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'The Football Ramble' consists of 4 blokes who ramble on about football. Find answers to questions that you don't get on Football Weekly, The Game or football365.

'The Football Ramble' consists of 4 blokes who ramble on about football. Find answers to questions that you don't get on Football Weekly, The Game or football365.
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'The Football Ramble' consists of 4 blokes who ramble on about football. Find answers to questions that you don't get on Football Weekly, The Game or football365.




Russia, Goodbye: France do it again, the World Cup delights, and in an Mmmbap it’s gone…

What a delight this World Cup has been! We saddle up in the studio one last time to run the rule over the final, have a warm glance back at England’s performances, our overall highlights and, of course, reveal our pre-tournament predictions. Thanks to each and every one of you for joining us for a life affirming, exhilarating World Cup. We couldn’t do it without you. At least not without it being really odd. We’ll be back in August, so until then, it’s goodbye from London… This show is...


The Bronze Generation? England’s dream is over and Croatia make history as France await

The semi-final may have been a game too far for England but what a journey it’s been. Gareth the Lionheart’s young team fell short but gave us memories that we’ll cherish forever. Knighthoods for all! We look back over England’s tournament with fondness, surprise and a little bit of curiosity about what could have been. That’s more like it. We also discuss the irrelevances that are the third place play-off and the final. This show is sponsored by bet365 Search ‘Football Ramble’ on social...


Les Bleurgh: France make the final, Belgium sulk and England crosses its fingers

Well, here we are in uncharted Football Ramble territory, as England prepare for a World Cup semi-final with Croatia. We steel ourselves for the game by way of adventures with Keith Allen in Screw Fix, reminiscence of tournaments past and the fev-o-meter going into overdrive. Alongside that we look over an impressive, surgical win from France, enjoy a dig from Fabio Capello and learn to ‘drink more responsibility’. Needless to say, Cristiano has the last laugh. This show is sponsored by...


Eeeeeeasaaaay: Croatia await England in the semis as Russia bow out with pride

And on it goes. England guarantee that they’ll play the maximum amount of games in a World Cup by making the semi-final. It’s one of the most surprising things to happen in the time we’ve been doing the podcast and, frankly, we are giddy. There was another game too, as the mighty England’s opponents need to be decided. Russia bow out having had a memorable tournament in a game full of surprising expectations, excellent goals, ratty goals and misjudged dinks. This show is sponsored by...


Dare to meme: Belgium oust Brazil, France stride on, England vs Sweden looms…

Tactical whizz man Roberto Martinez masterminded an impressive win over Brazil as Belgium show what they’re made of, while France continued to do exactly what they need to do, giving the terrifying impression that they’re hiding the true scale of their power. Also Hugh Lloris got a dragon fly in his mouth. Urgh. Elsewhere Gary Neville has some interesting moments, there’s an alternative view of Mark Lawrenson and an update from our beloved Stewart Donaldson. If that still isn’t enough for...


Lions, three of them: England win a shootout as Sweden await…

Well! We are through the looking glass now, people. England won a penalty shoot out and are into the quarter finals after a yellow card-laden battle against Colombia. All of our aunts are giddy as we try to rap our heads and croaky throats around it. Sweden also played a Roger Federer-less Switzerland, and though that was nowhere near as good there’s still plenty of fun to be had in discussing it. Warning: contains distressing, Ian Botham-related content. This show is sponsored by...


Healthy Haraguchi: Heartbreak for Japan, Brazil saunter on and England up next…

Yet more scenes so unbelievable that we all need to accept that this World Cup is crazy as Belgium come from two down to beat a spirited Japan, with super subs Marouane Fellaini and Nacer Chadli. Prior to the game a hitherto successful psychic octopus was killed in Japan. Makes you think. Alongside this there’s time to look over Neymar’s theatrics, Brazil’s stoic professionalism and we of course take the opportunity to look ahead to England vs Colombia, and even a little further, as we...


Boyoed: Russia stun the world, Croatia scrape through, penalties are everywhere

Even when this World Cup is bad it’s brilliant! We look back on two games that managed to have very little and absolutely loads going on at once as Russia and Croatia send Spain and Denmark home. Elsewhere there’s advice for Pete’s sunburn, yoghurt themed of course, Mexico go for glory, and Antoine Griezmann seems to get mind games badly wrong. This show is sponsored by bet365 Search ‘Football Ramble’ on social media to find us, and email us here: ***Please...


Ladders and Ladders: France thrill, Uruguay impress, Ronaldo and Messi go home

And so the knockout stages started as well as the group stages promised. An all-time classic from France and Argentina, and a hard-fought Uruguayan victory over Portugal set an incredibly high standard and we say keep it coming. There’s also Pete going on about aspect ratios, more England flies, and plenty to look forward to as the tourney keeps rolling on… This show is sponsored by bet365 Search ‘Football Ramble’ on social media to find us, and email us here:...


2nd’s the best: England draw Colombia, Panama make their mark, heartbreak for Senegal

So, there’s no football today. It’s so weird. However, nature abhors a vacuum so we’ve got a podcast full of it anyway. We look back over England and Belgium’s strange, somewhat empty battle for top/second spot, Japan’s self-flagellation regarding their slightly ironic qualification via fair play and bid a fond farewell to some of the characters we’ll miss from a brilliant World Cup group stage. On top of all this we also have an update on the various Marci who are still in the...


