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Shannon O'Keefe On Her PWBA Season, Her Faith & Building An Arsenal

This week I catch up with the Two-Time PWBA POY Shannon O'Keefe. We discuss how she was able to stay focused while bowling on the PWBA Tour this year. We also chat about the role faith plays in her life and living a life of integrity. We end our time discussing the difference between a sport shot arsenal and a house shot arsenal.


Storm Collegiate Spotlight: Nebraska Bowling Coach Paul Klempa

This week we catch up with new Nebraska Head Bowling Coach Paul Klempa. Coach Klempa joins us to discuss any possible changes in the program under him as head coach and what he looks for in a high school bowler. We also talk about big difference between coaching vs teaching.


Storm Collegiate Spotlight Podcast: Emil Williams Jr.

This week we catch up with former Lindenwood University star Emil Williams Jr. Emil shares his biggest takeaways from bowling in college and advice for high school bowlers looking to bowl in college.


Tip's To Get You Ready For the 2019 Season

This week I catch up with USBC-Silver Certified Coach Phil Regan. Phil can be found online at www.philreganbowlinglessons.com. We discuss what bowlers need to pay attention to when bowling league and Phil's suggestions on finding a coach. Check out High5 Gear for all your bowling jersey needs, do not forget to mention promo code “Above180” for $20 off your order. Also visit Bowling This Month Online for great tips on how to help your game.


Storm Collegiate Spotlight Podcast Caitlyn Johnson

This week we catch up with Junior Team USA Player and Webber International University Star Caitlyn Johnson. Caitlyn shares some highlights from her most recent experiences bowling for Junior Team USA and what she is able to take away from the experience. We also discuss how she transitioned to one of the leaders on the team and what she does to motivate her teammates.


Jason Belmonte On Squad Inequities & What Separates the Good From the Great Players on Tour

This week I catch up with Jason Belmonte. We discuss some of things Jason has been up to this past year in addition to bowling on the tour. Jason shares what went into developing a sock with Thorlos that will will keep you comfortable while on the lanes. We also discuss Jason's role in the Pro Motion bowling ball. Jason ends discussing the squad disparities on the PBA tour and how to fix it. Finally Jason shares what separates the decent bowlers on tour vs the ones that people will remember.


Storm Collegiate Spotlight Podcast: Jody Fetterhoff

This week we catch up with the Jody Fetterhoff. Jody is the Women's Bowling Coach at Duquesne University. We discuss how she started the program back in 2015 and her recruiting philosophy. Coach also chats about how she prepares her team for urethane and how she is able to gain the trust of her team.


Mike Shady On the Urethane Craze & Preparing For Tournaments

This week I catch up with Team USA Coach Mike Shady. We discuss the urethane craze and how you can combat it when it comes to transition. We discuss how bowlers need to approach tournament play and league play. Mike also shares some of his thoughts on the USBC OC going from six to four pairs on a pair in minors.


Storm's Steve Kloempken and Randy Pederson on the PBA 50 Tour & Bowling on FOX

This week special host Steve Kloempken chats with Randy Pederson. They discuss Randy's time on the PBA 50 Tour and if he has any thoughts about bowling again on tour. Peterson also talks about the transition from ESPN to FOX Sports.


Storm Collegiate Spotlight Podcast Hannah Jaros

This week we chat with St Ambrose University bowler Hannah Jaros. Hannah is the daughter of PBA Star Steve Jaros. We discuss what it is like growing up with a dad that is a successful bowler and some of the things she is able to learn from him. We also chat about her college bowling team and advice she has for young bowlers when it comes to picking a school.


Storm Collegiate Spotlight Podcast Elysia Current

This week we chat with Elysia Current who is returning to coach at Delaware State University. Current discusses the decision to return to coach at DSU and shares a few of the team building exercises she plans on doing with the ladies. She also shares her best memories of winning her PWBA title.


Catching Up With PBA Champion Steve Jaros

This week I chat with former PBA Tour bowler Steve Jaros about his time on tour and when he knew it was time to transition to a career away from competing. We also chat about how the game has evolved and what it was like on tour when Jason Belmonte began his career on tour. We also discuss the PBA Tour today and what some bowlers are facing for the first time. Please do check out High5 Gear for all your bowling jersey needs, do not forget to mention promo code “Above180” for $20 off your...


PWBA Star Lindsay Boomershine at Bowl Expo

This week while at Bowl Expo I chat with PWBA Star Linsay Boomershine. We discuss her PWBA season to date and the rest of the season. We also discuss everything going on at H5G.


Storm Collegiate Spotlight Podcast Rod Ross

This week we catch up with Team USA and Director of the ITRC. Coach Ross shares some advice he has for high school players and how college bowling has changed over the years and what that has meant to Team USA. Ross also discusses the two-handed game and the players […]


Storm Collegiate Spotlight Podcast: Amber Lemke

This week we catch up with Women’s Head Bowling Coach at Stephen F. Austin Amber Lemke. Amber talks about how she and her husband have been able to build the program and what attracts young women to the program. She also talks about demanding recruiting is and why she believes […]


Mitch Beasley On His USBC OC

This week I catch up with PBA and PBA Champion Mitch Beasley to discuss his big set at the USBC OC. Mitch shares if he believes the number will hold up and what his mindset was going into singles. Mitch also talks about how as he progresses in age he […]


Storm Collegiate Spotlight Podcast: Dasha Kovalova

This week we catch up with 2019 USBC Queens winner Dasha Kovalova. Dasha talks about her time bowling at Wichita State and what brought her to Wichita. She shares what she is continuing to work on regarding her game and what advice she has for high school bowlers. Please check […]


Storm Collegiate Spotlight Podcast Rick Steelsmith

This week we catch up with Rick Steelsmith to chat about him taking over the WSU bowling program with Coach V retiring in June. Rick shares his thoughts on recruiting and coaching two-handed players. We end discussing what role urethane plays in today’s game. Please check out all of our previous […]


Zeke Bayt On This Year’s USBC OC

This week I catch up to 2013 USBC Singles champion Zeke Bayt. Bayt shares his thoughts on this year’s USBC OC and what score he believes are out there. We also talk about what equipment worked well for him and also that tough topic of what to do when a […]


Storm Collegiate Spotlight Podcast: Caroline Lagrange

This week we catch up with former WSU Shocker and current PWBA bowler Caroline Lagrange. Caroline talks about her time at Wichita and how it prepared her for the tour along with advice for bowlers looking to bowl in college. Lagrange also shares what it was like winning the World […]