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4th & Inches is the most elite Miami Dolphins show for fans who don't take life too seriously. More entertaining Dolphins content literally does not exist in this or any other universe. If you don't like it, you're a bad person deserving of all the worst in life. -- Follow Us on Twitter @4thAndInchesNFL -- FAIR WARNING: NSFW, Adults Only

4th & Inches is the most elite Miami Dolphins show for fans who don't take life too seriously. More entertaining Dolphins content literally does not exist in this or any other universe. If you don't like it, you're a bad person deserving of all the worst in life. -- Follow Us on Twitter @4thAndInchesNFL -- FAIR WARNING: NSFW, Adults Only


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4th & Inches is the most elite Miami Dolphins show for fans who don't take life too seriously. More entertaining Dolphins content literally does not exist in this or any other universe. If you don't like it, you're a bad person deserving of all the worst in life. -- Follow Us on Twitter @4thAndInchesNFL -- FAIR WARNING: NSFW, Adults Only




The Worst Ones | 2 Inches SERIES PREMIERE

The Inches Channel is proud to present the series premiere of a bad idea! The two most cynical pricks on the 4th & Inches show tag-team your eardrums in this new adventure, where no one is here to serve as a buffer between us. Mike and Vero. Two inches in your mouth. LFG!


Rona Mist & Tone is Pissed | Season 3 Episode 2

Flush that Rona Mist into the air for all to breathe! Spread that positivity (and your cheeks) far and wide on this week's fresh episode of your secret whore's favorite Dolphins show! Vero, Tone, Mike, and Inches' official butt-boy Travis, bring you another half hour of 100% COVID-infected bliss, guaranteed to contain less than 3% Dolphins talk! Inhale our mist and enjoy your last days on this Earth!


New Host Serta-fication | Inches Season 3 Premiere

SEASON 3 IS HERE, and we've got a new host! We introduce Travis to the team so he can introduce your mattress to the cream! And of course welcome back to the undisputed dick-swingers of Dolphins shows...52 minutes of pleasure just for you!


Legends Never Die | Dedicated to the Greatest Coach of All Time

After Vero ghosted Mike and Tone on Friday for like the third time ever, Mike ghosted Tone and Vero for like the 3 million and third time. So the first dose of Inches this year is a Dolphins Smoke Sesh! Unfortunately, Season 3 of Inches started off on a solemn note. The boys put one in the air for the legend of all legends, the immortal Don Shula, may he Rest in Perfection. They also give their takes on the current state of the team following the 2020 Draft, the acquisition of Tua...


Tua Minutes of Pleasure

Mike and Tone suck major peen... Vero keeps the channel active by shitting on them for several minutes while making useless observations about the Draft.


Johnson & Johnson & Johnson: Your Vaccine is Ready

The undisputed, undefeated, heavy-cock champion of ALL Dolphins podcasts is back after Vero hunted Mike and Tone down like the filthy corona-infected dogs they are, to bring you this lovely pre-draft episode. As usual, we brought nothing but the purest and most elite Dolphins discussion possible. The fact that you get to listen to it for free when you could pay us a million dollars and still not deserve it, is quite frankly, disgusting.


Inches & Company| Paging Dr. Robert | Episode #10

Happy 04/20 to the Inches Family! No April foolin' going on here, just another edition of your favorite Dolphins fan guest show in the world! Inches & Company is back with the ol' TFB crew, Vero and special guest Ron Canniff. They talked about everything from sharts, to TV, to sharting in front of the TV. They roasted Mike a Tone a little bit too, because why not?Enjoy!


WEEKEND at MIKEY'S | The Mike Byke Episode | 4th & Inches

HE BYKE! Well how do you like that, Mike's NOT DEAD (as of March 22nd, stay tuned for updates). And so he returns for like the fifth time. However, you won't see him on Twitter anymore, which means that right here on Inches is your only chance to put a little Mike up your tailpipe and smoke him! We talked about The Rona, and how it figures to cancel the 2020 season, and what that means for the world, and more importantly, our channel. Strap in, strap up, and strap on. Elite Inches coming up,...


