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Ep 24: NFL Preseason Week 1 + Hard Knocks Review

The guys are joined by one of the few true Cleveland Browns fans left to review the first episode of this season's Hard Knocks. They also break down the first week of NFL preseason football and hand out Hall of Fame jackets. A update on Very Cavallari and Casey's Corner Kick. Dont forget to vote to join Casey's EPL Fantasy League 1. Go to https://fantasy.premierleague.com/ 2. Click on "Join League" 3. Enter Code 2708041-618851


Ep 23: NFL Hall of Fame

Football packed episode where the guys talk about the Urban Meyer drama and what is next for The Ohio State University. The Hall of Fame inductions as well as the first preseason game. Is RGIII back? We check in on #ComebackSZN as Johnny Manziel started a football game. The Wisconsin Badgers hype train has left the station. Also America's favorite segment Casey's Corner Kick. Dont forget to vote to join Casey's EPL Fantasy League 1. Go to https://fantasy.premierleague.com/ 2. Click on...


Ep 22: Jonathan Orr + NFL Camp

The guys are joined by former Wisconsin and NFL wide receiver Jonathan Orr. They discuss his new book Game's Over Life's Not and look back at Orr's playing days in Madison including his best memories on and off the field. What coach Chryst was like compared to now. His favorite places to eat and brings up some good points about the University of Minnesota. Also dive into NFL training camp stories with the Cleveland Browns having a secret QB club house. MLB trade deadline and the return of...


Ep 21: The Worst Week in Sports

The worst week in the sports calendar just happened and we try to guide you through it. With the MLB All Star game taking center stage we recap the Home Run Derby as well as what went on during the game. The NBA had some action with superstars changing teams. Is Melo still a superstar? He thinks so. Ninja was in Chicago playing Fortnite all night. The expert recap of the Espy Awards with the 132 Breese power couple taking center stage. Tiger! is he back? And we take some questions from the...


Ep 20: Jay From Double Yay + World Cup Final

Now that we are at the MLB All Star break we are joined by Jay Quiles from the Double Yay podcast to talk all things baseball. Who's in and who's out of the All Star Game. Stories from the first half, Cubs Brewers talk and maybe a little wager. The World Cup has reached the end and we look back on the Final and the tournament as a whole. The guys take on the 3rd place game. Should it be a thing? A look ahead to the 2020 World Cup that will be in direct competition with the NFL. The guys...


Ep 19: NBA Summer +NFL is Almost Back

The guys breakdown the rest of NBA free agency and summer league play. The NFL is almost back but why is Baltimore reporting so early? We have few ideas why that may be that includes Johnny Manziel. Casey breaks down the Quarter Finals of the World Cup and makes picks for who will be represented in the Final. Answer mailbag question and Badger Football Baby!


Bonus: World Cup Round of 16

The guys break down the World Cup Round of 16. The highs and the lows including how Russia is stealing the World Cup right in front of our face. A look ahead to the Semifinals with picks for who will play for the whole the thing. Also dont forget to vote for us in the Podcast Awards! 1. Go to www.podcastawards.com 2. Click on "Listeners Nominations Now Open" 3. You will then have to register (I Know that sucks) 4. The next screen will have all the categories. each category will have drop...


Ep 18: LeBron to the Lakers + We are a Nerd Podcast Now

Breaking News: LeBron James has signed with the Lakers. Just when we were gearing up for LeBron watch 2018 he signed on the first day of free agency. We are a Nerd Podcast now as the guys talk about Star Wars and the latest eSports feud. The rest of NBA Free Agency is discussed and we look at who else was signed and who is still out there. Spoiler alert Derrick Rose is off the market. A MLB update, College World Series and the Big 3 in Chicago. How much would you pay to watch washed up NBA...


Ep 17: NBA Draft + Lionel Messi

The guys recap all that is the NBA Draft. Who was the best dressed? Who was the worst? Their thoughts on the draft as whole and a break down of what the Bulls and Bucks did. Still in World Cup fever Casey takes a look ahead for what we should be watching as group play starts to wrap up. We have Uh-oh of the week with Brett Farve, Jameis Winston, and Baker Mayfield. More legacy talk with questions from the mailbag.


Ep 16: World Cup Fever + Phil on 13

The guys recap the first weekend of the World Cup. We have explain it to Marlow as Casey tries to help Marlow with question on the game of soccer. A look at the Cubs vs Brewers series and how the Brewers my have taken the mental advantage. Packer coaches are being salty, Graham Mertz is coming to Wisconsin, and Draymond Green has the ultimate troll job that has to be explained to Casey. Plus US Open, What the hell what Phil doing and eSports. Info for World Cup Bracket: Website:...


