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AviaDev Insight is the first podcast dedicated to the African aviation industry. We bring prominent industry voices to the table to establish the "ground truth" in an informal and candid fashion. The podcast was created by Jon Howell, Founder and Managing Director of AviaDev Africa, Africa's premier event dedicated to developing air connectivity to, from and within the African continent

AviaDev Insight is the first podcast dedicated to the African aviation industry. We bring prominent industry voices to the table to establish the "ground truth" in an informal and candid fashion. The podcast was created by Jon Howell, Founder and Managing Director of AviaDev Africa, Africa's premier event dedicated to developing air connectivity to, from and within the African continent
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AviaDev Insight is the first podcast dedicated to the African aviation industry. We bring prominent industry voices to the table to establish the "ground truth" in an informal and candid fashion. The podcast was created by Jon Howell, Founder and Managing Director of AviaDev Africa, Africa's premier event dedicated to developing air connectivity to, from and within the African continent




Episode 96. Mugabe Isaac. Aircraft Dispatcher. My personal journey and why Africa needs Cheetahs not Hippos

Mugabe Isaac is a young aviator that is due to graduate as a licensed aircraft dispatcher from the Ethiopian Aviation Academy in November 2019. He has been associated with AviaDev since 2016 and this is his inspirational story of what can be achieved with a strong work ethic and incredible belief. You can connect with Isaac here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mugabe-isaac-611576120/


Episode 95. Zoe Rajohnson, Commercial and Marketing Director and Nicolas Deviller, Deputy CEO, Ravinala Airports. Introducing the hosts of AviaDev Africa 2020

This episode was recorded in Paris just ahead of the announcement that Ravinala Airports will host AviaDev Africa 2020 in Antananarivo, 6-8 May 2020. We discuss the progress of the new terminal project, the key markets of interest for air service development and find out some more about the new dawn that Madagascar is experiencing. You can find out more about Ravinal Airports at https://ravinala-airports.aero/en/


Episode 94. Rick Taylor, CEO of The Business Tourism Company and Esayas Woldemariam, Deputy CEO, Ethiopian Airlines. ET's move into hotel development and the key challenges facing the airline

This episode was recorded on 24th September 2019 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, during the African Hotel Investment Forum, Africa's premier hotel investment event organised by Bench Events Former podcast guest and friend of AviaDev, Rick Taylor sat down with Esayas to discuss the move into hotels, the key challenges facing the airline and the drive towards sustainability.


Episode 93. Simon Neveling. Chief Pilot and Head of Operations, Flywestair. From Namibia to the World.

Released on the day of the inaugural Windhoek-Cape Town flight, I spoke to Simon about why now is the time to spread their wings regionally, the airline's history and plans for future expansion. You can find out more about the airline at https://www.flywestair.com/en


Episode 92. Gaurav Agarwal, Former Head of International network planning and fleet development at South African Airways. Is an internal merger the way forward for South Africa's national carrier

In this episode, we take a deep dive into SAA with someone who devoted 5 years of service to the airline. We discuss the proposed merger of SAA, SAX and Mango; whether the carrier missed an opportunity to create 2 hubs in both JNB and CPT; the fleet SAA are operating today and whether adopting technology could be the solution to the carrier's woes. You can connect with Gaurav on LinkedIn Twitter


Episode 91. Mama J, CEO, Mama J Aviation Consult. Africa's cabin crew. How do they stack up?

In this episode, we discuss why cabin crew is such a fulfilling career, service standards in Africa and how to inspire more women and girls to join our magnificent industry. You can follow Mama J by searching MamaJaviation on all social media platforms and at http://mamajaviation.com/


Episode 90, Frederico Fernandes, Project Manager, Global Investment in Aviation Summit. Why now is the time to invest in African aviation

This episode is brought to you in conjunction with the Global Investment in Aviation Summit, which will be held 27-29th January 2020 in Dubai. www.gias.ae We meet the charismatic and passionate project manager, who provides an overview of the lofty ambitions of the event and the opportunities that exist for African projects looking for investment, African investors looking to invest and much more


Episode 89. Dirk Singer, Creative Director, SimpliFlying. The role of social media and influencers in airline marketing

This episode was recorded 5th September in London. Dirk discusses the use of airline marketing in Africa along with some best practice examples of airlines doing it well. We also talk about the evolution of the podcast and the rise of the social media influencer in an environment where "fakery" is everywhere. You can subscribe and download the magazine here


Episode 88. Allan Kilavuka, CEO, Jambojet. Delivering growth in a competitive environment

In this episode, we talk to one of African aviation's newest CEOs about his personal journey and his focus on continued innovation across the business, plus the challenges he has faced so far. With multiple new market entrants since jambojet's entry 5 years ago, we explore the competitive East African landscape and receive an insight into the growth plans of an airline with lofty ambitions.


