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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.


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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.




1P 196 - The Lost Ruins of Arnak

Today Julius and I talk about a pretty darned new game, The Lost Ruins of Arnak. You are an archeologist exploring what you are pretty sure is the fabled island of Arnak. At least, that's what you think the uncharted isle you found is. You will explore the island and uncover ruins, still guarded by mythical beasts and study the resources you find to help you uncover hidden secrets and most especially... victory points! Listen in and see what I think of this game. BGGCGE


1P 195 - Nations: The Dice Game (back to the table)

Julius and I revisit a classic! We talk about Nations: The Dice Game again. A game we first covered back in 2015 on episode 85. This is a great dice game with lots of luck and strategy and a really good, really simple solo variant in the box. Come see (hear) what we think about it. Are we still playing it? Some more than others. BGG1 Player Podcast


1P 194 - Under Falling Skies

Today Julius and I spend some time talking about the pretty darned new solo game Under Falling Skies published by Czech Games Edition and designed by Tomáš Uhlíř. In this game you are defending earth from a line of invading aliens as they drop closer and closer to your bases one row at a time. My gosh... in the episode I compared it to Missle Command but's more of a Space Invaders isn't it? Whoops. Anyway, it's a neat game with a ton of options! Oh wow! I only just realized this was...


1P 193 - One or More

This week Julius and I discuss solo gaming and controlling more than one player while playing solo. This refers to playing multiple characters in a co-op, such as Pandemic but also playing opposing sides in a multiplayer game. There is so much more we could have said but we kept it short at just 35-ish minutes! We mentioned a bunch of games. I'll have to be honest though. I didn't think to write them down so I will list the ones I remembered. BGGBGGBGGBGGBGG you seeing a thread...


1P 192 -Upkeep

This isn't podcast about dealing with upkeep when playing M:TG. This episode is about the family game Upkeep in which your goal is to upkeep your yard by raking all the leaves. It's a light family game that can be played cooperatively or solo. BGG


1P 191 - Maeshowe

Another special episode. I welcome back Lee Broderick, designer of Maeshowe, the grim game of escaping an ancient cairn after accidentally falling through the roof. The game is based on a historical event as chronicled in the Orkneyinga Saga. Lee tells us all about the history of Maeshowe and then we discuss the game. Oh, it's currently on Kickstarter! Check it out. BGGKSBGGBGGBGGwebsiteRSS


1P 190 - Dungeon Alliance

This week Julius teaches us about the dungeon crawler, Dungeon Alliance. It sounds like quite a fun puzzle of a game.. think Mage Knight but in half the time and in a dungeon! BGG


1P 189 - Warp's Edge

In this episode, Julius and I discuss the solo bag-building game Warp's Edge from Renegade Game Studio and designed by Mr. Scott Almes. This is an excellent game with some, um, interesting production choices. Listen in and get the details. BGGRenegade GamesBGGRenegade Games


1P 188 - Cerebria: The Inside World

Buckle up folks for this long mindtrip of a show. Julius teaches about the game Cerebria. It's a great looking game with some nice artwork. Definitely worth looking into it. BGG)


1P 187 - Travis Hill

In this excellentest of holiday episodes Travis Hill joins us to talk about journaling RPGs, including a few of his design. Come enjoy a chat with one of the hosts of the former Lower Player Count podcast. itch.ioGumroad.comKickstarter


1P 186 - Theme or Mechanic

In this episode, Julius and I discuss what matters more, theme or mechanic. Come along and listen to our rambling thoughts.


1P 185 - Pocket Landships

A very light wargame set in an alternate timelean Pocket Landships is. Sorry, Yodaspeak but this is a neat dice chucking game of fighting steam powered mecha with a big ol' diesel tank. Fun it is so check out the review. BGGBGG


1P 184 - Aerion

This week we finally talk about Aerion, the sixth game so far in the Oniverse series. Shady originally said the hope was to make seven games total so hopefully there is still one more to go. Then they can go back and re-publish Urbion/Equilibrion that hasn't yet been made in the larger box size. Anyway, Aerion is a dice game similar but not at all like Yahtzee! BGGZ-Man


1P 183 - Suburbia

In this episode Julius and I get Suburbia back to the table. This game was first covered by Julius way back in episode 95. That was way back in January of 2016.. wow! Well, I have now finally played the game though I've had a copy sitting around for a couple of years. Find out what we think about the game and how it's held up for Julius over the years. Before we do that though, I am going to super-quickly talk about another 18 card microgame, Scott Alme's Food Chain Island. BGG


1P 182 - 18 Card Microgames

Julius and I spend some time taking a tour of the world of the 18 Card Microgame. This neat little sub-genre is full of all sorts of neat little games. These games are usually quick playing and often very creative. BGGButton ShyBGGButton ShyBGGButton ShyBGGButton ShyBGGButton ShyBGGButton ShyBGGButton ShyBGGGamecrafter I went looking for references to 18 card microgrames for solo play but didn't find anything specific. Time to go make a geeklist... Solo Playable 18 Card Microgames


1P 181 - Proving Grounds

Episode 181! This time we talk about Proofing Grounds... the game of editorial combat. I wish... that would be cool! This is Proving Grounds.. the game of gladiatorial combat! This is a game designed for exactly 1 player. Julius give us a detailed run-down and the game sure sounds interesting!


1P 180 - Oh MyGoods!

We are finally talking about this game that has been. It's been out for like 5 years waiting, just waiting for me to play and talk about it. Julius finally pushed me to do it and I've had a great time with it. Come here what we think about this game. I'll give you a spoiler.. it's fun but hard. Wait, did I just give it away? Oh My Goods! (BGG, Lookout Games) Oh My Goods! Longsdale in Revolt (BGG, Lookout Games) Oh My Goods! Escape to Canyon Brook (BGG, Lookout Games) Tybor the Builder...


1P 179 - Lockup

Another Roll Player Tale game from Thunderworks Games. Julius seems to be a big fan of the Roll Player universe so we talk about yet another game in the series. I think we've got them all. Unfortuantely, this means we may not hear my cool song again any time soon :) Anyway, Lockup is an area control game with a cool mechanism in the multiplayer game. Thunderworks found a way to make it work well solo too! BGGThunderworks


1P 178 - Eck

In today's episode, we ae joined by KarenSDR from the 1 Player Guild to discuss solo trick-taking games! You'll be surprised just how many trick-taking games can be soloed. Then we look at one specific trick-taking game, Eck, which is currently part of the 2020 Solitaire Print and Play design contest! BGGContest threadBGGBGG


1P 177 - Between Two Cities

Julius and I are between a rock and a hard place on this one. Between Two Cities is a Stonemaier Games game about building a city while working with your opponents or against two Automa. It's a neat little tile laying game. BGGPublisher