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Are you an audio professional or want to be one? Do you want to know how other audio professionals got to where they are? Do you love recording but want to know about more than just gear? Learn how to survive and thrive as an audio professional. The Working Class Audio PodcastNavigating the World of Recording with a Working Class Perspective.

Are you an audio professional or want to be one? Do you want to know how other audio professionals got to where they are? Do you love recording but want to know about more than just gear? Learn how to survive and thrive as an audio professional. The Working Class Audio PodcastNavigating the World of Recording with a Working Class Perspective.


Lafayette, CA


Are you an audio professional or want to be one? Do you want to know how other audio professionals got to where they are? Do you love recording but want to know about more than just gear? Learn how to survive and thrive as an audio professional. The Working Class Audio PodcastNavigating the World of Recording with a Working Class Perspective.




WCA #338 with Jessica Thompson - Backup Strategies, File Management, Spending Money To Make Money, and Silver Linings

My guest today is GRAMMY-nominated mastering and restoration engineer, audio preservationist, and educator Jessica Thompson. Jessica originally appeared on WCA in episode #080, and I'm thrilled to have her back on the show to talk about backup strategies for audio, restoration, some gear talk, and changes in her new studio she is planning at her house. In this episode, we discuss: Admin Work Archiving Formats File Management Backup Strategies Working From Home Data Tape Restore DAT Tapes...


WCA #337 with Peter Claes - Live Sound, YouTube, Sharing Knowledge, and The Family Music Shop

My guest today is live sound mixer, audio coach, and noise abatement consultant Peter Claes, who lives in Hasselt, Belgium. Peter has a great Youtube channel that I watch called Masterclaes (spelled with his last name in mind ) Master Claes, and I enjoy his approach to teaching and sharing knowledge. After connecting on Linkedin, we made arrangements to join me to share his experience working in live sound with bands such as Simple Monds, The Human League, and Arsenal. In this episode, we...


WCA #336 with Val Garay - Making Hits, Teaching Others, Coaching Assistants, and The Stanford School of Medicine

My guest today is producer, engineer, mixer Val Garay. Val has had an incredible career working with Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, Kenny Rogers, Ringo Starr, Bonnie Raitt, Neil Diamond, Dolly Parton, Pablo Cruise, Queensrÿche, Santana, and many others. Val has garnered 5 Grammy wins, over 100 gold and platinum records, an Emmy nomination, and over 125 million worldwide record sales. In 1982, he shared a Grammy Award for Record of the Year with Kim Carnes for the iconic song, "Bette Davis...


WCA #335 with Dan Alexander - Vintage Recording Gear, Guitars, Radical Parents, Bill Putnam, and The Drain of The Studio Business

My guest today is engineer, former studio owner, author, and vintage gear dealer, Dan Alexander. Dan was a fixture of the Bay Area recording scene in San Francisco for many years. He ran the same studio space I did, the former Coast Recorders building on Mission Street in San Francisco as well as Coast on Harrison. He’s spent many years of his life buying and selling vintage guitars and vintage recording equipment which we will talk about. He’s got a new book out called “Dan Alexander Audio:...


WCA #334 with Jack Rubinacci - Dealing with Tinnitus, Working with Tchad Blake, iPad Production, and Sleeping By The Hotel Piano

My guest today is musician, songwriter, author, and producer, Jack Rubinacci. Born in Rome, raised in the UK, and now residing in Norway. Jack has been through the music industry on both sides of the glass including recorded his debut release with Tchad Blake Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios, he’s sold produced and mixed his own releases, he’s opened for Joe Cocker, Lionel Richie, and Arcade Fire to name a few. Like many in the industry, Jack suffers from Tinnitus. He’s written two books...


WCA #333 with Alex Crescioni - Doom Metal, Peter & The Wolf, Bad Intern Experiences, and Garage Sale Four-Tracks

My guest today is producer, engineer, mixer Alex Crescioni. Alex is based in Los Angeles at his studio Stygian Sound, located in the legendary Sound City studio complex. He works with a wide variety of rock & metal bands on Nuclear Blast Records, Napalm Records, Wind-Up Records, Craft Recordings, Cleopatra Records, Metal Assault Records, Steamhammer Records, Sliptrick Records, EMP Label Group, Gore House Productions, Frontiers Records, Danse Macabre Records, and Minotauro Records. I've...


