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Ep 179: Ten Tips for FPL Success (2019-20 Edition)

Hail Cheaters and welcome to the 4th Edition of our “10 Tips for FPL Success.” Completely revised and updated for the 2019/20 Fantasy Premier League season, topics discussed by Brandon and Josh include: - Avoiding the common player traps - Fantasy sources to read (and possibly avoid) - Making your mini-league fun for all 38 GWs - Why you always set your “bus team” And much more, including time-tested tips for being more patient, avoiding the trap of being too stubborn about certain players,...


Ep 178: Team-by-Team Previews 2019-20, Part 3 of 3

Hail Cheaters and welcome to the final episode of our three-part FPL team-by-team previews. In this week's podcast we discuss Norwich City, Sheffield United, Southampton, Tottenham Hotspur, Watford, West Ham, and Wolves. It's an odd group of teams - with probably only one Champions League contender among them in Spurs - but finding the gems are on tricky-to-evaluate teams like these is often where a fantasy mini-league is won and lost. We guide you through the players to buy, monitor and...


Ep 177: Team-by-Team Previews 2019-20, Part 2 of 3

In the second of our three-part series previewing all twenty teams for the 2019–20 Fantasy Premier League season, we discuss Everton, Leicester City, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Newcastle. Considerations include the viability of each team’s opening five or six fixtures; key players, new players, and new managers on those teams; and which players might be poised to out-perform their FPL price (based upon what we know in the pre-season). And, sure, we also point out...


Ep 176: Team-by-Team Previews 2019-20, Part 1 of 3

In the first of our three-part series previewing all twenty teams for the 2019–20 Fantasy Premier League season, we discuss Arsenal, Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Brighton & Hove Albion, Burnley, Chelsea, and Crystal Palace. Considerations include the viability of each team’s opening five or six fixtures; key players, new players, and new managers on those teams; and which players might be poised to out-perform their FPL price (based upon what we know in the pre-season). And, sure, we also point...


Ep 175: Ten Questions for the 2019-20 FPL Season

The FPL site for the 2019-20 season has officially launched and fantasy managers everywhere are already tinkering with their gameweek 1 lineups. At the outset, a new FPL season always presents unexpected challenges, so Always Cheating is here to confront the biggest questions: Given their prices, which players are most likely to present the best and worst value? How many premium strikers should we budget for? Is this the year to go for four at the back? Why are goalkeepers so expensive?...


Ep 174: Player Price Predictions (2019-20 Preview)

We are kicking off Always Cheating's 2019-20 season preview coverage with an episode devoted entirely to player price predictions. From Andrew Robertson and Raheem Sterling to James Maddison, Christian Pulisic, and even Sheffield United's Billy Sharp, these are our best guesses as to what some of the FPL game's biggest and newest players will be valued at once the new site officially launches. Stay tuned for more pre-season podcast content, including team-by-team previews and our annual tips...


FIFA 2019 Women's World Cup: A Primer

Excitement reigns as the FIFA 2019 Women's World Cup kicks off in France this Friday, June 7. For a preview of the action, we're joined by Jeff Kassouf, author of the new book The Making of the Women's World Cup and founder of Our conversation runs from tournament favorites and dark horses to the general state of play with women's football around the world. Jeff also fill us in on specific players to watch and which match this weekend might be a great place to...


Ep 173: Systems and Moments (2018-19 Season Recap)

Another season is now behind us. This week, we take some time to reflect on our own FPL finishes and to celebrate the winners of the numerous Always Cheating mini leagues. We also debate fantasy MVP picks from all twenty clubs, revisit this season's highs and lows, and discuss the key lessons we learned throughout the last 38 gameweeks. The podcast will be taking a few weeks off, but, rest assured, Josh and Brandon will return in July to start previewing the 2019-20 season. Until then, enjoy...


Bonus Pod: FBA Award Winners!

We're so excited to announce that the Always Cheating FPL Podcast has won the Football Blogging Awards 2019 Judges Choice for Best Fantasy Football Content Creator. This is a quick bonus pod to celebrate and thank our listeners who have supported us through the years. Whether you're a Patreon supporter, a social media follower, a fellow content creator, a real-life friend, or an FPL player who simply pushes play during their morning commute: Thank you, sincerely, for making our podcast truly...


Ep 172: Pride Before the Fall (GW37-38)

With just one gameweek remaining before we close this FPL season, big questions still remain: Who's the best replacement for the suspended Heung-min Son? Which teams are likely to rotate in their final fixture? What do we make of Manchester United and Arsenal's woeful form? And, perhaps most importantly, where are we looking for that last-ditch differential punt? Plus, we discuss GW38 captaincy favorites and start thinking about this season's big lessons learned. Good luck to everyone for a...


