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One of the '6 Best Podcasts for Business Travelers' per USA Today -- engaging, enlightening and informative interviews with women innovators and leaders across sectors. Topics" Driving innovation, leadership, communications and career management. Features mostly women experts.

One of the '6 Best Podcasts for Business Travelers' per USA Today -- engaging, enlightening and informative interviews with women innovators and leaders across sectors. Topics" Driving innovation, leadership, communications and career management. Features mostly women experts.


Washington, DC


One of the '6 Best Podcasts for Business Travelers' per USA Today -- engaging, enlightening and informative interviews with women innovators and leaders across sectors. Topics" Driving innovation, leadership, communications and career management. Features mostly women experts.




Giving A Great Speech – Tricia Brouk, Former TEDxLincolnCenter Producer, Speaker Coach, Film Producer

“It’s our responsibility when we take the stage to understand that we’re going to affect people, we’re going to make change….And if you pull back in any way, you are missing that opportunity to…change that one life.” Tricia Brouk on Green Connections Radio As President-Elect Joe Biden prepares to give his inaugural address after being sworn is as the 46th President of the United States, let’s listen again to one of the most renowned speaking coaches on how to give a great speech. It’s a...


Talking Science to Policy Makers – Michelle Wyman, National Council For Science and the Environment

“The part in this that is so important is the relationship building component, and that part takes time… (it) is the glue that brings cohesion across the issues and it enables a different form of listening and a different openness, in my view, that includes openness to hearing the science….. Science is the strongest tool of diplomacy.” Michelle Wyman, NCSE This week as the National Council of Science and the Environment, NCSE, embarks on its 2021 conference, days before we have a new...


Branding in Crisis – Anne Bahr Thompson, Author, “Do Good: Brand Citizenship to Fuel Both Purpose and Profit"

“Brand citizenship is a way of doing business – from a company’s core purpose; to its delivery of goods and services; to its responsibility to its employees, community, the environment and the world – that people trust, believe in and rely on…all with the aim of earning profits that are maintainable over the long term.” Anne Bahr Thompson on Green Connections Radio podcast As we welcome in 2021, leaders, organizations and workplaces are preparing for a post-covid world, figuring out which...


"Ecosystem of Social Good" - Rachel Hutchisson, Blackbaud

"This idea of 'voice and choice' is, ask me what I think and then listen to what I have to say and then give me a choice as to how I can participate. Don't forget that I'm an individual...That's a really big trend." Rachel Hutchisson on Green Connections Radio Connecting with our colleagues and employees is harder than ever – and more important – during this crisis. The holidays are usually when we have company or organization parties and gatherings that would bring us together, but we...


Woman With The Most Patents – Lisa DeLuca, IBM

“All great ideas stem from a really good problem. There’s problems all around us….The really good problems are the ones you’re hearing about consistently….and hearing those problems and starting to think about, ‘how can I solve this in a way that nobody else has thought of before?’ or, we can take it a step further. That’s where the great ideas come from.” Lisa DeLuca on Green Connections Radio podcast We hear about people coming up with great new businesses or products or technologies all...


Responsible Investing - Julie Fox Gorte, PaxWorld Investments

"Companies that perform better on ESG criteria tend to do better financially in the long term." Julie Fox Gorte on Green Connections Radio How do the bolder positions on social and environmental issues that many companies are taking affect their financial performance? A lot, it turns out, if.... Patsy Doerr, Global Head of Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability and Inclusion at Thomson Reuters and Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson have a candid, engaging conversation about the...


Women in Tech - Brenda D Wilkerson, Anita Borg CEO

The biggest hurdle for women in tech "Is the same underpinnings of many of the other challenges we face in our society: fear and power…Computer science was…created by the women…to do the things these women were doing. And that was thought to be clerical, until all of a sudden the power of it was recognized by the men and that’s when that power shift occurred.” Brenda Darden Wilkerson on Green Connections Radio podcast Women in technology fields – and STEM fields more broadly – face a...


New Apple Diversity Chief! - Barbara Whye, formerly CDO at Intel

"Innovation is ...the heartbeat of the company, and as we strive for increasing diversity and inclusion, at the heart of that is... Because when doing so, it actually brings forth the best ideas, the best results, and just a higher level of creativity and solving problems." Barbara Whye, CDO of Intel on Green Connections Radio podcast What do we need to know to recruit, retain and promote truly innovative talent? Diversity! What do we need to look for in a potential employer if we ARE...


Masks From Recycled Fabric - Jennifer (JJ) Lee, United We Mask

“100% of the materials used in our back to school (mask-making) kits were …from deadstock (discarded) materials…to provide a sustainable mask alternative for kids in need to that they ….can keep their communities safe." Jennifer Lee on Green Connections Radio As we all adapt to the temporary normal of having to wear a mask to protect ourselves and others from the Covid-19 pandemic, Jennifer Lee came up with a creative eco-friendly way to make mask-wearing fun for kids and give masks to...


