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A Paralympic Winter Games Preview

The Paralympic Games start March 8th. In this episode, host Lauren Shehadi looks at how advances in technology have created better prosthetics, which have made it possible for more athletes to compete in the Paralympic Games.


Bonus: Chef David Chang and Lucia Cho on the splendor and complexity of Korean food

NBC Olympics Special Correspondent Chef David Chang is the founder of the Momofuku Restaurant Group and just opened Majordomo in Los Angeles. Lucia Cho is the CEO of Seoul's Bicena and the Michelin three-starred Gaon. They talked with host Lauren Shehadi about the diversity and traditions of Korean food, and what to eat in Pyeonchang, host city of the 2018 Winter Games.


Day 16: Mike Tirico reflects on the 2018 Games; a meeting between North and South Koreans

Host Mike Tirico reflects on his first time hosting primetime Olympic coverage, the U.S. women’s hockey team's gold medal game, and the Games's impact on diplomatic relations between North and South Korea. Plus The Podium team tells the story of chance meeting between North Korean cheerleaders and two young South Koreans at the Games.


Day 15: Maame Biney and Norway's dominance

Speedskater Maame Biney and her father, Kweku, stop by the studio to talk about Biney's favorite experiences at the 2018 Games, and what she hopes will be different for 2022. Plus, a look at what led to Norway's dominance in PyeongChang, as the country has now earned the most medals in Winter Olympic history.


Day 14: Maia and Alex Shibutani; Describing the Olympics for the visually impaired

Bronze medalists Maia and Alex Shibutani tell The Podium what made their ice dancing routine successful, their sibling dynamic, and what’s next after taking home the only U.S. medal for individual figure skating. Plus, how announcers call Olympic events for the visually impaired.


Day 13: Behind-the-Olympic-scenes with an alternate and freeskiing judge

Reporter Tim Struby introduces us to bobsled alternate Briauna Jones, who tells us about her difficult journey to the Olympics -- and her struggle since she arrived. Plus, a men’s ski halfpipe judge explains the judging process, how he takes notes while simultaneously watching runs and why some judges must recuse themselves from competition.


Day 12: Facing their fears -- how Olympians come back from major injuries

Many events at the Winter Games involve high speeds, so when athletes get injured, it can be really gruesome. Oftentimes, it’s just a few months between a major injury and a medal-winning event. How do these athletes heal, physically and emotionally? Speed skater J.R. Celski tells The Podium about his difficult injury, and how he overcame his fears to get back into the rink.


Day 11: Adam Rippon, the Olympic diet, studying on the slopes

Adam Rippon is here! The figure skater tells Lauren Shehadi why the Olympics is an opportunity to challenge stereotypes about LGBTQ athletes, discusses his friendship with Gus Kenworthy, and tells us why he feels like the winner of the Winter Olympics. Then, the Podium examines the Olympic diet: what's the best food to eat for athletic fuel? Finally, Tom Farrey takes a look at a program designed to maximize Olympians’ training time.


Day 10: All in the (Olympic) family; Vermont’s Olympic pedigree

The Podium follows the fiancé of an Olympic speedskater as he watches the race from the sidelines, and copes with the stress. Plus, Katie Couric has the story of how a small town in Vermont has sent a resident to nearly every Winter Olympics since 1984.


Day 9: Nathan Chen's rebound; Jonny Moseley's influence

Nathan Chen tells host Lauren Shehadi how he bounced back to make Olympic history, and talks about the NBA players who influence him. Jonny Mosley reflects on his Olympic career and takes a hard look at the weather's impact on the 2018 Games. Finally, we look at how Danny Davis has taken his passion for snowboarding and applied it to film.


Day 8: Gus Kenworthy empowers LGBTQ athletes; Devin Logan takes on slopestyle

Gus Kenworthy shares how he calms his parents' nerves when he competes in slopestyle, and explains why being out of the closet at the Olympics is a tremendous opportunity. Plus, Devin Logan breaks down freeskiing, the innovations that changed the sport, and why it’s known as a rebellious discipline.


Day 7: Mikaela Shiffrin falls short; Vonetta Flowers and black athletes at the Winter Olympics

Host Lauren Shehadi takes us to women's slalom, where alpine skiing star Mikaela Shiffrin fails to win a medal in her second event in two days in PyeongChang, And The Podium takes a hard look at race and winter sports, with Vonetta Flowers, the first black athlete to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics.


Day 6: The Shib Sibs, pairs, and a crash course in sliding sports

Scott Hamilton explains what makes the Shib Sibs so successful, with a close look at the complicated relationships in figure skating and ice dancing pairs. After a brief cameo from an enthusiastic pairs figure skating fan club, host Lauren Shehadi get a crash course in sliding sports (bobsled, luge, and skeleton) from Lewis Johnson, who also breaks down Chris Mazdzer’s silver medal run.


Day 5: The unified Korean hockey team and life inside North Korea; Mary Carillo

After a brief cameo from Gold medalist Chloe Kim, the Podium talks to longtime NBC Olympics broadcaster Mary Carillo about breaking gender barriers in sports reporting, her favorite Olympic moments, and the significance of the unified Korean women's hockey team. Then the team heads to the Korean team's game against Sweden, to talk to unified flag-waving fans about the historic moment. Finally, NBC News correspondent Keir Simmons takes us inside North Korea.


Day 4: Shaun White, Jamie Anderson and her best friend, Julia Mancuso

Jamie Anderson and her best friend and fellow gold medalist, Julia Mancuso, discuss their friendship, plus Shaun White shares what it is like to be the “old man” on the slopes, his love of skateboarding and more.


Day 3: Chef David Chang is on a mission to understand curling

Guest host David Chang, special correspondent for NBC Olympics, is flummoxed by curling. What are the rules? How do curlers train? Is there alcohol involved? In an effort to better understand the game, he sends Tim Struby to learn the ins and outs of the sport, attends a curling match, and interviews a world champion curler.


Day 2: Red Gerard’s slopestyle Gold, and the fight for women’s ski jumping

Meet 17-year-old Red Gerard, who just won the first U.S. gold medal in PyeongChang, and his exuberant family, who watched the run with our reporter Tim Struby. Plus, Katie Couric returns to examine how women’s ski jumping got to be an Olympic sport.


Day 1: Tara and Johnny join Primetime, and a shift in snowboarding

Stars on and off the ice, Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir discuss their journey to Primetime and how the sport of figure skating has changed. Plus, diving into a surprise in the snowboarding world after two superstars, Sage Kostenberg and Kaitlyn Farrington, left the sport — and what they’re up to now.


Day 0: Katie Couric previews the Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony co-host Katie Couric discusses what to expect from the broadcast (8:30 ET, NBC), the unified team of North and South Korea, and her interview with figure skating star Nathan Chen. We'll also take a look back at some pivotal moments in Olympic history, and at how the Winter Games have evolved from 1924 to today.


Introducing The Podium: Daily Coverage from the 2018 Winter Olympic Games

The first NBC Olympics podcast from the world's biggest sporting event. Join the team covering the Winter Games from the ground in PyeongChang. Hosts Lauren Shehadi and Tom Farrey, with reporter Tim Struby, bring you daily competition updates and the stories behind the games. And K-pop, of course. Lots of K-pop.