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JZ Social Enterprises CEO and President Jaclyn Zukerman hosts the Social Scene with JZ which is an international radio podcast that promotes what people do from celebs to non profit organizations.

JZ Social Enterprises CEO and President Jaclyn Zukerman hosts the Social Scene with JZ which is an international radio podcast that promotes what people do from celebs to non profit organizations.
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Boston, MA


JZ Social Enterprises CEO and President Jaclyn Zukerman hosts the Social Scene with JZ which is an international radio podcast that promotes what people do from celebs to non profit organizations.







We are so excited to introduce you to the fabulous owner behind Scout and Molly's in Lynnfield, MA! Learn all about how this rockstar got started, latest trends and much MORE!


Can a trip to the Emergency Room be adorable? YES!

Today on the PODCAST we get inspired by the amazing Dr. Charmaine Gregory an Emergency Physician, Co-Author of Chronicles of Women in White Coats, Podcast Host of Fearless Freedom and Women in White Coats !


NEXTonSCENE Certified Award Winning Business Coach, Hanneke Antonelli

This #bossbabe originally from South Africa came to the states working on Wall Street 9-5 in the coporate world. One day she took a chance left the corporate career to be happier and chase her dreams by helping others and teaching them from what she has learned on this entrepreneur journey. Officially 6 years in, Hanneke is helping female entrepreneurs scale and up-level their business with ease, while fully claiming their role as CEO of their business (no matter it's current size). She...


NEXTonSCENE Best Selling Author, Nurse and Mental Illness Advocate!

Tracey is a nurse with over 36 years’ experience. She is certified in gerontology and dementia care. Tracey experienced her first episode of clinical depression in her twenties and lived with chronic depression ever since. However, nothing prepared her for the acute depressive episode she experienced in 2015. After enduring years of intense work place stress, harassment and bullying, she plummeted into an abyss of darkness, hopelessness and despair the likes of which she had never...


NEXTonSCENE The Power of NO!

Can't believe when you have the strength to know your worth and say NO what new beginnings open for you! Also social tips ;)


NEXTonSCENE How to revive chivalry this Valentines

We are so excited to bring back Dr. Greer back on the NOS PODCAST! Dr. Greer is known for her famous talk show ShrinkWrap! Today on the podcast we discuss: ->How to revive chivalry this Valentine's -> How to have a cool date online for long distance dating! -> Why going out for dinner on V-Day is overrated ->5 things you can do every day to increase intimacy not just on Valentines Day!


NEXTonSCENE Entrepreneurs making a difference in third world countries!

Don't you love people with a great story? This husband and wife is NEXT to know about, so honored to bring Sunita back on the podcast for our bi-monthly tea time! They have created a organic loose leaf tea while giving back to third world countries putting girls in school in a male dominated area. Sunita also shares all about the different seasons of nepal, valentines day specials, our fun giveaway and much more!


NEXTonSCENE Bra Expert, TV Personality, Best Selling Author and QVC HOST!

Jené Luciani is an internationally-renowned bestselling author of three books, and a regular lifestyle expert on NBC’s Today, Dr. Oz, Wendy Williams and many others. She is the author of The Bra Book: An Intimate Guide to Finding the Right Bra, Shapewear, Swimwear, and more (BenBella Books, 2009 & 2017), which is now in its 2nd edition, and the co-author of Get It! A Beauty, Style and Wellness Guide to Getting Your “It” Together (BenBella Books, 2016). Jené has hundreds of bylines to her...


NEXTonSCENE Dr.Erin Haskell

Dr. Erin Fall Haskell, Doctor of Divinity, New Thought Leader, Transformational Author and Speaker, Conscious Entrepreneur, Global Peace Leader Award 2016, Mother and Lover of Life! Erin lives in Los Angeles, where she is featured in television, radio, magazines, and top blogs as the expert “Spiritual Coach.” She is the “Dear Abby” of the consciousness movement where she focuses on bringing fun to “The Shift” in La La Land. After many years of counseling top celebrities and Grammy winners...