WCA #332 with Frank Filipetti - METAlliance, Physics to Music, Starting Late, Sticking With It, and Right Track Recording

My guest today is Frank Filipetti, a producer, engineer, mixer, and a seven-time Grammy winner. Frank has worked with many artists, including Foreigner, KISS, Carly Simon, The Bangles, Barbra Streisand, Ray Charles, Billy Joel, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Elton John, Rod Stewart, and Paul McCartney, to name a few. Frank talks to us from his home in Connecticut about his journey, which I think you'll enjoy very much. In this episode, we discuss: Parental Impact Grammar School Band Physics to Music...


WCA #331 with Michael Castañeda - Tape Syncs, Podcasts, Network of Friends, West Covina, and Getting Super Lucky

My guest today is Michael Castañeda, who is an audio engineer who does location recordings, post-production, producing, and consultation for podcasts. In this episode, we discuss: West Covina Tape Syncs Covid Audio Practices Cassettes Drum & Bugle Corps. School Band Citrus Community College UC San Diego Sending Resumes Craigslist Illness Reality Show Gigs The Grind of TV Recording School Bands Getting Super Lucky The Gift of Audio Gear Live Sound Podcast Work Network of Friends Enjoying Gigs...


WCA #330 with Bill Schnee - Love of Radio, Grammy’s, Dad Jokes, Faith, The R Word, and The Chairman at the Board

My guest today is Bill Schnee who is an internationally renowned producer, engineer, and mix master. He has over 125 Gold and Platinum records and 50 top twenty singles and is known as an engineer’s engineer. Bill has worked on dozens of Grammy-nominated and winning albums, and has been personally nominated 11 times for The Best Engineered Album category, winning twice for Steely Dan’s Aja and Gaucho. He also has won an Emmy Award for Best Sound Mixing for a Variety Special and a Dove Award....


WCA #329 with Joe Caithness - Pragmatic Studio Building, Meta Data, Professionalism, Office Hours, and Gear Poverty

My guest today is Mastering Engineering Joe Caithness. Joe has worked on mastering the soundtrack music for games such as Borderlands, and Tekken, the soundtracks for the Netflix movie Close, bands such as Don Martin 3 and Palooka 5 and he does it all from the comfort of his mastering studio located in his backyard in Nottingham, England. In this episode, we discuss: Shakespeare Early PC Recording Clutter Being An Audio Introvert Forums GateKeeper Mentality Online Mentors Gear Poverty...


WCA #328 with Alan Evans - Open Concept Recording, Studio Remodeling, Remote Teaching, Template Mixing, and Selling Vinyl Records

My guest today is producer, engineer, mixer, multi-instrumentalist, singer and, songwriter, Alan Evans. This is Alan’s second time on the podcast. He first joined us on episode 133. This time around He talks to us from Massachusetts where we have a great chat about his studio and, his record label, and what’s been happening lately in his life. In this episode, we discuss: Studio Remodeling Alan's Record Label Remote Teaching Audio Minimalism Vinyl Flooring Great Musicians Open Concept...


WCA #327 with Trina Shoemaker - Temp Jobs, Sheryl Crow, Daniel Lanois, Writing a Novel, Drug Runs, and Dads' Control Room

My guest today is Grammy-winning producer/engineer and mixer, Trina Shoemaker. Trina has worked with Sheryl Crow, Tanya Tucker, the Indigo Girls, Pearl Jam, Patty Griffen, and many, many more. Trina comes to us by way of former WCA guest and friend Andrew Scheps who helped make the introduction. We have a great discussion that I think you’ll enjoy. In this episode, we discuss: Growing Up In Joliet, Illinois Concerts in Chicago Jackson 5 Dads’ “Control Room” Chicago Los Angeles Drive Aways...


WCA #326 with Stephen Dent - Working with Sean Combs, Go-go, House of Sound, Bob Rosa, DC, and The Forest Gump Effect

My guest today is Grammy Nominated engineer Stephen Dent. Stephen has worked on records for Notorious B.I.G, Sean Combs, Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans, and Lil Kim. He also spent a number of years running Daddy’s House, the studio owned by Sean “Diddy” Combs located in Brooklyn. I met Stephen while participating in rooms on Club House. I reached out and he accepted my invitation to come on the show. We have a great conversation and I’m looking forward to you hearing about his journey. In this...


