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Lack of knowledge meets the soccer pitch as these half educated hosts discuss all the happenings with Atlanta United FC. Soccer in Atlanta is roudy and proud, and this fireside chat should make you laugh while hearing some updates and foolish conversations about the club. Find us on Youtube

Lack of knowledge meets the soccer pitch as these half educated hosts discuss all the happenings with Atlanta United FC. Soccer in Atlanta is roudy and proud, and this fireside chat should make you laugh while hearing some updates and foolish conversations about the club. Find us on Youtube


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Lack of knowledge meets the soccer pitch as these half educated hosts discuss all the happenings with Atlanta United FC. Soccer in Atlanta is roudy and proud, and this fireside chat should make you laugh while hearing some updates and foolish conversations about the club. Find us on Youtube




#38 - Atlanta United Season Ending Recap: NYFC Playoff Breakdown and 2022 Outlook

ATLONFIRE trivia is back and we talk about it all, including some top memories of the 2021 season good and bad. Dave walks us through a detailed analysis of the playoff loss to NYFC on their home field (advantage) designed for a 7v7 match. MLS Next is coming and ATLUTD2 will likely join in 2023. Thiago Almada in, but not just yet with Barco still in the house.


#37 - Atlanta United Lock Playoffs with 2-1 Win over Cincinnati - Thiago Almada in 2022

Dave brings his own wine to celebrate the playoffs for Atlanta United. Mike admits, the wine is not only drinkable, it's good! Shocked about a year 1 wine, we go into the formation change from Gonzalo Pineda and why we should be playing 4-3-3 headed into the NYFC playoff game. But, we don't think the coach will go that direction. Mike thinks we'll win regardless and advance in the playoffs, Dave thinks it's our final stop. We talk about it all, including the new wonderboy Thiago Almada who...


#36 - Atlanta United‘s Coach, Gonzalo Pineda Plays for a Draw Against New York Red Bulls

Atlanta United essentially locked a playoff spot with tonight's 0-0 draw against New York Red Bulls. This looked to be coach Pineda's plan. Mike and Dave are worried about Pineda putting a stamp on the team, finding our identity and ensuring our players are put in the best position to win heading into the playoffs. Pineda's substitutions seem very wild, and we just don't feel like the team is clicking to enter the MLS cup hot.


#35 - Atlanta United 5 Game Recap - US Mens National Team USMNT 3 Game Recap - We Talk About It All!

Atlanta United 5 Game Recap - US Mens National Team USMNT 3 Game Recap - We Talk About It All!


#34 - Atlanta United Crush Orlando City 3-0 - Who’s Your Daddy? Maybe not Josef, but Barco, Moreno and Araujo got something to say!

Dave and Mike talk about the USMNT and turbulent start to their World Cup Qualification games. Dave talks formation and tactics as a key ingredient to success during the Honduras nightmare that became a dream in the second half. Atlanta United might learn a thing or two from the US team’s formation and tactical approach. We recap a great 3-0 win over Orlando City as Barco, Araujo and Moreno put on a show. We talk about it all.


#33 - Atlanta United Ends winning Streak with New Coach Gonazalo Pineda - Recaps of DC United Win and Nashville Loss

This episode we compare the tactics of Rob Valentino vs Gonzalo Pineda. We argue about the EPL top 4. Will Dave or Mike win the bet on a bottle of wine? We talk about it all!


#32 - Atlanta United 3 Game Win Streak - Recap of Toronto FC and LAFC. Is the Monster Waiting?

Atlanta United are on a win streak! But, still no Pineda on the sideline as we face DC United tonight at 8PM. We talk about Luiz Araujo, how to say his name, and how he performed on his debut at Mercedez Benz on Wednsdsay night. Dave get's into the tactics of how to incorporate Luiz Araujo in the side. We have some concerns about our depth in the middle and defensive side of the ball. Our second live broadcast was not a flop, so listen and subscribe.


#31 - Atlanta United New Coach Gonzalo Pineda and New Lille Signing Luiz Araujo

Atlanta United hires a New Coach Gonzalo Pineda from the Seattle Sounders. Fans get excited about our new Lille signing Luiz Araujo. Are we going to turn the corner and make a run for the playoffs? We talk about it all, including Messi going to PSG's farmer's league. Mike and Dave debate the Alan Franco's bulldozer play that offered Columbus Crew a lifeline.


#30 - USA International Matches - Atlanta United vs Orlando Recap - Coaching / Player Rumors

We talk about the US Women's National team losing in the semifinals of the Olypmics vs Canada on a bad PK call. On the plus, our US Mens National team wins the Gold Cup with the "B" squad of MLS stars who put Mexico on notice. Will Tata get fired? Atlanta United take the lead over Orlando City FC, but can't close the deal. We talk about it all, including the hunt for a new head coach and some rumored inbound players during our transfer window.


