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Welcome to the Chasing Tone Podcast from Wampler Pedals. Join Travis, Max, and Brian as they talk about guitars, guitar pedals, amps, and other guitar gear, answer questions, and discuss all things guitar related as well as how to get the most out of your gear to get the best guitar tone.

Welcome to the Chasing Tone Podcast from Wampler Pedals. Join Travis, Max, and Brian as they talk about guitars, guitar pedals, amps, and other guitar gear, answer questions, and discuss all things guitar related as well as how to get the most out of your gear to get the best guitar tone.
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Welcome to the Chasing Tone Podcast from Wampler Pedals. Join Travis, Max, and Brian as they talk about guitars, guitar pedals, amps, and other guitar gear, answer questions, and discuss all things guitar related as well as how to get the most out of your gear to get the best guitar tone.




247 - Strings, nostalgic gear and guitar heroes

Blake and Brian are back for an exciting episode of the Chasing Tone Podcast. Strings are pretty important. Stringjoy have a new approach to strings that gets the guys into a deeper conversation about strings and their personal preferences. There has been a resurgence of old gear companies lately. The guys talk about the companies making a comeback and fall into remembering some of their old gear they wished they still had. And some they still do. The gear community lost a giant recently...


246 - Dinner with my guitar hero and NAMM craziness

NAMM is behind us but Brian and Blake share some of their amazing stories from an extraordinary show on this epic episode of Chasing Tone. (Oops, dropped my thesaurus) Brian and Blake came home with new axes. Blake picked up an Equitz Rayburn guitar, and Brian got his hands on a Friedman Tele with a B bender. They talk about the new acquisitions. Pick ups can make a world of difference in the tone of a guitar. Brian put some new Vaughn Skow pick ups in his PRS. He talks about the...


245 - A Pre-NAMM Extravaganza and a new pedal from Wampler

NAMM is this week, but Brian and Blake took some time to produce a new Chasing Tone Podcast. Wampler is presenting a new pedal at NAMM this year. It is a multi effects modulation pedal with some cutting edge tech that will blow your mind. Brian talks about the depth of the latest offering from your favorite Indiana pedal company. Blake has found an interesting way to record audio for his gear demos. It is a bit unique and Brian and Blake talk about why it works. The Meris Enzo. A synth...


244 - Counterfeit gear and recording lies

It’s a new year and Brian and Blake are back for a new Chasing Tone Podcast. So imagine going into the studio and laying down tracks only to find the producer bypassed your rig and applied different effects in post. This happened to a member of the tone group. Brian and Blake share their thoughts on the situation. Do you buy gear on Amazon? Are you sure you’re getting the real deal? Counterfeit gear is becoming a real problem on the popular site. The guys have some thoughts on the...


243 - Learning to love guitar again

The holidays are about over and Brian and Blake are back for another Chasing Tone Podcast 2018 has been a long year full of content production, pedal design and the day to day grind. Brian had been feeling a bit burned out and found little joy behind the guitar. Find out how he got the joy back and the surprising change that helped him find it. Blake’s restoration, a Wampler wah(?), Blake wants to play steel guitar and thumb picks.. It’s all in this edition of the Chasing Tone...


242 - Are Analog Pedals Done? Over? Gone?

Blake is back with Brian for another broadcast of the Chasing Tone podcast.. EQ Pedals. Can be very helpful tools, but what trips you up when using them? Brian talks about some of the issues some could be facing. Distortion, fuzz, overdrive,,. or just plain dirt pedals. Have all the dirt tones been achieved? Or is there new frontiers in the digital pedal age? Brian and Blake have some thoughts. Blake’s Turducken Incident, personality tests, and remodeling the studio. It’s all in this...


241-Has digital Technology replaced the analog pedal?

241- What has digital technology done to music? Travis stops by the barn for a chat with Brian in this latest epidition of the Chasing Tone podcast.. The guys ponder the future of guitar pedals. Has digital technology replaced the analog stompbox? It leads to an interesting discussion. And Brian brings up last week’s discussion he had with Blake about the future of guitar and guitar music. Is there going to be a point where there is money in music again? Travis has some thoughts. Fitting...


240 Tone Tips -Vintage Vs Modern Fuzz face Pedals... is there a difference?

Brian's good friend, cohort, and ex-wampler employee Travis Feaster stopped by and brought two fuzz face pedals... one of them being vintage, one being newer. Both using same transistors. In this special Tone Tips episode of the podcast we compare them side by side. What's your thoughts? Which one did YOU like more?


239 - Who will save guitar music?

The turkey and stuffing are but leftovers and the pumpkin pie has been long gone. The relatives have hit the road and Brian and Blake can finally sit down and do another Chasing Tone podcast. Brian has been doing some thinking, and he wonders, will there be another “guitar hero” to make guitar music relevant again? Blake chimes in on an interesting conversation. Home electronics 101, Steel guitar, and no Dinosaur Junior this week. All in this edition of the Chasing Tone Podcast. Find us...


