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Ep 144: London Parts Unknown (GW8-9)

Dark forces are at work during this international break, with concerns over a possible Mohamed Salah injury and other mysterious FPL questions emerging. How believable is Arsenal's form and that of Lacazette? Will Kevin de Bruyne's return immediately upend the midfield template? And how far into this season can mid-priced players like Maddison, Mitro, Fraser, and Doherty actually take us? Josh and Brandon also share thoughts on their recent UK trip where they took in four matches in four...


Ep 143: She's So Heavy (GW7-8)

Heavy hitters are the main FPL talking point this week, with Hazard, Kane, Agüero, Salah, and Sterling all vying for our attention in different ways. Which of these players do we really need, and who can we live without? Plus, we review Josh's successful "surprise" wildcard from GW7, along with Brandon's first big blunder of the season. Attention U.K. friends: Get ready for an American invasion! Josh and Brandon will in London for GW8. Check out our social channels for more details. Hail...


Ep 142: Playground Legend (GW6-7)

This week's big theme: Strikers. We're looking through the majority of FPL forward options and determining who is overrated, underrated, and perhaps properly rated. Is Aguero essential, or is it viable to swap him for a premium differential like Kane or Lukaku? Are Vardy and Lacazette worth fitting into your side at such an awkward price point? And what to do about all of these really compelling budget options? Plus we review our GW6 scores and preview the fixtures and captaincy choices for...


Ep 141: Midfield Titans (GW5-6)

This week is all about the midfield. Salah, the most expensive player in the FPL game, is testing the patience of many managers, while Hazard continues to explode into peak form under Maurizio Sarri's new regime. So what do we do? Are cheaper bandwagon midfielders like Fraser, Maddison, and Richarlison the key to unlocking more funds for those heavy-hitters? If so, who's the best bet? We also prep for Tuesday's start of UEFA Champions League group play, run through some lightning round...


Ep 140: League of Nations (Break-GW5)

As the international break winds down, we take an opportunity to review the status of all twenty Premier League clubs. What do we really know ten percent of the way through the season? And, looking at key FPL assets and upcoming fixtures, where do we think each club will find itself in another month? We also check the status of Brandon's active wildcard (is Salah in or out?) and poll our listeners for bold FPL predictions for the next four game weeks. Stick around for a quick interview with...


Ep 139: Fighting Shadows (GW4-Break)

Josh returns to the pod this week, just in time for this FPL season's first international break. We review the action from GW4 and then it's panic stations for Brandon as he's triggered his wildcard. We set the table for some serious tinkering over the break, running through our favorite options and potential must-haves for goalkeeper, defense, midfield, and forward. Stick around for a special interview with Thomas Braun, the co-founder of the Starting 11 Daily Fantasy app, at the tail end...


Ep 138: You Know It When You See It (GW3-4)

Guest co-host David Weigner-Lodahl ( joins us this week to sift through the nuclear fallout of GW3 - red cards, injuries, and bandwagons with Alonso and Lucas Moura. We also discuss what to do with the suspended Richarlison, how strictly to adhere to the emerging premium defensive template, and where to look for short and longterm attacking players. Hazard, anyone? Plus we respond to listener questions and preview the fixtures and captaincy debate ahead of GW4....


Ep 137: Guardian-Gate (GW2-3)

We're into only the second game week of the season and there's already a massive season-defining talking point with Guardian-Gate: the hotly debated GW2 captaincy decision between Agüero and Salah. This episode drops just before the Crystal Place vs Liverpool fixture, but how did we fair with the armband? We also take a closer look at Manchester City's main FPL prospects moving forward and discuss expensive flops thus far, including Aubameyang and Eriksen. There are questions, too, on...


Bonus Pod: Wasting Your Wildcard (Interview with David Wardale)

In this bonus episode, we interview David Wardale, a contributor to Fantasy Football Scout and the author of Wasting Your Wildcard: The Method and Madness of Fantasy Football, which is on sale now in paperback and ebook. David spoke to us about the process of writing such an immense book about the game (IRL and FPL) that we all love so dearly, as well as what he learned about community, methodology, addiction, stats, Norwegians, mini-league punishments, and everything in between. We're...


Ep 134: Ten Tips for FPL Success, 3rd Ed (2018-19 Preview)

A new FPL season is just around the corner, which means that it's time for our annual "Ten Tips for FPL Success" extravaganza. This is a gut check to ensure we haven't forgotten the big picture lessons from last year. These tips are also a useful roadmap for any rookie fantasy manager looking to avoid typical pitfalls and traps. Thanks to all of our listeners who helped to shape this season's tips via their feedback on Slack, Twitter, and elsewhere. Hail Cheaters! Become a Patreon supporter:...


