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TeamClearCoat is about making the best out of what you have - be it the peeling paint on our cars, our hopefully-better-than-average go-kart lap times, or the goddamn sunroof seal that won't stop leaking. It's about taking pride in the things we make better while recognizing that everything, including our cars, will always be just a little TeamClearCoat.

TeamClearCoat is about making the best out of what you have - be it the peeling paint on our cars, our hopefully-better-than-average go-kart lap times, or the goddamn sunroof seal that won't stop leaking. It's about taking pride in the things we make better while recognizing that everything, including our cars, will always be just a little TeamClearCoat.
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TeamClearCoat is about making the best out of what you have - be it the peeling paint on our cars, our hopefully-better-than-average go-kart lap times, or the goddamn sunroof seal that won't stop leaking. It's about taking pride in the things we make better while recognizing that everything, including our cars, will always be just a little TeamClearCoat.




141-Dave Won't Get Off His Horse, Ian Falls For A Curvy Italian, And We Talk About Our Moms

Episode 141-Horses, high. Well good news everyone, Dave's still on his F1 high horse and we'll be honest, hold your slow claps, it's exhausting. That as it may be, his pithiness may be more entertaining than the latest EFFONE race. Ian falls hard when Dave provides him with a new object of his affection in a beautiful round of FMKCars that was birthed from very very very VERY specific Google searches. That paves way to our urgent need for more car news in non-car stories. If a 83 Toyota...


140-Ian Wants To Eat The Rich, Dave Can Finally Come To A Complete Stop, And We Remember the Chrysler ME FourTwelve

Episode 1400-Hotline Dingus Very few things make Ian rage as much as rich youths. Thankfully, because this is a car show, the angry man in his mid-thirties, yep, mid, (Dave wrote this description) channeled his energy into an FMKCars. Speaking of FMKCars, thanks Nick @radmobilegaming for sending in a great one, in which we were reminded of the fascinating Chrysler ME FourTwelve! It's a shame that one never got made. May it motor along in concept-only car heaven with the Ford GT-90 and...


139-Ian Is Bad At Fantasy Sports, Dave Kicks Ian While He's Down, And We Discuss A Phaeton. Again.

Episode 139-He's bad. We'd like to credit our friend and listener, Eric, that correctly summarized the rare occurrence of Dave actually doing something other than nothing when it came to fantasy sports. Something something clock broken something twice something. Something like that. Something indeed. They say you can't win them all, but would it be equally true to say that you can't lose them all? No. That's not correct at all. You can definitely, for sure, absolutely, without a doubt...


138-Dave Gives Ian A Ride, Ian Gets A Ride, And We Have A Hotline

Episode 138-Pampered Listeners, we'd like to start off with what we should start every episode with, an apology. Surely you're no stranger to how life happens, and over the past couple of weeks, Ian sure has had some life happen. As we congragulate him on bringing a healthy baby boy into the world, we made the best with the time we had and recorded a quick episode. Sit back, turn on your seat coolers, and take a ride with us to the Denver International Airport. Your begingered Lyft...


137-Ian Doesn't Know How Numbers Work, Dave Exposes Himself And The Fears Of Others, And We Put Out Piping Hot Hashtag Content

Episode 137-Content is so hot right now. We've talked before about how being in our orbit kind of wobbles the orbit of people around us, and in this episode we continue to discuss the impact of calling out what we see on the street. In addition to Ian refusing to recognize how integers work, we reminisce on car brands from the 90s, and expose the soft spot in our hearts for Panoz. Speaking of soft spots, it's interesting how some brands expose theirs without intending to do so. Making...


136-We Manage To Not Screw Up An Interview With Jake From RacersHQ And Rags To Races!

Episode 136-RacersHQ Take Two This week in the blanket fort, we bring in our (virtual) guest Jake from RacersHQ! You probably already know Jake from the Rags to Races podcast, or you probably already know him from the tales we tell on our podcast of how awesome he is, what a fast kart racer he is, and how awesome it is to be on a racing crew with him! Well now, you see, ol' Jake here is embarking on a new adventure. (I don't know why, but when I wrote that, it sounded like the Dukes of...


