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Are you an audio professional or want to be one? Do you want to know how other audio professionals got to where they are? Do you love recording but want to know about more than just gear? Learn how to survive and thrive as an audio professional. The Working Class Audio Podcast Navigating the World of Recording with a Working Class Perspective.

Are you an audio professional or want to be one? Do you want to know how other audio professionals got to where they are? Do you love recording but want to know about more than just gear? Learn how to survive and thrive as an audio professional. The Working Class Audio Podcast Navigating the World of Recording with a Working Class Perspective.


Lafayette, CA


Are you an audio professional or want to be one? Do you want to know how other audio professionals got to where they are? Do you love recording but want to know about more than just gear? Learn how to survive and thrive as an audio professional. The Working Class Audio Podcast Navigating the World of Recording with a Working Class Perspective.




WCA #319 with Michael Brauer - Total Clarity, Mixing From Your Heart, Transcendental Meditation, Forgetting Balance, and Having a Great Team

My guest today is Grammy Award-winning mix engineer Michael Brauer. Michael has worked with Coldplay, John Mayer, The Rolling Stones, My Morning Jacket, and Bob Dylan, to name a few. In this episode, we discuss: Speaking French with Mom Playing in Bands Drummer/Soundman Total Clarity Working in Shipping Being Ready to Help Regional Sounds Daytime Jingles Luther Vandross Dancing Going to England Shaving the Mustache Producing Fear of Sounding Like Others Greg Calbi Self Evaluation Focusing on...


WCA #318 with Andy D. Park - Idealism, Making Mistakes, Persistence, and TV Detectives

My guest today is Seattle-based producer-engineer Andy D. Park. Andy has worked with Death Cab for Cutie, John Van Deusen. K Flay, The Deftones, Alice in Chains, Pearl jam, and Soundgarden. He talks to us from his freshly built studio at his home in Seattle. In this episode, we discuss: Idealism Recording Schools Making Mistakes Tucson to Seattle Persistence Learning Lessons The Beauty of Seattle Working at a Bookstore Eddie Vedder Freelancing Obama Care 24 Hours with Chance the Rapper &...


WCA #317 with Ryan Gilligan - Quad Studios, Busta Rhymes, Duffle Bags of Hard Drives, Michael Brauer, and Mixing Based on Emotion

My guest today is Grammy award-winning mixer engineer and producer Ryan Gilligan. Ryan got his start at Quad Studios in New York, where he started as an intern, then assistant before taking on a year-long engineering gig for Busta Rhymes. Following that, he returned to Quad and began a mentorship with Michael Brauer that would last for seven years. He worked alongside artists, such as Coldplay, John Mayer, Kanye West, Shakira, Grizzly Bear, and many others. Eventually, he moved to Los...


WCA #316 with Jenny Ortiz aka mixedbyJNY - Behind The Scenes Videos, Using Social Media, Networking, Having Patience and Plan B

My guest today is Jenny Ortiz, also known as mixedbyJNY. Jenny has worked with K.A.A.N., JLA, Contraband, and Thurs. She talks to us from her home and home studio in Southern California, where we have a great conversation. In this episode, we discuss: Behind The Scenes Videos College Audio Wrapping Cables Shantih Hasst of Studio 770 Interning Aligning Tape Machines Being a Dispatcher Spreading Her Wings Networking Using Social Media Being a Runner Not Depending on Others Marketing Herself...


WCA #315 with Paul Fig - Punk Rock Ethics, Handling Crashes, Mailbox Money, Managers, and Getting Out of the Chair

My guest today is engineer, musician Paul Fig. Paul has worked with Alice In Chains, Slipknot, Bush, the Def Tones, Rush, Stone Sour, The Mars Volta, and Johnny Cash. Paul's also worked alongside Joe Barresi, Matt Hyde, Don Smith, Matt Wallace, David Bianco, George Drakoulias, and Greg Fidelman. He's a former member of the band Amen. And when he's not working on other people's records, he's working on music for television and film, including the HBO documentary series Sonic Highways, Fox...


