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Radio veteran and lifelong A's fan, Wayne Coy and the "Athletic Supporters" discuss all things A's baseball past, present and future. From Philly to KC to The Town. From Lefty & Eddie to Catfish & Reggie to Rickey & Eck to Miguel & Giambi to Chappy and The Laser. Celebrate the Green & Gold legacy with Wayne and the crew on AthleticsCast.


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Radio veteran and lifelong A's fan, Wayne Coy and the "Athletic Supporters" discuss all things A's baseball past, present and future. From Philly to KC to The Town. From Lefty & Eddie to Catfish & Reggie to Rickey & Eck to Miguel & Giambi to Chappy and The Laser. Celebrate the Green & Gold legacy with Wayne and the crew on AthleticsCast.






#21 - A's Quiz Qwazy!

AthleticsCast Episode #21 (Season Two #6) Wayne does his best Alex Trebek (R.I.P.) impression as Ian & Tanner face off to see who can answer the most "A's Quiz" questions correctly in rapid fire fashion. Can you beat 'em? ( won't be hard)


#19 - What Goes Up...

Its AthleticsCast Episode #19 (Season Two #4) Jeff is still recuperating so, its the trio of Wayne, Ian & Tanner to recap The Athletics amazing 13 game winning streak. They also chime in with their suggestions on how to maintain their winning ways for the rest of the season and which "Streakin' A's" team was better on a position-by-position basis? The guys compare the 2002 "Moneyball" squad that won 20 in a row with the current crop of Athletics that just reeled off 13 in a row after...


#18 - The Streakin' A's

Its AthleticsCast Episode #18 (Season Two #3) and the Athletics are on fire! After losing their first six, the A's are riding an 8 game winning streak and putting the American League on notice. Wayne, Ian & Tanner break down the last week of winning and the reasons why. Later in the episode, they each put up their choice for a player on the current roster to play the rest of their career in Oakland and since all is going well, the guys describe their 2021 "nightmare scenario." Don't...


#17 - Jekyll & Hyde in Green & Gold

Episode #17 (Season 2 #2) Tanner is back and joins Wayne & Ian to collectively scratch their heads as the Athletics open the 2021 campaign. Are they the no-hit, no-pitch 0-6 team that came out of the gate OR the sweet swingin', frontline pitching team that has won 3 of their last four contests? Plus Jed Lowrie is playing like a youngster and the injury bug bites again.


#16 - Play Ball & Win It All!

Season 2 - Episode 1. With the A's breaking training and heading into the 2021 campaign (mostly) healthy, is this the year the Athletics finally get past the playoffs and win their first World Series title since 1989? Wayne & Ian break it down and share their predictions in the maiden AthleticsCast episode of season #2.


#15 -Sometimes A Fantasy....

AthleticsCast Episode #15. Wayne & Ian have a freewheelin' convo with the founder and Commissioner of their "Dirty South Sandlot" Fantasy baseball league, Ryan "Pablo" Foster. Pablo gives pre-draft tips and explains the difference between Standard, Keeper and Dynasty Leagues and how to manage to win with your head instead of your heart.


#14 - The ONE Thing

Episode #14 and it's 3 generations of "CoyBoys" around the mics as Wayne is joined by his son, Ian and Grandson Raine to talk all things A's baseball. What's the "One Thing" that the team needs to get past the playoffs and into the World Series? Plus, who wins the keystone battle and breaks camp as the Athletics starting second baseman?


#12 - That Forward Mo!

In Episode #12 Ian & Wayne discuss what they are looking most forward to for the A's in 2021. There's a new "Voice of the Athletics" at the Coliseum this year and what adjustments will injuries dictate going into Opening Day?


#11 - What's In A (Nick) Name?

It's AthleticsCast Episode #11. Wayne, Ian & Jeff have a great "Big Three" including fans back in the stands in 2021, the GREATEST Oakland A's player nicknames and the AJ Puk dilemma rages on. Plus a BONUS "Philly Phun Phact" from Mr. Leader.


#10 - Unhappy Ending?

In AthleticsCast Episode #10, Wayne, Jeff & Ian predict which player will NOT make the A's out of Spring Training plus Ty Cobb's time as an Athletic in Philadelphia and Buddy Lee for President!


#9 - Reed...Buddy Reed!

It's AthleticsCast episode #9. Wayne, Jeff & Ian discuss those great A's giveaway items PLUS their favorite "Turn Back The Clock" unis and who the %#$@ is Buddy Reed? Jeff debuts his "Philly Phact" with a great didjyaknow about the original Athletics from Philadelphia.


#8 - BoMel & The Bump

Wayne & the guys discuss Manager Bob Melvin, his future and his place in the all-time Oakland A's managerial hierarchy. With a new ballpark in our (distant?) future, what amenities do they think is an absolute must?


#7 - Bacon Tuesday!

In episode #7, Wayne, Ian, Jeff & Tanner come clean and admit which opposing players they secretly wanted to come play for the A's. One "Athletic Supporters" answer is sure to give you a case of the meat sweats!


#6 - Finally, Four

Hail, hail. The gang's all here. Our AWOL "Athletic Supporters" return to join Ian and Wayne. The Big Three topics include; The team we love to watch the A's beat, Another Howard Terminal stadium discussion and Tanner & Jeff reveal their favorite all-time Oakland A's position players.


#5 - Home Sweet Home?

Wayne & Ian discuss the latest on the new ballpark plus their most memorable Oakland Coliseum moments and favorite (Non Baseball related) thing about the venerable "House Of Thrills" at 880 and 66th.


#4 - The Right Stuff?

Jeff & Tanner are away. Wayne & Ian give their assessment on the 2021 A's roster being "World Series Ready." Plus they share their choices for all-time favorite Oakland Athletics players by position and weigh in on the possibility of Yoenis Cespedes coming "home" to Oakland.


#3 - These Are The Rules

Wayne Coy & the Athletic Supporters (Ian and Jeff) break down the Minor League realignment, its (so-called) purpose & effect. Plus, the panel's picks for A's Spring Training MVP, and a breakdown of the 2021 season rules.


#2 - MATHletics = +/-

Wayne, Jeff & Ian give their takes on the A's new Free Agent pickups, Trevor Rosenthal and Mitch Moreland. Plus Spring Training surprises and Fernando's BIG payday.


#1 - Angel Mangual R.I.P.

What started as a rehearsal becomes AthleticsCast Episode 1. In this debut offering, Wayne and the "Athletic Supporters" discuss the career of Angel Mangual, former A's outfielder who passed away at the age of 73. That news sparks a conversation surrounding the top "MVBPs" to ever play for the Athletics. Jeff has technical issues and its Ian's 36th birthday.