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TeamClearCoat is about making the best out of what you have - be it the peeling paint on our cars, our hopefully-better-than-average go-kart lap times, or the goddamn sunroof seal that won't stop leaking. It's about taking pride in the things we make better while recognizing that everything, including our cars, will always be just a little TeamClearCoat.

TeamClearCoat is about making the best out of what you have - be it the peeling paint on our cars, our hopefully-better-than-average go-kart lap times, or the goddamn sunroof seal that won't stop leaking. It's about taking pride in the things we make better while recognizing that everything, including our cars, will always be just a little TeamClearCoat.
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Denver, CO


TeamClearCoat is about making the best out of what you have - be it the peeling paint on our cars, our hopefully-better-than-average go-kart lap times, or the goddamn sunroof seal that won't stop leaking. It's about taking pride in the things we make better while recognizing that everything, including our cars, will always be just a little TeamClearCoat.




171-Ian And Dave Race In The Unser Winter Race League And Tell You All About It - Volume 1

Episode 171-So very cold. Just because the elements of a specific activity don't sound "good" certainly doesn't mean that it won't taste good. To illustrate this point, let's bake a cake (hooray for metaphors!): Here's our ingredients: Our intrepid podcast hosts, hapless as always. An outdoor karting facility. Winter in Colorado. Sub-freezing temperatures. Add in a dash of mechanical failure, sprinkle in some racing tenacity, a heaping cup of dumb luck, the requisite amount of sunblock,...


170-We Manage To Only Partly Screw Up An Interview With Michael Ballaban - Deputy Editor At Jalopnik And Yugo Owner

Episode 170-You go Yugo, You go. This week we're incredibly lucky to have Michael Ballaban, Deputy Editor at Jalopnik, on the show. This came about by way of an election night whiskey-tipsy Ian sliding into his DMs on Twitter, knowing full well that when it comes to cars, car culture, and politics in cars, that Michael's a fantastic fit for the show. We had a wonderful discussion with Michael, ranging from check engine lights, Lexus wagons, Yugo ownership, sending said Yugo through safety...


169-Dave Does God's Work, Ian Sends Dave To Jail, And We Have The Worst Superpower

Episode 169 - Nice It's all planes, trains (spoiler alert: there are no trains), and automobiles in this episode. We start with salad and end up where we usually do. Ian shares Effington One facts with us and Dave ventures into Missouri only to once again survive the trip. Speaking of Dave's horrible survival instinct, he somehow manages to survive riding on an airplane with two other Saab owners. Let's not overlook the insane unicornish fact that they're a HAPPILY MARRIED MULTIPLE SAAB...


168-Ian Does His Civic Duty, Dave Is Up Way Past His Bedtime, And We Empty Our Automotive Pantry

Episode Hehe...Duty There's a fantastic Sarah Silverman joke about our duties. She says that we all have them, and sometimes they're big and stinky. She's got a point. Ian is called upon to perform his duties comma civic and it just so happens to luck into a case that automotive knowledge is of use. We play some listener FMKCars, show some listener MyEyes, and continue to be a bit slap happy as the oxygen level in the blanket fort steadily decreases. Buy stuff with our hashtag brand on...


167-We Manage To Not Screw Up An Interview With Erica And Adrian, Awesome People And Hearse Owners!

Episode 167-It's time to fix something. One hundred and sixty six episodes scattered across more than three years. That's how long TeamClearCoat has been in this here podcast game and we're just now FINALLY correcting a huge blind spot of ours, talking to people that daily drive hearses! WE KNOW! Man, this one really slapped us across the face and left a Rick-James-Unity-Ring-Esque imprint that simply said "DUH!" Our idiocy aside, this week we talk to two amazing individuals, Erica and...


166-We Manage To Not Screw Up An Interview With Peedah, And We Went Karting!

