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Barely sticking to sports with Jake O'Donnell

Tanya enlists former SportsGrid editor Jake O'Donnell to talk about the weird, begrudging kinship former between Yankees and Red Sox fans, the corporate shadow looming over Jemele Hills suspension, guys being uncomfortable with girls who know about sports, the clear similarities between Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump, and the absolute insanity that has emerged out of the NFL in the era of the national anthem debate.


Boston fans, millennials, L.A. & NYC with Cecilia Burnet

In the first episode, Tanya talks with Cecilia about the odd start to their friendship, what Boston sports fans are really like, the fragile mental state of Philadelphia fans, why NYC sports fans suck the most, the problem with overly friendly people in other parts of the country and experiencing today's social media-crazed world as an "old millennial."