WCA #314 with Shuta Shinoda - Tokyo to London, Sacrificing, Visa Challenges, Surviving, and Listening to Your Instincts

My guest today is engineer Shuta Shinoda. Based in London, originally from Tokyo. We talk all about Shuta's journey from Japan to the UK and everything in between. In this episode, we discuss: Learning Audio Visa Challenges Working in Japan Working in England Cleaning windows English classes Sacrificing Peak time Train Battles Moving to London Connecting with Local Bands Surviving During Covid Future Outlook Listening to your Instincts Matt's Rant: A Little Business and a Little Inspiration...


WCA #313 with John Baffa - Cal Arts, Stable Shows, Forecasting, Creating a Reverb Chamber, and The Hardest Thing About Teaching Audio

My guest today is Grammy award-winning recording engineer John Baffa. He's worked with a wide array of people, including Mike Patton, Henry Rollins, the Melvins, as well as the Los Angeles percussion quartet. He joins us from his home in Southern California, and we talk about many things, including his work at Cal Arts as an instructor. John Baffa, coming up here on the working class audio podcast. In this episode, we discuss: John's Diverse Upbringing Live Sound Touring The Troubadour FOH...


WCA #312 with Jesse Cannon - Panic Attacks, Producing, Podcasts, Diversifying, Steve Albini and Big Words

My guest today is Jesse Cannon. Jesse is a man who covers a lot of territory. He produces, engineers, mixes, and masters. He hosts podcasts, he's an author, and he's the host of a YouTube channel. He does a lot of stuff, and he comes to us as a recommendation from our good friend, former WCA guest, Steve Evetts, and I'm excited to have him on. We had a great conversation the other day. And I'm looking forward to you hearing that conversation. Jesse Cannon, coming up here on the Working Class...


WCA #311 with Maria Rice - Quitting Architecture School, Following Your Gut, Interning, Being Resilient, Restoration, and the Florida Simulation

My guest today is Boston-based mastering and restoration engineer. Maria Rice, Maria works at Peerless mastering and has received three nominations for the Grammy award for Best Historical Album. Her remastering work also includes the 2018 reissue of Blondie's Heart of Glass. Maria and I connected over LinkedIn, and I reached out to her, and she graciously accepted my invitation to come on the show. So I'm very much looking forward to bringing you Maria Rice here on the Working Class Audio...


WCA #310 with Steve Evetts - Knowing Your Worth, Repeat Clients, Dealing with Opinions, The Moment Of Discovery, and The Power of Commitment

My guest today is producer engineer mixer Steve Evetts, who has worked with the Dillinger Escape Plan, Sepultura, The Cure, Poison the Well, Alesana, The Wonder Years, and many, many others. Steve comes to us as a recommendation from our good friend, Joe Barresi. In this episode, we discuss: Parents Attic Bass Guitar Foster X15 Tracks East in New Jersey First Studio Job Power Of Commitment Billing By The Day Ross Robinson Management Work/ Life Balance Supportive Spouse Knowing Your Worth...


WCA #309 with Michael Romanowski - Mastering, Shared History, Deep Listening, Old Dogs, Staying Upright, and Fuzzy Quarters

My guest today is a friend of 20 years who plays a role in the formation of Working Class Audio. I'm talking about mastering engineer Michael Romanowski. Michael and I go way back. We were building partners at our studio in San Francisco. Michael had a mastering facility in the front. I had a recording studio in the back, and together we were co-tenants in the space that he helped bring me into. Michael played a part in the formation of Working Class Audio because he's the one that helped me...


WCA #308 with Robert L. Smith - Online Mixing, The State of New York, International Eco Systems, and The Virtual Hallway

My guest today is the return of Robert L. Smith. Robert was originally on episode six of the Working Class Audio podcast. He's a producer-engineer mixer. He's based in New York City. That hasn't changed. And he has worked with some pretty big names out there. Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, David Byrne, and U2. We bring Robert back to check in about where things stand for him, where things stand during the COVID crisis, how he has navigated the whole thing, and how things have changed...


WCA #307 with Kevin Churko - Family Band, Family Business, Mutt Lange, Ozzy Osbourne, Phil Collins Drums, and Graceful Exits

My guest today is Kevin Churko. Who's originally from Canada, currently resides in the United States, and he is a producer-engineer, mixer, and songwriter. He's worked with Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie, Papa Roach, Modern Science, Five Finger Death Punch, Shania Twain, and Hellyeah amongst many, many others. One aspect of his career that's fascinating that we're going to talk about is that Kevin worked for four years for Mutt Lange in Switzerland. He moved the whole family there. We're going to...


