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Anthony, Cole and Derek sharing their thoughts on current sports topics. Now playing on iTunes, Soundcloud and other podcast sources.

Anthony, Cole and Derek sharing their thoughts on current sports topics. Now playing on iTunes, Soundcloud and other podcast sources.


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Anthony, Cole and Derek sharing their thoughts on current sports topics. Now playing on iTunes, Soundcloud and other podcast sources.






#58 Corona-cast III

With the world of sports 90% shut down, the boys mostly talk about life this time around. Do not fear though, they do take a brief visit to Derek's end zone (worst/best segment name ever). All of you be safe!


#57 Quarterbacks and Corona

In our new reality, there isn't a lot to be discussed in the sports world. However, there is a lot of quarterback movement in the NFL which warrants discussion. Other than that the boys wish you all well and might have more content coming because what the hell else are you/they doing?


#56 The Quaterback Shuffle

This time the boys start off talking about the bloated NFL quarterback market, followed by a brief visit to Anthony's baseball corner which apparently still is on fire. Lastly, they go backcourt with Cole.


#55 Superbowl, All Star Weekend and Anthony's Rant,

The guys give their thoughts about the superbowl and NFL doings to come. Cole gives some good insight on the changes to the NBA all star game, before Ant goes on an epic rant on what's going on in baseball....passion means love and hate y'all!


#54 Kobe & The Superbowl

In this episode, Cole & Derek spend most of the time paying tribute to Kobe Bryant. After paying their respects, they answer a few random NFL questions and update their picks for the Superbowl (p.s.-nothing has changed).


#53 NFL Championship Review

The boys give their opinions on what happened during championship weekend, for better or worse, before giving some early predictions for the SuperBowl. We also spend some time on Anthony’s baseball corner where he throws some shame southward. Lastly, Cole talks basketball, and yes…there’s another problem in Houston!


#52 NFL Championship Round Preview

They boys are back talking about the NFL Championships! First, they review the divisional round and then later they make their picks. Hope ya’ll had a great holiday season!


Anthony is Alive!

Anthony is Alive! by Anthony Franco, Cole Dowie and Derek Goodman


#51 End of the Eli Era

Let us all take a moment of silence…the boys talk about the benching of Eli Manning in favor of Daniel Jones, and the compare and contrast him with Ben Roethlisberger (who is also done for the season). The quarterback guard is changing rapidly in the NFL and they’re trying to keep up!


#49 NFC Division Winners

In this episode (which, full disclosure…was recorded in the middle of August) the boys predict the NFC division winners. Do not fear fans…we’ll have a lot more for you soon. I’ve said it before, but it’s true!


#50 AFC Division Winners

The title says it all, but let’s be honest…some of us may want to change our picks based on recent events (retirements).


#48 We're Back Baby!

After a long hiatus the boys are back to discuss topics such as the new super-teams in basketball, the ridiculous scoring witnessed by London based baseball fans during MLB’s first regular season trip across the pond, and the sad state of sports in the big apple (not talking about you, Yankees)


#47 Those Darn Jets

Man, being a Jets fan isn’t easy. The boys discuss the firing of Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan, then jump to the NBA lottery…another disappointment for New York Sports fans. Hey, at least the conference finals are going the way we expected!


#46 The Guns of McCaffrey

The boys give their opinions on the biggest stories from the NFL Draft…only one of them seems happy about their team’s plan of action. A visit to Anthony’s baseball corner teaches us that the Red Sox are garbage, while the Yankees are thriving…balance has been restored to the universe. Lastly, with the NBA playoffs winding down, Cole & Anthony’s picks are still intact, but that doesn’t mean everything is going the way we want. As a bonus, listen to the end to get Ant’s opinions on the...


#45 Anthony's Rant

The NBA Playoffs are in full swing, and Anthony is tight about the Brooklyn squad…so we give him a little time to get his emotions out (earmuffs children!). We all see the Warriors locking horns with the Bucks in the finals, but that doesn’t stop Cole from giving praise to a few other teams. After a visit to Ant’s baseball corner, Derek leads a chat about the NFL draft and Russell Wilson’s twitter habits. Kudos Tiger on what we all see as the greatest sports career comeback of all time!


#44 March Madness in April

Anthony and Cole give their analysis of March Madness, then they talk about the NBA season coming to a close, then Dgoode forces them to give a prediction for the finals. After a not so brief NFL check-in, we visit Anthony’s baseball corner for the first time this year!


#43 W.T.F. NY Giants?!?

So, nobody in the tri-state area is happy…even Jets fans like Cole don’t get whet’s going on in Met Life stadium. After a beefy conversation about the OBJ trade, the boys review a few of the bigger free agency moves, and then…wait, it doesn’t matter. WTF NY Giants???


#42 Perfecting our Kraft!

This time it’s just Anthony and Cole and they start off digging into the mess that Robert Kraft has gotten into…jeez! Cheers to Kaepernick for winning his grievance against the NFL, and isn’t it scary how an injury to college basketball’s best player can tank stock prices? It must be 1973, because the Bucs may be the hottest team in the NBA and L.A. teams are irrelevant.


#41 NFL News & NBA Update

The boys give their thoughts on landing places for Nick Foles & the Browns signing Kareem Hunt. Ant thinks that Kyler Murray’s decision to go with football over baseball shows that America’s pastime is falling further behind in popularity…good thing the season starts soon! They also spend some time talking the great basketball deeds of James Hardin, Russel Westbrook & Paul George.


#40 Super Bowl LIII Review

Well… that happened. As Ant & Derek predicted the Patriots earned their sixth Superbowl victory, but it happened in a much different fashion than expected. They get in depth analyzing the game, all 16 points of it. Heads up… they also hated the halftime show, but that’s par for the course. Happy anniversary boys, and keep your chin up… at some point the dynasty will end!