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If you like football (and other sports), you've come to the right place. Come for the hot takes, stay for the laughs.

If you like football (and other sports), you've come to the right place. Come for the hot takes, stay for the laughs.
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If you like football (and other sports), you've come to the right place. Come for the hot takes, stay for the laughs.






#11 - Jets do Jets things, CFL CBA Agreement, Browns Hate & Dipping Sauces

Steve and Auzzie take a look at the latest Jets blunders as they've fired two executives, after the draft. The Patriots continue to swindle the league as they bring back Jamie Collins after trading him for a 2nd round pick two years ago. And the fellas thank a judge for saving everyone's eyes from the Robert Kraft spa video. Tell it to my a** features the guys taking aim at a certain publication for saying the NBA has surpassed the NFL in popularity. Meanwhile, in Good Take/Bad Take, Dan...


#10 - Wide Receiver Discussion, Seahawks Departures, CFL Draft Recap & Much More!

Auzzie and Steve kick things off with some sad news for Seahawks fans as a couple of cornerstone guys get released. That is followed by some Wide Receiver news; the Oakland Raiders are looking to add another big personality to the locker room; the Bears can't scout kickers, and the Seahawks make a welcomed addition to their Defensive Line. In Tell it to My Ass, Steve finds a CFL fan with a bizarre opinion on CFL contracts. As well as some Twitter poll asking the question of OBJ > Moss? In...


#9 - NFL Draft Recap, CFL Draft Prep, Steve Smith Rants & Pineapple on Pizza

Steve and Auzzie waste no time recapping a wild NFL Draft. They break down where they got it right (and wrong) in their mock draft (Episode 8). Next, they break down the big winners and losers *COUGH Giants* of the draft and the impact it will have in the season ahead. On the segment Tell It To My Ass, Auzzie and Steve take aim at Steve Smith's ill-advised rant on Josh Rosen. Good Take/Bad Take the guys chop it up and talk about draft strategy, should teams draft for need or take the best...


#8 - NFL Mock Draft SZN & Schedule Breakdown

In this special edition of 3rd & Wrong, Austyn and Steve dive into the NFL schedule being released last week as they highlight their top games. It’s mock draft SZN! (sorry for that, in order to become relevant we’ve adopted modern slang). Steve and Auzzie go back n’ forth through all 32 picks of the first round in their official pre-draft mock (no trades). No plans for Thursday’s Draft? Tune in with The Amateur Agency! We’ll be going live on Instagram during key selections as well as when...


#7 - Wilson's Extension, AAF Bankruptcy, Baker Debates, and Cantaloupe Slander

Russell Wilson's 4-year contract extension brought Steve much jubilation to kick off Episode 7. Auzzie and Steve then discuss what that means for Frank Clark's contract talks. Demaryius Thomas signed with the Patriots. And in more AAF news, they've filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy which according toThe Amateur Agency's "sources"...isn't good! A very heated and personal edition of "Tell it to My Ass" is held as Steve addresses Wilson slander perpetrated from Baseline 2 Baseline host Ian...


#6 - CFL Slander, AB vs Juju Twitter Beef, and Mushrooms: Good or Bad?

Auzzie and Steve get right into it, talking about the NFL's latest $100 million dollar man. Next, they get to the latest Seahawks rumours, which include trading two key players, the Patriots make a couple key signings, and an ex-coach has a spicy take. They move onto "Tell it to My Ass" where they address the Twitter beef that Antonio Brown stirred up with Juju Smith-Schuster. A Boston media member has a horrible opinion of the CFL that the guys let you know about. Next, they move onto a...


#5 - AAF Folds, Top 5 QB's All-Time, Uniform Talk & Buttering Your Toast

Auzzie and Steve get right into the big news of the week with the AAF folding. Tom Brady's April Fool's joke was a hit and the fellas discuss Austyn's new found fame after being shouted out on the Around the NFL Podcast. Next, in this week's segment of "Tell it to my a$$" the guys dissect LeVeon Bell's rap single and the slander it took online, courtesy of Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen. Moving into "Good Take/Bad Take, Austyn has uniform opinions and a majority of them aren't good....


#4 - Gronk Retires, Rule Changes, & Heated Tomato Debate

Tomac, Auzzie, and Steve open up by talking about Rob Gronkowski's retirement. Afterwards, they move into the latest big rule change in the NFL, and some more salt from Antonio Brown. Next was a tweet from an AM radio host that sparked a passionate discussion with the guys. Steve tried pawning off his Good Take/Bad Take onto Auzzie, and Colin Cowherd has a bold prediction that the guys break down. Stepping into the Canadian Corner, Austyn finally figures out the soundboard. The guys...


#3 - Twitter Beef, Good Take/Bad Take, Listener's Submissions!

Tomac, Auzzie and Steve wasted no time getting into it, jumping in on the Ryan Fitzpatrick contract right off the bat. From there, the fellas evaluate their favourite team's free agency periods and their favourite off-season moves thus far, NFL wide. Auzzie debriefs everyone on his first ever Twitter beef with a Bills fan. After which a loaded segment of Good Take/Bad Take takes place with everything from the Raiders, Browns, Murray and the Niners. Steve breaks down the latest in CFL news...


#2 - Happy New NFL League Year! Free Agent Signings, and More...

In this episode, Tomac, Steve, and Austyn break down the latest big NFL free agent signings that became official at the start of the new league year. They address the trade that shocked the NFL world - and beyond. That is followed by some Tell It To My *bleep* and Good Take/Bad Take. They step into the Canadian Corner to discuss CBA negotiations, wrapping up with some Ketchup on Kraft Dinner talk (does it belong or no?) Thanks for listening. Subscribe, rate, and share! Don't be afraid to...


#1 - Welcome, NFL Combine, Canadian Corner

Our first episode has Austyn and Stephen breaking down the NFL Combine's biggest risers. Followed by that is a little "Tell It To My (Bleep)", going through the league's most exhausting stories. Next, a little debate rises with some "Good take/Bad take". Lastly, the fellas close it down by stepping into the Canadian Corner, eh. Thanks for tuning into our first episode! Please share, rate, & subscribe, or we'll be under your be