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Two guys talking all things amazing Brown Water and current events in sports. We are here for the mancave hero, whiskey newbie, and all who want to tell us we are all wrong about both! Grab a glass, put the game on mute, and take a listen.

Two guys talking all things amazing Brown Water and current events in sports. We are here for the mancave hero, whiskey newbie, and all who want to tell us we are all wrong about both! Grab a glass, put the game on mute, and take a listen.


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Two guys talking all things amazing Brown Water and current events in sports. We are here for the mancave hero, whiskey newbie, and all who want to tell us we are all wrong about both! Grab a glass, put the game on mute, and take a listen.




Episode 37 - 2021 World Series, Wild Turkey & Maverick Wheat Whiskey

Join us for our review of Wild Turkey and Maverick Wheat Whiskey as we watch the final game of the 2021 World Series! We break down our thoughts on the mid-season of the NFL & College Football, talk current events & give your our grading of our glasses (patent pending).


Episode 36 - NFL Week 6 Recap & 7 Preview - Glen Morary & Dewars

Join us as we breakdown NFL Week 6 & give our thoughts on Week 7. We cover everything from NFL hot topics, drama, winners & losers through the first 7 weeks - All while sipping on some Scotch! Includes our review of Dewar's 12 Year & Glen Moray 15 Year!


Episode 35 - NFL Week 4 & More Scotch

What would your Madden rating be? Join Kurt & Dick as we continue down the Scotch road with two 12 Years - Chivas & Balvenie Doublewood. We break down all football occurring around NFL Week 4 -- Previews, post game thoughts and happenings around the league. Drink on Drammers!


Episode 34 - NFL Week 2 2021 Recap & First Trip to Scotchland

Join Dick & Kurt for a trip to Scotchland! We recap the NFL Week 2 and Week 3 of College Football, talk about our new journey BACK into Scotch and drink some great examples of Scotch - Grangestone Sherry Finish & Lagavulin 11 Nick Offerman edition!


Episode 33 - Football Week 1 2021 Recap & Barton Distillery Whisk(e)y

Week 1 of football is in the books! What we learned and who are who we thought they were! Kurt & Dick breakdown their biggest supersizes & disappointments across the NFL & College Football, provide some insight into upcoming whiskey news, all while drinking two opposite ends of the Barton Distillery Whiskey spectrum!


Episode 32 - 2021 Football Kickoff Special!!

Join us for a breakdown of two great whiskeys - Makers Mark Cask Strength & 2021 Elijah Craig Barrel Proof B521! We cover our thoughts on the opening weeks of College Football, NFL and Fantasy Football! If you love football, whiskey, both or neither - Grab a glass & take a listen!


Episode 31 - Gold Rings, Gold Medals & Whiskey Gold - 4 Roses & RussBreed

Join us for a astute discussion on everything from GOLD Championship rings, GOLD Olympic medals and WHISKEY GOLD to include breakdowns of the hottest whiskey documentaries and our thoughts of some classic whiskey's during the process!


Episode 30 - Samuel Maverick Whiskey & Playoffs

Join us for talk about sports headlines, drama, and NBA & the NHL playoffs! We also break down a recent visit to Samuel Maverick Whiskey Distillery and sample some awesome Texas whiskey from both Maverick Whiskey and Whitmeyer's Distilling.


Episode 29 - NBA Playoffs & KY Col. EH Taylor

After a short time off we are back! Join us for a couple rifts down memory lane, our discussion on the NBA playoffs and other sports stories and OF COURSE, a new dive into What in The World of Whiskey where discuss the Kentucky Colonel E.H. Taylor and his amazing whiskey!


Episode 28 - NFL Draft 2021 Recap & First Round Draft Pick Whiskey

Join Kurt & Dick for another adventure of Whiskey & Sports talk. We drink some hard to find & pricey Whiskey while we give you our thoughts on the 2021 NFL Draft! In addition, Whiskey News makes a come back as celebrities continue to enter (and exit) the Whiskey World and the Whiskey market continues to boom!


Episode 27 - What in The Wide World of Whiskey - Sam Houston 14

Join us for another episode of 4th Dram & Goal! This episode we take a trip down memory lane and give a review and history lesson on one of Texas' found fathers - Sam Houston and Sam Houston 14 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey!


Episode 26 - College Basketball Coaching Carousel & Prideful Goat Review

Introducing Episode 26 - A combination of our April Fools celebration, coaching carousel thoughts, College Basketball Finals take and THE Prideful Goat 15 Year Bourbon review. Buckle up, because this is a long one and quite the ride. Grab a glass, put the game on mute, and take a listen.


Episode 25 - March Madness Midway Recap & Texas Whiskey Blind

Join us for our historic 25th Episode! We have a breakdown of our March Madness Midway Recap AND a Texas Whiskey Blind to work through with offerings from Balcones, Ironroot, and Garrison Brother whiskey!


Episode 24 - March Madness Tipoff & St. Paddy's Day Special

Join us as we OFFICIALLY tipoff March Madness 2021 & celebrate St. Paddy's day together! We know it's a little late, but when do you not need another excuse to drink Guinness and Jameson?! We discuss all of the relevant topics for this time of year to include March Madness bracket selections, St. Paddy's day traditions, and updates on NFL Free Agency!


Episode 23 - Football Hangover: Sports & Whiskey News Ep.2

Join us for Episode 23 - Football Hangover: Sports & Whiskey Episode 2. - Take 2! We discuss all a myriad of topics to include:


Episode 22 - Football Hangover_ Sports & Whiskey News Ep.1

Join us for our first post-football season episode as we argue with teenagers and give our finer points on how to successfully win a bar bathroom brawl. Topics include: Come-on March Madness, get here soon!


Episode 21 - Super Bowl Recap & Top 5 Whiskeys for Your Home Bar

Join Kurt and Dick for a recap of Super Bowl LV where breakdown our thoughts on the game, halftime, and STREAKING! We wrap it up by giving you a list of 5 whiskeys to keep in your bar to get you through the everlasting pandemic and the lull until next football season, while reviewing one of our favorites - Eagle Rare Bourbon!


Episode 20 - Super Bowl & A Midwinter Nights Dram

Join us for our final Super Bowl LV preview while we enjoy a High West Midwinter Nights Dram! We talk NFL trades, trade rumors, the G.O.A.T vs. the Kid, and give some insights into what our wives are bitching about. Take a tumble with us down the rickety steps of NFL futures and Super Bowl predictions!


Episode 19 - Whiskey News & NFL Championship(s)

Join Kurt and Dick as we discuss the NFL Conference Championship games, discuss Whiskey industry news, and remember our favorite Laker - Kobe Bryant. January 26th is a solemn day for many NBA fans, so we do our best to make the most of the Mamba's great legacy and podcast like we are not afraid to fail!


Episode 18 - Texas & New Jersey Roundtable: Headlines, NFL Playoffs, & College Basketball

Join us as we welcome our guest Keith on the show - hailing all the way from New Jersey and touting a recent Fantasy Football championship! We cover a few good bottles of joyous brown-water while we watch and breakdown the most recent events in sports, the NFL playoffs, and get our first thoughts on the College Basketball season. Texas vs. the East Coast - which region has the most storied history, recent sports success, and best fans - listen here to find out!