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Real Photo Show with Michael Chovan-Dalton is a Podcast about Photographers and Photography.

Real Photo Show with Michael Chovan-Dalton is a Podcast about Photographers and Photography.
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Real Photo Show with Michael Chovan-Dalton is a Podcast about Photographers and Photography.




Ryann Casey | Loss Event - Ep.76

"My first trip after Sarah passed was to the Grand Canyon…so I think that trip and that sense of awe…felt like I was connected to something outside of myself." This episode was recorded during Ryann Casey's artist talk about her show, Loss Event, at the JKC Gallery. Ryann and I talk about combining the personal loss of her friend Sarah, with the public loss of national park land as a means to explore the grieving process and how we don't allow ourselves to fully explore grief. Ryann is a...


Melissa Bunni Elian | Afropunk x Ferguson - Ep.75

"The analogy I always use is that we are on this table as a society, but we don't see that we are getting pushed closer and closer to the edge and we're comfortable because we are still on the table, but now we are looking at the edge and we are freaking out." Bunni Elian is an alum of the Bronx Documentary Center and one of the original members of the Bronx Photo League. Her work on the Afropunk music festival earned her a Pulitzer Center grant and was just featured on the Picture Show,...


Nicole Craine | Everyday Rural America - Ep.74

"I was like, If I spend as much time working on my own stuff as I do working at this desk I could probably make just about anything happen, so goodbye." Nicole Craine's successes in the documentary/photojournalism world can be attributed to her ability to know when it's time to walk away and when it's time to lean in. Nicole has walked away from a couple of steady photo related jobs in New York that others would kill to have in order to pursue her work and, one time, so she could meet Quest...


Preston Rescigno - Episode 29

Preston Rescigno has straddled the worlds of photojournalism and fine art photography for all of his photographic life. When I spoke to Preston he was getting ready to drive his son to college and he was recently unemployed. Preston was the New York Desk photo editor for a very large photo agency for many years. We talk about his background in the news business, his time working for Lee Friedlander, his early adoption of digital photography, going to the School of Visual Arts and Columbia...


Wendel White - Episode 28

"Even for my students that naturally have a lot of enthusiasm and interest in the natural landscape, we talk about the natural landscape in political terms because there's no part of the world, no matter where you go, that hasn't been impacted by both the presence of humans but also the political decisions and impact that human beings make." Wendel White is the Distinguished Professor of Art at Stockton University in his life-long state of New Jersey. He is the recipient of a Guggenheim...


Elinor Carucci - Episode 26

"It's almost the opposite of daring…I find life to be difficult sometimes, this is my way of dealing with it. I photograph the deepest fears, or happiness, or joys, or flaws or whatever, and I share them with the world and then they are no longer a secret. There is something very healing and liberating about it." Elinor Carucci is a photographer because she discovered from her very first photographs that this process had the potential to create a deeper and more complex understanding of her...


André Liohn - Episode 22

"Do you come home like troubled in your head, yes, but you come back home, you have the comfort of home…but here Brazil is home and now I need to learn to leave it behind again…" André Liohn is an incredible war and documentary photographer. He has seen some of the worst violence that humans can inflict on one another. His experiences have helped shape him into a deeply philosophical photographer. He considers the act of photographing and sharing those photographs as one that carries the...


Matt Stuart - Episode 21

"What I tell my students is…the one thing we can not teach and they can not buy is time, and time is the key to it, you just have to keep going out there…you have to be extremely positive, you can’t go out there thinking nothing is going to happen" Matt Stuart is an extremely positive person. He's the kind of photographer where, after you have a conversation with him, you just want to run outside and make photographs. One of his favorite accusations about his photographs is that he must...


Polina Shubkina - Episode 18

"They didn't really care about communism at all, but they were just doing it because it was giving them an opportunity for better living, so they were just being smart about it. But they were atheists, because it was super super strict back then...and if you didn't want to disappear, if you didn't want to go out to camp or whatever you had to be an atheist." Michael and guest co-host, Dennis Santella, have an internet conversation with Polina from her home in Prague. We have a fascinating...


Charles Traub - Part 2 - Episode 16

" the hick from Louisville who went to Chicago I always wanted to be in New York and I was in fact doing my Lunchtime photographs in Chicago at that moment, I loved the idea of working on the streets of New York, and frankly, most candidly, the job didn't seem like a sales job to me, because it wasn't, it was a curatorial job, it was a way to make a statement about what photography is or was and I thought it would be wonderful..." We pickup our conversation with Charlie as he enters the...


Charles Traub - Part 1 - Episode 16

"My father would say, 'son you just don't see it.' What's to see, I would respond. 'It's in the horizon line.' Didn't get it. Flip forward 10 years...I'm a senior in the University of Illinois...and as always the was in the basement of the basement and as I went down the stairs...above the transom was a long panorama of the Illinois landscape. I looked at it and said, oh my god, what a beauty, that's what my father was fucking talking about." Charlie Traub has an amazing...


Jeff Hirsch - Foto Care - Episode 15

"A lot of my thanks have to go to Bob (Fishkin) because he was in many ways a surrogate father figure to me besides my own dad, because he offered me opportunities that no one else had before." Kai and Michael visit Jeff Hirsch at his famed camera store, Foto Care in NYC. Jeff lays out the storied history of Foto Care from its start as the Underground Gallery on 10th Street where Duane Michals had his first solo exhibition to being one of the few camera stores left in New York that still...