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My Podcasts are Music | Comedy | Life This is a podcast for you and me.

My Podcasts are Music | Comedy | Life This is a podcast for you and me.
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Altoona, PA


My Podcasts are Music | Comedy | Life This is a podcast for you and me.






353 The PA Traveler w. Kenny Dodson

The PA Traveler is Hollywood film editor, Kenny Dodson’s, adventures in exploring things to do in the state he was born and raised in, Pennsylvania. Kenny was born in Altoona, PA. While in high school he became addicted to the art of editing. He moved to Los Angeles after college and started working with Academy Award winning Editor Joe Hutshing (JFK, Born on the Fourth of July) on "We Bought a Zoo" before working on another two feature films, including Disney’s “Saving Mr. Banks.”...


352 You Can Do Anything w. Steve Sheetz

Steve Sheetz is a Director of Sheetz, Inc., the Family Council Chairman at Sheetz, Inc. since October 2013. Steve served as the Chairman at Sheetz, Inc. until October 2013. Steve entered the family "Sheetz" business in the 1960's and was an integral part of growing the convenience store franchise to the powerhouse that it is today. This episode is FULL of inspiration and motivation to do what you want to do in life. In the Sheetz book, Steve writes that at a young age he realized that "you...


351 How to Create the Best You w. Ray Overdorff of True Advantage Group

As an entrepreneur, Ray Overdorff started and grew a seven-store chain of supermarkets from 1983 to 1988. He personally operated the stores until 2004. While overseeing operations, Ray simultaneously launched his consulting and coaching business. He has worked with well over fifty organizations and developed more than 7,000 leaders since starting his coaching practice. Ray also serves as a coach’s coach having coached and certified over 1,000 business managers and executives as well as...


350 YouTube Famous w. Hannah Baker @HannyyBakes

Hannah Baker is what you may call "Instagram & YouTube Famous". She has almost 20K followers combined between the 2 platforms, as of this upload, and is growing fast. She is an incredible example of how you can make a living doing the things that you love, while also going to school and holding down a "real job". Use this episode to fuel your passion to brand yourself online! Find her on YouTube and Instagram @HannyyBakes This is an awesome episode for anyone who wants insight into...


349 Make Videos = Improve Life w. Scott Cunningham of #LoveLocal & Visual Element Media

Scott Cunninham has created a platform called #LoveLocal. Their mission is to develop leaders, encourage entrepreneurs and share faith in Jesus. Scott, and his team, accomplish this by building an online community of people who share some of these interests and produce content to help build confidence, intellect, and love. #LoveLocal focuses on three areas of life (personal, business, spiritual) to create better relationships, businesses and communities. Check their website:...


348 A Business Legacy w. Matt Stuckey ~ President of Stuckey Ford & Subaru

Matt Stuckey is the President of Stuckey Ford & Stuckey Subaru in Altoona, PA. Matt is a 3rd generation business owner. He is also the chairman of the board for the Blair County Chamber of Commerce. Find more about Matt & his businesses here: Shoutout to the sponsors of the podcast: The Comic's Vault @TheComicsVaultAltoona Harlequin Pepper Yoga @HarlequinPepperYoga The Clay Cup @TheClayCup Trade Secrets...


347 How to Create a Video Game w. Raphael Arkera & Michael DePiro creators of Zera & the City of Endless Nights

Raphael Arkera & Michael DePiro are in the process of creating an incredible side-scrolling video game titled Zera & the City of Endless Nights. Raphael is the Founder and Owner of Blue Pulse Games and Michael is the President at DePiro Entertainment & Designs LLC For all info. on them and the game, check these links: Shoutout to the sponsors of the podcast: The...


346 My Meditation Journey ~2 Years~

Music on this episode: "Le Monde" by Thievery Corporation I am coming up on 2 completed years of a continuous meditation practice. My journey has been incredible and I'd like to share it with you. What is meditation all about? How can it change your brain? How can it effect your life? Where is a good place to start? I cover all of that, and more, in this episode. Enjoy! Audio on this episode is from the Headspace App and features creator Andy Puddicombe. Shoutout to the sponsors of...


345 Dan's Vlogs w. Dan Peters

Dan Peters is the creator of Dan's Vlogs on YouTube and Facebook. He's an entrepreneur, family man, and business man. He is a real estate broker, and owns and operates a billboard company. His passion for business and life is contagious and I'm very happy to have him on the show. Enjoy! Find his videos on YouTube & Facebook under "Dan's Vlogs". Shoutout to the sponsors of the podcast: The Comic's Vault @TheComicsVaultAltoona Harlequin Pepper Yoga @HarlequinPepperYoga The Clay Cup...