Episode 166-Peedah Look, George Lucas did everything wrong with Phantom Menace. Thems just the facts folks. We don't need to know the backstory to why there are now some weird space tariffs on bleep blorps from planet Bloopatron or whatever, we just want Yoda, those glowy sword things, and wars of star. That said, finding out the backstory to something isn't always a boring, tedious, awful task that you wait in line hours for to only fall asleep in a theater at midnight. Sometimes getting...


165-Our Wheels Come Off And We Yell Into The Void

Episode 165-Wheels? Who needs 'em? Like the proverbial abyss, so much bleakness surrounds the blanket fort this week. Let's go to our happy place, let's visit our island. Let's think about dusty BMWs in used car lots, let's think of the Lexus GS-F (and we'll continue to do so for the rest of our times in this mortal hellscape), let's think about how hilarious it is that Ian's VW (SPOILER ALERT) passed emissions. Buy stuff with our hashtag brand on it!TeamClearCoat websiteAutoWerkz...


164-TeamClearCoat Grieves The Loss Of A True Icon, Well At Least The Loss Of One Of Said Icon's Specific Jobs. They're Totally Fine.

Episode 164-Really, he's fine. But we're not. Grief has several stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance. Here at the TeamClearCoat podcast, we've pretty much perfected going though all of those, save for acceptance, so much so that it's pretty routine at this point. Dusty Rusty, Ian's oil pan(s), our general hopes and dreams, and so much more have been topics in our blankety grief hut. But this one, this one got us right in the feels. In this episode of the...


163-We Manage To Not Screw Up An Interview With Ted Parks Of Varsity Roadsters

Episode 163-Varsity Roadsters Joining us this week is Ted Parks, founder of Varsity Roadsters. Let's get this out of the way right up front: we had an absolute BLAST talking to him about all things related to his car and it's development. A huge thing that we love about doing this show is all of the elements of history and culture that are related to automotive enthusiasm. The overlaps are the things that really intrigue us. We honestly don't think we could find a guest that speaks better...


162-Dave Stops Being Nice, Ian Defends His Position, And We Adopt Different Personas

Episode 162-Blue shell. Questions. We has them. Can karting be had without thinking of Mario-esque power-ups? Can Subarus be had without ambient lingering vape? Can a rental Home Depot van be driven without overalls appearing on your body? Which came first, the dent or the depleted health meter? Is it better to hear Buffet or inflict Buffet upon passers-by? Answers. We may has some. Usually, no. Usually, no. Eh, you're at least wearing them in your mind. Probably the dent. Inflicting,...


161-Ian Sees Gary Numan, Dave Has Insomnia, And We Duck And Cover Because Blade Is About To Show Up

Episode 161-What's that coming down from the sprinklers? The stuff that keeps you up at night. The source of the heartburn. No, we're not talking about that certainly-too-old baked ziti that you panic ate out of the fridge at 3 AM, we're talking about the world we live in. The stew. Picture the world as the stew and our goofy show and automotive enthusiasm as a whole as the breadstick. Sometimes you need to just want to jump out of the stew and take respite on the breadstick for a minute....


160-Dave Gets Faster, Ian And His Saab Have A Very Interesting Relationship, And We Find Someone That Has It All Figured Out.

Episode 160 Booty N Pizza. What more can be said? What more could be desired out of life? Never have eleven letters said so much. Our admiration dials get turned to 11 on this show; normally a Mustang owner wouldn't cause so much envy…but…Booty N Pizza. Speaking of things that make us happy, Dave detected that Ian may have needed a mental break, and stepped in with three impromptu karting heats to get the bad vibes out. We had some fun, Dave inserted himself into an already goofy...


159-Ian Ruins Q-Bert, Dave Injures Himself, And We'll Never Want To Play Toad Again. Ever.

Episode 159-Hurrrrp. Look, there's no getting around this. Toad. Yep, that Toad. We can never play Toad in Mario Kart again without throwing up a bit in the back of our mouths. Thankfully she didn't describe it as Dry Bones with the tank, because that's Dave's default choice, on the DS version at least. What? Car show? Oh, right. Car show: Scion. Toyota. Crazy puzzles to unravel with a CR-V spare tire. Car accidents. Gran Turismo. Kroger Lube and Crash Bandicoot. Shoot. Sorry about that....



