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2nd & One Podcast - Week 23

Welcome to Week 23. We start things off with our "Taking a Shot Segment", then we recap NFL Week 2 (17:28), and give our predictions for Week 3 (51:56). Next we talk about Maroon 5 along with Cardi B, and Travis Scott performing at the SuperBowl(1:05:30), and discuss a lil College Football (1:09:21). Moving on from Football, we discuss Jimmy Butler requesting a trade(1:12:42), Space Jam 2 announcement(1:19:48), Triple G vs Canelo(1:28:02), and the upcoming Mayweather vs Pacquiao(1:30:05)...


2nd & One Podcast - Week 22

Welcome to Week 22! Per Usual we kick things off with our bold predictions of the week, then we recap NFL Week 1 (16:22) , and give our predictions for Week 2 (1:00:51). Next we recap college football week 2(1:26:24), and give our predictions for week 3 (1:33:56). We also discuss Serena Williams (1:38:39), and the big Triple G vs Canelo Alvarez fight (1:46:27). Moving on from sports we discuss Meek Mill and Drake making up (1:50:53), Kanye's "apology" (1:53:34), and wrap things up with Joe...


2nd & One Podcast - Week 21

Welcome to Week 21! This week we did things a little differently by kicking it off with hip-hop first, then we get into college and most importantly NFL Football. We discuss the sudden passing of Mac Miller (1:58), the altercation between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj (11:16), and Eminem vs Joe Budden (19:55). Jumping to sports, we discuss College Football (25:30), the Khalil Mack trade (35:43), Earl Thomas deciding to report to Seattle (43:03), Dez Bryant still not being on a roster (48:27),...


2nd & One Podcast - Week 20

Ahhh, Football is near! Welcome to Week 20, we kick things off with our "Hot Take" segment, then we jump into the Urban Meyer controversy (15:36). Next we move on to the college football season as a whole (38:34), Dez Bryant still being unemployed (45:46), Rookie QBs (53:30), Khalil Mack, Aaron Donald, and Earl Thomas holdouts (58:29), Adrian Peterson (1:03:15), Fantasy Football picks (1:06:01), and Serena Williams' Cat Suit (1:13:42). Moving on from sports, we also discuss Nicki Minaj's...


2nd & One Podcast - Week 19

Welcome to Week 19! As usual we kick things off with our bold prediction "Taking a Shot" segment, then we hop into the Urban Meyer situation (8:10). Next we move onto Madden omitting Colin Kaepernick's name (20:10), LeBron vs Trump (26:14), Randy Moss' Tie during the Hall of Fame Ceremony(46:25), T.O. skipping the Hall of Fame Ceremony (50:40), Kelvin Benjamin vs Cam Newton (1:02:18), Eli Manning potentially being a Hall of Famer (1:09:14), Johnny Football disastrous debut in the CFL...


2nd & One Podcast - Week 18

Welcome to Week 18, this week we had the pleasure of being joined by special guest, Dana King. We kick things off with Jerry Jones stance on the Anthem along with the Cowboys players (12:36). Sticking with football we discuss Todd Gurley's contract(35:13), G String Jimmy (38:41), Baker Mayfield getting guaranteed money (49:18), and Sam Darnold not showing up at camp yet (49:56). Switching over to basketball, we discuss Clint Capella contract (55:57), Kevin Love's extension(1:02:11) and...


2nd & One Podcast - Week 13

As usual we kick things off with our "Taking A Shot" segment, then we jump right into all things Cavs vs Warriors (29:10), and LeBron's Future (43:38). Then we move on to Terrell Owens decision to skip the Hall of Fame Ceremony and his bet with Jason Whitlock (48:08), Julian Edelman's suspension (57:05), and Trump's Pardon offer to NFL Players (59:50). Then we discuss the latest with Pusha T vs Drake (1:09:50), Future's incident with a Instagram Model (1:14:35), and Summer Jam (1:26:48)....


