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John Griffiths | The Strength of QLD's university sector

Despite the University of Queensland being the highest ranked university in the state, QTAC applications have shown that the Queensland University of Technology had overtaken them in four of the top five courses. Campus Review spoke to Dr John Griffiths, CEO of QTAC, about any trends he has noticed this year – both institutionally and course-related – and the relevant health of the Queensland tertiary sector. He was pleased to highlight the fact that regional universities in Australia have...


Lesley Stewart | LifeLauncher connects students to careers

In August last year the NSW government developed LifeLauncher, an online tool to help both students who know what they want to do and those who haven't yet made up their mind. The tool quickly ascertains which type of student a person is and asks a series of questions to connect them to courses and careers. For the unsure, it asks questions to elicit their strengths and build a stronger understanding of what they might be able to do in the future. Education Review spoke to mother of twins...


Education Review | The year in review

The education landscape in Australia is constantly shifting and this year was no different. NAPLAN went online, mobile phones were banned in all public Victorian schools and the way in which teachers assess and report on student achievement was under the microscope. But the perennial issues remained and were reported on frequently. Why are our students' scores slipping internationally? What is the best way to teach reading? And are our teachers teaching the 'right' things for the jobs of the...


How to to maximise your school workforce

After a long career in the public service and and working as a education consultant, Fleur built the data analytics platform PeopleBench to help principals, in particular, "build an organisational strategy that could set the direction for a school for the next years. As Flue pointed out, an organisational strategy is vastly different from the usual teaching cycles and decision-making that is short-sighted and doesn't articulate the values underpinning a school's ethos and ambitions. Data...


Majeda Awawdeh | Re-situating the importance of maths

Dr Majeda Awawdeh is a former high school teacher who exited the education sector "after 15 years of frustration". In this podcast, she talks about some of the causes of Australian students' slide in maths across the years and considers addressing the problem as national priority. The academic, founder of Global Education Company and textbook writer, identified some key areas Australia must focus on if it is to improve its maths results. These include increasing the ATAR entry score for...


PISA | Sector's response

Hello, I’m Wade Zaglas, education editor at Education Review. This week was all about Australia’s underwhelming 2018 PISA results, so thought it would be best to produce a Response from the Sector, a five - to 10-minute run down of what Australia’s educations experts (not the media or the politicians) think about the results. Dr Steven Lewis, a research fellow from Deakin University, said "We should remember that these numbers often indicate an equity problem.” "While Australian students’...


Joannna Barbousas on teaching decline in Australia - podacst

A recent Indeed report concluded that searches for teaching jobs declined in 2019, with some states recording sharp drops. This follows an article in The Conversation last year lamenting the drop in first-preference applications in teaching, as well as a host of anecdotal accounts. But is interest in teaching declining or is this just a lot of media hype? Education Review spoke to Associate Professor Joanna Barbousas, Acting Head of School of Education at La Trobe University. Barbousas...


Carol Aldous | The role of feelings and intuition in mathematics

Feelings. It's probably not a word that many of us would associate with mathematics. But according to Dr Carol Aldous from Flinders University, feelings and intuition play a critical role in solving novel maths problems - problems that require students to tap into the subconscious or "fringe conscious" parts of their brain. Aldous came to the conclusion after observing 405 students solving novel maths problems at the Australian Mathematics Challenge and has recently published a book on the...


The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword: Podacst

Linguist, writing aficionado, consultant and founder of Lifelong Literacy Lyn Stone will be explaining – through her trademark eloquent language - just how difficult writing is, and the number of things teachers can do to improve their students’ writing, which has been consistently worse than reading in this country for some time. Her piece is entitled The Pen is mightier than the sword. I urge all teachers, particularly kindy, preschool and primary teachers to listen to the messages in this...


News of the Week| Australia becoming a science and social sciences heavyweight

Hello, Education editor Wade Zaglas here focussing on the top story of the week. One story that struck me as particularly impressive was Australia being ranked fifth in the number of Highly Cited Researchers (HCRs) in the sciences and social sciences fields according to analytics company The Web of Science Group. Indeed, one of the most notable finding was that Australia had tripled its number HCRs in six years: there were only 80 Australian HCRs named in 2014, compared with 217 in in 2019....