Episode 158-Ups and Downs There's one thing that absolutely needs to be above the fold on this episode's description: RIP BURT REYNOLDS In other news, we talk about some stuff we like and stuff we don't. A motorcycle racer's behavior? Bad. Kids racing pedal cars at the Goodwood Revival? Capital G Good. Also in this episode, we discuss some karting etiquette, and Ian reassures Dave that he, Dave, is not being a butt on the track. Keep your foot in it folks. Buy stuff with our hashtag...


157-Ian Gets His Brain Tickled By A Nissan, Dave Displays Empathy For A Coal-based Misconception, And We Find A Vanity Plate That We Actually Like

Episode 157-Coal Rolls There's some surprises in this episode of the TeamClearCoat Podcast. First, we discuss how much fun we had in Nissan's hopped-up golf kart. After all, tire squeal plus car equals fun, no matter the propulsion system. Another surpirse was our affinity for a huge Subaru, this one really caught us off guard, but hey, if you can move seven people with a smile on your face, then it is a welcome surprise indeed. Want to know what wasn't a surprise? The end result of Ian...


156-Dave And Ian Drive Cars At The 2018 Rocky Mountain Driving Experience

Episode 156 - They just handed us the keys... Apologies up front for the abreviated episode. Dave and Ian were busy kanoodling across Colorado in all kinds of cars and we're able to make their regularly scheduled appointment in the blanket fort this week. In lieu of blanket-based broadcasting, we bring you tolerable in-car audio on such topics as the Kia Stinger GT, the Ford Bullitt Mustang, The Volvo XC40, the Subaru BRZ, and the incredible, organ-relocating BMW M5. Legitimate automotive...


155-Ian Will Find Your Limited Edition LP Box Sets, Dave Turns Around On A Leopard, And Neither Of Us Are Bad2Bone

Episode 155-He's like an bomb-sniffing dog for costly online purchases. When inviting Ian into your home, if there happens to be a limited edition LP boxed set, guess what? IAN GONNA FIND IT. If there was any attempt to hide it, you can bet it's going to be found. On to the car topics! Listeners, let's um…listen to Dave lament about the Viggen failing emissions testing. Again. On an upnote, Ian had a rental that he really liked, and we've seen some STUFF. Also Ian hates Toto, so there's...


154-Dave Drives A Go Kart, Ian Drives A Go Kart, And People Are Giving Us Cars, What For Driving!

Episode 154-Sweaty You know, after a long sweaty day at the go kart track, what could be more refreshing than sitting in a blanket fort with absolutely zero ventilation? Well, just about anything other than that. Given that we're prone to making bad decisions, we tough it out in the blanket fort and get down to brass tacks. In better news, automotive manufactures have once again decided to give us some cars. We discuss what we'll be driving at the Rocky Mountain Driving Event this year,...


153-Ian Is Actually Proud Of Something He Did For Once, Dave Talks About His Lobes For A Day, And One Of Our Friends Sees A Dockers Of Slingshots

Episode One Five Three We're still puzzled as to why someone would put a put a 3.7L badge on a Ford Mustang. What we're not puzzled about is what WRX drivers adorn their cars with, especially when it's such an OBVIOUS CLICHÉ that you're walking into! We're not mad, we're really not. Ultimately, we're just disappointed. It's almost like the person is being given a test, and the results determine whether or not we'd ever be friends with that person. You know what Dave's not disappointed by?...


152-Dave Fails, Ian Wins, And We Could Be Royals!

Episode 152-Royals! Humility. Denial. When it comes to Ian's karting abilities, our resident racer (the better and less-sunburned of the two at least) seems to be in a Schrodinger-esque superstate composed of the two where he is both humble and in a state of denial about his talent. Well guess who comes crashing through the cat box to boldly declare that Ian is a good driver? Dave. Dave does that. We all know he does that. He does. He did. While Ian may not like discussing his victories,...