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Timothy Lawson and Derek Rowe discuss new ideas and topics they want you to hear about.

Timothy Lawson and Derek Rowe discuss new ideas and topics they want you to hear about.
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Timothy Lawson and Derek Rowe discuss new ideas and topics they want you to hear about.






TD52: Tim & Derek Do What They Want has come to an end - Thank you for listening

Tim & Derek Do What They Want has come to an end - Thank you for listening


TD51: Bacon is Magic - a look into travel blogging feat Ayngelina Brogan

We love travel and have mad respect for travel bloggers. Its a tough industry and Ayngelina Brogan has managed to make a name for herself through her site baconismagic.com About Ayngelina and her site: Five years ago I left a career in advertising to share stories of people + places behind the meals I enjoy around the world. Today Bacon is Magic is about how a professional chef and professional eater balance their passions of love and travel. Creating a delicious life both at home and abroad...


TD50: Productivity Tips - Email, Making Decisions, and Taking Breaks

Tim LOVES productivity. The little practices we can put into place are awesome and liberating. We've talked about productivy and mobile lifestyle resources before, but we have some additional thoughts in this episode. Tim covers: Controlling your email using Boomerang or Inbox PauseRules for making decisions - using only 20 minutes on non-essentialsTaking frequent breaks - taking a break once an hour can increase production Do you practice any of these techniques? Let us know on Twitter...


TD49: Marriage can be so gay - Response on SCOTUS decision for marriage equality

Tim and Derek share their thoughts on SCOTUS decision to legalize gay marriage and open up marriage for all.


TD48: Traveling while Vegan - are there challenges? feat Meghan-Rose O'Neill

A follower of veganism is known as a vegan. Distinctions are sometimes made between different categories of veganism. Dietary vegans (or strict vegetarians) refrain from consuming animal products, not only meat but also eggs, dairy products and other animal-derived substances. So, Tim has always wondered if there are challenges with being vegan during international travel. Tim's friend, Meghan, provides a glimpse into her experiences of traveling through Europe while vegan. Use #TD48 to join...


TD47: Minecraft - What makes this blocky game so popular? feat Marc Watson

Today we decided to talk with Marc Watson of Mojang to discuss the creation, grown, and popularity of the game Minecraft. Minecraft is a sandbox independent video game originally created by Swedish programmer Markus "Notch" Persson and later developed and published by the Swedish company Mojang Marc helps us understand why the game has become so popular among all demographics and what sets it apart from other "free to roam" or "sandbox" games. Have you played Minecraft? What have you built?...


TD46: The Fundamentals of Predicting Human Behavior

Today, Derek wants to talk to you about human behavior and how it can be predictable. Derek pulls from his experience with games, poker, and rock paper scissors to explain the fundamentals. Predicting human behavior can help you navigate social interactions, competition, and more. What do you think of these ideas? Can you see yourself applying them? Enjoy! Be sure to join the conversation on Twitter using #TD46 @TimLawson21 @DerekTylerRowe @LawsonEntertain


TD45: Active Listening - Why is it important and how can do be better at it?

Listening is important. It displays interest, caring, understanding, and empathy. Today, Derek wants to talk about how to be an active listener. It is very important to him. How can we be better at active listening?What does it mean to care?Why is active listening so important?How does active listening display empathy? What do you think? Use #TD45 on Twitter to comment on this episode. @TimLawson21 @DerekTylerRowe Thank you for listening.


TD44: Joe Budden Quotes - Deconstructing and deciphering his lyrics

Joe Budden is Tim's favorite artist. Tim loves his music and lives by a few of his lyrics. In this episode, Tim and Derek go over a handful of Joe's lyrics and discuss them. Lyrics were pulled from the following songs: All of MeStuck in the MomentLong Way to GoDo TellAngel in my LifeOnly Human Do you interpret these lyrics differently? Tell us in the comments! Thank you for taking the time to listen. Be sure to subscribe in iTunes and hit us up on Twitter: @TimLawson21 @DerekTylerRowe...


TD43: The challenge and value of raising a child

Derek wants to talk with you about the value of raising a child and the challenges that come with it. Now, neither Tim nor Derek have any kids, but Derek has done a bunch of research that brings some unique ideas to the table. Much of his material references the work of Donald Winnicott, Donald Winnicott was an English paediatrician and psychoanalyst who was especially influential in the field of object relations theory. This isn't meant to be preachy. These are just some important ideas to...


