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Podcast About Something, nothing, anything, and everything. We tackle pop culture topics from every genre imaginable. Including movies, TV, sports, current news, and more. Follow us on twitter @APASomething and send us feedback through email: APodcastAboutSomething@gmail.com

Podcast About Something, nothing, anything, and everything. We tackle pop culture topics from every genre imaginable. Including movies, TV, sports, current news, and more. Follow us on twitter @APASomething and send us feedback through email: APodcastAboutSomething@gmail.com
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Podcast About Something, nothing, anything, and everything. We tackle pop culture topics from every genre imaginable. Including movies, TV, sports, current news, and more. Follow us on twitter @APASomething and send us feedback through email: APodcastAboutSomething@gmail.com






Episode 28 - A Podcast About Old School Video Games with The Save Point Podcast (Part 1)

I'm joined by Dan from the Save Point Podcast to discuss Old School Video Games. This is part 1 of the Old School video games series, wherein each part we will discuss a different era of gaming. In part 1 we discuss arcade games and gen 1 and 2 of at home consoles, including the Atari and the Sega Master System. We also discuss the differences and similarities between old school games and current games and what it meant to be a gamer 20 years ago versus today.


A Podcast About Football - 2018 Week 2 Round-Up

We go over all the action from Week 2 of the 2018 NFL season and how it effected our fantasy football line ups. We discuss the greatness of Pat Mahomes, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Blake Bortles. That can't be right? But it is! We cover everything from the Chiefs electric offense to the instability of the Lions. We go over week 3 of the College Football season briefly and then make our Can't Miss Picks for Week 3 of the NFL season. Can't Miss Picks Record: Kalvin: 2-4 Erich: 2-3-1


Episode 27 - A Podcast About Crazy Hypotheticals with Don't Crack

I'm joined by the guys from the Don't Crack podcast as we play a crazy hypotheticals game or as they call it "With A Catch". We each presented a hypothetical situation and then the others had to come up with a catch that would us not want to follow through on our hypothetical situation. The hypotheticals used were: If you could have one cybernetic body part what would it be and why, and If you could have only one of Superman's super powers, what would you choose and why? Before we dive into...


Episode 26 - A Podcast About Sustainability with Kiss That World

I'm joined by Meghann the Kiss That World podcast as we discuss sustainability. We discuss the Zero Waste Movement and how average people can help the world through this movement. We talk about the new laws around plastic straws and how they help or hurt. We briefly touch on environmental racism and how it effects poorer neighborhoods. I learned a lot from this discussion with Meghann and hope you can too, visit Meghann's website kissthatworld.com. 2 Minute Iso on the Oscars new Popular...


A Podcast About Football - 2018 Week 1 Picks

Kalvin and Erich make our Can't Miss Picks for week 1 of the NFL Season. We each make three picks against the spread. Tune in each week to the NFL weekly roundup where we discuss what happened in the NFL, college football, and make our Can't Miss Picks


Episode 25 - A Podcast About Non-Disney Animated Movie Superlatives w/ For Better or Worse

I'm joined by Jason and Erin from the For Better or Worse as we kick off a new once a month series called Movie Superlatives. We give out 5 awards to 5 movies in the category of Non-Disney Animated Movies. The awards are presented to our favorites for Best Friendship, Best Original Song, Best Mature Content, Best Voice Cast, and Best Plot. After we dish out the awards we discuss finding time to consume entertainment with kids. You can follow For Better or Worse on twitter @fbowpod


A Podcast About Football - 2018 College Football Preview

Kalvin and Erich take a look at the upcoming College Football season. We make our picks for Big 5 conferece champs while discussing the overall outlook for each conference. We also make way too early playoff predictions and Heisman hopefuls. We finish off talking a little bit about the outlooks on our favorite teams the Florida Gators and Miami Hurricances.


Episode 24 - A Podcast About Franken-Movies w/ X Meets Y

Today I'm joined by Jonathan Inbody from the X meets Y podcast. We take pieces from two movies in five different genres and sew them together into our very own Franken-Movie. The genres we cover are Crime, Monster, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Historical, and Horror. We divert into some talk over upcoming DC movies Aquaman and Shazam! Check out Jonathan on the X meets Y podcast or at xmeetsy.libsyn.com. 2 Minute Iso on our Patreon launch, visit patreon.com/apodcastaboutsomething and donate


A Podcast About Football - 2018 NFC Preview

Erich and Kalvin breakdown the NFC for the 2018-2019 NFL Season. We discuss our rankings for each division. We pick the 4 divisional winners and 2 Wild Card teams for the NFC. Kalvin provides some hot takes on Aaron Rodgers, Julio Jones, and the 49ers.