Ep 133: Team Previews Pt 2, Leicester City to Wolves (2018-19 Preview)

Continuing with Always Cheating's pre-season FPL coverage, Josh and Brandon are scouting all twenty Premier League clubs. This week features the second half of the alphabet, previewing Leicester City, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle, Southampton, Spurs, Watford, West Ham, and Wolves. Be sure to check out Ep 132 for a discussion of the other ten teams. Hail Cheaters! Become a Patreon supporter: Follow us on Twitter:...


Ep 132: Team Previews Pt 1, Arsenal to Huddersfield (2018-19 Preview)

Continuing with Always Cheating's pre-season FPL coverage, Josh and Brandon are scouting all twenty Premier League clubs. This week features the first half of the alphabet, previewing Arsenal, Bournemouth, Brighton, Burnley, Cardiff City, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Everton, Fulham, and Huddersfield. Stay tuned for our next episode in which we'll discuss the remaining teams. Hail Cheaters! Become a Patreon supporter: Follow us on Twitter:...


Ep 131: FPL Site Goes Live (2018-19 Preview)

The updated Fantasy Premier League site has officially (and suddenly) launched, so Josh and Brandon jump onto this emergency pod with their first impressions of the new player pricing and dynamics of the 2018-19 season. Who's too expensive? Who's undervalued? Who's position has been reclassified? Who's straight into our FPL lineups? And who's in danger missing the first few weeks of the season due to World Cup obligations? We're tackling these questions, and a few others, as sent in by you,...


Ep 130: It's So Beautiful (World Cup 2018)

World Cup 2018 continues to be great. But how are the Cheaters choosing to soak up all the excitement? Josh has ventured out to the pub to meet fellow fans and make new friends, while Brandon is still stuck in the office trying to explain Ronaldo to many of his coworkers. We give a quick rundown of key matchups and fantasy assets in the Round of 16 knockout stage, and also catch you up on the latest Premier League transfers in and out. Hail Cheaters! Playing World Cup fantasy? Join the...


Ep 129: Big Business (World Cup 2018)

The World Cup is pretty great, right? Josh and Brandon highlight their favorite players and team performances from Round 1 of Russia 2018 and consider who might be fun to see playing in the Premier League next season. We also chat briefly about what we like or dislike about FIFA's approach to fantasy football gaming (click the link below to join our FIFA league) and how it might translate to FPL. Finally, we take a cursory look at the Premier League's just-announced fixture list, as well as...


Ep 128: World Cup 2018 Preview (Groups E to H)

Welcome to the second half of our 2018 FIFA World Cup preview. We're concluding with in-depth looks at each team in groups E through H, including such high-profile nations as Brazil, Germany, Belgium, and England. Check out episode #127 from last week for a preview of groups A through D. If you're looking for ways to play fantasy during the World Cup, consider these three great options: 1. Keep things simple with the Always Cheating "Set & Forget" Patreon game:...


Ep 127: World Cup 2018 Preview (Groups A to D)

Josh and Brandon are back from a brief Premier League hiatus and they're previewing Groups A through D for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. We'll return in a few days to preview the remaining groups and to answer more listener questions. If you're looking for ways to play fantasy during the World Cup, consider these three great options: 1. Keep things simple with the Always Cheating "Set & Forget" Patreon game: 2. Replicate the FPL experience...


Ep 126: Tell It Like It Is (2017/18 Season Recap)

One of the most confounding FPL seasons in modern memory is now behind us. With the help of our listeners, Josh and Brandon discuss what important lessons were learned during the last 38 weeks, and how managers can apply those lessons next year. We're also debating the much-maligned bonus point system, evaluating the rules surrounding chips and wildcards, and suggesting other changes that might improve the FPL site or just make the game more fun. Before we head off for a quick little break...


Ep 125: Masters of the Universe (GW37-38)

We're hoping for a big midweek turnaround with Kane, Jesus, and Sterling after having endured a GW37 opening salvo that tested most FPL managers' pain threshold. While we wait for a rescue, let's look ahead to GW38 and our final push for glory. With Aubameyang stepping up against Burnley, does he now enter into the realm of essential for Sunday, or does he remain a punt? Though woefully out of form, can Kane do anything at home to Newcastle, apart from getting another injury, that would make...


Ep 124: Driftwood (GW36-37)

No pressure, but we're heading into what could be, for many FPL managers, the season's most decisive gameweek. So, how are we setting up ahead of these big doubles? And, for the GW32/33 wildcard crowd, how are we magically turning so much dead weight into the best attacking assets from Manchester City and Spurs? Triple Captain and Bench Boost chips are still in play, plus we pinpoint which teams are now on the beach and solve a few of your listener dilemmas. Hail Cheaters! Become a Patreon...