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Nathan James visits Brunch in the Basement with JaVonne and Terez

So much has happened over the past week or so, we must discuss this. Kevin Hart, to apologize or not to apologize? R. Kelly, what in the world is going on in his house and why hasn't anyone intervened? And on a larger scale, what in the world is going on in the USA? The gov't is closed down over a wall that's not going to solve anything? People are not getting paid AND the FBI believes the President of the United States of America may be a Russian SPY???? Terez and I are going to dig into...


Meli'sa Morgan on Brunch in the Basement with JaVonne and Terez

It's a new year and we are super excited to have the legendary RnB Diva Meli'sa Morgan start us off as our first guest of the new year! Known for such hits as "Fool's Paradise" "Do Me Baby" and "Do You Still Love Me" as well as the masterful collaboration with the beloved and late Kashif "Love Changes" Meli'sa is still at it, making new music and performing all over the world. We love her. She is a friend of the show and we couldn't imagine a better way to kick off our first show of the New...


Shari Carpenter on Brunch in the Basement with JaVonne and Terez

This is the year end episode of Brunch in the Basement with JaVonne and Terez featuring our special guest Shari Carpenter. Shari is the Director/Writer of the TV One movie "Three's Complicated" which airs January 13, 2019. Shari has also worked on just about every Spike Lee movie and countless others. You may even recall her cameo as Savanah's Assistant in "Waiting to Exhale". Wanna see more women of color behind the camera? Then let's kick of the New Year supporting our Sistah!


Brunch in the Basement with JaVonne & Terez with DJ BELOVED

Today our plan is to dance our way into the holiday season with some straight up House Music featuring the new sounds of one of New Jersey's finest, DJ Beloved. Join Terez and we listen to new House Music featuring the smooth voices of Will Downing, Monifah, and more. Yasss Hunty, we will be getting it in today. Live interview with DJ Beloved and Terez having a House Music Party on Brunch in the Basement with JaVonne! Get your dancing shoes ready!


Robin S joins Terez for Brunch in the Basement with JaVonne

This is already one of my favorite episodes because I will be chatting with 2 of my favorite people AND listening to some of my favorite music. What could be better??? On today's show, the legendary Robin S. will be joining me and Terez Mychelle for music and chat. Not only will we play some of her legendary dance classics, but we will also play some of her gospel and R&B music! Who knew? We knew! We will also play a little Nancy Wilson. Check out our interview and giggles only on Brunch in...


Kevin E Taylor and Carl Bean join Terez for Brunch in the Basement with JaVonne

Today we are blessed to have joining us, the Reverend Elder Kevin E. Taylor of NewArk Unity Fellowship Church as well as the Founder and Prelate of the Unity Fellowship Church Movement Archbishop Carl Bean, (also a former Motown artist and singer of the National Gay Anthem "Born This Way"). Today we will be discussing religion and politics. Now that we have gained the majority of seats in the House of Representatives, what next? People have flipped, been indicted, and are about to be...


Marvin Gaye Tribute - Jan and Nona Brunch in the Basement with JaVonne and Terez

What's Going On? I'll tell you, today's episode is all about Marvin Gaye. In celebration of the official USPS Stamp commemorating Marvin's life and legacy, we have his beautiful wife Jan and their talented and awesomely beautiful daughter Nona joining us. This show is what I like to call "The Legend and the Legacy". So, sit back, relax and enjoy the sounds of love, joy, and pain, wrapped up in a sensual package which soothes the soul and tingles the body...yep, talking about the voice of...


Brunch in the Basement with JaVonne and Terez

In this episode, JaVonne and Terez chat it up about the past election, the holidays, and they take a look forward to the coming year. Of course there's a little music sprinkled in (Gotta Get in the Groove) play a little soulful music. This show is for the inquisitive mind and the sophisticated ear, so make sure you grown before you tune in, otherwise you just might not understand! All Power to All the People All the Time! Be Worthy of the Bullet Coming to get you! Make it do what it do Baby!


Brunch in the Basement with JaVonne and Terez

Today JaVonne and Terez meet up for Brunch in the Basement, listening to great classic soul, R&B and House Music. Chit Chat a little bit about the state of our nation. Please join us by calling (347) 996-5394 Press 1 if you want to share your thoughts or just say hello. The show can also be found on TuneInRadio just search Brunch in the Basement with JaVonne


Archbishop Carl Bean, Stanley B. Clay, Terez Brunch In The Basement with JaVonne

Today the founder of the Unity Fellowship Church Movement, along with NAACP Image Award Winner Stanley Bennett Clay, join Terez Mychelle for Brunch in the Basement with JaVonne. This midterm election is the most important since the days of slavery. It's time to vote! It's time to inspire others. Join us or just listen and marinate in the possibilities. Whether you listen or not, please vote...your libierties, rights, health care, and basic freedoms depend on it. Call in number (347) 996-5394...


