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008: Do-It-Yourself Adventure Bowhunting | Tim Endsley

Heading west to hunt the rugged backcountry is what many hunters think of when they hear the word adventure. There’s no doubt, that’s a dream hunt for all of us. But, you really don’t have to head west to find a great hunting adventure. You can do it anywhere! My guest today, Tim Endsley, talks about his journey as a do-it-yourself adventure bowhunter. From his start, honing his skills hunting on public land in his home state of Arkansas, to heading all over the midwest to live out of...


007: Public Land Deer Hunting | Shane Simpson

One of the biggest challenges faced by hunters today is finding a place to hunt. Luckily, our forefathers set aside millions of acres of wild, public land for all of us to hunt on. If you do your research and put in a little effort, you will find some great public land hunting spots all over the country, and have an opportunity to kill wild game this hunting season! My guest today, Shane Simpson, talks about his experiences as a lifelong public land deer hunter. He explains how he finds...


006: Hunting The Elusive Pronghorn Antelope | Jace Bauserman

Killing a Pronghorn Antelope is the goal for many first-time western hunters. With an abundance of the animal on western public lands, there’s a lot of hunting opportunity. I’m here to tell you, you’ll quickly be humbled by these magnificent, but elusive creatures. Antelope are very wary and can provide even the most experienced hunter with a formidable challenge, especially when bowhunting. But, that’s what draws many hunters to the western plains in search of this mighty speed...


005: Mentoring New Hunters | Eric Dinger

Being a new hunter is hard. The learning curve is steep, especially if you don’t know others that hunt. Don’t let this discourage you though. There’s many experienced hunters that are looking to help new hunters. Finding a hunting mentor is the best way to accelerate the learning curve and gain the knowledge and confidence you need to help you advance on your journey as a hunter. My guest today, Eric Dinger, talks about the importance of mentoring new hunters, where you can find hunting...


004: Common Traits of Elite Hunters | Trevon Stoltzfus

Hunting isn’t easy. It takes a certain amount of hunting skill to kill a wild game animal. Not every hunting adventure will result in a bounty of delicious organic food. So, don’t get discouraged if you come home without a cooler full of meat to show for. As you advance in your journey as a hunter, you will likely have the inclination to learn the traits and tactics of elite hunters, so that you can use their information to help you bring home more than memories from a hunt. My guest...


003: Feed Your Organic Passion | Josh Dahlke

For the past several years there’s been a movement towards eating locally grown and organic foods. This movement was started by individuals, that not only want to know what is going into their body, but also have a deep respect for the land we live on and our resources. As these individuals research and dig deeper to find the best sources for their food, they are finding out that hunting is much more than killing wild animals for an adrenaline rush — they are finding that it’s one of the...


002: Learn To Hunt | Scott Kirchoff

You may have never been taught how to hunt at a young age by your dad, uncles or grandpa, but now you have the desire to learn? This is more common than you think. You’re definitely not alone. Adults of all ages and from all walks of life are looking for information and insight that will help them learn to hunt. My guest today, Scott Kirchoff, a lifelong hunter, and hunting mentor, joins the podcast to share his experiences as a hunter, reasons why we hunt, tips for those that want to...


001: Introducing Activate The Hunt with Collin Cottrell

Collin Cottrell introduces Activate the Hunt; a podcast and website helping you master the skill of hunting. If you’re a new hunter who’s just getting started, or you’ve been hunting for a while, but want to learn new tips, tactics, and information to help you become a better hunter, this is for you. Get ready to Activate The Hunt!