#29 - Atlanta United 92.9 The Game Commentator Jason Longshore Joins the Fire!

Part 1 - Jason Longshore provides his colorful insight into all things Atlanta United. Part 2 - Dave and Mike talk about Rob Valentino and the latest tactics from the team.


#28 - Gabriel Heinze Sacked, Fired, Released - Hydration or He's Just a Poor Leader?

Gabriel Heinze fired just 13 games into the MLS Season. Dave and Mike talk about it all. Mike admits Heinze might have been a poor leader within the organization all along, especially not leading by example with a positive day to day demeanor with anyone in the clubhouse. Groundhog day is upon us and we are now searching for a new head coach yet again. Mike is optimistic Eales has been planning the move and the replacement is around the bend.... If not, this is another front office failure....


#27 - Josef Martinez Transfer Gossip or Just Heinze Faceoff - Atlanta United Drama Continues

Josef Martinez news has Atlanta United fans swirling with speculation. Rightfully so, even if the logic does not add up, it's hard not to get emotional about the current state of the team, starters, coaching and front office. We talk about it all, including Dave bringing a great bottle of Alexander Valley Vineyards for losing a bet on the England vs Italy penalty shootout.


#26 - A Seattle Sounder's POV on MLS and Atlanta United. Chicago Fire Recap 0-3 loss! Yikes

Dave joins the fire with his cousin Dave in Seattle. We talk about it all including wine country and a future trip to the west to enjoy some vino! Mike rants about his blackout games in Atlanta, Bally Sports and how difficult it is to watch games. We recap the loss to Chicago Fire 0-3 and the bad goals we allowed. Walkes continued to lack vision on seeing the danger, and did not have a great game. Dave explains some of the Seattle Sounder traditions, marching to the match and their rivals...


#25 - Atlanta United 2-6-2 - Philly & Redbulls Draws, NYFC Loss - Dave Postive + Mike Negative -

Dave and Mike don't see it the same way on a lot of fronts. We talk about it all, including World Futbol and recap the last three games and where the club is headed. Lots of challenges ahead and we are still looking for a solution to score goals up front without Josef Martinez. Who is Alan Franco, we don't know just yet. Is Heinze the sauce, we don't know yet. Will George Bello go across the pond, we don't know yet. Is Moreno getting is feet, we think so.. Thanks for listening....Subscribe,...


#24 - ATL ON FIRE - Steps Up Equipment - Recap of Atlanta United vs Seattle and Nashville

We are back and talk about it all. From the drama in Miami and sanctions against the club with impacts to Atlanta United's Sporting Director getting banned from MLS through 2022. Atlanta gets a strong draw on the road against Seattle Sounders. Josef nets a great PK in the 86th minute and we go home with smiles. Dave attempts to name a cross country rival, and we will reward you on twitter for ideas. A home game against Nashville starts off hot, and we go up by 2 goals but give up 2 at the...


#23 - Atlanta United Carlos Bocanegra Hot Seat - Miami 1-1 and Montreal 94th minute Winner

#23 - Atlanta United FC win a great home game in the last minute of stoppage time against Montreal. We recap the Miami tie and talk about all the players. Josef Martinez is still far from 100 percent but the team's back line is excellent. Dave breaks a lot down on this podcast and helps us understand much of the details we don't see. Sit back, buckle up and enjoy!


#22 - Recaps of Orlando, Fire, Philly CCL and New England vs Atlanta United

We talk about it all. Starting with the Super League and back to Atlanta United's performances over the last few weeks. Atlanta United soccer is back in full swing under the Hienze era and the structure looks good but the bumpy ride could be the realization of how things progress over the first half of the year. Let's hope we stabilize and get moving with more Wins! Dave and Mike talk about it all..


#21 - Atlanta United FC Vs Alajuelense - CCL Leg 1 Recap

Mike starts off with his negative viewpoints on Atlanta United vs Alajuelense CCL matches. Dave talks Mike off the ledge, offering his very optimistic thoughts on the team's solid organization, approach and provides his postive outlook for the team. We Talk about it all!


#20 - Gabriel Heinze In - 2020 Out - Atlanta United Gets a New Coach

A fresh start for Atlanta United, after a long 2020 and terrible season under FdB and Glass. Dave and Mike talk about what the future might hold in this episode. Hoping everyone has a Happy New Year and ATLUTD is headed in a new direction that reflects the first 2 years of the club.


#19 - Glass is Nearly Empty, Did Frank de Boer Quit for Holland? Moreno and Barco Outlook.

Glass is nearly empty, and his coaching record show it, he is what he is, very below average and over his head in the head coach job.. Oh....And, did Frank de Boer actually quit for the Holland National team gig, because the timing now makes you wonder in hindsight? Moreno and Barco on the field together was less impressive than we would have liked against DC United. We are currently below the playoff line, and our plan seems to have no plan. Where is a new coach to lead us forward, and why...