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Great adventurers share their great adventures. Please Subscribe & Review.

Great adventurers share their great adventures. Please Subscribe & Review.


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Great adventurers share their great adventures. Please Subscribe & Review.






53. Calum Maclean. SwimPacking Loch Morar into Knoydart

Recorded on location with Calum Maclean, one of Scotland's best known open water swimmers. He takes Simon and Liz Willis on their first Swim Packing adventure. There's also video of this adventure on the YouTube channel Always Another Adventure - link: Calum's book 1001 Outdoor Swimming Tips is published by Vertebrate on 7th July 2022 If you enjoy this podcast, please support the hosting costs by buying me a virtual coffee at...


52. James Olsen. Torino-Nice Rally FAQs

The Torino-Nice Rally is a 700km journey through the Alps over high cols, mixing road and gravel riding. Its creator James Olsen answers many of the questions riders might have before undertaking this journey. Website Instagram Video version of this interview If you enjoy this podcast, please support the hosting costs by buying me a virtual coffee at Check out our YouTube channel and website


End of series one

Fifty episodes seems a good time to bring the first series of Always Another Adventure to a close. When will series two start - I don’t know yet. It’ll be when I have the energy and enthusiasm to chase guests who interest me and start recording with them. In the meantime my efforts are directed towards the Always Another Adventure YouTube channel. Please check it out if you haven’t already. Oh and stay subscribed to the podcasts please, then when they return a new one will drop into your...


50. Jamie McDonald. Adventureman, running America

The one and only Adventureman superhero, Jamie McDonald has run across continents to raise money for hospitals which treat sick children. Here he talks about running 5,500 miles across 22 States of the USA entirely unsupported. As a child a spinal condition threatened his ability to walk. Now his Superhero Foundation has raised more than one million pounds for sick children's charities. The book of his latest adventure is called Running America, and it's very good (honestly - I read and...


49. Mike Dales. Exercise every day.

Many listeners will be used to training for events of big trips. Mike Dales calls these 'five course days' and wants you to pay more attention to the 'bread and butter' days. His book Find Time for Exercise gives ideas for daily challenges to keep you moving which in turn creates greater base levels of fitness, no matter your starting point. Mike and his partner run, walk, cycle, kayak or ski at least 5km every day and have done so for eight years. Twitter Instagram...


48. Nick Butter. Running Britain's coast & The 196 Foundation

We’re stepping out of the monthly schedule with this podcast to bring you something extra. There are two parts to this conversation with Nick Butter who we heard from in episode 38. The second part is about setting a new record for running around the coast of Great Britain. The first is about a new, worldwide charity he’s establishing that is so different I genuinely think you’ll be interested in hearing more. Instagram Instagram


47. Martyn Howe. Tales from the big trails.

There are nineteen, sort of official, long trails on this island and Martyn Howe has waked them all. I’ll talk to Martyn about Long Distance Walking and his new book Tales From The Big Trails. And we won’t stop there. Because Martyn is quite a cyclist too having, among many other things, circumnavigated the north-sea by bike. Martyn's Website Instagram Twitter Facebook Buy Martyn's book at Vertebrate Publishing If you enjoy this podcast, please support the hosting costs by buying me a...


46. Marie 'Lootie' Leautey. Running around the world.

She set out to run around the world. She could become the first person to do it during a global pandemic. Marie Leautey, better known as 'Lootie', faced barrier after barrier while trying to run across Europe but she succeeded. She speaks to us on her first day in the USA as she prepares to run across her second continent. Lootie's website is Donation page Strava Garmin Instagram Facebook If you enjoy this podcast, please support the hosting costs by buying me a virtual...


45. Elise Downing. Running Britain's Coast

It’s hard to overstate how ill prepared Elise Downing was to run around the coast of Britain. But she did it, covering the five thousand miles in ten months. Her very readable book about the adventure is published July 2021 and is called Coasting. Here Elise reads excerpts from the book and how she went from jogger to ultra-runner. Elise's Website Facebook Twitter Instagram Buy the book on Amazon If you enjoy this podcast, please support the hosting costs by buying me a virtual coffee at...


44. Dr Ian Walker. Ultra-distance running, cycling and research on road safety

We cover a lot of ground with Dr Ian Walker, which seems rather fitting. He ignored sport until the age of 40 then threw himself into ultra-running before abruptly switching to ultra-distance cycling and setting the trans-Europe world record. He's also a psychologist researching drivers' behavior towards cyclists and has some fascinating insights about helmets and staying safe on two wheels. Ian's book Endless Perfect Circles Twitter Instagram If you enjoy this podcast, please support the...