344 Small Business Brainstorm #4: The Almighty Dollar $$$

This episode covers the importance that money plays in business. We do not just cover the obvious factors, we cover fear, growth, development, stress, investing, scaling and so many other aspects that money plays a part in when dealing with business and life. The ladies on this episode are all small business owners in Central Pennsylvania, and I also am a small business owner. Sarah Vogel, Stephanie Hite and Jenn Robin are all sponsors of this show and entrepreneurs in their own right. The...


343 Walkney w. Derek Walkney

Derek Walkney is the creator and lead singer of the band 'Walkney'. He has been a lead singer, songwriter and musician since the age of 14. Derek recently was on the latest season of American Idol. He's traveled all over the country performing and has a strong and dedicated following. On this episode, we talk about his career, passion for music, experimentation, his stint on American Idol, his song on the classic 'NOW That's What I Call Music' collection, favorite artists, AI, dystopian...


342 Zerbyland w. Jack Zerby

Jack Zerby is my brother-in-law. He actually helped me start this podcast 3 1/2 years ago. Jack is the co-creator of He worked for College Humor, Vimeo, knows the man who created the #Hashtag, made fun of the guy who invented 3D Printing, and is a super-inspirational entrepreneur who works his tail off. On this epic episode we cover: Michael Jackson, Ice Baths, Gary V, Aliens, Artificial Intelligence, Elon Musk and SO much more. I'd tell you more, but I don't want...


341 2Invested w. Wayne & Shane of 2Invested

2Invested are 2 dudes who create original comedy in an unoriginal world. Wayne and Shane host their own YouTube channel and podcast ~ search 2Invested on any platform. On this episode we talk about how and why they started doing what they're doing. Their passions for podcasting, videos and comedy. We also discuss tons of random information that I honestly can't remember as I'm typing this. Whatever we talked about, it was hilarious! Sit back and enjoy! Shoutout to the sponsors of the...


340 Real Life, Real Estate, Real Talk w. Nate Verilla of Verilla Real Estate

Nate Verilla is the owner of Verilla Real Estate. He is a powerful businessman with an incredible mindset. The most impressive thing, to me, about Nate is his endless energy and positivity. It's contagious! He's a family man, business man and man of God. Get ready for some inspiration! Enjoy! Check out his website Shoutout to the sponsors of the podcast: The Comic's Vault @TheComicsVaultAltoona Harlequin Pepper Yoga @HarlequinPepperYoga The Clay Cup...


339 Take Time w. Pastor Keith of the CWC

On this episode, Pastor Keith elaborates on a message that he gave at the Community Worship Center in Tyrone, PA. This message is about taking time to walk with Jesus and understand the journey. It's also a message of taking time to understand people and circumstances without pre-judging them. These are some of my favorite podcasts because I get to spend time with one of my favorite people, while hopefully helping you learn more about the spiritual side of life. Enjoy! Keith Deal is the...


338 The Power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn seems to be overlooked as a social media platform. I didn't pay attention to it for years. It may have been detrimental to my career, but over the past 3 months I've spend a lot of time studying and using it to my advantage. 3 of my highest paying social media marketing clients have come from LinkedIn in that timeframe! Also, thinking outside of the box on LinkedIn can be HUGE for results. Take a listen to this episode to hear what I'm talking about. If you're involved in social...


337 Small Business Brainstorm #3: Support Systems w/ The Clay Cup, Joos & Trade Secrets

This episode covers the support systems we have in our personal and business lives that give us the motivation and confidence to start and grow our businesses. We also talk about an awesome quote that Sarah lives by, "Fruitfulness follows Faithfulness" and how that can be a powerful mindset for your business. The ladies on this episode are all small business owners in Central Pennsylvania, and I also am a small business owner. Sarah Vogel, Stephanie Hite and Jenn Robin are all sponsors of...


336 Social Media Insights for Business w. Jim Wertz

Jim Wertz created/owned/operated 'Wertz Landscaping' for 33 years. He is an expert in the landscaping industry. He sold 'Wertz Landscaping' a few years ago, and now focuses his time on social media marketing for companies. Jim helps landscaping companies (really, any company) increase their revenue and get more clients through social media advertising. Jim and I both work out of LaunchBox in Downtown Altoona, PA. We've become friends over the past couple of months and have been helping each...


335 The Grey Medium w. Joe Glass

Joe Glass is the creator of 'The Grey Medium' ~ a professional freelance video & photography service specializing in music videos, wedding, documentary, and feature filmmaking. Joe does amazing work and we had an awesome conversation about film, music, social media and his vision for the future. Check out his website & social media: Facebook & Instagram: @TheGreyMedium Shoutout to the sponsors: The Comic's Vault @TheComicsVaultAltoona Harlequin Pepper Yoga...


334 The Insanity Effect: How to break bad habits

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." ~ I've heard and used this quote a million times, but still fall victim to it on a continuous basis. Whether it's social media, fighting with my wife, or addictions I've struggled with, I've put myself through the ringer several times. I think a lot of us have. So, how can you break the cycle? It's a little think called a "Pattern Interrupt" and it really works! I've been...