Foden apparently reveals himself to be the reincarnation of the very-much-alive Andres Iniesta. We also wonder if we’ll ever see the full potential of the promising Eden Hazard, propose a feasible alternative for penalties and discover that it is possible for Going For Glold to get even more intense. This show is sponsored by bet365 Search ‘Football...


Silly sausages: Burnley gub Bournemouth, Man United struggle at home and King Kev speaks out

Welcome to your cat’s favourite podcast (all will be revealed inside) in which we bask in the glory of Burnley’s lovely weekend and ponder a future that features Aaron Lennon tearing it up for England. It could happen, shut up. Over at Old Trafford something still doesn’t seem quite right but luckily for Jose Mourinho we have a solution, we dream of a night out with Jamie Vardy, Geoff Shreeves gets some long overdue pelters, and there’s a welcome return for Antonio Cassano. Search...


Football: Liverpool have a lovely time, Man City not so much and Burnley need to wake up

A trio of returns to the Ramble headlines for Daniel Sturridge, Tony Blair and Pete’s former pop-punk outfit One Eyed Willy this week, surprising us as much as anyone else. We look back over some delicious Champions League action, improvise a kind of Neil Warnock fanfic and continue to give Jose Mourinho immense credit. Elsewhere Sven continues to be the gift that keeps on giving, Keggy pops up and there’s more flying food. The last two things are unrelated, but that’s probably...