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Tips for Your Community's Resilience - Karen Lightman, Smart Cities Institute Carnegie Mellon U.

“You have to start with empowering people at the local level...You’ve got to do a combination of bottom up and top down...Everything is interconnected.” Karen Lightman on Green Connections Radio A community in Pittsburgh was alarmed by the high rate of asthma and related illnesses in their children and cardiovascular diseases in their adults and attributed them to pollutants from the Shenanago Coke Works facility, which baked coal to produce coke used in making steel. When they were...


Innovation & Careers in Automotive - Diana Lee, CEO, Constellation Agency

“I think the auto industry is one of those industries where, if you’re diverse and you’re smart, you have an opportunity…(it) will embrace the intelligence and you can move up fairly quickly.” Diana Lee on Green Connections Radio There's a reason Ford recently rebranded as a "mobility company." The auto industry of today is not what it was 20 years ago, and 20 years from now will be yet another incarnation, as choice, flexibility and new technologies evolve, and new markets demand...


Pay Gap? Harassed? Discrimination? Listen up – Charlotte Burrows, Commissioner of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

“Let me give you some reassurance here,” even when there are no direct witnesses, “there is always more evidence than you think.” Charlotte Burrows on Green Connections Radio I wish I’d known Charlotte Burrows many years ago when I faced significant harassment where I worked. After interviewing her about the highly charged issues of harassment, discrimination and gender pay inequities, I am so glad to be able to share her strategies and resources with everyone who feels they have been...


Before You Holiday Shop – w Michelle Singletary, Washington Post Personal Finance Expert

“It’s how you think about the money thing” that drives your spending and saving habits. Michelle Singletary on Green Connections Radio It’s the holiday season and every retailer is barraging you with ads and sales, in stores and online. You have your gift list, which may include clients and/or coworkers, as well as your family and friends. Hold on! Before you max out your credit cards (including gifts for yourself), listen to Michelle Singletary, personal finance columnist at The...


Air & Space Museum Director - Ellen Stofan, Head of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

“If we don’t ever fail, then we’re not pushing the envelope.” Ellen Stofan on Green Connections Radio When Ellen Stofan stepped off the management track to stay home with her kids and work part-time, she accepted that she was probably derailing her career. She kept a few toes in the game over the 12 year period, working part-time doing a few interesting research projects that she could do on her own time. Today, she finds herself the new Director of the famed Smithsonian National Air...


Does Your Culture Embrace Diversity? – Cheryl Ingram, Ph.D, Diversity City Consulting Firm

"The issue is the expectations we place around people’s behavior." Cheryl Ingram on Green Connections Radio We know that a diverse workforce and a culture that embraces new ideas drive innovation and growth. And, many corporate leaders agree and seek to create such a culture. But how do we do it? Listen to the straight-talking Cheryl Ingram, Ph.D., CEO of Diverse City, a diversity consultancy, explain the nuances of a culture that truly fosters diversity in this candid, engaging...


Eco-Kids? Ellen Sabin, Author of "The Greening Book," Watering Can Press

“What does earth need from you, if you want to be a good friend back to it?” Ellen Sabin on Green Connections Radio How do you “grow kids with character”? That’s the goal of Ellen Sabin, President of Watering Can Press and author of experiential children’s books that teach different values, including “The Greening Book” about taking good care of the environment. How can a book be experiential? How can you teach kids values without being preachy? Listen to this engaging interview with...


Measuring “Inclusion” – Sarah Cho, Director of Research, SurveyMonkey

"Part of retaining top talent is to make sure they feel they belong and are included in the workplace…There actually is a really big difference between women who plan on leaving their workplace and men who are planning on leaving…For example…(in whether they) feel their opinion is being valued." Sarah Cho of SurveyMonkey on Green Connections Radio “When you speak up at work, do you feel like your opinion is being valued?” That’s one of the 20 questions that SurveyMonkey recently asked in...


High Achievers, Grit & Talent - Angela Duckworth, Author of "Grit" & TED Talk star

“Race your strengths and train your weaknesses” to accomplish your goals. Angela Duckworth on Green Connections Radio Has anyone ever told you that you're "talented" or "not talented"? What does that mean and does it matter? Listen to best-selling author of "Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance," Angela Duckworth, Ph.D. in this inspiring conversation with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson about grit, talent, strengths, weaknesses and strategies to achieve your goals....


Innovating with Purpose – Rainia Washington, VP, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Lockheed

"How do we innovate for the future?...Do we have the right talent to compete tomorrow? Are we thinking about technology and innovation from the right perspective? " Rainia Washington of Lockheed Martin on Green Connections Radio Everybody talks about how innovation is crucial to success over the long term. But how do you do it? How do you stay abreast of changing technologies and market needs, while maintaining performance standards and keeping what works? How do you successfully present...


