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Welcome to the Seinfeld version of radio! We have no content, no talent, and no ambition. What you hear is what we got. Sometimes it’s good, but mostly it’s only fun for us. Listen at your own risk! Wednesday at 8PM Est only on The MIXX Talk

Welcome to the Seinfeld version of radio! We have no content, no talent, and no ambition. What you hear is what we got. Sometimes it’s good, but mostly it’s only fun for us. Listen at your own risk! Wednesday at 8PM Est only on The MIXX Talk
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Kissimmee, FL


Welcome to the Seinfeld version of radio! We have no content, no talent, and no ambition. What you hear is what we got. Sometimes it’s good, but mostly it’s only fun for us. Listen at your own risk! Wednesday at 8PM Est only on The MIXX Talk




Ginia Gets Wayward AF

Ginia gets Wayward AF when Briana Buckmaster from Supernatural comes on to dish about SPN cons, music, New Leash on Life, and more! We also discussed spring break, Jack going nude in the hot tub, and great BBQ from Smoking’ Aces in Plant City, Florida! Enjoy!


Ginia Meets God

Tonight we are joined by Rock God himself, Rob Benedict from Supernatural, Louden Swain, Kings of Con, and countless Supernatural conventions held annually at a hotel near you! Rob came on to chat about his latest #RockGod shirt campaign to support The National Stroke Association. Visit


Slim Bone Head Volt Ginia

The legendary actor, producer, and musician Vincent D’Onofrio (if you don’t know him stop reading and go away) joins us to discuss his career, films, acting, and his upcoming Slim Bone Head Volt show At Joe’s Pub in NYC. We also play the entire Slim Bone Head Volt album for your listening pleasure.


Ginia Jumps the Trump Train

We’re back bitches! Tonight we chat about our newly elected Cheeto, McDonalds, Star Wars, and more. Your typical BS shit show!


Ginia in Love

Ginia may be sick, but she wouldn't miss a chance to chat with the very talented Rakefet Abergel and John Gammon from Jax in Love! After a couple dropped calls, and some talk of web cam porn, we got to the guts of this awesome Indiegogo project!


Ginia Nightly LIVE:Kiss-A-Me

Tonight was the inaugural debut of The Ginia Nightly Show from the new studios in magical Kissimmee, Florida! Among discussing the big move to NY and subsequent move back to Florida, we had a surprise call from The Hott Spot himself! Later we were joined by Jeffrey Parker and Zac King from Star Wars:Battle of Rocket City! SW:BoRC was filmed locally in Huntsville, Alabama at the Space and Rocket Center, and is a fan film submission to the Star Wars Fan Film Awards!


Eddie and The Cruisers

It's a sausage fest tonight when Eddie Mcclintock graces us with his presence to chat about his new show Shooter on USA, upcoming guest spot on Supergirl, his film A Fish Tale making it to on demand, the pitfalls of being an actor on social media, politics, rhubarb pie, lube, the poor resolution of polaroids, how to wire up a house for surround sound, and our love/hate relationship with Diet Coke! Ok, so some of that didn't happen, but the parts that did were awesome!


Ginia Faces The Black Canary

Ginia rises from the ashes and goes full guerrilla broadcasting! Working in a make shift studio on a shipping boat in the middle of Lake Ontario, she still manages to get in an interview with Katie Cassidy from CW's Arrow, and welcomes the newest member of #TeamGiniaNightly Kat Sky as Pop Culture Correspondent! Even Hulk Hogans Thermos makes an appearance!


5th Passengers and Star Wars Theories

It's a Sci-Fi geekfest of epic proportions as Jack and Chin field calls from Scott Baker, Manu Intiraymi, and Prince Bagdasarian of 5th Passenger fame to chat about their VFX funding campaign. Then the boys theorize on the plot of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Glenn is dead, and who cares about the Starbucks cup? Told you it was a geekfest!


It's Ginia Nightly...Sploosh!

