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Episode 91: Steel Cage War

35% off ALL ORDERS for our Black Friday sale in full effect at F*** Basketball City....that's it, that's all this show is about. It's not about the massive cage match THAT IS NOT A WARGAMES MATCH, nor is it about Corino and Homicide locking horns for the first time in 2 years in an ROH ring, and it's not about the hidden gem (AVAILABLE IN THE ARCHIVES) that is Danielson vs. Romero. Nope, just F*** Basketball City, or FBC for short. That's what we talk about on this...


Episode 90: War of the Wire

Guess what's back? Back again? 2003....tell your friends! That's right, Jeff & Shane venture back to 2003 for one of the most violent nights in ROH's history to that point (arguably in the entire 17 year history really), the night Steve Corino and Homicide met inside the confines of barbed wire. Sure there was other stuff going on that night, a first-time ever meeting of the World Title and a Tag Team Title defense for example, but it all paled in comparison to the impending violence of the...


Episode 89: Aries vs. Richards

Welcome to the world of Ring Of Honor without Bryan Danielson or Nigel McGuinness, a world with HDNet (for whatever that was worth), and a world in flux as ROH struggles to find a new sense of identity. Slave to many master one might say... In the closing months of 2009, ROH broke from the fairgrounds of Detroit and moved to the suburbs in Novi to hold this one. Now, a decade later, we take a look back to debated the merits of Austin Aries second title run, the growth of some talents over...


Episode 88: Weekend of Thunder Night 1

The arrival of the legendary Jushin “Thunder” Liger to Ring of Honor was a big deal! We'd had The Great Muta, we'd had Shinjiro Ohtani, we'd had Satoshi Kojima, but it is safe to say that Liger may be the most influential Japanese legend yet to appear on an ROH event. He defined Junior Heavyweight wrestling for future generations, a inspiration that was readily apparent in ROH back in 2004, and to have him on two events was huge for a company still shy of its 3rd birthday! On top of Liger,...


Episode 87: Hidden Gems of Honor

This one is for all of you, and created by all of you (but a topic suggested by friend of show Josh Gavin)! It is the Hidden Gems of Ring of Honor as chosen by YOU, our listeners, via e-mail and message boards, tweets and videos, and whatever other way they were submitted. With choices ranging from early years match-ups, to HDNet bouts lost to the ages, to Sinclair Era stuff you can actually see on Honor Club (unlike most of what's talked about in this episode), the names that pop up are...


Episode 86: Chaos at the Cow Palace

Here we are after a week's diversion with that excellent Bird interview; it is time to head to San Francisco for that infamous convention and the Ring of Honor event that accompanied the fiasco we refer to as “the Fyre Festival of pro wrestling”. It's a bit about the drive, a bit about time in the city, a bit about the event, and a bit more than all that as well. Wrestling and no-shows and punching Don Frye and missing trophies and first-time bloods. Also “Good little worker”... It's...


Episode 85: Bird

Change of plans...such is life. This week we were going to tackle “Chaos At The Cow Palace” as a follow-up to “Survival of the Fittest 2007”, but life forced a change to the plan. So it is our honor to present to you, the Honorable Fans, this special interview conducted with Shawn “Bird” Carr (@ShawnSaveYour) originally done as a Patreon Exclusive. Don't know who Bird is? If you attended any Ring of Honor event in the last 5-6 years, you have him to thank for making sure the production...


Episode 84: Survival of the Fittest 2007

Let's be honest...this one is not about the wrestling show really, it's about before the show; the travel to get there and the adventures in Vegas before we ever rang the bell. It's about the road trip and its shenanigans, its about breaking into abandoned casinos and the people you meet in Vegas and the times shared with friends. This is the story of “Survival of the Fittest 2007”, with a smidge of San Francisco, as two of the men who lived the experience: Shane Hagadorn and NWA Producer...


Episode 83: Midnight Express Reunion

15 Year ago...Midnight Express Reunion...a historic night indeed as it marked the first time the entire Midnight Express shared the ring in the same place at the same time. Cornette, Condrey, Eaton, and Lane reunited in Philadelphia that night to celebrate their history and to be recognized by ROH for their historic career. But more importantly than that to the whole of professional wrestling history...that night also marked the in-ring debut of our very own Shane Hagadorn. That ground...


Episode 82: Joe vs. Kobashi

It was one of THE most historic nights in Ring of Honor's history up to that point, and remains so to this day. The night Kenta Kobashi came to ROH to battle it out with Samoa Joe inside a hotel ballroom, and in turn sold more DVD's than any other event in the 10 year tenure of Shane Hagadorn in ROH, netted a 5 Star rating (in the days before there were 92 star matches), and still gives our hosts goosebumps to this day! It is “Joe vs. Kobashi”, and on the 14th anniversary of this classic...