Bonus: World Cup Preview

On this bonus episode we preview World Cup 2018. Casey walks through some of the teams in the World Cup and gives his breakdown of why you should and should not root for them. Marlow tries to follow along and pick a team to root for sine the USA is not in it and he knows nothing about soccer. Info for World Cup Bracket: Website: https://bracketchallenge.fifa.com League Code: ee9c9e35


Ep 15: Championships for the Fans

We had a bit of a Championship weekend with the NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup Playoffs wrapping up. Since we are a podcast buy the fans for the fans we have post game reactions from Fellow Fans. We have Jordan representing the Capitals. Joey holding it down for the Golden State Warriors, and Scott who loves his Cleveland Cavaliers. Also the Triple Crown was won and Nadel just can't lose on clay. Plus a little 132 Bresse World Cup Challenge announcement. Info for World Cup Bracket:...


Ep 14: 2-0 + Burner Accounts & Pusha T

Well Game 1 of the NBA Finals was entertaining. The guys recap Games 1 & 2 and try to answer for what was J.R. Smith was doing. LeBron has some fashion statements to answer for. We take look at who took an L this past week. Pusha T vs Drake. Bryan Colangelo has way to many burner Twitter accounts. Twitter goes wild over Roseanne. Marlow's breath is taken away by the Las Vegas Golden Knights pregame entertainment. Mailbag questions from our listeners where we had to do some research....


Ep 13: Memorial Day + eSport Fights

The guys relive their Memorial Day weekend were Casey became a wood builder and Marlow went all Wisconsin. All the hot takes that were not correct from last episode. We see what is going on with our favorite couple Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick and the story on how they met. Oh yea the NBA conference finals come to a close. Mailbag with eSports fights + a very dramatic Casey's Corner kick.


Ep 12: DJ Shawna + Hard Knocks

The guys interview the world famous DJ Shawna where they learn about her road from playing basketball to DJ. They pitch some ideas for their very own stage names and may have booked a pre game party. A lot has gone on this week with, Laurel vs Yanny, the Royal Wedding, gambling is legal. They also dive back into the NBA playoffs, is Kevin Durant playing against 8th graders? Casey's Hockey rooting pyramid is a mess with the Golden Knights making the Stanley Cup Finals. We helped out HBO...


Ep 11: Mother's Day + MJ vs LBJ & Darren Rovell

The NBA Conference Finals are finally under way and with the long lay off it left plenty of time for MJ vs LeBron talk. We ask the question is Casey a genius or idiot? Happy Mother's day to all the listeners. The NHL Conference Finals have started, is it time to get into hockey? We continue to be the #1 eSport podcast bringing you all the coverage. A football Mailbag, Casey's Corner kick and Darren Rovell is being a nay sayer.


Ep 10 - LeBron is Back + NBA2K & Mexico

The second round of the NBA playoffs have been a snooze fest. Marlow is back from Mexico and drops some knowledge on everyone. Hard hitting action from the NBA2k eSports tournament, What did we think of it all? The debut of NHL talk with their playoffs going on as well. Plus Casey and Marlow my try to purchase Nascar.


Ep 9 - NFL Draft Round up + Dating Advice & Meek Mill

The guys take a look back at the NFL Draft and what were some of their take aways. From where the quarterbacks ended up to what is the feeling of how the Bears and Packers did overall. Which Badgers got drafted and Did the Browns mess it up? NBA Playoffs talk and how the matchups are setup for LeBron to be in the Finals again. Relationship advice is given out from a mailbag question. Casey's Corner Kick plus Casey learns about Meek Mill.


Ep 8: NFL Draft Preview

Casey is playing hurt and Marlow starts the show with a big announcement. With the NFL Draft coming up the guy give there expert break down. Take a look at what they expect their teams to do via the draft and what former Badgers are going to make a name for themselves. The NFL Schedule comes out and Casey has that break down. A look at the NBA Playoffs and who is going to make it a series and who is not. They also get to the bottom of what is going on with Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick.


Bonus: Casey's Corner Kick ft Pitch Side

Special bonus episode where Casey gets to extend America's favorite segment, Casey's Corner Kick. The guys are joined by Luke and John from the Pitch Side Podcast. They cover what is going on in the world of soccer and a look ahead to the World Cup as they try to find a team that Marlow should root for. Much much more in store in this bonus of an episode.