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Back From The Dead - Debunking Myths with Nutritionist Will Girling

For this week, we have a chat with Mr Will Girling. Will is a Performance Nutritionist who has worked with a variety of world-class athletes and in this episode we look to debunk a few popular myths that linger in the world of cycling. You can find more about Will at and you can catch him on Instagram @willgirling In this chat: We learn about Will’s background and how he came into the sport, including detail on an absolutely horrendous injury that he suffered in a crash...


Talking Turbo Trainers & Tech - Live from the Lama Lab with Shane Miller

Welcome to our (slightly delayed) latest episode, a cross-continental Anglo-Australian mashup. Within today’s episode with Shane Miller we cover: - How Shane came into the world of cycling tech, fusing his work in IT with his passion for riding and time-trialing. - We go deep on the current state of play with turbo trainers in 2019 – what makes a good one, what makes a bad one as well as a sneak peek into what this might look like in the not-too-distant future… - An interesting insight...


"The Cyclist is the Engine of the Bicycle" - From Motocross to Cyclocross with Rony Kuba

This week we have our first guest from overseas, Rony Kuba. Rony is someone who by his own admission is ‘not interested’ in the emotional side of the sport, both when it comes to his choice of gear and his approach in training. Across this chat, we covered off the following: How Rony came into the world of cycling and the interesting path he took from one two-wheeled sport to another. His opinion on the new range of aero bikes currently on the market and why he currently uses SRAM systems...


Kickin' It With Kookaburra: A conversation with Katie Butler

This week's guest is Katie Butler, AKA Katie Kookaburra. In this wide-ranging chat we talk about: How Katie came into cycling through a certain well-known Australian Vegan (carb the f**k up ladies and gents). How she fared on a massively impressive weight-loss journey that combined cycling with a high-carb vegan lifestyle. Our views on Audax and what makes it such fun, including an interesting tip on ride-nutrition from Mr Steven Abraham, a TOP TIP for an alternative to Cliff Bars, how to...


You Ain't Pro Bro! - Beer with Neil Phillips of Kibosh

Our second episode is a chat with Neil Phillips. Neil is a multi-disciplined rider who competes in road and cross, alongside a background in endurance events like the TCR. We sat down with Neil to talk about how he approaches training and racing these different events, the bikes he's riding, his gear choices along with how to ride the British National Road Race after sleeping in a van in the feedzone! Massive thanks to Neil for his appearance, you can find more information on his race team...


Taming The Buffalo: In Conversation with The Cycling Podcast's Richard Moore

Any Given Sunday is a podcast about bikes. In this first episode we talk to The Cycling Podcast's Richard Moore. We look back at the year that was 2018 - what was good, what was bad and what was ugly. We also look forward to 2019 and discuss the current situation over at Team Sky. You can find Richard on Twitter at and the excellent The Cycling Podcast at all good podcast outlets, also at CORRECTION to my intro: Richard...