WCA #325 with Jason LaRocca - Mixing Music for Films and Games, Starting A Band, Fortnite, Working Smarter, and Breakfast with The Beatles

My guest today is producer, mixer, and scoring engineer Jason LaRocca. Jason has worked on films such as “Bad Boys for Life,” “Paddington,” “Aquaman,” “The Accountant,” “Joy”, “Godzilla: King of Monsters,” Blumhouse horror hit “Ma,” and the 2018 Oscar-winning documentary “Icarus.” Jason also mixed the music for the smash-hit video game “Fortnite" as well as “Cyberpunk” and “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.” Jason is formerly known as the singer/guitarist of the acclaimed punk band, The Briggs. In...


WCA #324 with Steve Genewick - Mixing for ATMOS, Al Schmitt, High-Pressure Sessions, Saying No to Gigs, and Cancer

My guest today is Grammy-nominated engineer, Steve Genewick. Steve is making a return appearance on WCA. With 30 years of experience and 20 of that spent working alongside Al Schmitt, Steve has worked all over the world with artists such as Paul McCartney, Diana Krall, and LL Cool Jay as well as games such as Apex Legend. Lately, Steve is deep into remixing classic records for release in ATMOS. In this episode, we discuss: Preparing Capital for COVID Mixing Atmos from Home Setting up for...


WCA #323 with David Gnozzi - MixBusTV, Bodybuilding, Horror Movies, Marvel Comics, and Knowing Your Limits

My guest today is producer/engineer/mixer David Gnozzi. Originally from Tuscany and now living in Los Angeles, David hosts the very popular MixBusTV channel on YouTube and works in a variety of genres. In this episode, we discuss: MixBusTV Tuscany Moving to LA Dave Pensado Being Bullied Metal and Rage Marvel Comics At Home In The US Trial and Error Being a Virgo Bodybuilding Self Discipline Misinformation False Expectations Bella Kelly Irons in the Fire Dead Lifting Health Knowing Your...


WCA #322 with Matthew Rifino - NBC's The Today Show, Union Work, Mixing Bands, Home Studio Build, and Free Wood

My guest today is Matthew Rifino who is a music mixer for NBC's The Today Show as well as a freelance engineer. Matthew has worked with so many top names in music it would be futile to list them all here. That said, he is a 5 Time Emmy Award Winner for his mixing work in television. In this episode, we discuss: New Jersey Upbringing Don Mcclean Recording Lessons Pushing Boundaries Influence of Grandparents Tony Bongiovi/Power Station Five Towns College 911's Effect on Studios Mixing Bands...


WCA #321 with Dave Way - Pretending To Be a Beatle, Serendipitous Events, Home Studio Economics, and The Apple Farm Assassin

My guest today is producer, engineer, mixer Dave Way. Dave has a huge discography and a load of experience to share. He talks to us from his studio in Southern California, The Way Station. In this episode, we discuss: Apple Farm Assassin The Nun With A Guitar Pretending To Be a Beatle Hearing Life Through Cassette Early Mono Recording Music vs. Baseball Berklee College of Music New York Studios Dance Remixes Gig Opportunities Teddy Riley 120 Hour Weeks Competitiveness Serendipitous Events...


WCA #320 with Sam Sherbin - The influence of Bruce Swedien, Mixing During Covid, Simple Setups, Meditation, and 99 cent Pizzas

My guest today is New York-based mix engineer Sam Sherbin. Sam studied under the late great Bruce Swedien and Manny Marroquin. Sam is also behind the podcast called In The Zone. In this episode, we discuss: Studying with a Bruce Swedien Listening to Thriller with Bernie Grundman and Bruce Sonic Personality Dropping Out 99 cent pizzas Mixing During Covid Pivoting into Podcasting Management The Money Talk Meditation Mental Health Simple Setups Balancing Matt's Rant: Revisiting Audio Minimalism...


WCA #319 with Michael Brauer - Total Clarity, Mixing From Your Heart, Transcendental Meditation, Forgetting Balance, and Having a Great Team

My guest today is Grammy Award-winning mix engineer Michael Brauer. Michael has worked with Coldplay, John Mayer, The Rolling Stones, My Morning Jacket, and Bob Dylan, to name a few. In this episode, we discuss: Speaking French with Mom Playing in Bands Drummer/Soundman Total Clarity Working in Shipping Being Ready to Help Regional Sounds Daytime Jingles Luther Vandross Dancing Going to England Shaving the Mustache Producing Fear of Sounding Like Others Greg Calbi Self Evaluation Focusing on...