NEXTonSCENE Unfiltered: Gratitude Radio Host and Actor, Joshua T. Berglan

It is NEVER too late to start over, what an inspiration this rockstar/radio host is! DEF TUNE in to meet the World's MAYOR!


NEXTonSCENE Seal The Deal with Nationwide Love Coach, Nick Farrell

Looking for something out of the box for valentines day? Seal The Deal Boston has got you covered!! Let Seal The Deal Boston help you come out of your shell and improve your self-esteem. Getting to the root of your problems is important to them. They are easy to reach and will return you call quickly. Their mission is to help you boost your self-confidence when it comes to approaching the opposite sex. By the end of our sessions you should be able to approach someone without feeling nervous...


NEXTonSCENE Host Jackie Zuk gets interviewed by Kleinfeld Designer & TV Personality, Henry Roth

Ready to hear how NEXTonSCENE started and how our host got to where she is with half a million listeners to date? Tune in NOW! The ups, downs and some fun laughs!


NEXTonSCENE 16 year old singer/songwriter Angelo David

Angelo David is a 16-year-old artist from Boston who writes and produces his own pop/alternative style music. He has a unique ability to convert his personal experiences, opinions, and ideas to powerful lyrics and catchy musical transitions. Angelo released his first CD in 2013, along with his first music videos, “House Is Burning Down” (a song about being bullied) and “Mirror” (an introspection). On June 8, 2013, “House is Burning Down” trended at #4 worldwide on YouTube as one of the...


NEXTonSCENE Opera Singer and Inernational Best Selling Author, Heather Poduska

Heather Poduska is an international best-selling author whose latest book is "The Celebrity Status Handbook: How to Get Seen & PAID Like a Star." Heather has over 20 years of professional performance experience onstage as an operatic soprano, as a speaker and as the host of the popular podcast and television show, “Thrive.”


NEXTonSCENE 2018 Reflection and knowing your self worth

2019 is all about knowing your self worth, what are you going to do for yourself in 2019?


NEXTonSCENE Modern day learning center SolBe Learning!

SolBe is the new premier Boston early learning center that is creating a learning ecosystem that supports families, reimagines learning spaces and goes way beyond traditional childcare. SolBe’s unique program combines aspects of the Montessori method and Reggio Emilia approach to learning, along with Spanish immersion, research-based best practices and a commitment to wellness. They were recently featured on NBC’s The Hub as well! Tune in now to get inspired!


NEXTonSCENE from Sydney, Australia with Henry Roth!

So you think you can Runway ? Try Henry Roth ! TV Host , Say Yes To The Dress Designer , Author , Mentor, Personal Branding Expert .. or just one big fashionista :) get ready to learn about this amazing rockstar from Sydney Australia PLUS you can also shop his gorgeous gowns at Kleinfeld Bridal 😍


NEXTonSCENE Tea Time with Nepali Tea Traders

Who's NEXT?! Nepali Tea Traders Co-Owner, Sunita Karmacharya! Who is Nepali Tea Traders and why are they NEXT to know about?! Nepali Tea Traders is a woman-owned Boston based company, and the first in the United States to offer premium teas exclusively from small farms in the Ilam region of Nepal.They also are doing INCREDIBLE things for Nepal and give back to the farmers, help put children in school..just amazing stuff! Nepali Tea Traders sells a variety of natural and organic tea grown at...


NEXTonSCENE Steph Palermo

Steph Palermo is an empathic messenger, radio talk show host, international speaker and published author working out of Atlanta and Boston. Steph believes that by aligning with your true purpose, recognizing your amazingness and changing your choices, you can alter your entire world.You ready? tune in NOW!


NEXTonSCENE Fashion Designer, La Fille Colette

Worn by Robin Roberts, what is La Fille Colette? Founded by Colette Chrétien, La Fille Colette was created for a feminine and strong woman who seeks versatile, polished pieces to take her from day to night. Their mission is to produce exciting and elevated garments that retain an easy-to-wear accessibility. They are very proud to be made in the United States and prioritize socially and environmentally responsible practices. Their garments are produced ethically and locally in Massachusetts,...