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There's no script for what happens outside the ring.

There's no script for what happens outside the ring.




There's no script for what happens outside the ring.






Talk AEW Podcast: Fyter Fest Night 2, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Nick Gage, And The Painmaker

AEW Podcast AEW presented the second night of Fyter Fest this week and it did not disappoint. Along with two massive title matches, we also saw the AEW debut of Chavo Guerrero, the first match in the 5 Labours of Jericho challenge, and the shocking appearance of Nick Gage. If that wasn’t enough, rumours have not stopped circulating that both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan have signed with AEW. It’s a jam-packed week of wrestling news and we have a lot to discuss! In our main event, we talk...


Talk AEW Podcast: Fyter Fest, Coffin Matches, and Jesus Christ

AEW Podcast On the heels of a string of big episodes of Dynamite that included the debut of Malakai Black, Andrade El Idolo— not to mention the return of a sold-out crowd— AEW presented Fyter Fest Night One with Darby Allin and Ethan Page headlining the main event in the company’s first-ever Coffin Match. In our main event of this episode of Talk AEW, we break down that match and compare it to gimmick matches from the past, most notably the famous WWE casket matches involving The...


Talk AEW Podcast: On the Road (Rager) Again!

AEW Podcast: Who Will Jump Ship Next? This week on Talk AEW, Mariko, Ricky, and Aaron sit down to discuss Road Rager and the surprise appearance of Tommy End a.k.a. Malakai Black, and what they expect from him in the near future. In the main event, the crew sets aside some time to discuss the debut of Andrade El Idolo who wrestled Matt Sydal, and why they were somewhat disappointed with his first match. This leads into a conversation about which AEW wrestler will be the first to leave the...


Talk AEW Podcast: Goodbye Jacksonville

AEW Podcast After a short hiatus, Talk AEW is back with another jam-packed episode! In our opening segment, Ricky D and Aaron Santos review the highly anticipated match between The Spanish God Sammy Guevara and Maxwell Jacob Friedman. Spoilers; while we were impressed by Sammy’s high-risk maneuvers (not to mention his Canadian Destroyer), we were also somewhat disappointed with the match, most notably the piledriver from the top rope and the interference towards the end. In our main event,...


Talk AEW Podcast: Discussing Backstage Drama and a Promising New Roster

AEW Podcast This week on Talk AEW, we begin the show by catching up on the past two episodes of Dynamite which aired on a Friday night. We share our thoughts on the Mark Henry and Andrade joining AEW; Jungle Boy’s title shot; the ongoing feud between The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle— and why we dislike watching wrestling on Friday nights. In our main event, we address the rumours that the Elite are arguing with each other behind closed doors. Does anyone else get the feeling that when...


Talk AEW Podcast: Double or Nothing 2021 More Than Lived Up to the Hype

AEW Podcast: Double or Nothing Review AEW hosted their first PPV with a full crowd since early 2020 and boy, it did not disappoint! After Revolution, Double or Nothing was AEW’s second pay-per-view of 2021, and apart from a few minor hiccups, the event was bigger, better, and far more entertaining thanks to the crowd who injected a hefty dose of high energy and of course, the talent, who all delivered a great performance. On this episode of Talk AEW, we choose our favourite moments and...


Talk AEW Podcast: Some Crazy and Wild Double Or Nothing Predictions

This week on Talk AEW, we set aside some time during Ricky’s rapid-fire questions to address some events that took place on the most recent episode of Dynamite including Christian Cage’s match with Matt Sydal and the ongoing feud between Cody Rhodes and Anthony Ogogo? In our main event, we look ahead and discuss what we think will happen at AEW next pay-per-view event Double or Nothing and what we want to see happen. All this and more! Theme Song “Retro Soul” via Listen...


Talk AEW Podcast: What's Next for Darby Allin and The Inner Circle?

This week on Talk AEW, we have plenty to talk about including the Jon Moxley match with Yuji Nagata and the use of the song “Wild Thing” by The Troggs as his entrance music. We rate the promos by Cody Rhodes and Tully Blanchard, discuss Orange Cassidy’s injury, and rant about why we think AEW did a disservice to SCU who ended a nine-year run as a tag team after losing to the Young Bucks. In our main event, we look back at Darby Allin’s incredible reign as the TNT Champion and discuss why we...


Talk AEW Podcast: The Belt Collector and Blood and Guts

AEW Podcast This week on Talk AEW, Ricky, Mariko and Aaron preview Blood and Guts and offer their predictions on what might unfold during the special episode of Dynamite. Will the Pinnacle come out on top, or will The Inner Circle beat MJF and his goons to a bloody pulp? As always, Ricky kicks off the show with his rapid-fire questions. This week that includes a discussion on whether or not Penelope Ford is the most under-rated and under-used wrestler in the women’s division and speculation...


Talk AEW Podcast: The 10 Most Valuable Wrestlers in AEW

This week AEW Dynamite featured an outstanding match between Hikaru Shida and Tay Conti as well as a stellar main event with Darby Allin and Jungle Boy. Both matches proved AEW is loaded with young talent and got us thinking who we would consider AEW’s most valuable young stars. In our main event we tackle this question and debate which ten wrestlers we think AEW should secure for the next ten years. Kicking off the show is Ricky’s rapid-fire questions and this week we end the show with a...