135-Ian And Dave Take You On An Audio Tour Of The 2018 Denver Auto Show

Episode 135-You're gonna want to pack some juice. Dear listener, we'd like to extend an invitation to you. As if it wasn't enough of a chore for you to honor our weekly invitations into the blanket fort, we'd like to extend you an invite with a bit of spin this week. See, we somehow manage to continue to be legitimate automotive journalists, therefore we get to cover the press day at the 2018 Denver Auto Show. Between attending manufacturer presentations and producing piping hot video...


134-Dave Takes The Fantasy Out Of Sports, Ian Points And Laughs At Dave, And We Go Karting In The Great Outdoors!

Episode 134-Bad at sports, even in a fantasy world. "When in doubt, throttle it out." Classic words to live by. In this episode, we enter our own creation into the lexicon of legendary automotive adages. Inhale. Here goes: "Don't look at me like I'm the one that put the TRD stickers on the Jeep Grand Cherokee door handles!" Boom. Nailed it. In other flights of fancy besides us being Automotive Aristotles, Dave and Ian discuss their different philosophy about Fantasy GP. One wants to win...


133-Ian Gets Hit, Dave Gets A Gift, And We Don't Look Back. Because We Can't.

Episode 133 - Seriously, it's like looking through a child's Batman mask. Ian discusses something that we've all known for a long time, but we've never quite articulated it like this before: Just because something is awful doesn't mean that it isn't fun or that we wouldn't do it again. People, we present the rental spec Dodge Challenger R/T. Just remember to queue the guitar solo, rip the sleeves off of your sport coat, and put the hammer down. The main topic of the show centers on a...


132-132-Dave Kisses Dusty Goodbye, Ian Keeps His Shoes On Because He's Not A Monster, And We Rehash The Carstanza Hashtag

Episode 132-Goodbye. Hello. Coming home. There's nothing quite like the feeling of getting back into your car after a long trip. You kiss your fingers, touch the headliner, and pray that it starts. It's refreshing being back on home turf, and in this episode, we discuss that feeling. Speaking of turf, there is a little matter that needs discussing; what one should do when in the vicinity of a Carstanza. Rule 1-Take a pic. Rule 2-Do not approach. Rule 3-Send it to us so that we can have...


131-Ian Finds A New Version Of The X6 To Hate Even More, Dave Numbs A Coworker, And We Spread The Rage Of Calling Out Carstanzas

Episode 131-Irrational Rationale. There's a saying: "Don't yuck someone else's yum". Sure, sounds good (and a touch gross) in theory, we get it. If you're into putting car eyelashes on your Pontiac Grand Am, then you do you. When you dig into that statement, REALLY dig into it, you start to notice it's a sliding scale. On one end is a peaceful nod when said accessorized Grand Am passes by, and on the other end are the white hot infernos of rage that we experience when we witness a car...


130-Dave Goes High, Ian Deploys Shame, And We Mutter Into Our Mugs Of Despair

Episode 130-We have thoughts... If we had a dollar for every time this show was an emotional roller coaster, we'd have lots of dollars. The life of a person is full of ups and downs, and being an automotive enthusiast certainly greases the tracks (mainly with oil from cracked VW oil pans), often times accelerating our vacillation between the two polarities. Honestly, between Ian and Dave there are probably two vastly different opinions of the emotional up/down dichotomy one experiences...


129-Ian Chokes Dave, But Not Like In A Hot Way Or Anything, And Dave Contextualizes Ian's Car, But Not Like In A Hot Way Or Anything.