Episode 87. Prof. Rui Castro e Quadros and Prof. Gavin Eccles. Harnessing education for a prosperous and sustainable African aviation industry

In this episode, I am joined by two good friends with a strong track record in both the business of aviation and tourism, but also academia. We discuss the training and development opportunities that exist within airlines and how these gaps can be bridged. We then move onto a discussion about the Portuguese speaking African countries and the opportunities they represent. You can connect with Rui here and Gavin here


Episode 86, Richard Powell and Chakib Cherif, flyWestaf. Connecting West Africa from The Gambia

In this episode, we find out more about the fleet and network development plans of an airline that plans to connect West Africa from an operational hub in Banjul, The Gambia. We talk about why they will succeed where others have failed and how attending AviaDev has assisted their development. Find out more at http://www.flywestaf.com/


Episode 85. Sean Mendis, Chief Operating Officer, Africa World Airlines. Partnerships, Interlining and collaboration in West Africa.

Recorded 22nd August following the announcement of an interline agreement between AWA and Ethiopian Airlines and ASKY, we explore the airline's approach to collaboration, co-operation, and partnerships. We also talk about how the partnership may affect the drive for a national carrier in Ghana and the huge number of other partnerships on the horizon after the successful agreements with South African Airways and Emirates.


Episode 84. Jim Belemu, CEO, Mahogany Air. Connecting Zambia and beyond

Jim Belemu is a CEO on a mission. Mahogany Air is a private airline in Zambia that has big expansion plans. This episode covers the airline's route and fleet plans, his views on partnerships and collaboration and much more.


Episode 83. Laura Jo Barker, Co-Founder. GlobalPilotSource.com An innovative approach to pilot recruitment

Recruiting and retaining pilots globally and in Africa is a challenge, especially for smaller, regional carriers. In this episode, Laura and I discuss a new holistic approach to pilot recruitment that aims to deliver efficiency and cost-savings for the airlines and pilots. To find out more, visit https://www.globalpilotsource.com/


Episode 82. Dikko Nwachukwu, CEO jetWest Airways. Launching Nigeria's newest airline

Meet Dikko Nwachukwu, a Nigerian with the ambition to deliver affordable air travel to the general population. This candid interview offers a unique insight into the realities of the journey. We also discover the airline's unique value proposition, fleet plans and much more


Episode 81. Dr. Emanuel Chaves, CEO, Aeroportos de Mozambique. Opening Mozambique to the World

This episode was recorded on July 17th 2019 in Maputo, Mozambique with the enigmatic and charismatic CEO of Aeroportos de Mozambique. We speak to Dr Chaves about his rise to the top of the airports company, the renewed focus on tourism as an economic driver for Mozambique's development, airspace liberalisation and much more.


Episode 80. Joao Po Jorge, CEO, LAM Mozambique. Competing in a liberalised environment.

Recorded on 17th July in Maputo, Mozambique, this episode provides insight into the refreshing and pragmatic approach of the LAM operation. Specifically, we discuss the impact liberalization has had on the LAM operations, the fleet and network plans driving the growth of the airline and LAM's position on the SAATM


Episode 79. Anita Mendiratta, Tourism development expert. Bridging the tourism development gap in Africa

This episode was recorded 25th July 2019 in London. We discuss the pace of tourism growth in Africa; how the tourism authorities can be more involved in attracting air services to their destination and the concept of "Brand Africa", and just how optimistic Anita is about Africa's future. You can find out more about Anita at https://anitamendiratta.com/


Episode 78. Rampa Rammopo, CEO Lanseria Airport. How to successfully operate and grow a private airport in Africa

This episode was recorded July 16th on location in Maputo, Mozambique. Rampa discusses the continued rise of Lanseria, one of only a small number of private airports in Africa. Specifically, we discuss how it has positioned itself as a hub for low-cost carriers and how it plans to take the next step to international operations. There is also mention of a new route that has been developed as a result of a meeting at AviaDev and adopting a stakeholder approach to route development


Episode 77. Jeremy Robinson, Partner, Watson Farley & Williams. African Aviation Liberalisation. One Step at a Time?

This episode is accompanied by an exclusive report available to download now for free at www.aviationdevelop.com/africa produced by Watson Farley & Williams, a law firm specialising in transport and energy based in London. http://www.wfw.com/ We compare and contrast the European open skies initiative with the ambitions of Africa, to understand the differences between the two and why a more regionalised approach may be the route to success.