Episode 81: Glory By Honor IV

HISTORY! Welcome to a little piece of it in Long Island, NY as The American Dragon Bryan Danielson challenges James Gibson for the ROH World Title! This is the night that started the epic title reign of The AmericanDragon, and saw the beginning of the end of Gibson's run with ROH. It also should have been the night Jay Lethal was made, buuuuuut,,,, It was also the final night of Mick Foley with ROH, the end of the AJ/Rave feud, and a show with the wrong match at the end. It's "Glory by...


Episode 80: The Ballad of Jimmy Jacobs

We've been talking a mystery show for weeks, and finally we can deliver!!! His was a long and storied career with Ring of Honor, and now Jimmy Jacobs joins us himself to talk about it all! From the early days of Huss to the tenure of The Decade, Jimmy's career was one of near constant evolution and we touch on all of it in this 2+ hour conversation. And it's not just talk of this match or that, it's talk of the psychology of a character, of the continuity across time, and of creative...


Episode 79: Death Before Dishonor XI

It would turn out to be the last live event Shane Hagadorn worked for Ring of Honor, but that's not the only reason it was a landmark event in company history. For the first time since "Crowning A Champion", a new World Champion would be crowned via tournament and this Philly event marked the culmination of that tourney! Hear Jeff & Shane talk about Cole and Elgin as the finalists, RIcky Marvin disappointing, the growth of so many talents from then until present day, the four left standing,...


Episode 78: Live in Tokyo

Jeff & Shane travel to Differ Ariake with Ring of Honor this week, albeit in 2007, for ROH's first foray into Japan! In conjunction with Pro Wrestling NOAH & Dragon Gate, ROH ran a pair of events in the Land Of The Rising Sun, with this being the first of the two. And sadly, Shane did not get to go to either because...someone has to actully work in the office! Regardless, this one features arguably the best match between Nigel & Morishima, a hidden gem between Go & Bryan, Ricky Marvin...


Episode 77: Global Wars 2016 Chicago

You voted and here it is, another look at the post-Hagadorn era of Ring of Honor with "Global Wars 2016". The relationship with New Japan is at the crux of this event, the Bullet Club presence is huge, and Colt Cabana has returned to the fold after 5 years away. This is the Superkick Party of epic proportions, this is Mr. Wrestling III on commentary, this is (to Jeff) the show that exposed massive booking flaws & led to an eventual discussion of the present day ROH product. It's definitely...


Episode 76: Bitter Friends, Stiffer Enemies

It may have been before Hagadorn's time, but this is one show that had at least one match that left an enduring impression: Homicide vs. Steve Corino. That's not to discount the rest of the event, but that single match is THE reason to watch this event. There's the "knockout hear round...Connecticut", there's CM Punk ranting and raving, there's way too much of a certain individual, and the announcers swear there is only one edit! It's time warp back to 2003 time as Jeff & Shane dive into...


Episode 75: Death Before Dishonor V Night 2

2007 Ring of Honor featured one hell of a loaded roster, and an event like this one was a true showcase of that fact. The rise of Steen & Generico, Albright living up to his potential for one night, a 2004 TPI rematch fans never thought they'd see in ROH, probably the best woman's match in ROH history to that point, and one helluva main event Street Fight! Join Jeff & Shane as they discuss "Death Before Dishonor V, Night 2", the matches, the importance of history to modern fans, jaded fans...


Episode 74: Frontiers of Honor

Y'all voted on Twitter, and your winner was Frontiers of Honor! The night Samoa Joe elevated the ROH Title into a World Title....and then stuff, some other stuff, and more stuff. The promoter gets the longest match on the card, the aftermath of Low Ki's match is about as long as the match, the opener is as fire as it gets, AJ says some words, and there are burning crosses. Yup, burning crosses... It's "Frontiers of Honor" this week on AHM brought to you by where...


Episode 73: KENTA in Ring of Honor

From 2005 until 2009, the former multi-time and multi-division GHC champion battled inside the Ring of Honor ring against everyone from Bryan Danielson to Chris Hero to Nigel McGuinness. He challenged for the ROH World Title, defended the GHC Jr. Championship, and engaged in an historic bout against a Japanese legend. The impact KENTA left on the ROH faithful has endured to those who experienced it in real time, and helped build his name in the United States, ultimately leading to a...


Episode 72 Salvation

This particular weekend was a chaotic one for ROH as we jumped into a triple shot of events for the first time in years: Louisville to Collinsville to Chicago Ridge where it all paid off with, arguably, the best match of Tyler Black's World Title run. It's middle of the Steen's descent into madness, it's the kick-off to Tag Wars 2010, it's TNA talent in action inside an ROH ring, and it is 40+ minutes of Video Wire bonuses...that's a lot of talking. Join Jeff & Shane as they jump into 2010...