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Discussions on Horror, the Metaphysical, the Paranormal, and the Truly Strange.

Discussions on Horror, the Metaphysical, the Paranormal, and the Truly Strange.
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Queens, NY


Discussions on Horror, the Metaphysical, the Paranormal, and the Truly Strange.






Filmmaking Sucks - Women In Horror Panel at Macabre Faire

This week, we bring you something very special! On January 14th, the Macabre Faire Film Festival hosted a Women In Media panel, and we are proud to bring you the audio of that discussion. All of the women involved are making huge strides, advancing the way people view women working in horror today. Hosted by Adam Ginsberg, the panel members include: Lindsay Serrano (Producer/Director/Writer www.massgravepictures.com) Debra Markowitz (Writer/Director/Producer...


Filmmaking Sucks - Cinematography Panel

Channel X is unfortunately on a bit of an unscheduled break due to weather and previous event commitments, but we will return! In the meantime, i will be adding the previous episodes of Filmmaking Sucks to the feed, as well as some Mario Likes Movies episodes to tide you guys over! This week on Filmmaking Sucks we are proud to bring you the audio from a Cinematography Panel hosted by Manny Serrano and Patrick Devaney at the Macabre Faire Film Festival. The panel itself discusses the...


The Filmmaking Sucks Podcast - Episode 1

Hey everyone, we here at Mass Grave have started a new podcast entitled Filmmaking Sucks, where we will be discussing the pitfalls of independent film production! It is completely different in nature from What Lurks On Channel X, but we thought some of you may be interested in checking it out! So we are adding the first episode or two to the Channel X feed in the downtime between Channel X episodes. If you dig the new show, you can subscribe to it via iTunes (more outlets coming soon), and...


Krampusnacht and other Christmas Creatures

In our Final episode for the year, we discuss our favorite Christmastime tradition, The Krampus! We also delve into a few of other lesser known Christmas Creatures of yuletide past. We will return with a new episode on January 12th, and in the new year, we will begin a new podcast, with Mario Melillo, entitled Filmmaking Sucks! So look out for the first few episodes of that in this feed as well. Happy Holidays to all of our wonderful listeners, have a safe and happy holiday, and a very...



On this post-Thanksgiving episode, we have decided to discuss something we all love and hold near and dear to our hearts: food! And not just any food, but human flesh! From the Pilgrims at Jamestown, to Jeffrey Dahmer and the Infamous, Richard Trenton Chase, we discuss multiple instances of cannibalism. We will cover the different types of cannibalism, as well as explain why, in the event of the apocalypse, you need to leave your vegetarian friends behind to fend for themselves! This...


Archive - Mario Likes Movies: Cannibal Films

Unfortunately due to a medical issue, which I will not get into at the moment, Manny, Lynn and Erik were unable to get together recently to bring you a new episode. So, we dug into the old Mario Likes Movies archives, to bring you a discussion on Cannibal Films! We'll be back next week with a brand new discussion on, as luck would have it, Cannibalism! In the meantime, check out Marios newest endeavors covering a pelthora of videosgames and nerd culture in general, as well as his...



Happy Turkey Day everyone! While most people are sitting around a table eating (and we hope enjoying) dinner, we have decided to bring you a special bonus episode of Channel X, where we discuss one of the oldest supernatural legends of North America, the Native American Skinwalker. Unfortunately, Manny spent three days dealing with a tooth infection, so the episode is a little late, but fret not! The discussion is just as compelling! The history of this creature goes back centuries, but is...


Are We Moving To Canada?

In a discussion that's sure to be extremely polarizing, Manny, Lindsay and Erik sit down to discuss the 2016 election results. We had planned this to be a 20-30 minute discussion and only intended to be broadcast on Facebook Live, but it ran much longer than expected. So, here is the full discussion on Trump VS Hillary 2016! Subscribe to us on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn or one of the many other podcast apps out there! Is there an app you prefer which we are not available on? Please email us...


Black Eyed Children

We hope everyone had a very Happy Halloween! Starting the show off, we discuss our Halloween plans, or lack thereof. Then, after the shot break, Manny, Lindsay and Erik discuss the phenomena of Black Eyed Children! Are these encounters true, or are they simply an urban legend? Subscribe to us on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn or one of the many other podcast apps out there! Is there an app you prefer which we are not available on? Please email us and let us know at...


Satanic Panic! An All Hallows Eve Mixtape!