51. Dr James Douglas. Medical advice for wild swimmers

Many people have started wild swimming during the pandemic as a way to de-stress and stay fit. Lifelong swimmer Dr James Douglas, a General Practitioner in the Scottish Highlands, has advice for new swimmers and those who have been doing it a long time. He describes two (thankfully rare) conditions that can affect outdoor swimmers, one of which is very like a stroke. Yet some doctors might be unaware of its existence. Check out our YouTube channel and website


43. Henry Gold. Tour d'Afrique and global cycling

Henry Gold runs the travel company TDA Global Cycling which organises epic, expedition- length rides that cross continents. This is not an advert for his business, it’s a story of life filled with adventure. Henry is not an athlete and regards cycling as a means to an end. It was almost by accident he started a business which allows other adventurers to fulfill their cycling dreams. TDA Global Cycling website YouTube Twitter Instagram Facebook If you enjoy this podcast, please support the...


42. Dean Dunbar. Blind adventure

He has twenty five world-firsts to his credit, including the first person to reach the remote Scottish archipelago of St Kilda by paddle board. In his twenties, Dean lost his sight but found adventure and in this podcast he shares some of his greatest stories. YouTube Twitter If you enjoy this podcast, please support the hosting costs by buying me a virtual coffee at Check out our YouTube channel and website


41. Kevin Webber. Four Marathon des Sables with cancer

By his own admission Kevin Webber is not a great runner, yet he has tackled some of the world's most challenging multi-day races. His moment of inspiration came from a very dark place, after being diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer. He was told he had two years to live - six years ago. In this podcast Kevin mixes stories of adventure with inspiration to step off the hamster wheel and live the life you want. "Every one has two lives", says Kevin, "and the second starts when you realise...


40. Josh Reid. Cycling home from China.

Where do you go when you want a new bike? Your local bike shop? The internet? Josh Reid went to the factory of bike maker Giant, in China. Then he rode the bike home to Newcastle and made an excellent film about his adventure. Josh's Instagram YouTube Channel Josh's 'Cycling Home from China' film If you enjoy this podcast, please support the hosting costs by buying me a virtual coffee at Check out our YouTube channel


39. Patrick Winterton. Kayaking Shetland to Norway

Patrick Winterton made the first successful kayak crossing of the widest part of North Sea in a double kayak, together with Olly Hicks, retracing the route of the wartime 'Shetland Bus' from Scotland to Norway. I recorded this podcast shortly after his return and it ran on another podcast series Sea Kayak Podcasts. It is such an extraordinary adventure I decided it had earned a place among these great adventurers, and I hope you agree. I also update the episode with a significant...


38. Nick Butter. Running the World.

Nick Butter ran a marathon in every country as recognised by the UN, all 196 of them, and completed the adventure within two years. His book Running the World has just been released yet he's off on another adventure. Now he's tackling 100 marathons in 100 days, running the length of Italy, a country badly hit by Covid and, like the rest of Europe, heading into its second lockdown. We chat with Nick in the back of his converted van the day he ran from Rome to the coast. Website Instagram...


37. Mark Beaumont. The business of expedition cycling.

Mark Beaumont is one of the world's greatest endurance athletes. He rode around the world in 78 days, averaging 240miles each day. In this podcast we explore the professionalism behind Mark's extraordinary career. He treats each project like a business start-up. He learnt public speaking, how to writing books and how to use other media. Links below to things we mention in our conversation. Instagram Twitter Facebook Website Books and Audio books on Amazon Endurance Podcast with...


36. Josh Ibbett. Winning GB Duro 2020

It’s a bike race so hard, even the organisers weren’t sure anyone could complete it. Competitors had to carry everything they needed, from food to fuel, to be entirely self-sufficient, right from the start. No outside help was allowed. Josh Ibbett rode the 2000km off-road bikepacking event, from Land's End to John O'Groats in 7 days and 17 hours. This is how he did it. Video about Josh's race Video about Josh's bikepacking rig Josh's YouTube Instagram Twitter Photo credit:...


35. Donnie Campbell. Fastest self-propelled Munro round.

Donnie Campbell ran all 282 of Scotland's 'Munro' mountains in a new record time of less than 32 days, from 1st August to 2nd September 2020 cycling and kayaking between. Here, for the first time, he tells the full story of his amazing August adventure. Donnie's Facebook Instagram Twitter Strava JustGiving page for British Red Cross Get Active Running If you enjoy this podcast, please support the hosting costs by buying me a virtual coffee at Check out our...