Dingdong The Bitch Has Fled! | Inches & Co. | #HeGone Edition

THE MOMENT CAME AND SO DID WE! On this elite episode of Inches and Company, Vero and Tone were joined by Chris and Isaac (@BallsOnFleek, @IDB1127) to herald the exodus of Tom Brady and officially deliver the death knell to a spoon-fed nations of bitchass hoes known as Patriots fans (Sob for us, dickholes!). We also covered the HUGE gains secured by the Dolphins in Free Agency and what it all means for the team going forward. Miss this show, and you might as well follow Tommy into the depths...


Inches & Company| Don't Make This Go Viral | Ep.#9

For this episode, Tone and Vero were joined by an Irish-Swiss man without even knowing it. Big Willie Ramirez threw us a curve ball on his country of residence, but we were happy to learn a little bit about Switzerland, and officially give the show international status! Inches Worldwide is a thing now. Check it out.


Inches & Company| From Shart to Finish | Ep.#8

The 8th Edition of Inches & Company featured Vero and guest Nemmy, who did some Dolphins discussion, but saved the show by switching gears to talking shit about Mike and Tone, as well as covering the very 'Inches' topic of sharting. Enjoy!


Inches & Company| Shits, Brits, and 16 Bits | Ep.#7

Vero has been unstoppable in bringing you as many Dolphins Twitter guests as possible in recent weeks. The Inches & Company train keeps rolling today with @houtz as the guest, and will be pulling into the station again on Wednesday! You do not deserve this much content, but fuck it, here it is.


Inches & Company | Who Hid the Garlic?! | Vol. 6

The true Inches content has returned, as promised. Tone returned too, after a short break, and just in time, too. If you had a million years, you'd never guess what became the primary topic of today's show, which also featured GTH as a guest. There's only one way to find out who hid the garlic and why! Enjoy the show or a lemon!


Inches & Company | Jenni Escapes Jersey | Episode #8675309

After supporting the channel from the very beginning, Inches Queen and Secretary of State Jennifer FINALLY makes an appearance, as she drives home from a trip to some state that is rumored to be located near New York (Source Needed). Tune in for the butt stories, stay for the Tone and Mike bashing!


Inches & Company| Pred's Upside Ya Head! | 4th Edition

With Mike (deceased) and Tone (shrooming) unavailable for the last several weeks, Vero takes it upon himself to keep the channel alive by fielding a fourth Inches & Co. episode, at least a year since volume 3. The lovely Pred (aka @Predatorology on Twitter) joins Vero to talk about the proposed changes to the NFL by way of the current CBA talks, the Dolphins situation heading into the Draft, and first impressions after the past couple weeks of inaugural XFL action. Also hear what movies and...


"GOAT" Killers! | Dolphins Smoke Sesh (S2E4)

Vero and Tone got sick of waiting to see if Mike was still living on this planet, so for the first Inches release of the year, we have the fourth installment of Dolphins Smoke Sesh! Most of the time was spent discussing the Dolphins-sponsored downfall of the Patriots and Mike, as well as a bunch of other crap that you'll have to listen to find out about. Like always, this is an episode that you don't want to miss. Unless you're Mike. Who missed it. ----- Aside from that, Inches 2nd Season...


A Very Merry Shitsmas

Season's Greetings, ya filthy animals! Whatever you celebrate, celebrate it with your favorite foul mouthed elves here on Inches. Quick recap of the Bengals game, and a look-ahead to the Patriots and beyond! Warm your peens and vajeens by the fire and chill with your boys on Episode 12, A Very Merry Shitsmas!


Perfectly Normal Episode

The guys totally normally break down the previous game and look ahead to the next one, which is in no way suspicious or out of the ordinary, and you can't prove otherwise so why don't you cry about it. So that's all, just a regular-ass episode of the greatest #MiamiDolphins show to ever exist, that is quite simply unremarkable because it's completely and 100% normal.


DeBlunte Sparker | Dolphins Smoke Sesh (S2E3)

The Miami Dolphins handed the Philadelphia Eagles their own asses on Sunday, and Gase's Jets are scheduled for the next beatdown. With Mike once again M.I.A. and possibly dead for real this time, the show must go on, so Tone and Vero go over what passed and what's to come. ------ The guys are looking for more out of DeVante Parker than just one huge game, but that huge game did lead to today's elite episode cover image. "DeBlunte Sparker" is now officially a thing. As freakin' usual, you...


Brian Flores Will Kick Your Ass | 4th & Inches (S02E10)

That's it. That's the whole message. Brian Flores will literally beat your ass. Have a nice day. (S02E10)