TD42: The Physics and Engineering of 9/11 feat Andrew Steele of AE911Truth.org

This week Derek wants to touch on a very sensitive subject: September 11. To help us with the conversation, we've invited Andrew Steele of AE911Truth. About AE911Truth: Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization of architects, engineers, and affiliates dedicated to researching and disseminating scientific information about the complete destruction of all three World Trade Center skyscrapers on September 11, 2001, with the ultimate goal of...


TD41: Reflections from Chicago - Self Worth, Being a Tool, Productivity, & Relax

Tim and Derek took a short trip to Chicago. They spent 72 hours relaxing and thinking. Derek wants to lead a conversation on the reflections he's had since the trip. Tim and Derek talk about what they've observed regarding: Productivity and benefits of not being productive.What it means to be a "tool" and how saying that word can make you oneRelaxingRealizing self-worth Thank you for taking the time to listen. Be sure to subscribe in iTunes and hit us up on Twitter: @TimLawson21...


TD40: What you can't see might hurt you

Derek wants to touch on suicide. We've already looked at suicide prevention on this show, but now we'll look at an insensitive perception that suicide is cowardice. Derek has observed this notion quite a bit and Tim leads the 1, 2, Many: Veteran Suicide project, so these two do a great job of addressing the situation. What do you think? Thank you for taking the time to listen. Be sure to subscribe in iTunes and hit us up on Twitter: Thanks for listening! Enjoy. @TimLawson21 @DerekTylerRowe...


TD39: Building a City from Scratch

Derek wants to talk to you about how to build a city from scratch. We're talking about a city that can sustain 500,000 people. Derek is going to cover: Who needs to be involvedWhere the money needs to come fromWhere this city would thriveGhost cities in ChinaWhy this would be difficult in the United States Did you know China builds ghost cities. Their most popular one is probably Ordos. Would you be interested in Derek's new city? Do you think this could work? Thank you for taking the time...


TD38: The Venus Project - Update, Reflection, and Challenging the Ideas

Episode 33 of Tim and Derek Do What They Want featured Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows of The Venus Project. We have gotten some great feedback and have seen side conversations started as a result of this episode. Derek wants to reflect on what we learned from that talk with Jacque and Roxanne and update you with his thoughts. He covers: The Venus ProjectOdd legislature in LouisianaMaslow's Heirarchy of needs Tim wants to play Devil's Advocate and challenge these ideas so we can better...


TD37: Memorial Day Shaming, the Patriot Complex, and How to Remember the Fallen

Monday May 25th is Memorial Day. It is a day for us to remember those that sacrificed their lives for this great nation. Over the past few years, there have been "shaming" campaigns each year to criticize how people decide to spend their Memorial Day. Memes and other posts float around in attempt to guilt trip those that are using the day as a holiday rather than a day of remembrance. Tim wants to address this and other issues surrounding veteran holidays. As a Marine Veteran, Tim has plenty...


TD36: Lose Your Virginity - or don't - Do what You Want

We have ANOTHER guest on this episode. Guests all over the place. Today we bring Brice Barnett from The Standard Nerds. We invited Brice to join us in a dicussion on his virginity. Brice is a 30 year old virgin and he's totally cool with it. We talk about the stigma that surrounds virginity and dive into the importance of healthy relationships: phyically, emotionally, and mentally


TD35: Sports Betting & Fantasy Sports - Skill or Luck? featuring Gill Alexander

Gill Alexander is a professional sports bettor and host of Beating the Book podcast. He's been in the industry for many years and has great insight on the industry. Tim, Derek, and Gill lead a thoughtul and interesting conversation regarding: Games of skillGames of chanceFantasy vs Sports BettingPoker and tax implicationsThe culture aroung gambling Be sure to let us know your opinion and check out Gill's podcast if you're into sports and sports betting. We're all on Twitter: @TimLawson21...


TD34: Reporting and Journalism from conflict zones featuring Trey Yingst

Trey Yingst is an experienced journalist. Much of his experience comes from dangerous areas such as Ferguson, Gaza City, and Baltimore. Tim and Derek talk with Trey about what it's like to report from a conflict area. We cover things such as: How to get both sides of the story amidst chaosHow to stay safeHow he chooses the angle for his storyThe temptation to fight back against attackersThe evolution of the hashtag throughout an eventCorresponding with larger media groups like CNN, ABC, Dr....


TD33: The Venus Project featuring Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows

This week we have Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows from The Venus Project. The Venus Project proposes an alternative vision of what the future can be if we apply what we already know in order to achieve a sustainable new world civilization. It calls for a straightforward redesign of our culture in which the age-old inadequacies of war, poverty, hunger, debt and unnecessary human suffering are viewed not only as avoidable, but as totally unacceptable. Anything less will result in a...