2nd & One Podcast - Week 12

After a week off, WE BACK! We kick things off with our usual "Hot Takes" then jump into the Drake vs Pusha T saga (29:07) and Kanye West and his fanbase (56:00). Next we discuss JR Smith, LeBron, and the NBA Finals as a whole (1:05:50) and transition over the the NFL and the new kneeling rule (1:23:47). We Conclude with our excitement of sports betting kicking off on June 8th (1:32:44). Intro/Outro Produced by @ParanoiDMusic08


2nd & One Podcast - Week 11

We kick this episode with our usual "Taking a Shot" segment, then we jump right into the Royal Wedding. We then move on to the Celtics vs Cavs series, then the Rockets vs Warriors series. Shifting gears, we discuss Julio Jones contract issues and the incident with Terrence Williams. We conclude with the tragic school shooting in Texas, new laws protecting Police Officers even more, and Trump vs Amazon. Intro/Outro Produced by Mista Encore


2nd & One Podcast - Week 10

Week 10! Lots of LeBron talk, Cavs vs Celtics, Warriors vs Rockets, and pending free agency for the NBA. We also talk about the troubles of Matt Patricia and Mark Ingram, NJ getting Sports betting. Then we discuss Funk Flex vs Peter Rosenberg (1:18:22), J Cole electing to bring Young Thug on Tour (1:28:00), and we break down an interesting topic of R.Kelly vs Hugh Hefner (1:36:49).


2nd & One Podcast - Week 9

This week we discuss the dominance of LeBron James over the Raptors, the collapse of the 76ers, Knicks new coach and why Mark Jackson cant seem to get a coaching gig. We also discuss Matt Ryan's new record setting contract, the controversy surrounding the Redskins cheerleaders, and the toughness of the NFC. Of course we had to discuss Kanye (1:25:23) and his "choice" words, in addition to other music the released over the week. Special Guest - Dana King Intro/Outro Produced by LNZN Beats


2nd & One Podcast - Week 8

This week we discuss the results of the NFL Draft (10:50), including our thoughts on our favorite teams (Bucs, 49ers, and Cowboys). We also discuss the NBA Playoffs (46:06), the future of Paul George, Carmelo, Westbrook, and the Thunder. Of course we get into the antics of Kanye West (1:06:39), and conclude with how big a sports day May 5th is with the Kentucky Derby, NBA Playoffs, and Triple G fight.


2nd & One Podcast - Week 7

This week we kick off the podcast with our own Mock Draft. Then we move on to the NBA Playoffs, discussing the dismantling of the Portland Trailblazers, Pacers vs Cavs, Jazz vs Thunder, and all the other series (52:18). Also, we take a deep dive into J.Cole's new album, how Drake, Kendrick, and Cole are the modern day version of Michael, Magic, and Bird, and the insanity of Kanye West (1:13:51). Intro/Outro produced by Passport Rav


2nd & One Podcast - Week 6

This week we discuss the NBA Playoffs, specifically the Blazers vs Pelicans and Celtics vs Bucks. We also discuss LeBron, the coaching candidates for the New York Knicks, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Dancing With The Stars, Dez Bryant's departure from the Cowboys, Colin Kaepernick, Reuben Foster, and much more! Special guest, Cop, aka Cbrisc joins us for the entire episode. Intro/Outro produced by Mista Encore


2nd & One Podcast - Week 5

We discuss the antics of Conor McGregor, Villanova winning the NCAA Tournament and how Philadelphia fans celebrate, Brandin Cooks trade, NBA Playoff race and matchups. We also introduce a music segment where we discuss the current state of hip-hop. Intro/Outro Produced by Passport Rav


2nd & One Podcast - Week 4

During this week we discussed Odell Becham Jr's contract and possible trade scenario, Suh on the Rams, Dez Bryant's Contract, the NBA playoffs and LeBron James. Grant Hill in the Hall of Fame?! Will Darius Bazley become a trend setter by entering into the G-League instead of playing college basketball? & Much more. Intro/Outro track produced by Party Micheal


2nd & One Podcast - Week 3

This week we talk about the JPP Trade, Terrelle Pryor to the Jets, Allen Hurns to the Cowboys, and the latest with Odell. We also discuss Tyron Lue, Steph Curry's MCL Sprain, Sister Jean, and what happened with the Sacramento Kings due to the unfortunate shooting of Stephon Clark.


2nd & One Podcast - Week 2

NFL Free Agency - The J-E-T-E #Jets, Kirk Cousins & The Vikings, Packers, Honey Badger, Ndamukong Suh, and much more. We also take a deep dive into the NCAA Tournament.


2nd & One Podcast - Week 1

NFL free agency (Browns, Rams, and others). Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett and the state of the Seattle Seahawks. Odell Beckham. NCAA Tournament. Send featured questions and business inquires to 2ndandonepodcast@gmail.com