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Welcome to the Chasing Tone Podcast from Wampler Pedals. Join Travis, Max, and Brian as they talk about guitars, guitar pedals, amps, and other guitar gear, answer questions, and discuss all things guitar related as well as how to get the most out of your gear to get the best guitar tone.

Welcome to the Chasing Tone Podcast from Wampler Pedals. Join Travis, Max, and Brian as they talk about guitars, guitar pedals, amps, and other guitar gear, answer questions, and discuss all things guitar related as well as how to get the most out of your gear to get the best guitar tone.
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Welcome to the Chasing Tone Podcast from Wampler Pedals. Join Travis, Max, and Brian as they talk about guitars, guitar pedals, amps, and other guitar gear, answer questions, and discuss all things guitar related as well as how to get the most out of your gear to get the best guitar tone.




224 - New Gear, New Inspiration, and Bored with Guitar?

Blake and Brian are back together again and have some serious catching up to do.. Brian has acquired some new gear and talks about how a certain piece sparked inspiration for a whole new concept coming soon from Wampler Pedals. Over the last couple of weeks Blake has picked up a desire to start pickin’ the chickens .Brian has some advice for where to turn on YouTube for some tutoring. Wonder how chicken pickin’ sounds with fuzz?. Brian has also spent the last couple of weeks on a journey...


223 - The Samurai Guitarist

His name is Steve Onotera, but you likely know him as the YouTuber Samuraiguitarist. Brian has a conversation with Steve about his channel, his background and influences. Steve shares where the name Samuraiguitarist came from, what inspires his videos and how he sets himself apart from other Guitar related YouTube channels. He also shares advice for hopeful YouTubers and discusses how he deals with trolls.. You can check out Steve’s samuraiguitarist YouTube channel here -...


222 - Interview with Sara Dietschy of the Creative Exchange

Brian spent some time in New York City. While there he had a chance to sit down with YouTuber Sara Dietschy. Sara shares her journey, so far, to get to where she is today. From an electrical engineering student to a computer programming major to a well known YouTuber, she discusses the importance of finding your path and having the guts to walk on it. Sara is also a guitarist. She shares her influences and get’s Brian’s reaction to a certain player’s skills. And you will probably relate...


221 - Chasing Tone Rewind Eps 8- First Influences In Tone- Wampler Pedals

In this special "Chasing Tone Rewind" we throw it back to August 11, 2014. Episode 8. In this early episode Travis, Max, and Brian talk about some of the songs that got them into playing guitar and chasing tone. Find us at:


220 - A Chat with Robert Baker

Brian gets a chance to chat with guitarist/YouTuber Robert Baker. Robert has a popular YouTube channel with great content and has even appeared in a couple Wampler videos. He talks about his channel and the journey to get to the popularity he is enjoying today. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a popular YouTuber, Robert shares what his average day is like and the things he likes and dislikes about it. Brian also talks to Robert about the gear he uses both in the...


219 - Brian’s new axe, Blake’s upgrade, and good times at NAMM

Brian and Blake catch up after a busy couple of weeks of Guitar show festivities. Brian talks about NAMM misconceptions and the fact that not all of the cool things happen on the show floor. The guys talk about some new gear acquisitions they have recently made, and a couple pieces they have their eyes on. And what axe did Brian add to his guitar roster? You may be surprised.. Blake is avoiding Brian, Brian’s son my be following in his dad’s foot steps, and Blake is really bad at ping...


218 - "Tone Tips" A walk through Brian's entire guitar collection... this is what we design pedals with

Many have asked what guitars Brian uses when creating new pedals. So he will let you hear them, tell you why he has them them, and some back stories behind each one. All in this special Tone Tips episode of Chasing Tone. Find us at:


217 - Chasing Tone - Has it really been four years?

Brian and Blake recorded this episode on 6/20/18, exactly 4 years to the day of the release of the very first Chasing Tone episode. Take a trip though Chasing Tone history as Brian shares the many forms the podcast took through the years and how we got here today.. Which came first Toto or Weezer? Blake hates dogs?? And everyone needs a White Castle. It’s all on this week’s Chasing Tone Podcast. Find us at:


216 - "Tone Tips" - 5 Mistakes Gigging Guitarists sometimes make

5 Mistakes Gigging Guitarists sometimes make: - Mic Placement and/or setting the amp tone too bright - Fitting in the mix. - Scooping the mids. - Not tuning with a tuner or not tuning often enough. - Over Playing instead of playing what fits in the song We all make mistakes. Brian admits to making all of these mistakes at one time or another as well. That is why he is sharing this special "Tone Tips" episode to maybe help others avoid some of the pitfalls.