Happy Halloween! If you haven't noticed, Halloween is our favorite holiday around here at Channel X. So, we bring you a very special Halloween Mixtape of frightful songs, themes and sounds to kickstart this night of terrifying tricks and delightful treats! Have a happy and save night everyone from us here at What Lurks On Channel X!


Witch Hunting

This week on the show, we discuss the horrible history of Witch Hunting in America and beyond! From ole England and colonial Salem, to modern day Africa, witches have been persecuted everywhere. We discuss the history of Witch Hunters, beginning with the Malleus Malefecarum (the Witch Hunters Bible) and how the early Christians adapted society to fit the religion. We cover the first American Witch Trials, in 1662 Connecticut. Surprisingly, there are indeed still Witch Trials happening...


The History of Creepy Clown Sightings

Happy Halloween to you all! Well, it's not Halloween quite yet...but to us, October IS Halloween! So, this week on the show, Manny, Lynn and Erik discuss the (not-so) recent rash of creepy clown sightings. As it turns out, this is not the first time incidents like this have occurred. In fact, it happens so often, and is so strange, it has been dubbed "The Phantom Clown Theory." So we decided to delve into some of the more infamous, and truly frightening, accounts of Creepy Clown sightings...


Murderous Animals

This week, we took a break from the usual doom and gloom of our show (sorta) and discussed some of the craziest animal attacks in history! We begin by waxing about female vocal fry, the new Natasha Lyonne movie AntiBirth, and 12 Monkeys in a futile attempt to segue into our topic for the day, while drinking Ecto Cooler. After the break, we begin by discussing the numerous Nile Crocodiles which have recently been found in Florida. We then discuss numerous accounts of the various types of...


True Ghost Stories Interview

About three weeks ago, Manny was fortunate enough to be interviewed on the paranormal radio show, True Ghost Stories. The show is hosted by Adam Ginsberg and Sherri Emily, and can be regularly heard on Monday Nights at 10pm eastern time on WLOR.NET. So, this week we are presenting the interview in full to you, our Channel X Listeners. On the show they have interviewed a plethora of paranormal investigation crews, so i was very excited when Adam asked me to be a guest on the show. we...


The Political Commentary Of Batman Vs Superman

This may be a strange topic for us to discuss, a little off of what you normally get from Channel X, but it's something we've been discussing privately for a few months now, and we wanted to do it publicly. Imagine that Batman is the Democratic Party and Superman is the Republican Party. That's all I'll say as a precursor.. Listen in! Music from Without You, I'm Hunting Them is available at: wekeepoddhours.bandcamp.com


Was HH Holmes Actually Jack The Ripper? Part II

Last week, we discussed claims made by Jeff Mudgett, Great Great Grandson of serial killer H H Holmes, of Holmes actually being Jack The Ripper. Lindsay did some research, and we have decided to sit down again and discuss the validity of Mudgett's claims, his book, and how he came across this information.


Creepy Tales From Channel X - Gateway Of The Mind

We enjoy reading Creepypastas and NoSleep stories. Occasionally we would like to present you with some of our favorites. Here is the first one we have chosen - Gateway Of The Mind. Subscribe to us on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn or one of the many other podcast apps out there! Is there an app you prefer which we are not available on? Please email us and let us know at channelxpodcast@gmail.com!


Was HH Holmes Actually Jack The Ripper?

We're back! After a few months hiatus, Channel X returns! Manny, Erik and Lindsay tackle some updates first. We start off discussing Eriks health and post-production on Theta States. Afterwards, we cover a few points we missed on previous episodes, including: Final thoughts on The Mandela Effect The Mystery of Elisa Lam The History of The Cecil Hotel HH Holmes: Evidence that he may actually be Jack The Ripper? Along the way we talk about serial killers, true crime shows, and exercise...


True Ghost Stories and The Movies Inspired By Them

Here is a Re-Broadcast of a previous episode of Mario Likes Movies, where we first discussed the prospect of the Channel X Podcast. Happy New Year! We begin this episode with an update on Eriks health, and what we've been up to the last few weeks. On this weeks episode Manny and Mario discuss True Ghost Stories and the movies inspired by them. It is a re-broadcast of an episode of the Mario Likes Movies Podcast from last year. Channel X will return with new episodes very soon. On the...


UFO Sightings

We start the episode off with some unfortunate news. Since the recording of this episode, Erik has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, and is currently undergoing surgery to remove it. We do not know when he will return to the show, but we will keep you updated on his progress and recovery. Please send any and all well-wishes to us at channelxpodcast@gmail.com. This week, Manny and Erik discuss two of the most infamous UFO Sightings in history; The Battle Of Los Angeles and The Phoenix...