WCA #306 with Daniel Bacigalupi - Infrasonic Sound, Supportive Parents, Poker, CD Text Fails, and a Collapsing Lung

My guest today is Nashville based mastering engineer Daniel Bacigalupi. Daniel is a member of the team over at Infrasonic Mastering. That includes Pete Lyman, Dave Gardner, and Piper Payne, all who have been guests here on WCA. We're going to get into Daniel's journey to Nashville and into mastering here shortly. Daniel Bacigalupi coming up here on the working class audio podcast. In this episode, we discuss: Pine City Beginnings Supportive Parents Trombone Collapsing Lung Ithaca College...


WCA #305 with Anne-Marie Pleau - Saying Yes to Gigs, Album Credits, 9 to 5, Health Care, Moving to Hawaii, and Starting Audio Later in Life

My guest today is Anne-Marie Pleau, who is an engineer and theatrical sound designer. And you might recognize her name because she just so happens to be the editor of the Working Class Audio Podcast. That's right. So every time I do an interview, I ship it right on over to Anne-Marie. She does her round of magic. She sends it back to me, and I assemble the show, and wallah, You have a podcast. So she plays a pretty, monumental role in the show and has since episode 220 with Butch Vig. She's...


WCA #304 with Joyce Lieberman - Hitchhiking, Woodstock, Electronics School, Fresh Air, WHYY, and the Avocado Cutlass Supreme

My guest today is Joyce Lieberman. Joyce has been working at WHYY in Philadelphia for the last 44 years, starting in 1976. She worked for 11 years as a Technician, 11 years as a Technical Director of Fresh Air, and 22 years as a Radio Engineering Supervisor. Joyce and I met at a dinner in Los Angeles four or five years ago. I discovered that she worked for WHYY and Terry Gross, and I began lobbying her to come on the show. Fast forward five years later, I get an email from Joyce saying,...


WCA #303 with Steven Baughman - Hip Hop, Alpha Dogs, Sonic Puzzles, Happiness, and Respecting The Wood

My guest today is Steve Baughman, also known as Steve B. Steve has worked with Dr. Dre, No Doubt, Michael Jackson, and Eminem as well as several others. And his credits include recording, mixing, mastering, and production on a wide array of projects that stretch from big-band jazz to rock, to hip hop, Steve Baughman, coming up here on the Working Class Audio Podcast In this episode, we discuss: Early 4 track overdubs Criminal justice Business Chico state Larrabee Studios Hip Hop Dr. Dre DJ...


WCA #302 with Leslie Gaston-Bird - Black Women In Audio, AES, Recording The TV, Dolby Atmos, Morph The Cat, and Running vs. Pancakes

My guest today is Leslie Gaston-Bird. She has been in the industry for over 30 years. Twelve of that in public radio (including National Public Radio), Seventeen in sound for picture, and Thirteen years as an educator. She's the author of the book "Women in Audio." She's a member of the AES, where she chairs numerous committees and on the board of governors. She runs Mix Messiah Productions as a freelance re-recording mixer and sound editor. She was a tenured associate professor of recording...


WCA #301 with Ryan Freeland - Bob Clearmountain, Making Things Better In The World, The Artistry Of Engineering, and Beepers At The Beach

My guest today is Ryan Freeland. Ryan is a producer, songwriter, engineer, and mixer based in Los Angeles. He's also a five time Grammy award winner, and he's best known for his work with Bonnie Raitt, Ray LaMontagne, Amy Mann, Grant Lee Phillips, one of my favorites, Rodney Crowell, as well as Loudon Wainwright III. He talks to us from his Stampede Origin studio located in Culver City, California, and we have a fantastic conversation. And I'm really looking forward to having him on. Ryan...


WCA #300 with Andrew Scheps - Life in the UK, Yoga and Astronomy, Soundflow, Selling His Gear, Staying Visible, and Squid the Cat

Andrew Scheps is a mixing and recording engineer, producer, and record label owner based in the United Kingdom. Andrew's worked with various artists, including Green Day, Low Roar, Adele, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hosier, My Brightest Diamond, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Jay Z, and black Sabbath. Andrew returns to help us celebrate number 300. He initially appeared on WCA #009, and we met up over Zoom, where he talked with me from his home in the UK, and I'm thrilled to have him back for another...