Write off: Germany crash out, Brazil get it done, England are up…

Woo hoo! It turns out that very, very occasionally you can write off the Germans, and we at the Football Ramble are happy to embrace this opportunity mere hours before they play FIFA's third-ranked team. Hubris. Mitro's on Newcastle United form rather than Fulham's – basically on the wrong kind of fire. Brazil showed their cupboard of pristine cogs and gears to the world, and Marcus doesn't want to talk about Felipe Baloy. This show is sponsored by bet365 Search ‘Football Ramble’ on...


German Genie: Argentina scrape through, Peru get their win and Iceland say goodbye

The dynamic player-management duo of Lionel Messi and a bleedy Javier Mascherano saw Argentina through the group after a scare. Was it ever in doubt? Yes. Yes it was. Alongside this there’s gushing over Croatia, scorn for France and Denmark as they provide the tournament’s first 0-0, and some odd chat about bones. Also, Luke writes off the Germans again, which is probably as close to a spoiler as you can get in a World Cup. Get involved, you Squares. This show is sponsored by...


The Iran-Rontra Affair: Drama in Group B, consolation for Saudi Arabia and a wake up call for Russia

We’re back to mash buttons, chat bitrates and harness the power of sexiness! Group B ended in chaotic fashion and we look back on it with fond memories. Farewell, old friend. Glancing further around the tourney we feel for poor Mo Salah, postulate on the merits of Argentina using Lionel Messi as an impact sub in an intriguing Group D, and delight in a surprise appearance from Scatman Speller. This show is sponsored by bet365 Search ‘Football Ramble’ on social media to find us, and email...


Hoi Baloy: England hit six, Columbia impress, round three begins…

Eeeeeeeasay! How about that, eh? We’re still giddy from England’s 6-1 demolition of Panama, a display that was as much a party as it was a football match. No we’re not getting carried away, we’re just loving every moment. We’re on such a high we’re even talking about England and Belgium trying a different sport for their final group game, tennis also gets a mention due to an old favourite, and a little bit of goat-based cabin fever sets in. This show is sponsored by bet365 Search...


Verdammt: Don’t write off the Germans, respect Sweden and get ready for England…

Germany are back and almost certainly invincible again. We knew it couldn’t last. You have to respect it though. Damn it you have to respect it. Mexico also kept their Group F party going, having harnessed the power of red meat, and Belgium revealed that Tunisia aren’t that good after all. Elsewhere Matthew Kelly is the latest figure to get an inexplicable mention, the Argentina team picks itself, literally, and Senegal delight us with a joyous warm up exercise. This show is sponsored by...


Drunk on Mitro: Group E gets tasty and Nigeria arrive

We look back over an entertaining game full of quality and political hand gestures as the Swiss overcome the tough test of Mitro’s Serbia, Neymar’s emotional levee breaks as he opens his account for the tournament, and Nigeria show that there’s more to them than kits as they break Icelandic hearts. Elsewhere there are predictable stepovers, borrowed celebrations and Marcus Berg: Landlord. This show is sponsored by bet365 Search ‘Football Ramble’ on social media to find us, and email us...


Messy: Argentina ruin everything, France do enough and Peru will be missed

Marcus’ aunt is particularly giddy today after Argentina’s woeful showing against Croatia, with further dispatches from good old Slappy regarding the sweary reaction to the result over there. There’s also a little reminder that Germany lost to Mexico, which they did when they lost to Mexico, the importance of Olivier Giroud, a history of Herve and Germany losing to Mexico. This show is sponsored by bet365 Search ‘Football Ramble’ on social media to find us, and email us here:...


Happy slaps: Ronaldo scores again, Spain and Uruguay do enough

Sepp Blatter is here, Luis Suarez is scoring, Pepe’s had a fall… oh it’s a classic already. Mostly. Yesterday was a bit drab actually, but whatever. It may have been a cagey day but we’re still having a lovely old time. We discuss Roy Keane’s change of nationality, Cristiano Ronaldo’s giant locker and find that you, our beloved listeners, are now fact checking your own emails, which is frankly ideal, as it saves us (Pete) the work. This show is sponsored by bet365 Search ‘Football...


Chapter two: Sadness for Salah, glee for Russia, disappointment from Poland and Colombia

The first round of games is done and dusted but never fear, the second one has just begun! We delight in Russia’s strange status as both hosts and surprise package, ponder the next moves for Colombia and Poland and look ahead to Cristiano Ronaldo battling it out with Own Goal for the coveted golden boot. Elsewhere Carlos Valderrama has been restricting views, Sepp Blatter phones ahead and we get the scoop on how Big Sam Allardyce is spending his summer. This show is sponsored by...


One down: England start brightly, Belgium do what you’d expect and England are going to win the World Cup

It’s on! It’s happened! England were good! 1966! Scones! Bank holidays! Still pepped up from the night before, we’ve bounced into the studio to pore over what was a thoroughly enjoyable first game from England. Despite some at times Sassi play from Tunisia they got the job done, and, frankly, we are like dogs with a number of appendages. On top of this we look at Belgium’s controlled demolition of Panama, Sweden and South Korea going through the motions, and the opinions of a certain...