Sarah Dash Joins Terez for Brunch in the Basement With JaVonne

Sarah Dash is one of the only 3 members of the legendary group Labelle, which also featured Patti Labelle and Nona Hendrix. Ms. Dash went on to have a very successful solo career and also sange with Keith Richardson for a while. Currently, she is performing at various venues spreading love, joy and happiness. She is a legend. It is an honor to speak with her so please join us by either listening in, or calling with your questions (347) 996-5394 press 1 to share your thoughts.


Brunch in the Basement with JaVonne

I'm flying solo today and so, there will be more music and less chat...maybe a few of my favorite clips from past interviews...Who knows? We do what we want, say what we say, as long as it's positive, uplifting and entertaining! Old school R&B, Jazz, Soul, Classic House Music Yassss! Chakaholic Moments...I'm getting excited just thinking about it, so join me for Brunch in the Basement with JaVonne. Internet Radio for the Inquisitive Mind and the Sophisticated Ear! Let's Get it On!


Brunch in the Basement with JaVonne, Terez, Rev Kev, and Ms. Linda Clifford

Today JaVonne will be joined for chat with co-host Terez and the one and only Rev. Kev to discuss today's politics and the importance of the vote. We will also welcome the beautiful and talented Linda Clifford to discuss music and politics as well. This is going to be a great discussion and we will top the show off with a bit of music at the top, so be sure to call in or listen at (347) 996-5394. Press 1 to speak!


Moody Monday In The Basement With JaVonne

JaVonne just got home from work and is feeling some particular kind of way. Home alone no reason to moan, just want to hear and play a sexy love song...And hear from you. It's just one of those evenings, so call in or listen, or whatever. Time to chill, no real tea to spill, let's get it!


Brunch in the Basement with JaVonne and Terez (feat. Stanley Bennett Clay)

In this edition of Brunch in the Basement, JaVonne leans back and playse some classic soulful R&B with a little old school House Music up in there. Terez pops in at noon and soon after a legend rolls through. Yes, we are all very excited to welcome, Author, Playwright, Filmmaker, Director, and 3-time NAACP Award Winner Stanley Bennett Clay to our show!!! It's going to be amazing and you don't want to miss it! So call in, listen in, be in the basement with JaVonne and Terez



JaVonne and Terez spend time chatting about current events, ways of being, life and good music. Join us Saturdays for a little fun and maybe even a little entlightenment, special guests and a whole lote more. If you dig old school R&B, classic house music, and intelligent discussions enfused with spirituality and dpeth, you wont want to miss a show. Also, you may have an opportunity to speak directly with a musical legend, community leader, or just someone willing to listen. So tune in, call...


Kenny Bobien joins Terez for Brunch in the Basement with JaVonne

We are amped up and excited about today's guest, Mr. Kenny Bobien, the Undisputed Father of Gospel House Music, Mr. Kenny Bobien is a friend of the show and has transformed the disco dance floor to a place of high spirited fun and some might say a worship experience. Mr. Bobien has a beautiful falsetto that touches the spirit and moves the soul. Today, we will hear some of his music, and chat with him about his special brand of soul and his legendary music career. Join Terez (of R&B Divas,...


Robert Risko joins Terez for Brunch in the Basement with JaVonne

Today we are joined by the legendary artist, Robert Risko. Risko's work is published regularly in most major magazines including The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Playboy, Vanity Fair, Esquire, and Interview and seen everywhere including television on VH1's Pop 200 Icons Countdown. He illustrated the packaging for the Capitol Sings composer series, and HBO's Comedy Club video series. A collection of his work can be seen in his book simply entitled The Risko Book published by the Monacelli...


Barbara Tucker joins Terez for Brunch in the Basement With JaVonne

If you know anything about house music, then you must know the music and energy of Ms. Barbara Tucker! Electrifying uplifting energetic and karmically clean! Legendary music such as "I Get Lifted" "Beautiful People" and of course "Deep Inside". Ms. Tucker embodies the energy of her songs and is a genuinely great spirit. Today she joins co-hosts Terez (R&B Divas) and JaVonne for fun chat and you are welcome to join in (347) 996-5394 (press 1 to speak) on Brunch in the Basement with JaVonne!


Brunch In the Basement with JaVonne & Terez

Join JaVonne and Tezez for chat this and every Saturday from 11AM-1PM EST listening to old school R&B, classic, house music, talking politics and current events, and sometimes hosting special guests such as celebrities, coming uppers, and community leaders. You can listen via Blog Talk Radio or you can listen live by dialing (347) 996-5394. If you want to chime in, press 1 and you will be selected to say hi and add your always welcome opinion or just say hi to the hosts and/or the guests....