Episode 23 - A Podcast About Platsburgh, NY w/ BSP: The Idiotsyncracy Podcast

I'm joined by the guys from BSP:the Idiotsyncracy Podcast to talk about the mysterious happenings in my old hometown of Plattsburgh, NY and the surrounding area. There are many strange occurrences and paranormal activity found in and around Plattsburgh. Technical difficulties abound as we discuss the dichotomy of belief and skepticism when it comes to paranormal occurrences. We dive into everything from lake monsters to ghosts to government, mind-control conspiracies. We obviously somehow...


A Podcast About Football - 2018 AFC Preview

Erich and Kalvin break down the AFC division by division going into the 2018 season. We rank every AFC team within their division and pick who we think will make the playoffs. We divert into a tangent on Jay Cutler's reality TV life. We give some fantasy advice and make a way too early super bowl prediction from the AFC and make a lunch bet on the AFC Conference Champs. Towards the end we try to flesh out our weekly picks segment and spit ball some ideas for the weekly NFL roundups.


Episode 22 - A Podcast About Short-Lived TV Shows w/Good Enough to Air

I'm joined by Kelly and Char from the Good Enough to Air podcast to discuss short-lived TV shows. We start talking about the current state of TV and then spin off into a Canadian geography and French lesson tangent. We talk about our favorite shows that ran for less than 3 seasons and some shows that should have quit while they were ahead. We also spin off into a Harry Potter discussion yet again. 2-Minute Iso on James Gunn and Disney's decision to move on from him. Check out more...


Episode 21 - A Podcast About Movie Franchises That Won't Die w/ The Soul Bread Podcast

Kalvin is joined by Jonathan and Josh from the Soul Bread Podcast to talk about Movie Franchises that won't die. We talk about movies that we thought were going to spawn franchises but didn't. We try to find out what happened to Will Smith's first son. We also coin a new term when discussing the Harry Potter franchise. Finally we move into the main event, each of of our top 3 movie franchises we hope never die and our collective top 3 that should have died with when and why they should have...


Episode 20 - A Podcast About Reformatting

Kalvin talks about the future of A Podcast About Something


Episode 19 - A Podcast About Ant-Man and the Wasp

Erich and Kalvin talk about the MCU's latest entry: Ant-Man and The Wasp. We start out by giving a spoiler free review in thed first five minutes. After the five minute mark, get ready for spoilers. We discuss the whole movie in detail and it's impact on the wider MCU. This episode contains spoilers for Ant-Man and The Wasp, Infinity War and Friend Season 9. We talk about our favorite aspects of the movie, what would have changed, and what we expect for Avengers 4.


Episode 18 - A Podcast About Wrestlers in Movies w/ Got Till Five

Erich and Kalvin are joined by Max and Jesse from the Got Till Five podcast to discuss each show's Top 5 Movies with Wrestlers in them. Join us for a lively discussion as we count down the top 5 movies we enjoy that contain a professional wrestler in some capacity, whether it be a starring role or cameo no movie is off limits. We discuss each movie at length along with the wrestlers' acting careers in general. If you like what you hear from Max and Jesse, check out the Got Till Five podcast...


Episode 17 - A Podcast About the 2018 NBA Offseason

On this episode, Kalvin and Erich talk about the 2018 NBA offseason. We start with briefly discussing the 2018 NBA Finals sweep. We then discuss the regular season awards and who we think will win each one. We move into free agency talk and where we think some of the big name players go during the offseason. We also touch on the possibility of NFL contracts emulating the structure of NBA superstar contracts. We finish with a 2 minute iso about the first Game of Thrones spinoff announcement.


Episode 16 - A Podcast About Reading with your Kids (w/Jedlie)

This is a special episode of A Podcast About Something. Kalvin is joined be Jedlie, the host of the Reading with your Kids podcast. Kalvin and Jedlie discuss a little bit of everything on this episode. We take time to discuss Boston sports and the MCU. We mainly focus on podcasting and great ways to interact with your kids. You can check out more from Jedlie on his podcast: Reading with your Kids. You can also visit his website jedlie.com and follow him on twitter @jedliemagic.


Episode 15 - A Podcast About Deadpool 2

Erich and Kalvin have a spoiler filled discussion about everyone's favorite Merc with a Mouth in Deadpool 2. We start off comparing the release of Deadpool 2 with the releases of Solo (no spoilers for Solo) and Avengers: Infinity War. We then dive into to discussing what we liked and dislike about Deadpool 2 and what our overall thoughts were of the movie.


Episode 14 - A Podcast About Seinfeld (Trivia)

Erich and Kalvin talk about Seinfeld (Trivia). We start out with a quick discussion of Deadpool 2 (more coming in a later episode). Then we jump into a crushing defeat of Erich by Kalvin in Seinfeld trivia. We go back and forth with trivia from everyone's favorite sitcom and discuss the episodes and the show as a whole as we go through.