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A Podcast About Something, nothing, anything, and everything. Join Kalvin and Nick each week as we dive deep into whatever it is we find interesting. Whether it be sports, movies, TV, comics, current news, pop culture or whatever else may pop into our brains, each week we bring you a new topic with a fresh and exciting outlook. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/apasomething/support

A Podcast About Something, nothing, anything, and everything. Join Kalvin and Nick each week as we dive deep into whatever it is we find interesting. Whether it be sports, movies, TV, comics, current news, pop culture or whatever else may pop into our brains, each week we bring you a new topic with a fresh and exciting outlook. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/apasomething/support


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A Podcast About Something, nothing, anything, and everything. Join Kalvin and Nick each week as we dive deep into whatever it is we find interesting. Whether it be sports, movies, TV, comics, current news, pop culture or whatever else may pop into our brains, each week we bring you a new topic with a fresh and exciting outlook. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/apasomething/support






A Podcast About The Series Finale

IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOOOOOWWWWWWNNNN!!! Kalvin and Nick present the series finale of A Podcast About Something with a clips show style challenge. We take several clips from the last 3 and half years of A Podcast About Something and see if we can guess which episode the clip comes from as we say goodbye to our podcast. The winner of this challenge gets to take home the A Podcast About Something Cup! If you're new to A Podcast About Something, this is a great place to start to get a feel...


A Podcast About Franchise Killer Movie Superlatives (Finale Month)

Have you ever had a movie franchise that appealed to you crash and burn? Something that had 1, 2, or even 3 good outings before the world was treated to a hot pile of garbage that brought it to a swift and unsatisfying end? Sadly, us too, and it’s much more common than we thought! For our final outing in our Movie Superlatives franchise we had to hand out our five fundamental somethings on Movies that killed their respective franchises! Who was the best hero in a death knell movie? What was...


A Podcast About Selective Listening - My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion (Finale Month)

Whoa boy do we have an excellent choice for our final, that’s right final, episode in our Selective Listening series! My Heart Will Go On by the great Celine Dion is the star of our show this time around. You may ask yourself why that sounds so familiar, and it’s because it was one of the most popular soundtracks to one of the most popular films of all time from Titanic. Did a family member of yours regale you with this beautiful tune? What exactly does it mean? Throw in a little twist...


A Podcast About The MCU (Remix) (Finale Month)

Welcome to the first episode of our Finale Month! We wanted to kick off Finale Month in the same place we started this podcast with a remixed version of the MCU! The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a force to be reckoned with, both monetarily and popularly, but it had to start somewhere and some might say an eternity ago in the ancient year of 2008 with a “washed up” actor and a C-level comic book character at the proverbial chrome helm. We lay out the 5 fundamental somethings of the MCU,...


A Podcast About the Lost Episode with Bore Meets World

Way back in 2018, Kalvin was joined by Kyle and Steven from the Bore Meets World podcast to discuss one of the most iconic brothers in television history. The episode has been locked in a vault for almost 3 years hoping to never see the light of day, but with A Podcast About Something soon coming to an end, we finally had to release it for the world to hear! Enjoy the long awaited episode all about Eric Matthews and what he meant to the Boy Meets World universe. Check out the links below for...


A Podcast About Kung Fu Movie Superlatives

Kalvin and Nick are Kung Fu fighting on this month's Movie Superlatives episode. We sift through years of Kung Fu movies to find the best and worst to ever do it when it comes to hand to hand combat. We award styles, choreographies, protagonists and more and then we reveal our favorites Kung Fu (movie) masters! Check out the links below for more from A Podcast About Something! ---------Check out more about SOMETHING--------- Youtube Twitter Merch APodcastAboutSomething.com (full...


A Podcast About Airing Of Grievances Part 3

Yesssss, finally, we have come back around to the most cathartic of episodes! Our annual airing of grievances (part 3) has arrived and it’s our best one yet. Now that our lives aren’t completely dominated by a pandemic, we are reminded of all the other little stuff that used to (and still does) piss us off. Some stuff has a way of really grinding our gears, and it’s something we are sure we share with you in some way. Blippi, skimping popcorn chicken, the gym, getting buried in candy (it’s...


A Podcast About the Tourney at Harrenhal (ASOIAF)

Now that it has been awhile since the disastrous 8th season of Game of Thrones, we think it’s time to visit the subject again. Arguably, the event that kick started the events that we loved as fans for at least 5 seasons, The Tourney at Harrenhal! Shrouded in mystery during a time period of much calamity, the Tourney was one of the biggest butterfly effect events that occurred throughout fake history. Shadow alliances, attempts at a coup, marriage and love were all present and dialed up to...


A Podcast About NBA Centers

The NBA Center position, once as pivotal to the game as quarterbacks in the NFL, has changed a lot over the years. The 5 spot has arguably changed more than any other position in the sport, which bodes well for us as we detail our five (but really six) fundamental somethings about our favorite Centers in NBA history. Not the best mind you, but our favorite. Trust us, our taste is impeccable! We touch on all aspects of the position as we make our choices, from unbelievable stats to game...