Episode 129-Urus Urus. If you make it to the end of the show, you'll probably never hear the name of the weird Lamborghini SUV without it being coupled by a spine-tingling shiver and part of your soul (if you have one…Dave) giving up and leaving. So yeah, besides spoiling Lambo names, Ian makes Dave say uncle. And by uncle, we mean what Mr. Old Man Infiniti Sedan really thinks of Ian's Boy Racer, Class Skipping, Bird Flipping, Track-honed R32. Go figure, he wound up blathering on and on...


128-Dave Teases Ian, Ian Doles Out Facts, And We Soak In Our Poor Timing

Episode 128-Cliffhanger!!! Look, we have a bit of an inverse Midas touch. We worked hard to line up an interview with one of the best voices in automotive journalism, Alanis King. The very next day with our interview stored safely away, F1 announced that they were no longer going to use Grid Girls. Sigh. It would have been nice to reverse the order of those events, but let's not get hung up on things we can't change. Focusing on the things that we can change, Ian sprung into action like...


127-Ian Hits Things With A Hammer, Dave Almost Gets Kicked Out Of A Lexus, And We Change Our Metaphorical Socks.

Episode 127-Soft IT Hands Sometimes life requires a delicate touch. Unfortunately, this is not one of those moments, so we have to buck up and put our soft IT hands through their paces. It's not all manual labor, bruised knuckles, and sweaty brows, thankfully. There are some fresh feelings: pulling on a new pair of socks, the catharsis of beating up plaster on a fireplace, or letting a pregnant woman get away with hitting your car with hers. All of that aside, the big news is that...


126-We Manage To Not Screw Up An Interview With Alanis King - Staff Writer With Jalopnik

Episode 126- Cats, Hell and otherwise. Let's have a construction discussion. Well, we did, and we do, and we need to continue to do so. Similar to seeing an entertainment center for what it is, a composition of bolts, wood, and glue, we see the automotive landscape for what it is. People, cars, personalities, unity as well as its fair share of issues. These are the pieces we get to use when building our community. Our guest, Alanis King, has a unique and crucial view of the building...


125-Dave And Ian Surprise Each Other And We Fly Too Close To The Parts Desk On Wings Of Wax. And Fuses.

Episode 125 - Kids Icarus In the psychological realm the term projection is used to describe a scenario in which you interpret someone's emotions or actions in a way that describes something that you are truly feeling yourself. In this week's show, we blatantly use a random Audi vanity plate as inspiration for a new automotive term. Are we correct? Probably not, but that doesn't mean the outcome is at least entertaining. We also learn a bit more about our hosts this week, Dave's...


124-Ian Wants To Go Karting, Dave Wants To Go Karting, And We Discuss Ian's Automotive Predicament

Episode 124-Ford STs and soap for men. People far smarter than us often exclaim that history is doomed to repeat itself unless we learn from it. What can we learn from our cars? Perhaps that like socks, they're best changed often. Sticking to the same pair for years could only end in disappointment and shattered emotions? Let's pick up the pieces and duct tape them back together. Remember in life that it's most important to understand and empathize instead of criticize. We make a bit of...


123-Dave Taps Out Of The Grand Tour, Ian Figures Out The BEST Autonomous Car Uses, And We Discuss The Clarkson Problem

Episode 123-Stickers and self-loathing What can we be doing as automotive enthusiasts to make our community more accessible? Unfortunately, there is no shortage of answers and on this episode we talk about things we'd like to hear less of and things we'd like to hear more of. On the lighter side, if you're in Denver on January 14th, you should meet us at Unser Karting to see if you're faster than a podcast. Maybe you are, maybe you aren't, but either way, we'll have a blast and have...


122-Ian Apologizes, Dave Leases His Life, And We Contemplate Enabling Poor Life Choices

Episode 122-Turns out Dave isn't the worst... Ian stared into the abyss, and you know what looked back? A critical and certainly missed rest stop in his rear view mirror. Dave stepped to the precipice as well, and a peak plastic-era Chrysler stared RIGHT back at him through its dull headlight lenses and straight into the space where his soul should normally go. Despite the Herzogian observations, the overall spirit in the blanket fort is high. Dave discusses offering his life as a...


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