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The Monica Pearson Show 12/15/2019

Higher Education equals higher pay but sometimes getting that education is costly. On this episode of The Monica Pearson Show, learn about the Jeanette Rankin Scholarship Foundation. It is for women over the age of 35, and this scholarship can be used for more than tuition. You'll also meet a mom, who was divorced with two kids and an associate degree, who says the scholarship fund was a lifesaver for her. More info: Jeanette Rankin was the first woman elected to the US House of...


The Monica Pearson Show 12/8/2019

Homelessness is a major concern in Metro Atlanta. Many of those living on the streets, served in the military and some suffer from PTSD, while others just can't make enough money to survive. HOPE Atlanta helped 1,000 homeless veterans last year and moved them from the streets into a home and a job, but they do so much more. Learn about the programs Sunday at 6:30 a.m. on the Monica Pearson Show.


The Monica Pearson Show 12/01/2019

Turning boys to men….educated men, excellent husbands, fathers, citizens....that is the goal of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.


The Monica Pearson Show 11/24/2019

Thanksgiving is all about family and food. Two Chefs share their recipes and ideas on how to make your Thanksgiving meals no carb, no sugar, gluten free desserts and how to take the traditional mashed potatoes and dressing to another level.


The Monica Pearson Show 11/10/2019

What's your reaction to the name De'Coldest ToEva Do It Crawford? That really is someone's name...a high school football player in Louisiana. Join Monica Pearson, when two psychologist talk about what's in a name?


The Monica Pearson Show 11/3/2019

Goodwill Industries of North Georgia is more than a place to shop or donate. Goodwill is all about putting people to work. Keith Parker is the President and CEO of Goodwill.


The Monica Pearson Show 10/27/2019

Amena Mitchell shares her breast cancer story and how Turning Point Breast Cancer Rehabilitation made a huge difference in her recovery.


The Monica Pearson Show 10/20/2019

There is an organization that for 37 years has worked to protect women and change the behavior of men. Learn about them on this episode of The Monica Pearson Show.


The Monica Pearson Show 10/13/2019

Join Monica Pearson for the first of her two part report on domestic violence. You could help save a life by listening to this two part series on the Monica Pearson Show.


The Monica Pearson Show 10/6/2019

The show covers two topics: Hey Baby UltraSound Boutique and Fulton County Arts and Culture celebrating 40 years


The Monica Pearson Show 9/29/2019

The goal for many women is not to get pregnant until they are ready. But more and more Black women are finding when they are ready to have a baby they can't or can't carry a pregnancy to term. Why is this happening and what can be done about infertility in women and men? Dr. Dorothy Mitchell-Leef from Morehouse School of Medicine provides answers on this episode of The Monica Pearson Show,


The Monica Pearson Show 9/22/2019

On this episode of The Monica Pearson Show, a father talks about raising his daughter from 3 weeks old, by himself and how a local organization, Motherless Daughters stepped in to help him and his daughter. The daughter shares how the organization led her to a nontraditional career and exposed her and other girls 9-16 years of age to travel, training and success. Its the brainchild of Rassalyn (Rosalind) Willis who joins Monica Pearson on this show. Its also a preview of a gala that will...


The Monica Pearson Show 9/15/2019

On this episode of The Monica Pearson Show, she'll take you to a city, within a city that has had a tremendous impact on the lives of thousand of people; whose slogan is, "Loving People...loving people". This city's mission is to show love through housing, healthcare and crisis intervention for children, families and older adults. Learn more about Christian City, that's not just for Christians, on The Monica Pearson Show,


The Monica Pearson Show 9/7/2019

Homelessness has many faces, including parents with children. Hear from a mother who tells her story of how she became homeless and how an organization housed her and her children but gave them so much more than a place to lay their heads. She's now working to buy a home; her son graduated with honors from high school and her daughter is on the honor roll. Learn about Nicholas House and how you can get involved on this episode of The Monica Pearson Show.


The Monica Pearson Show 9/1/2019

Labor Day is celebrated as the official end of summer holiday. But what is Labor Day really about? How and why did it become a holiday? Learn the history of Labor Day, but also learn what jobs are going to be needed most between now and 2026, and why vocational school may be a better route to the big bucks. You will also learn which careers are disappearing and why. It's all on this episode of The Monica Pearson Show. This show may help you to take a new life path.


The Monica Pearson Show 8/26/2019

When You buy food from one vendor at Mercedes Benz Stadium you are helping to change the lives of homeless veterans, breast cancer victims, girls without mothers, cheerleads and people in hospice care. It is all part of Each 1 Reach 1 and its founder Deborah Jennings, who started volunteering at the age of 14. Learn more about her and her charities on this episode of The Monica Pearson Show.


The Monica Pearson Show 8/18/2019

The Rare Pearls Mentoring and Leadership Program is all about teaching girls, starting at the age of seven, that they are valuable jewels. This non profit organization also helps them develop into self-confident and intelligent women. Hear from two of the girls, who say this program made a difference in their lives, especially when it came to peer pressure. Also meet the founder of the program and hear what is required of participants to help make their community better. It's all on this...


The Monica Pearson Show 8/11/2019

Atlanta has many museums but none like the one in West End, nestled in a pre-Civil War House, once owned by a black man. This art museum currently has an exhibit like no other, that literally has people and residents of the neighborhood, coming in to take pictures with the mural that depicts the West End as it is now, before gentrification takes over. Join Monica Pearson and Leatrice Elzy Wright on this episode of The Monica Pearson Show to learn more about Hammonds House and the art museum...


The Monica Pearson Show 8/4/2019

If you're worried about crime in your neighborhood and what police plan on doing about it, you will want to be a part of National Night Out, and learn what one city plans on doing in a part of town that's been hit hard by car break-ins and slider crimes on this episode of The Monica Pearon Show. National Night Out is about community policing and finding out from residents their concerns and also their suggestions for dealing with crime.


The Monica Pearson Show 7/28/2019

If you love to cook or just like cooking shows, then listen to this episode of The Monica Pearson Show. Learn from Chef Ashley Keyes about the three items you must have in your kitchen; tips for grocery shopping and how to prepare a meal for four for under $15 and in less than 30 minutes. It is all about Choices, an organization giving free cooking lessons for families and leading the war on childhood obesity.