214 - “Tone Tips” Is it better to use an amp when running direct in? A comparison using Impulse Responses

It's very convenient running direct in, whether late night recording, practicing at home, or gigging at church or a club. In this special “Tone Tips” episode of Chasing Tone, Brian compares running direct in with pedals into an amp (using a Two Notes Captor) versus running direct in with pedals only. PLEASE NOTE: You never want to run direct into your DAW or soundboard from the speaker output unless your amp has an output made for this reason.. All on this week’s Chasing Tone...


212 - The caffeinated episode. Great albums, EVH and G-Strings

Facebook. Here we go again you say? Not so much this time as it has encouraged discussions of great albums and their influence. Brian and Blake talk about their picks.. There are the classics. Telecaster, Strats, Les Pauls. But there are other intriguing guitar options out there that have caught Blake’s eye. The guys talk about it. Brian has some tips on building a half pipe, keeping G-strings in tune, if that is even possible. And Brian goes all Cornholio on this week’s Chasing Tone...


211 - Blatz Beer, Digitech, and Facebook ain't fun no more

Harmond has decided to make some big changes with Digitech and DOD. What does it all mean? Brian and Blake discuss it. Facebook can be useful, but it has proven itself lately to be a toxic battleground where people can lash out at others over stupid things. So much so that one of the guys is pretty much fed up with it. You will be surprised which one. Nikki Sixx is Brian’s wife’s fb pal? Brian fanboyed a 90’s country star, and you never know who is going to send you a friend request on...


210 - Bonamassa buying Gibson? And online gear sales

Rumor has it that Joe Bonamassa may be interested in purchasing the faltering Gibson company. Could it be more than a rumor? Brian and Blake dive into the subject. People buy and sell gear everyday on eBay or Reverb. And PayPal is a common way to pay for those transactions. Most go smoothly, but a Wampler Tone Group member shares the nightmare he is going through with the sale of his Les Paul. The guys look at the situation and talk about ways for buyers and sellers to protect...


209 - Scooping the Mids and Glamor Pedalboards in the Instagram era

You practice at home and dial your tone in and it sounds great. But at practice or at the gig, it sounds totally different in the mix. Can scooping the mids help the situation? Brian and Blake discuss the options. Instagram has become the place to showcase your rig. But has the need to "look good" and get likes taken over the need to "sound good" and have a practical pedalboard? The guys talk about it. Does the podcast have a jingle? Is "Bro Country" just an American thing? Is Goat Yoga...


208 - The lost Brent Mason interview

Back around 2004 Brian had the opportunity to sit down with Brent Mason and ask him some questions in an interview that was thought to be lost forever on a broken hard drive. Brent discusses how a song is developed for recording, and what his process is when he comes up with a solo for a song. He also talks about his recording setup and gives an overview of his gear. Brent has some advice on getting into the music business and some pointers on getting good tone. What would Brent Mason...


207 - Is this the end of analog?

As technology progresses and we dive deeper into the digital world, does it spell the end of analog gear? Or are we in an era where they not only coexist, but compliment each other? Brian and Blake take on the subject. And is there a bias against digital gear? Is it warranted? Brian Neunaber wrote a blog about the topic and Brian shares some of the insight. Guatemalan Coffee, studio stuff is expensive, and impulse responses. All on this week’s Chasing Tone Podcast. Find us...


206 - The pain of G.A.S. and Elusive Gear

Many are familiar with G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) But what really drives that desire? Is it the pursuit? Or is it actually acquiring the gear. Brian and Blake discuss it. And how do you handle not getting your hands on that piece of gear? Do you find a substitute? It’s a question from the tone group and the guys tackle it head on. If you get a chance, check out My Darn Jam Tracks ( An awesome YouTube channel that Brian...


204 - Troubleshooting Pedals and Obsolete Wireless Units?

Everything man made can break. True in the pedal world as well. But before you package up the pedal and send it back for repair, Brian shares some of the steps you can take to eliminate minor issues and keep that pedal on your board. Blake shares some info on the FCC auctioning off some frequency spectrums that may make some older wireless audio components obsolete. The guys go into more details in the podcast. Find us at:


203 - Doing mods and the “Anatomy” of Tone

We are officially on Spotify! Brian and Blake welcome our new friends and get back at it after a small vacation. Brian has decided to do mods for customers. He discusses the decision and shares details how you could get one of your pedals modded by Mr Wampler himself. We have all heard how tone is in the hands, but is it in your gut too? Do “fuller figured” guitar players have different tone from the more svelte player? Blake thinks so. The guys discuss it. Ever wonder why the audience...


202 - Tone Tips - Q&A with Brian

In this special Tone Tips edition, Brian tackles some questions from the Wampler Tone Group.. Ever wonder how much of the ideas that go into Wampler Pedals are from customer requests and how many are Brian just following his muse? He talks about it. Why are some amps just more “pedal friendly” than others? Is it truth or in the ears of the beholder? Brian takes a look at it. Brian’s education background, and artists that Brian would like to design for, It’s all in this week’s Chasing...