238 - Wampler releases a new fuzz?

Brian and Blake are back with another fun filled episode of the Chasing Tone Podcast. There is a brand new pedal out from Wampler. The Fuzztration is the new “knock you down and take your lunch money” fuzz pedal creation from Brian. He let’s you hear some tones from it and the guys talk about it. With all the technical breakthroughs and computers in recording studios, a lot of music has become somewhat sterile. Blake and Brian talk about the advantages of playing as a band and the...


237 - “Tone Tips” Where to place your boost pedal

Ever wonder what is the best placement for your boost pedal in your signal chain? Before dirt? After? In this special “Tone Tips” episode of Chasing Tone, Brian uses several different boosts and lets you hear the differences in both options. Find us at:


236 - Do you think the “dream tone” you’re chasing is unrealistic?

Brian and Blake are here. You are here. Lets do another Chasing Tone Podcast. Blake produced his first demo video for YouTube. How did he capture his audio? How did he deal with YouTube’s compression? What is a Demogorgan? All will be explained. Do you think the “dream tone” you’re chasing is unrealistic? Someone said it is. Brian has some thoughts. Tore is leaving TC? Using broken guitar strings? Blake needs a bender and Chinese food, all in this weeks Chasing Tone podcast. Find us...


235 - Why do some pedals hate buffers?

Brian and Blake are at it again with another Chasing Tone Podcast. Blake has noticed that some of his fuzz pedals react differently to buffers in his rig. He asks Brian about it, and Brian has some insight. Check it out. Everything has a shelf life. Every time you power it on is one more step to it’s end. So the question came up, does having constant power to your pedal board shorten the life of your gear? Brian talks about it. Brian looks forward to being our AI overlords pet, Blake...


234 - Gear that got away

It’s Brian. It’s Blake. It has got to be Chasing Tone. We all have that piece of gear that somehow slipped through our fingers. Brian and Blake look back at gear that they lost in some way and some that they have been able to get back. There are some pieces of gear that many say they just cannot “bond” with. Relationship with your axe is important in chasing your tone. Brian and Blake talk about it. Brian had bad room mates, a 60 Cycle Hum surprise, and an award winning motion picture...


233 - Wampler History, and Brent Mason plays an SG?

Travis drops by the Barn and chats with Brian. Travis has plans to record a new album, but he has a very interesting strategy to get the content into the hands of his fans. Brent Mason broke the social medias by disclosing he doesn’t just play Tele’s. Brian and Travis share their thoughts and Brent stories. Travis and Brian take a trip through the history of Wampler Pedals. From Brian’s basement to an abandoned church to today. It’s been quite a journey. Fantasy football, Origins of the...


232 - SD-1 Vs TS-9, Joyo Resurgence, And DSP for Beginners?

Blake and Brian are back and tired. That may be what kept them kind of on topic? A little? So which came first? The Boss SD-1 or the Ibanez TS-9? And what are the differences? The guys take a look at the question. DSP has not really been an entry level tech for most DIYer’s. But there is an exciting opportunity on kickstarter that may change that. You can check out the campaign and get more info at -...


230 - What does a Presence Control Do?

Alright Tone Chasers, sit back and absorb knowledge as Brian educates Blake on the ways of the presence control found on some amps and pedals. (Including a new Wampler pedal about to drop on Sept. 28, 2018) Blake asks, “Mr Peabody, er, Wampler. What is a phase inverter and what does it do?” (Well, something like that) If you were wondering the same thing, Brian has an answer. Chili weather hits the midwest, Blake drag races, Brian finds that not all UFC is trhe same, and new breakthroughs...


229 - First pedals and breaking down tone

Brian and Blake are back with another Tone Chasing adventure. Brian is chasing a certain tone, but as he dissects recordings of that tone he finds that to be a more daunting task than he first thought. The guys talk about it. What is a good first pedal for the new player? Brian and Blake share what advice they would give their younger selves on where to start to build their pedal board. Google searches, genre bending, and a website where you can take a shot at mixing some classic tunes....


228 - A visit with Travis and Max

Travis AND Max join Brian for a special reunion. Hold onto something. Max sold his PRS and his amp, what did he get? He shares the new gear choices. Local bars are changing the way they book bands. The guys discuss the shift in the local music scene and what it could mean for gigging musicians. The guys talk about music preferences and the chat is full of surprising revelations and strong opinions. It is a thought provoking conversation. Weed problems, dead man’s curve, the state of the...


227- Fun with isolated guitar tracks

Blake is back and he and Brian have a bit to catch up on. Blake got a chance to hang with one of his guitar idols. And it turns out he’s a fan of the Wampler YouTube channel. The guys talk about it. Brian has been geeking out over isolated multi-tracks of great guitar music. He has really enjoyed dissecting the mix and finding the recording tricks hidden there. He shares the experience.. A Metallica country tune? Has Blake given up coffee for good?? Brian likes Skrillex? Is $1200 too much...