A Podcast About Harry Potter Movie Superlatives

The year is 2011. You stand around the water cooler talking about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Pt. 2 and naturally, the conversation stretches back to the Harry Potter catalogue. You argue with your colleague, what’s the best use of magic? What’s the best evil plan in the series? Best use of magic or Best (or worst) Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher? Now bring yourself back to the present because we’re here to hit you right in the nostalgia part of your brain as we hand out our...


A Podcast About Tommy Oliver (Power Rangers)

My boy Tommy O, the one and only Green (White, Red x 2, and Black) Ranger out there. By one and only, we mean a cut above the rest, a leader, an enemy, and a friend by the name of Tommy Oliver! Often people’s favorite of all Power Rangers, he certainly has quite the background when it comes to development, with Jason David Frank bringing the character to screens near you. With an up and down history amongst fellow rangers and a story-line that spans all forms of media, we give Tommy our full...


A Podcast About Selective Listening - Grillz - Nelly, Paul Wall, Ali & Gipp

"Got the whole top diamond, and the bottom rose gold!" Or is the bottom row gold? It's hard to tell sometimes what is meant by any particular lyric in any particular song, so Nick and Kalvin are here yet again to break down a song line by line in the latest entry to the Selective Listening song. We try to figure out which one of these rappers is the most talented, how many different ways they can say "diamonds are shiny," and of course what was going on in each of their careers in late 2005...


A Podcast About the Salem Witch Trials

Incantations. Spells. Grimoires. The Devil’s words. BS tests and the hangman’s noose. All things that today don’t mean much, but in 1692 they meant everything, especially during the epic (kind of) mythological time of the Salem Witch Trials! Blown out of proportion is an understatement, and Kalvin and Nick dive deep to abolish the blasphemers and confirm the truths. We bring our spectral evidence to the table and dissect this grim episode of American lore and the trials and tribulations many...


A Podcast About CinemaSins with Jeremy from CinemaSins

This week Kalvin is joined by special guest Jeremy Scott from the CinemaSins YouTube channel! Kalvin and Jeremy discuss the origins of CinemaSins and what it' like to sin movies, the state of movies and film-making today, mental health awareness and advocacy in media, and much more! Check out the links below for more from the CinemaSins team and for Jeremy's new memoir Original Sin: From Preacher’s Kid to the Creation of CinemaSins available for pre-order now and in stores...


A Podcast About Boxing Movie Superlatives

A film with sports as the catalyst of the story can be a good one. But it’s mostly a genre filled with cliche moments and feel good endings. One sport, however, holds up better than all others when it comes to film, and that’s boxing! So naturally it’s time for us to punch out a Boxing Movie Superlative episode! For a small list of decent boxing movies, most tend to hold up. Movies such as Rocky, of course, dominate the field when it comes to some of the best moments, opponents, and shouts...


A Podcast About NBA Power Forwards

In the fourth entry in our NBA positional series, Nick and Kalvin get into the thicc bois of the NBA, the Power Forwards! We discuss the past and present of the position and how it's changed over the years. Grabbing rebounds, blocking shots, throwing down devastating dunks in games or dunk contests, and some of the most proficient trash talking you've ever heard, our favorite Power Forwards could do it all (except make a 3 pointer). After you listen to find out who our favorite PFs are, go...


A Podcast About Gaming

Ah, video games, a favorite pastime of many. Like many of you we have a fondness for video games, and gaming in general, that began as wee youngins’ and continues to this day. But how did that journey start, and where has it led us? We detail some of the systems and games we hold dear, and maybe, just maybe, a few hidden gems that may catch you off guard, or a system of days past makes a reappearance in your memory. Where are video games heading in the future, and speaking of the future,...


A Podcast About Selective Listening - Rap God - Eminem

Are your arms long enough to (metaphorically) slap box with Eminem? Are anyone's? This week Nick and Kalvin return to the Selective Listening series to break down one of the most dense rap songs ever and quickly realize that our arm's are not long enough. It takes all of our combined power to cover every single word in this amazingly constructed track while Eminem is throwing lyrics at us at supersonic speed (JJ Fad). Take a journey with us through every single word in this Guinness World...


A Podcast About Robin (DC Comics)

Holy bombastic, birds, Batman! The title gets a lot of hate, but you’ve got to put some respect on the name of Robin, the Boy Wonder! When the moniker is synonymous with the one and only Caped Crusader, and as the other half of the dynamic duo, being badass is a prerequisite! We’re here to break it down for the masses, from the creation of the character to the initial and beyond boy wonders who occupied the crimson carapaces and masks. The rises and falls, deaths and rebirths, horrible...


A Podcast About Kevin Smith Movie Superlatives

The man, the Pop Culture icon, the legend; Kevin Smith is our subject of the day! He cut his teeth on a $27,000 indie movie and has progressed into a titan of Pop Culture. With many directorial efforts under his belt of a surprisingly wide range of genres, and a wider range in quality, we try to determine the best and worst with our patented made up awards. With surprising star power and solid writing, Kevin Smith has built a universe of his own with some amazing characters like Jay and...