A new season of The Ginia Nightly Show brings us tales from DragonCon, Banksy's Dismaland, Facebook unlike button, Peeing on JetBlue, foot sniffing, and Minions! The multi-talented Billy West from such hit shows as Ren & Stimpy, Doug, Futurama, Space Jam, and countless commercials gives us a call to talk his new podcast and a trip down memory lane! We finished the show with a little tribute to our fallen friend Carter Lay… Bitches & Chips forever… Love you Carter!


Hello? McFly?

Think, McFly… Think! That’s right folks this week on The Ginia Nightly Show we were joined by Mr. George McFly (no, the other one) from Back to the Future Parts 2 & 3, Jeffrey Weissman! Jeffrey calls in to promote his Cruise to End Parkinson’s for the Michael J. Fox Foundation, and just stayed on until almost the end of the show! See you soon buddy! We also had the owner of who has made The Hott Spot the newest member of #TeamCaribeque Congrats...


The Ginia & Rutledge Hour

After years of begging, pleading, bribing, and offers of mailing unmentionables to him, Ginia had enough! She took it upon herself to venture into Georgia and kidnap Rutledge Wood, forcing him to answer our stupid questions about Top Gear, Lost In Transmission, NASCAR, and Hondas on the air! Discussions also involved RV shopping, Oliver Queen versus Hawkeye, and Scrabble! Thanks again @RutledgeWood


The Mr Ginia Nightly Show

It’s Jack’s birthday so what does Ginia Nightly do? She gives him the show (for the night)! Thank you Ginia! We had a visit from John Robert, and 11 year old boy from Tampa (who happens to be Jack & Ginia’s son) who’s raising money to help bring awareness to Alzheimer’s through t-shirt sales. To lighten the mood, Eddie McClintock called in to promote his upcoming theatrical performance Ginia will be gracing the same stage with him, so look out Los Angeles! Some music breaks,...


1...2...Ginia's Catfishing You

On tonight’s show Ginia gets Catfishes by the master when Nev Schulman calls to discuss his hit MTV show Catfish, his life beyond the show, and his new podcast! Then we fire up the DeLorean and head back in time with Ricky Dean Logan to chat about his roles in Back to the Future Part 2 & 3, and tips from Freddy’s Dead:The Final Nightmare on how to stay awake when Freddy Krueger comes a knocking! Visit to join the fight to end Parkinson’s


Duffified Characterz Eating Bacon and Racing For Charity

A jam packed Ginia Nightly as Swampy Marsh calls in to promote his upcoming charity race for A Walk On Water. Mitchel Musso from the upcoming film Characterz joins in on the call with Swampy, then gives us some behind the scenes goodies from the film! And if that wasn’t enough, Chef Brian Duffy introduced is to Periscope, and invited us to join him at this weeks America Loves Bacon Festival in Tampa! Let’s get Duffified!


Straight Outta Ginia

The gang is back together with special cohost Daphne! Jack talks about working on set of the Sci-fi film 5th Passenger, The stupidity of Kayne West, 50 Shades of Grey lube, Valentines Day, Teddy Bear Beastiality, and Bruce Jenner! We got a surprise call from Neil Brown Jr who's starring in the upcoming NWA biopic "Straight Outta Compton" and righted the show! Thanks, Neil!


Holiday Road

Back from a month hiatus, the guys discuss Jack & Ginia's new RV, Jack's trip to Hollywood for the Adopt The Arts event at The Roxy, how hot Kim Rhodes is, The Doors, Characterz movie, 5th Passenger movie, and Kevin Bartini calls in to promote his new album and gig with The Nightly Show


Ginia Makes A S'more

We’re back, baby! Tonight we discuss Amazon shopping, station upgrades, Christmas, porn voiceover, laptops, lost sheep, coconut fighting, and The Grinch stops by to see us off! Merry Christmas!


A Very Duffified Thanksgiving Beside Still Waters

Tonight on this Thanksgiving eve, Ginia is in the kitchen cooking, and Chin is in Alabama with a dead phone battery, so Jack & Hott Spot carry on! Jack is back from LA where he and Ginia had a great weekend hanging with Neil Brown Jr, and his lovely wife. Then they attended the Beside Still Waters premiere and after party where he got just drunk enough to tell Brett Dalton about his Agents of SHIELD tattoo (Hydra is forthcoming). Get the film NOW at...


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