Talk AEW Podcast: Conspiracy Theories and Iron Mike Tyson

AEW Podcast The first match on AEW Dynamite this week between The Young Bucks and Pac and Rey Fenix, lasted nearly 30 minutes. It’s safe to say that since Matt and Nick Jackson just turned heels, we all knew the outcome and we all knew they weren’t losing the match. That said, it was an amazing match, worthy of a pay-per-view main event which has us asking if AEW is booking too many great matches for free on television? Before we get to that, however, we address the storyline between The...


Talk AEW Podcast: The Immortal Promo, Heard Around the World

AEW Podcast: The Inner Circle is Back in Black! This week on Talk AEW, we review Chris Jericho’s epic promo which perfectly set up the announcement of the first-ever Blood & Guts match, to be held in Jacksonville Florida on May 5. The worst is yet to come for The Pinnacle but before we get to that event, we have plenty to discuss including the appearance of Mike Tyson and whether it was too early for the Inner Circle to bury MJF and his new faction again. In our main event, we express our...


Talk AEW Podcast: Arcade Anarchy and the Mutiny on the Bounty

AEW Podcast This week on Talk AEW, the months-long feud between Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, Miro, and Kip Sabian came to a head with a balls-to-the-wall Arcade Anarchy match on AEW Dynamite— and boy do we have a lot to say about it. Spoilers, everyone on this podcast absolutely loves how the story culminated. But before we rave about “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy, his new entrance music, or the surprise return of both Trent and Kris Statlander— we set aside some time to debate whether...


Talk AEW Podcast: Lights Out

AEW Podcast This week’s edition of AEW Dynamite was a night of firsts. Not only was it the first time a women’s match was in the main event, but it marked the first time the AEW Women’s Division had an Unsanctioned Lights Out Match. This week in our main event, we gush over Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker who knocked it out of the park and delivered a five-star match, battering each other with chairs, ladders, piles of thumbtacks, and tables. Before that, however, we kick off the show with...


Talk AEW Podcast: Let’s Discuss The Five Horseman and Christian Cage

AEW Dynamite Podcast Wednesday’s live post-Revolution edition of Dynamite set up a half dozen new storylines and featured the Dynamite debut of several new stars including Maki Itoh, Ethan Page, and Christian Cage who might have gotten the ball rolling on a feud with the current World Champion, Kenny Omega. We’ll sit down and discuss what we expect from the former WWE superstar and whether he should be gunning for a title so soon. In our main event we discuss the jaw-dropping double swerve...


Talk AEW Podcast: The New Four Horseman and the Future of Jade Cargill and Shaq

AEW Podcast AEW Dynamite cruised to yet another victory in the head-to-head Wednesday Night Wars and once again, we have a lot to talk about. We start the show with Ricky’s rapid-fire questions before discussing the debut of both Jade Cargill and Shaquille O’Neal along with their incredible match with Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet. In our main event, we dissect the match between FTR and Tully Blanchard and Jurassic Express and whether AEW is setting up a storyline in which they form the next...

Talk AEW Podcast: What to Expect From the Big Show

AEW Podcast Plus, Heel vs. Heel and Face vs. Face This week on the Talk AEW Podcast, we discuss the match between Dr. Brit Baker and Nyla Rose and the match between Lance Archer and Rey Fenix that took place on the most recent episode of Dynamite. The conversation sparks a debate on how to properly book a match between two heels and also a match between two baby faces. In our main event, we bounce around some ideas on how AEW can use Paul White a.k.a. The Big Show and what we’d like to see...


Talk AEW Podcast: What’s Next for Sammy Guevara, The Inner Circle and the Women’s Division

This week on Talk AEW, we discuss the future of the Inner Circle Sammy Guevara’s decision to quit the faction. Is the Inner Circle stronger without him? Is Sammy better off leaving? What is Guevara’s next move and how long before he becomes the face of the company? We answer all these questions and more. In the main event, Mariko and Aaron breakdown the Women’s Eliminator Tournament including the most recent match between Riho and Serena Deeb as well as the Japanese side of the bracket....


Talk AEW Podcast: A Who’s Who in the AEW Women’s Tournament plus the Rise of Lee Johnson

AEW Podcast This week Talk AEW takes a deep into the AEW Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament. We break down each bracket and take a closer look at each competitor. The winner of the tournament will become the new #1 contender to AEW Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida, for a future title match, rumored for the 2021 Revolution pay-per-view on Sunday, March 7. Did AEW make a mistake putting the Japanese matches only on YouTube? Does Dr. Brit Baker stand a chance in making it to the...


Talk AEW Podcast: Jungle Boy Swings Into the Main Event of our Valentine’s Day Special

This week on Talk AEW, Jungle Boy swings into our main event as we discuss his incredible match with Dax Harwood on a recent episode of Dynamite. Prepare yourself for a lovefest as we can’t stop praising Jack Perry who wowed fans with his in-ring talent, old-school mindset, and undeniable charm. We all knew Jungle Boy was going to be a huge star for AEW, but we didn’t expect the company to push him into single competition this soon. Before all that, we set aside some time to fantasize about...