Ep 171: The Weakest Link (GW36-37)

The upcoming GW37 brings us plenty of FPL form-over-fixtures debates. Can Manchester United overcome their woeful recent performances and capitalize on an enticing run-in? Is Jamie Vardy still valuable with Manchester City up next? And what, if anything, can we take from Fulham's recent post-relegation results? Plus, we're recapping our GW36 scores (including Brandon's blockbuster Triple Captain maneuver), picking GW37 captaincy favorites, and discussing macro strategies for defending or...


Ep 170: One for Fun (GW35-36)

We're checking in on GW35 to see how things are going with the Bench Boost and this season's biggest double gameweek. Gerard Deulofeu's miracle brace and Duffy's masterful troll job are the stories so far, but the Manchester Derby and other key fixtures are yet to come. Later, we set our sights on GW36 and the make-or-break decisions between Liverpool and Manchester City attacking assets. Plus, we go in depth on our strategies for playing the Triple Captain chip at some point during the...


Ep 169: Awesome Players for Awesome Fixtures (GW34-35)

This weekend was meant to be the triumphant debut of so many FPL wildcard teams, but instead it's been a strange and polarizing handful of match days. The Brighton defense was woeful, Lacazette was benched, and Deeney was red carded, all while old stalwarts Pogba, Wilson, and Fraser were having a points party. So, where do we focus our efforts ahead of the massive GW35 doubles? Josh and Brandon discuss budget striker replacements, the viability of Liverpool's single gameweek players, and...


Ep 168: Wildcards and the FPL Endgame (GW33-34)

After recapping our scores from GW33, and celebrating Josh's dizzying new overall rank, we turn our attention to active FPL wildcards, running through all eight teams with a double in GW35. (And, yeah, we didn't forget about Cardiff, who have a double GW34, along with Brighton.) Are there any truly essential players for your wildcard? Should you consider teams without a double? Will squad rotation amidst European competitions spoil the party? Plus, we answer listener questions in our...


Ep 167: No Meetings, No Bosses (GW32-33)

This week, we find ourselves in media res with six GW32 fixtures yet to play. We quickly assess the status of our Free Hit squads, each with their high and low points. Then we move our attention to this season's remaining unanswered questions, examining the status of the golden boot race, top four, and relegation places. We touch upon some Triple Captain chip strategy and then it's our GW33 preview, looking at transfer targets and captaincy picks ahead of yet another big blank game week....


Ep 166: Free Hits Unleashed (Break-GW32)

This week, we're full-on tinkering with the Free Hit chip ahead of the massive double GW32 fixtures. While not every manager is on a Free Hit this week, it's an interesting way to frame a gameweek that holds so much attacking appeal. So, who are the essential FPL assets going to be? Is Hazard getting yet another opportunity to prove his value? Are there any other Manchester City players to consider beyond Sterling and Agüero? Which goalkeepers stand out? Will Kane explode at Spurs new...


Ep 165: Late Season Power Rankings (GW31-Break)

It's time to take stock after a challenging GW31, which saw some unexpected results and extremely unlikely FPL heroes. Looking ahead to GW32 and beyond, we're creating an Always Cheating Power Ranking for all twenty Premier League clubs: Which clubs have upcoming double or blank gameweeks? From the Champions League to the FA Cup, who is still fighting on multiple fronts, and how might that impact squad rotation? And we try to identify those clubs with appealing run-ins versus those that are...


Ep 164: Just In Time Delivery (GW30-31)

Raheem Sterling gets most of the GW30 headlines with his lightning-fast hat trick against Watford, but who will be the hero in next weekend's blank bonanza? Josh and Brandon examine the available fixtures and construct an ideal GW31 squad, discussing the benefits of attack versus defense with the two biggest sides in Liverpool and Chelsea. Can Hazard be trusted? Has Mané's form finally placed him above Salah in the FPL pecking order? Is Callum Wilson a viable captaincy pick? And where do all...


Ep 163: Vacation Planning with Tom Campbell (GW29-30)

Tom Campbell ( joins the podcast this week as our special guest co-host. Tom and Brandon recap the action of GW29, including the numerous captaincy fails that have further frayed FPL managers' edges. Then we get into an extensive discussion on GW31 transfer targets as we approach GW30 with the upcoming blanks weighing heavily on our minds. Plus, a lightning round with listener questions and a look at our bus teams for this coming weekend. Hail Cheaters! Become a...


Ep 162: Players to Buy from Teams We Don't Like (GW27-28)

We quickly recap a relatively low-scoring GW27 before moving on to more strategizing for the upcoming blank game weeks. Among the handful of teams who play in GW31, which have affordable or overlooked players worth targeting in the coming transfer windows? Plus, we discuss Sarri's League Cup meltdown, Liverpool's sluggish form, and where we currently stand with each Manchester club. Stick around for a preview of GW28's midweek fixtures, including our bus team lineups, transfers, and...