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This is the podcast site of the Massachusetts Climate Action Network bringing you climate news and highlighting local action in Massachusetts and across the nation.

This is the podcast site of the Massachusetts Climate Action Network bringing you climate news and highlighting local action in Massachusetts and across the nation.
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This is the podcast site of the Massachusetts Climate Action Network bringing you climate news and highlighting local action in Massachusetts and across the nation.






Trump fiddles while California burns: The Climate Minute Podcast

California is literally burning up – is this the new normal? We hope not. The good news is that the mainstream media seems, finally, to give credit to climate change as a force to be reckoned with. The Trump Administration’s collusion, delusion, and confusion may interfere with California’s auto standards, but if states can stand strong, there is still hope for our competitiveness in the global landscape. Looking for a simple everyday action that you can do? Connect with Shave The Peak...


Did the NYTMag just Exxonerate Big Oil? The Climate Minute Podcast

The NYT Magazine published “Losing Earth,” an article telling the story of climate activism from 1979 to 1989. We discuss the content, conclusions and impact. Did we fail due to human nature? What does that mean for us in 2018?


A palpable ratings killer? The Climate Minute Podcast

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes was at the center of a twitter debate over media coverage of climate change. Listen in as we discuss.


MA Legislature misses its chance at greatness: The Climate Minute Podcast

So the MA Legislature took a swing and missed. No, they fumbled a great chance. No, they dropped the ball. No, they struck out. No, they choked. No, they “could’a been contenders.” OK, sports metaphors don’t work for everyone. The MA Legislature, like Frodo at the Crack of Doom, looked into the abyss of demands from the fossil industry and lost heart. Unfortunately, Gollum was not there to bite the ring off. OK, LOTR references are too opaque. The MA Legislature had the chance to make...


Is hypocrisy a political strategy? The Climate Minute Podcast

From the Arctic heat wave to political hypocrisy, we discuss the climate news of the week.


What is the RPS, anyway? The Climate Minute Podcast

What is the RPS? Why should you care? Listen in as we talk with Eugenia Gibbons (of the Mass Energy Consumers Alliance) about changes to the renewable portfolio standards being considered by the Massachusetts Legislature.


Chess or checkers? The Climate Minute Podcast

Russia is known for its chess grandmasters, but in Helsinki on July 16th, Trump and Putin, possibly motivated by oil interests, may have handed a checkmate to the rest of the world. This week, follow us through a chain of news analysis that illustrates America’s obsession with fossil fuels and why it promises to lead only to stranded and —literally—sunken assets.


Clean Energy on Beacon Hill? The Climate Minute Podcast

We discuss the status of clean energy legislation on Beacon Hill. Listen in!


Senator Pacheco on the Clean Energy Future bill (Part 2): The Climate Minute Podcast

We continue our chat with Senator Pacheco on the Clean Energy Future bill, and how he became a climate activist. Listen in!


Senator Pacheco on the Clean Energy Future bill: The Climate Minute Podcast

Massachusetts State Senator Marc Pacheco is the sponsor of the Clean Energy Future bill that recently passed the Senate. He joined the Climate Minute to discuss some key aspects of the bill. The Senator pointed out that the economic and health benefits of building a renewable future come at no risk, since studies show there would be no rise in electricity rates. This is based on a study by the Applied Economics Clinic. Listen in as we discuss battery storage, solar rates and other aspects of...


Scott P resigns. Meet the new boss! The Climate Minute Podcast

Today’s breaking news is that Scott Pruitt has finally resigned. His venality may be gone but what comes next? Listen in for insight and perspective.


Big Oil’s astro-turf climate plan: The Climate Minute Podcast

The (ahem) “Americans for Carbon Dividends” PAC has proposed a carbon fee and dividend plan, sponsored by Trent Lot of Mississippi and John Breaux of Louisiana. Lots of big-wig conservative types are smiling on the idea. Should climate hawks rejoice? Not yet! The poison bill is to prevent EPA from regulating CO2, and absolve Exxon from lawsuits. Listen in.


After Kennedy, what to do next? The Climate Minute Podcast

The retirement of Anthony Kennedy is bad news for climate hawks (along with lots of others.) That bad news comes together with cruelty on our borders, against both children and Muslims. How should we interpret these events and formulate a path forward? Listen in.


MA Senate sets stage for clean energy breakthroughs : The Climate Minute Podcast

The Massachusetts Senate recently passed “An Act to Promote a Clean Energy Future”, otherwise known as the “Pacheco Bill” after Senator Mark Pacheco who introduced it. The bill has so many good aspects, it is hard to fit them all into a single podcast! Listen in as we discuss a lot of them. Now the bill awaits action in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. It could face a much tougher time there, and need the support of all climate hawks! Join the MCAN Legislative Action Team to help...


30 years down the road: The Climate Minute Podcast

The dark policies being enforce on our borders by the Trump administration can be considered in parallel with it’s similar impulses on climate. Denial of facts and humanity are needed to either separate families or deny the reality of global warming. One man who does not deny facts is Jim Hansen, the NASA scientist who 30 years ago told Congress that the climate is changing. We consider his legacy. Listen in.


Making our planet great again: The Climate Minute Podcast

Despite pressure at the G7 Summit and a poignant message from Pope Francis about the importance of addressing climate change, Trump refuses to accept reality and show leadership. Will we lose our top climate scientists and watch as the rest of the world moves forward on the clean energy revolution without us? Tune in for more details!


Climate Politics in Boston: The Climate Minute Podcast

The politics of climate change and clean energy rolled on this week in Boston. Marty Walsh held an international mayoral climate summit and discussed plans to coordinate clean energy plans with other cities, but activists were upset by his support for urban pipelines and reticence to implement Community Choice Energy. In parallel, Senator Pacheco’s excellent energy bill (S2545) nears a vote in the upper house. Listen in!


Joe Stalin visits the DOE, orders Chick-fil-a : The Climate Minute Podcast

The DOE, staying faithful to Trumpian absurdity, has floated a proposal to force utilities to purchase the electricity produced by coal and nuclear plants. The anti-free-market nature of such a move is obvious. Coupled with its corrupt benefits to a limited number of politically connected corporations, it is an assault on our democracy. Somewhere, Joe Stalin is raising a glass of vodka.


Organizing principles: The Climate Minute Podcast

The abhorrent practice of family separation at our borders highlights the need for a wise, long-term immigration policy. Of course, our stance on immigration should be rooted in the knowledge that climate change will drive a rise in migrants and refugees seeking shelter in the US and other countries around the world. In fact, the acknowledgement of climate change should be the basis for all our national policies and actions. Health care, taxation, defense, housing and infrastructure policy...


4600 may have died from Maria: The Climate Minute Podcast

A report in the New England Journal of Medicine finds more then 4600 people died in Puerto Rico as a result of Hurricane Maria. The enormous discrepancy with the Trump administration’s estimate of 64 is stark. After months in the dark, we hope some light shines on that island. Also, two legal cases that could force the disclosure of what Exxon knew, and when it knew it advanced. The judges allowed ‘discovery’ of corporate documents to proceed. Finally Dave Roberts of Vox tweeted an...