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We're two Australians living in Guadalajara, Mexico - a beautiful country with a bad reputation. That's the Paradise Paradox. We're knowledge soldiers, educating the masses, or at least asking uncommon questions.

We're two Australians living in Guadalajara, Mexico - a beautiful country with a bad reputation. That's the Paradise Paradox. We're knowledge soldiers, educating the masses, or at least asking uncommon questions.
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Guadalajara, Mexico


We're two Australians living in Guadalajara, Mexico - a beautiful country with a bad reputation. That's the Paradise Paradox. We're knowledge soldiers, educating the masses, or at least asking uncommon questions.




Danger in Acapulco? With Luis F. Mises

A few weeks ago, ex-patriate John Galton was tragically shot dead in Acapulco, and a friend of his was also injured with three bullet wounds. The question of his death is complex, and in many ways it's not ours to discuss. The other question which it raised for many is, how safe is Acapulco? Every year many libertarians go to Anarchapulco to explore freedom in its many forms. Are they in any danger? And how can they best protect themselves? In this episode, Kurt interviews Luis...


Legit Uses for Crypto? With Chris Guida

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency still carry a stigma, promoted by Big Media, that their only uses are funding terrorism and buying drugs on the Dark Net. After the last bubble crashed in 2018, many people are even under the impression that the entirety of the technology is a pyramid scheme or otherwise a fraud. In fact, there are many legal uses for crypto, some of which are already current, and many which will be revealed in coming years. Some examples include: a store of value, monetary...


BANNED from Acapulco - Hip Hop by Kurt Robinson f. DJ WhoAmI

I can't enter Mexico legally, still banned from the country. So I decided to send a special musical message of love and peace all the way from Europe. With the help of my friend DJ WhoAmI, we recorded this bedroom set. 0:01 To Acapulco 3:31 Welcome speech 6:47 Pineapple Juice 9:39 Captains Of Industry 13:32 Why love? speech 16:54 Caterpillar Butterfly 19:29 False Flag 22:38 Don't Hold Dollars (Q.E.) 27:15 Be Grateful My Friends speech 30:15 Independently Minded 34:06 Brother...


State Sponsored Crypto in 2019? With Chris Guida

The Venezuelan government released the Petro in 2019... Sort of. says they have no data about what the current price is, and Coin Market Cap doesn't list it at all. It seems that it was a state-sponsored scam. A government releasing their own crypto isn't so important to the long-term success of the market. Cryptocurrencies are already finding adoption in one way or another - used in commerce or as fund-raising tools for new companies - in the world's largest nation: the...


Conscious Communication and Ethical Emergence - Michael Nimetz & ELAmental

Since 2015, hundreds of people have gone to Acapulco every year to celebrate liberty, and discuss how to make the world more free. Some of them decided to never leave, and some decided to keep coming back. In this episode, Kurt is joined by Acapulco expatriate Michael Nimetz, and Anarchapulco performer, MC ELAmental. If you've ever worked in a large organisation, you probably know that the rule is "The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing." That's why Michael is presenting...


Should I short bitcoin? With Chris Guida

After a solid year of bitcoin making low after low, you might think that it will continue to make new lows. You might even be so confident as to sell bitcoin short - that is, to borrow bitcoins in order to sell them, and profit when it goes lower. Would that be a smart move in market like this? Or would the opposite action be correct - has crypto been going down for so long that it's "due" for a turn around? Should you invest in cryptocurrency now, in February 2019? The other day I spoke...


Don't lose money! Cryptonomics

According to Warren Buffett, there are two rules to making money: 1. Don't lose money. 2. Don't forget Rule #1. Sounds pretty obvious, but the question is how to apply it to build your wealth over time? One vital tool is asset allocation - carefully dividing your portfolio over several markets, and rebalancing when they gain or lose share. Purchase a Trezor to keep your crypto safe: Please upvote on Steemit:...


Will Bitcoin be zero in 2020? - Questions for Crypto with Chris Guida

Is bitcoin going to zero in 2020? Probably not. I sat down with long-term Bitcoin enthusiast and smart guy, Chris Guida, to discuss this question. Chris's response was, the longer something continues, the more likely it is to continue. Bitcoin has been around for ten years, and so it's likely it will be around for ten years more. We also discussed the potential threats to cryptocurrency - some undiscovered bugs, states messing with it, sending NSA spies onto the dev team. Purchase a Trezor...


Do you regret buying bitcoin? With Chris Guida - Cryptonomics

The other day I sat down with my friend Chris Guida, long term Bitcoin enthusiast, software developer and all-round nice guy, to discuss some questions about cryptocurrency that people had raised on the Internet. Please upvote on Steemit: Watch on BitTube: Website: Facebook: YouTube: Firstly,...