Planet Word Museum - Ann Friedman, Founder, CEO, Creator

"You learn the techniques that make a song or a speech or that ad really effective and persuasive.." Ann Friedman on Green Connections Radio We are experiencing every day how powerful words are, ours and other people's. From the 2020 election to social media, to the protests for equality and climate change, to advertisements and music. Now, there's a brand new interactive museum in Washington, DC about language and how it's effective and persuasive. They describe it as "where language comes...


Social Impact in Tech - Gabriela Gonzales, Intel Foundation

"Build relationships and trust...and don't generalize programs across communities. Listen and localize." Gabriela Gonzales on Green Connections Radio podcast With the number of women in science, technology, engineering and math stubbornly stuck at about 25%, tech companies need to be proactive to ensure they have a 21st century workforce. Listen to Intel Foundation's Deputy Director Gabriela Gonzales explain how Intel is investing in diverse communities to attract middle school girls to...


Managing Crisis & Change, Frmr Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James

“We all have to recognize whether we’re working in industry or government or in the nonprofit sector, is change is a constant...(Y)ou constantly have to be thinking about your next move. Life is not a game of checkers these days, it’s a game of chess and you have to be thinking three or four steps beyond where you are now if at all possible.” Deborah Lee James on Green Connections Radio podcast. From managing life-and death crises to managing career decisions and "jerks," Secretary James...


Making Women Extraordinary Leaders - Coco Brown, A Top 100 Woman in Silicon Valley, CEO of Athena Alliance

“It’s time (for women) to pick our heads up and look around the executive realm and really think broadly about how big our impact can be…Don’t underestimate your value.” Coco Brown on Green Connections Radio podcast The economy is in the midst of a massive global shift when the old ways of doing business are giving way to new paradigms – in every sense from managing supply chains to marketing to employee relations, to financial reporting – to a focus more on sustainable business aligned...


World Food Day & Climate - Robin Currey, Sustainable Food Systems, Prescott College

"Plant-based diets are better for the planet....but meat is not necessarily to blame for climate change." Robin Currey on Green Connections Radio As we face climate week at the U.N. this week, one of the more delicate issues is the threat that climate change poses to our food supply and in turn, the way our current food systems exacerbate climate change. So it's a great time to hear from a food systems expert and get the facts. Listen to Robin Currey, Faculty Director of Sustainable Food...


Getting Women On Boards - Jocelyn Mangan, Him For Her

“It’s a network gap…Every board has its own ecosystem.” Jocelyn Mangan on Green Connections Radio podcast Women still make up only 26.1% of corporate boards, despite clear evidence that companies with more women on the board perform better on all metrics, including financially. So, if you want to figure out how to grab one of those coveted seats, it’s important to get prepared, network, especially with men and make it known. Listen to this fascinating interview with Jocelyn Mangan to find...


What Motivates Women To Be Leaders? - Maggi Reiss, IDS Publishing

“If you have a strong need for something, you need to do things to satisfy that need, you will go out of your way to fulfill those needs. ...(Since) work is a big part of your day,” it’s natural to want your work to satisfy your strong needs. Maggi Reiss on Green Connections Radio podcast With women still only 7.4% of the Fortune 500 CEOs, executives, recruiters, and advocates are wondering what needs to happen for more women to ascend to those roles. A brand new study conducted by Green...


7 Million EVs, Climate Week - Katie Sloan, Southern Cal Edison

"I've never seen as much alignment as there are in electric vehicles today." Katie Sloan on Green Connections Radio podcast To commemorate Climate Week 2020, Listen to Katie Sloan, Director of eMobility at Southern California Edison, who is the focal point for electric vehicle adoption in the most populous state in the U.S. and how they plan to achieve their 7 million EVs goal. (This was recorded shortly before the pandemic broke out in the U.S.) You'll hear: and more! "The main thing I...


Finessing Tough, Watergate – Jill Wine-Banks, Former Watergate Prosecutor, and Author of “The Watergate Girl”

“You can’t take offense at everything. If you do, you aren’t going to get along and getting along is important, but you do have to stand up for your rights. You have to take a seat at the table and you have to speak up.’” Jill Wine-Banks on Green Connections Radio podcast We’re all navigating tough things, tough crises and tough people right now – and do it in a country led by a president whose modus operandi more often resembles a tough guy character in a mob movie than a world leader....


Seeing Opportunities in Crisis – Colleen Biggs, Founder/CEO & Leadership Coach, Lead Up for Women

“People aren’t looking for the perfect you, they’re looking for you and what you can do for their company – and your ‘why.’” Colleen Biggs on Green Connections Radio podcast We are all having to find new ways to generate revenue, be seen and heard, conduct business, stay connected to our audiences and make a difference in this pandemic economy. Some are thriving while others are struggling, and we wanted to know what the thrivers are doing, so we sat down with a serial entrepreneur who has...


Flint Residents Wins Water Funding! - Lee-Anne Walters, Flint Water Crisis Organizer

"It worked really well with everyone concentrating on their area of strength." Lee-Anne Walters on Green Connections Radio What would you do if your water came out of the tap brown? As we congratulate Flint, Michigan residents for winning a big settlement recently for the lead contamination of their water supply, finally, after years of fighting for it, listen to the courageous and tenacious Lee-Anne Walters, one of the main community organizers, explain to Green Connections Radio host...