Switching Seats! Joan Michelson on Fierce Feminine Leadership - Eleanor Beaton

"You have to validate your own voice and ...surround yourself with people who will really support you...with practical support, not just emotional support." Joan Michelson on Eleanor Beaton's "Fierce Feminine Leadership" podcast To change things up a bit this holiday weekend, we're publishing an interview of Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson by Eleanor Beaton, host of the "Fierce Feminine Leadership" podcast. In this interview, Joan shares a number of great tips,...


Women’s Political Leadership – Insights from Jay Newton-Small’s Best-Selling Book “Broad Influence"

"By the end of this rancorous term, the women produced 75% of the major legislation that passed the Senate, showing how...the Senate can be much more functional -- when women reach a critical mass" Jay Newton-Small in "Broad Influence" With more women running for office – and winning so far – this political season, listen to Time magazine contributor (and former long-time political reporter) Jay Newton-Small’s fascinating conversation with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson...


Investing with Values Pays Off – Christopher Cordaro, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer, RegentAtlantic

“Change occurs when we vote with our wallets…We are in a revolution right now when we can use our portfolios to express our values and actually impact the policies that corporations are making.” Christopher Cordaro With Facebook’s historic stock drop of 20% in one day, losing ~$120 billion in value – the most ever in any stock in one day – it’s a good idea to step back and talk about investing overall and why values matter. Listen to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson’s...


Recruiting Innovative Talent for STEM - Barbara Whye, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Intel

"Fail"? It's "Fast Application of Iterative Learning" to Barbara Whye of Intel What do we need to know to recruit, retain and promote truly innovative talent? What do we need to look for in a potential employer if we ARE innovative talent? Listen to Barbara Whye, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer and Vice President of Human Resources at Intel -- one of the most innovative and high-regarded companies in the world -- in this engaging interview with Green Connections Radio host Joan...


Providing Clean Energy to Remote Areas – Edna Adan Ismail, of her Hospital and Dan Bates of ImpactPPA

"Wake up in the morning and say ‘What did I get up for today”…What can I fix today? And find like-minded people and go after that and give it a try." Edna Adan Ismail on Green Connections Radio Remember the images of patients being moved out of hospitals in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico when they lost power as a result of the massive hurricanes in 2017? What if that never has to happen again? That’s the goal of the ambitious new “50 by 50” initiative by global nonprofit Earth Day...


Leading Global Change - Kathy Calvin, Pres/CEO UN Foundation

“We live at a time of unparalleled opportunity and progress…It’s the best time in the world’s history to be born female. That said, the challenges ahead are so much more tricky and complicated and complex….” Kathy Calvin, CEO on Green Connections Radio Kathy Calvin came to the UN Foundation senior team in 2003 feeling insecure, like we all do taking on a new challenge, even though she had spent 20+ years in senior level roles at AOL, and U.S. News. "I thought, 'I'm not qualified,'" and...


Rainforest Skincare Entrepreneur - Valeria Cole, Teadoro, formerly at Apple

"Do a lot of research so you know what the problem you're trying to solve really is." Valeria Cole on Green Connections Radio Skincare is a $130.7 billion industry, according to a 2017 study and the top driver of that growth is the demand for "natural" products. Listen to Valeria Cole, Founder and CEO of Teadoro skincare line made from Rainforest plants from her native Brazil tell Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson how she went from being Apple's head of marketing in Latin...


Integrating Purpose in Orgs. - Beth Colleton, Fmr SVP-CSO of NBCUniversal

“You’ve got to walk the halls and really understand how they run the business, where their pressure points are and what they think their challenges are….walk in their shoes….It’s not what you’re selling, it’s what they’re buying.” Beth Colleton on Green Connections Radio "Purpose" is in style right now, but how do you "do" purpose successfully, driving measurable value creation in a large company or organization? How do you create and lead sustainability efforts that make a...


Water Community Organizer - Lee-Anne Walters, Flint Water Crisis Organizer

"It worked really well with everyone concentrating on their area of strength." Lee-Anne Walters on Green Connections Radio What would you do if your water came out of the tap brown? Listen to the courageous and tenacious Lee-Anne Walters, one of the main community organizers in Flint, Michigan's lead water crisis, tell Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson how she brought the community together to fight for clean water – and collected the scientific support they needed. This...


NASA-Winning Teen Girls, Water - Bria Snell & Mikayla Sharieff, Banneker High, DC

"We wanted to create something that would not only impact our community, but the communities around us." Bria Snell on Green Connections Radio Before you drink from a school or public water fountain.... At 17 years old, these Washington, DC high school girls won second place in the NASA OSPARC 2018 contest that encouraged students to “Be the Spark” and "find a new purpose for an existing NASA technology." Listen to Bria Snell and Mikayla Sharieff of Banneker High School describe their...