Parent tells of son being babysat and secluded for most of his primary years: Podcast

Last week's damning revelations about the treatment of some students with a disability in Australia involved tales of seclusion, segregation and even abuse. While the disability royal commission centered on a few horrific stories only, there are doubtless many more examples of such treatment occurring across the country every day. Campus Review spoke to Andrew, which is not his real name, about his son's experience of primary school. Although being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and...


Issue of the week: Disability education - a national disgrace?

As parents and guardians, we place a lot of trust I teachers. Not only do we need to trust them for more pragmatic reasons like needing to return to work, but the idea of socialising a child hinges on the trust that a teacher – and by extension school leadership – can provide. As you can imagine, these issues of trust are compounded when you have a child with a disability, no matter how mild or serious it may be. This week the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation...


Samwise Holmes | Backflips Against Bullying

Having been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, Samwise Holmes's high school years were characterised by relentless bullying, feeling isolated constantly and even having his head flushed down a toilet. But being subjected to such extensive and cruel bullying didn't defeat him. With the help of his partner Cynthia Guthrie, who was regularly bullied at school and experienced severe anxiety and depression, Samwise or Sam as he likes to be called has established a program to tackle the issue of...


Pamela Snow | The importance of early reading instruction in Australia

Professor Pamela Snow is is the Head of the La Trobe Rural Health School and will soon become the Professor of Cognitive Psychology in the School of Education at La Trobe. In this podcast, Snow talks about how blended reading approaches, which are a mixture of whole language and phonics approach to reading, have become popular in many classrooms, yet they risk not providing vulnerable students with the foundation skills necessary to move on to more complex texts.. The world-renowned reading...


Issue of the week - ATAR overhaul?

This week the NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell announced she wanted “an overhaul” of ATAR. Her decision was based on research showing the population has lost faith in it and it was causing students too much stress. AS 61,000 NSW students begin their HSC examinations, Mitchell said the way the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank is calculated should be discussed, as well as extra issues related to the test. The NSW Teachers Federation, however, disagrees with the idea of an overhaul,...


Leadership in Education part 3: Dr Susan Long

Dr Susan Long has taught in various roles, states and even countries since the 1980s. Her PhD focused on maths and science education and she is passionate about inspiring people who don’t necessarily aspire to become leaders in schools to do so. Currently she is head of innovation at a Catholic all-girls school in east Melbourne. In this podcast, Long emphasises wellbeing as the biggest challenge facing Australian schools, with many students suffering from mental illness and trauma, some of...


Leadership in Education Series 3: Susan Long

Dr Susan Long has taught in various roles, states and even countries since since the 1980s. Her PhD focussed on maths and science education and she is passionate about inspiring people who don’t necessarily aspire to become leaders in schools to do so. Currently she is Head of Innovation at an Catholic all-girls school in east Melbourne. In this podcast, Long emphasised wellbeing as the biggest challenge facing Australian schools, with mental health problems and trauma impacting schools...


Podcast: News just in | senior maths teacher shortage reaches critical level in Vic

A major story that emerged today appeared in The Age and is related to an earlier story we wrote on a maths teacher shortage in Australia. According to the article, far too many secondary school teachers who are unqualified to teach math, particularly in the senior years, are being forced to so. This trend has been witnessed by The Academy of Technology and Engineering, with the think tank warning that unqualified maths teachers are causing fewer VCE students to select maths in the senior...


Karen McDaid | Expert shares top tips for senior maths exams

Karen McDaid is an experienced Mathematics teacher and is now the Head of Department for Mathematics at Cluey Learning, an online tutoring service that provides personalised education in Mathematics, Chemistry, English and NAPLAN. In this podcast she provides teachers with some useful tips to share with their students when preparing for Year 11 and Year 12 exams. From compiling topic learning logs to handwriting formula sheets to better engage students' cognitive processing, Karen shares...


Ellen Koshland | Moving beyond ATAR and reforming senior school pathways

A new report is proposing a rethink on how educators approach senior schooling and tertiary education, and calls ­for the ATAR to be supplemented with a more comprehensive “learning profile”. The Australian Learning Lecture (ALL) position paper, titled Beyond ATAR: A Proposal for Change, is the culmination of more than a year’s work, with the input of several working groups, and a comprehensive mix of leading academics and education experts. In this podcast, ALL's founder, Ellen Koshland,...