Patreon Screws Itself - Cryptonomics

Patreon has blocked YouTuber Sargon of Akkad for dropping N bombs, calling it hate speech. Now many customers and creators are leaving Patreon even if they don't like Sargon. Turns out when it comes to people spending their money, they don't like being Patreon-ised. Purchase a Trezor to keep your crypto safe: Please upvote on Steemit: Website: Facebook:...


Magic Mushroom Messages - Interview with 434

Since the dawn of man, and maybe a few hours before, people have been using psychedelic substances to expand their consciousness, give them a greater perspective, and get in touch with something divine. Psilocybe mushrooms, peyote and other substances were seen as holy, a sacrament, a way to connect something deep within us. These days, many might consider that superstition, but as the public discourse and awareness of psychedelics grow, more people are talking about the sacraments'...


Get Rich, Save Money - Cryptonomics

If you want to invest in crypto or stocks or even your own business, you need to get capital first. I know from experience that saving small amounts of money every week can add up over the years. But you gotta find that money to save, to put that money into a fund to buy your own financial freedom, and it all starts with paying yourself first, being conscious of your money, learning restraint, and being grateful. You Need A Budget review:...


I was deported from Mexico

In 2017, Kurt was deported from Mexico for overstaying his tourist card, serving as a warning to all those ex-pats who let their papers lapse. In the detention centre, he met many fascinating characters, a kind drug-dealing hippie, a Romanian credit card fraudster, many Central Americans and many Indian gentlemen, trying to get to the United States to earn an honest living. In this episode Kurt is joined by former Paradise Paradoxian, Mr. Aaron Battle, and we discuss being deported,...


Financially Free in 4 Years? - Cryptonomics

Is it possible to become financially free within 4 years, the same amount of time it takes to complete a university degree? Maybe. In December 2018, the crypto market is lower than it's been in 16 months. That will send many running, but for contrarians looking for an opportunity, it looks great. Of course, to take advantage, you need to be careful with your money. Pay yourself first, tighten your purse strings, and remember your legacy. Then, glory may await you on the other side. Little...


How I Got My Bitcoins Back - Cryptonomics

In March 2017, I lost all of my bitcoin on a Brazilian exchange. After 20 months of mixed emotions, frustration, confusion and peace, I finally got my bitcoins back. Let me tell you the story on this exciting episode of Cryptonomics! Purchase a Trezor to keep your crypto safe: Please upvote on Steemit: Website: Facebook: YouTube:...


Money is Sacred - How I lost all my bitcoins - Cryptonomics

A lot of people believe that money is evil, or the love of money is the root of all evil. I don't believe that. In fact, I think the opposite. Money is actually sacred - it's this potent condensed form of energy which can be used to benefit people. Money is powerful, and it's beneficial to show it respect. Let me tell you a story about what happens when you don't show respect for money, about how I lost my bitcoins. By the way, I did end up getting my bitcoins back; it just took a really...


Bitcoin Is Too Hard To Use - UX in Crypto - Cryptonomics

Have you ever pulled on a door with a handle, only to realise it says "push"? What's the handle for? Have you ever had your washing machine lock its door on you, and then give you a really helpful message like "DOOR IS LOCKED"? People have these experiences all the time. Often they get frustrated. Sometimes they think "Aw geez I'm such a dummie for not knowing how to work this thing." But generally, it's not your fault. It's the fault of the designers for not keeping you in mind when they...


Crypto Crash! November 2018 - Cryptonomics

Months ago I talked about how to know when a market is overheated. It's a lot easier to tell when it's heated than when it's reaching bottom... People at the top are a lot louder, because they believe they're genius traders, they're rich and they've figured it all out. At the bottom, people aren't so public in admitting that they've lost thousands of dollars. So it gets quiet. And it has been quiet for the last month. Now with Bitcoin dropping again, it seems like nobody is even crying about...


Bitcoin Will NEVER Reach Mass Adoption - Cryptonomics

Bitcoin will never reach mass adoption - that's my case here. It's not because there's anything wrong with Bitcoin of itself. It's simply because Bitcoin isn't aiming for mass adoption. The Bitcoin team isn't focused on mass adoption, and maybe they never were. They're focused on something else - I don't know exactly what, something technical, some kind of engineering miracle. I know they're not focused on mass adoption, because mass adoption comes with user experience. The way you get...


Nobody cares about cryptocurrency - Cryptonomics

You might know that Bitcoin is money for the Internet, a system where no one person has the power to change the ledger. What you might not know is, why should you care? How is it going to help people escape poverty, find prosperity, to hold governments accountable, to push banks to reform or be forgotten? Let's talk about the potential that cryptocurrency has to change the future for regular people like you. Please upvote on Steemit: Website:...